Monday, December 6, 2010

The Obama Regime Lies Confirmed

As was suspected, the "record" number of deportations by the Obama Regime in fiscal year 2010, 392,862 illegal aliens, was a lie. In fact only 367,362 illegal aliens were deported, less than the 387,000 deported in FY 2009.

The Obama Regime only obtained 392,862 by dishonesty, besides failing to meet their goal of 400,000 deportations:

For much of this year, the Obama administration touted its tougher-than-ever approach to immigration enforcement, culminating in a record number of deportations.

But in reaching 392,862 deportations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement included more than 19,000 immigrants who had exited the previous fiscal year, according to agency statistics. ICE also ran a Mexican repatriation program five weeks longer than ever before, allowing the agency to count at least 6,500 exits that, without the program, would normally have been tallied by the U.S. Border Patrol.

When ICE officials realized in the final weeks of the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, that the agency still was in jeopardy of falling short of last year's mark, it scrambled to reach the goal. Officials quietly directed immigration officers to bypass backlogged immigration courts and time-consuming deportation hearings whenever possible, internal e-mails and interviews show.

Instead, the Regime went through extensive contortions to temporarily reach a record number of deportations. Clearly they had no intention of following through in the next fiscal years with near 400k deportations, as their intent was to amnesty all the 11-20 million illegal aliens that remained at the end of FY 2010.

Several ICE employees said, however, that once the fiscal year ended, their offices reverted to infrequently offering the return option. In the Pacific Northwest, some employees received an e-mail stating just that:

"Effective immediately: do not offer V/Rs [voluntary returns] to aliens who have been convicted of or are pending DUI," ICE supervisor Elizabeth Godfrey wrote Oct. 4.

The interesting part though is that the authors of the WaPo article don't seem to understand the difference between Voluntary Departure and Voluntary Return. VD is what you get from an immigration hearing officer or the agency while in removal proceedings in lieu of an order of deportation. VR is what you get when you are arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol at the Mexican border and are a Mexican citizen with less than 10 previous removals. Return as in return to Mexico:

The option, known as voluntary return, may have allowed hundreds of immigrants - who typically would have gone before an immigration judge to contest deportation for offenses such as drunken driving, domestic violence and misdemeanor assault - to leave the country. A voluntary return doesn't bar a foreigner from applying for legal residence or traveling to the United States in the future.

ICE should not even be offering V/R to anyone, as that is only for the USBP to offer at the Mexican border and certainly not ICE officers in Seattle. The authors also don't realize that whether VR or VD, the aliens have unlawful presence which automatically triggers the three, five and ten year bans, and that is not taking into account that all aliens with unlawful presence are automatically denied non-immigrant visas as all are considered intending immigrants by the Department of State Consular regulations. So once gone, they should never be coming back.

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