Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DREAM Act Defeated, DREAM Act Administrative Amnesty Continues

The Obama Regime just gave the Constitution of the United States the big middle finger salute. Just hours before the DREAM Act amnesty was defeated in the Senate, the Regime granted amnesty to another illegal alien student, Bernard Pastor.

CARTHAGE - Bernard Pastor stared into television cameras and his future Monday morning, not yet 72 hours after his release from federal detention.

He didn't blink.

Freed on Friday after 30 days behind bars, the former Reading High School honor student embraced the role chosen for him - immigration reform activist.

"It's certainly something that changed my life," said Pastor, 18, detained Nov. 17 in Springdale after an auto accident and put on the fast track for deportation to his native Guatemala.

Gone is the anonymity that came as an undocumented immigrant, brought here at age 3.

Just a few hours after his release by federal immigration officials on "deferred action status," Pastor traveled - expenses paid by the immigration reform group America's Voice - to Washington, D.C., to promote Senate passage of the Dream Act. The legislation, defeated Saturday, would have led to naturalization for young people brought here by their parents.

"This journey has brought me many opportunities," said Pastor, backed by local Hispanic civil rights leaders and Reading High School classmates, during a news conference at Su Casa Hispanic Center.

Pastor, son of a Pentecostal minister, showed his leadership in a meeting of 200 Dreamers, young people who would be helped by passage of the Dream Act, after the Senate vote. He led a prayer and encouraged colleagues to stay positive and stay in the fight.

He repeated his charge Monday. "Change is coming to the nation," he said. "It's going to come to the point where we are truly recognized as Americans. It's coming and (opponents) better be ready for it."

Pastor is ready for his public role, said his Cleveland-based lawyer, David Leopold, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, whose national profile has led him to work with hundreds of Dreamers.

"A lot of young people in lockup are filled with anger and panic. Not Bernard," he said. "It looked for a while like he was going back, it was iffy, but he had the same positive spirit inside the prison that he has shown since he's been out."

Pastor accepts the responsibility with humility and confidence.

"I've gotten to meet many Dreamers, those who were keeping up with my story," he said. "I seemed like a celebrity to them, but none of it is me. I wasn't the hero."

The Regime, like the Terminator, will not stop until America is dead. That is what it does.

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