Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Sabotage From The Obama Regime

The Obama Regime and Customs and Border Protection have decided that complying with the laws of the United States are optional. In this particular case the law requires that American citizens entering the U.S. present a passport, or other specialized documents such as a passport card, SENTRI card, etc. However the Obama Regime and CBP decided that those document requirements interfere with amnesty and the smuggling of illegal aliens into the United States. A Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General report has exposed CBP for failing to implement the law requiring that all U.S. citizens have passports.

More than 18 months after U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors were supposed to start enforcing stringent ID requirements at the nation's land borders, millions of travelers are still being admitted without passports or other secure IDs, a new government audit shows.

An Office of Inspector General report released Monday found that CBP remains unprepared to fully implement the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which officially took effect in June 2009 and requires all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to carry passports or one of a handful of other forms of secure ID.

In the first eight months after the requirements took effect, 2.3 million travelers failed to provide proper paperwork at U.S. land ports of entry.

CBP internal policy, issued shortly before the implementation deadline, only required travelers who provided improper paperwork multiple times to undergo added inspection, resulting in additional screening for about 9,000 people based only on their lack of documentation, according to the report.

Auditors singled out Texas for having the lowest compliance rate in the country, with nearly 1-in-10 travelers — 1.1 million people — arriving at Texas land borders without proper identification during the period of the review.

Critics warned that the failure to fully implement the more stringent ID requirements, mandated by Congress as part of its response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, amounts to a security vulnerability.

Until the new travel document requirement is fully enforced, OIG's auditors wrote, the agency "continues to incur risk" that it will admit travelers falsely claiming to be citizens of the U.S., Canada, Bermuda and Mexico.

A policy of lawlessness and defiance appear to be CBP policy:

According to the report, the agency does not yet have a date to fully implement the WHTI requirements.
And amnesty for illegal aliens appears to be the motivation, as CBP does not want to send those without the legally required documents for additional screening, which will result in one thing: More illegal aliens entering with false claims to U.S. citizenship.

The report raised several practical concerns about CBP's ability to fully implement the requirement. OIG auditors estimated that if all travelers without proper IDs were sent to secondary inspection for added scrutiny, it would cause severe backlogs at the ports of entry. The number of people sent to secondary inspection, where inspectors refer travelers who raise suspicion, would increase by an average of 73 percent at the 49 busiest land ports if the requirement was fully enforced.

In its response to the OIG, CBP officials said that not all travelers lacking the proper documentation need to be sent to secondary inspection in order to be properly screened.

Too much work for CBP means too many illegals detected and deported. And it conflicts with the new policy of CBP, which is to be welcoming to illegals and Muslim terrorists. CBP is more concerned about Model Ports and complaints about enforcement than doing their job.

From the report:

The agency has not finalized the operating procedures its officers will use to verify the identity and citizenship of non-compliant travelers. Customs and Border Protection officials told us other priorities have precluded them from completing the operating procedures.

Other priorities...should CBP have other priorities than keeping out illegal aliens? Apparently it does. But in doing so it violates the Constitution and the law.

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