Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Hate Whitey From Third World Immigrants And Their Children

Michelle Wie and Kia, the Korean car manufacturer, apparently hate white people, specifically white men, and more specifically American white men. Wie stared in a new commercial from Kia that is all about denigrating white male Americans by implying that Wie is a better golfer than all white men. Ostensibly all the white men in this commercial were based on the Ted Knight character in Caddyshack. At least in Caddyshack the criticism came from other white males. But Kia and Wie apparently have no problem identifying all whites as Judge Elihu Smails. Of course, had all the characters in the Kia commercial been black and some Asian chick who failed at men's basketball was ridiculing them, the race mongers would be out in full force.

But for Wie, who is soon to be a washed up golfer, but hot, many have forgotten her continual failures to qualify for men's tournaments after she was presented to the world as the next threat to men's golf. Of course, all the female threats to men's golf have failed. Just ask Annika Sorenstam. Kia should have thought of that before they used the failure Wie. Of course Kia never thought of using Sorenstam, a much better golfer than Wie, but the racists at Kia did not want a blonde Scandinavian representing a Korean company. Ingrate Koreans just hate Americans, white Americans in particular.

Clearly Kim Jong-un is what Kia and the ROK deserve. Furthermore, the commercial has a rap sound track, which is funny coming from a country with more Hitler bars per capita than any other country. Oh, but then the Koreans were quite happy serving the Emperor of Japan and his allies...

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