Friday, April 30, 2010

It Is Now OK To Question Patriotism

But only when you support illegal immigration.

Shakira Is An American?

Why is she so proud of being a Columbian then? (h/t Jammie Wearing Fool) And why can't she speak English. And a word to Phil Gordon, Mayor of Phoenix, and Jack Harris, alleged Police Chief of Phoenix, remember you are personally liable under 1070. Do you think Shakira is going to pay for your attorney and any adverse judgement? And just why does a singer get a police escort? And just where in the 1070 is anything said about free hospital care for illegals? Surely she is a moron.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Missing The Point, Partially

Andrew McCarthy is a smart guy. Really smart. Attorney General or Supreme Court Justice smart, unlike the alleged "Smart Guy" Erwin Chemerinsky, communist friend of Hugh Hewitt. However McCarthy gets it a little wrong on his evaluation of the likely effectiveness, rather than constitutionality, of the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. To do him justice he is unduely affected by a former DHS official Bill West. West's problem is immediate. He states ..."CBP (Customs & Border Patrol)(sic)" Well, Bill, it is Customs and Border Protection, not Customs and Border Patrol. The U.S. Border Patrol is part of CBP, but not part of the agency name. You would think a former DHS or even legacy INS official would have gotten that memo.

West goes on to say that given the lack of timely responsiveness of local USBP Stations and the Law Enforcement Assistance Center run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, many illegals will escape because normal traffic stops are of very short duration, and many illegals use falsified documents, and hence are not in the DHS databases.

There are a few problems with that. The first is that traffic stops can be as long as the officer wants them to be. Once a law enforcement officer is engaged in a traffic stop, that stop can be as long as needed to complete any investigation. In Terry v. Ohio the Supreme Court said investigative stops can be as long as reasonably needed to finish the investigation. Delays from ICE and the USBP in searching records are acceptable according to Terry.

Next, you would think that anyone with real experience in immigration law enforcement would know that most illegals are blatantly so. No identification or only Mexican identification; or obviously counterfeit documents, whether those documents be green cards or state driver licenses or ID cards; and they usually readily admit they are illegal when questioned. I think West was forever a DHS or leagcy INS manager rather than someone who has been in the field much.

In any event, driving without a license, no registration, falsified documents, etc. all are arrestable offenses in most states. That person goes to jail, even for minor offenses, where ICE jail programs come into the fore, Secure Communities and 287(g) ensure that illegal aliens once arrested, are placed on ICE detainers and not released but taken into ICE custody. While McCarthy observes that major offenses make the law unnecessary, minor offenses also bring people to prison. And he seems to have forgotten that many agencies like Maricopa County Sheriffs Office agressively arrest illegal aliens for state offenses, such as self-smuggling, and also aggressively use minor offenses to take illegals into custody, and either turn them over to ICE or the USBP, or enter them into the deportation system when booked at the Maricopa County jail which uses 287(g) to assist in the deportation of illegals in conjuction with ICE Deportation Officers.

The only problem with effectiveness will be the Obama Regime and its orders to ICE to not arrest too many illegal aliens. This is well documented. I can see the new Arizona law being thwarted by a lack of cooperation from DHS and ICE, but that will also put the Obama Regime on the spot when some illegal that was reported to ICE by an Arizona law enforcement agency ends up killing a cop, raping a woman, molesting a child, or other such crime. The law may also be thwarted by lazy Mexican cops like Martin Escobar, but Escobar and his ilk must to be careful as they makes themselves liable for their failures to uphold their oath to the Constitution of the United States and to the Constitution of the State of Arizona and to execute the laws of the State of Arizona.

Update On The Race War

Leftist whitey runs interference for black thugs, blacks deny the war, and Mrs. Cheng has been here for 20 years and still can't speak a lick of the old Ingles. (h/t Protein Wisdom)

No Surprises Here

Tunku Varadarajan, Cesar Condo, Jeb Bush, Grover Norquist, and Linda Chavez have decided that the Arizona illegal immigration law is racist. No surprise here, as their common denominator is race hustlering. Chavez is well know for her use of illegal alien labor and support for amnesty undoubtedly connected to her disconnect from American society based on her ethnicity, Condo is against any immigration law enforcement based on Hispanic ancestry, Bush is a Mexiphile, Norquist an Islamist, and Varadarajan another immigrant who hates white people. This debate over the Arizona immigration law is certainly bringing out the true views of alleged right wingers on the issue of race, and they have concluded that white Americans who want to stop illegal immgration are racists. Not to mention that should all these illegals get amnesty as this cabal wants, the Demoncrats will be in power forever.

Norquist thinks that minorites are voting Republican and this will stop because of the law: "Laws that punish businessmen for hiring the wrong people will not simply drive away Hispanics, Asians, Irish, Poles, and others but begins to break the previously strong bonds between small-business men and the Republican party." Obvious nonsense to cover his fronting for radical Islam.

This debate on the Arizona law should be very enlightening for conservatives, as we see the true sympathies of alleged allies. Push them a little and we end up just a bunch of facists.

Well, Hispanics have never voted as a majority for Republicans, even for Jorge Bush and Asians voted Demoncrat since the Chinese bought the 1992 election of BillyJeff Bentpecker. Just as Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie.

Chavez goes ballistic, apparently claiming that any criminal investigation by a police officer is "harrassment": "No self-respecting conservative should support a law that allows the government to harass its own citizens, and that is exactly what the Arizona law does...the law plainly says that government officials may in the course of “any lawful contact” require anyone to produce papers 'where a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present.'” Apparently Chavez never heard that police officers' job is to investigate crimes. And they use "reasonable suspicion" to initiate contact with people. She also wants to end enforcement of traffic infractions, suggesting that the police should not take action when they see said infractions: "Finally, the law makes it legal for the police to pull over “any person who is operating a motor vehicle if the officer has reasonable suspicion to believe the person is in violation of any civil traffic law and this section.” Notice, the law doesn’t require the person to have violated a traffic law, it merely requires the police to have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in violation of any civil traffic law or is illegally present in the U.S."

What is abundantly clear is that because of their contact with aliens, their alien heritage, their former alienage, their sympathy for aliens and alien religions, some alleged conservatives don't want to enforce the laws of the United States. Why have laws against illegal immigration if we aren't going to enforce those laws? Well, because Norquist wants an Islamic Republic, Bush wants cheap labor and the rest of his relatives here, Condo has contempt for his adopted country, and Chavez has nothing but contempt for native born Americans because they won't work as domestics at slave wages.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Famous But Incompetant

I did not have much concern about the Hutaree militia case in Michigan. Some have claimed is was completely created by the FBI, but I had my doubts. The seemed to have a concrete plan to attack local police officers on at least two occasions. However it soon came out that at least one was a Demoncrat, so that was curious as usually only black Demoncrats and white Communist Demoncrats like Bill Ayers attack the police. However, the recent testimony by the affirmative action female FBI case agent has made me pause and give a second thought to the case. She apparently knows nothing about the case. She does not know if the weapons seized were illegal, she does not know what the militiamen said on the wiretaps and she cannot remember anything from the case reports. That is very curious, as the assigned case agent on any investigation, much less a high profile one like this, should have all the important details about any investigation at her fingertips. Basically, in court, you should be able to recite from memory any significant fact. Now with minor details one can refer to notes or reports, but endless "I don't knows" are not what a Special Agent should be answering with in court. It is clear now that the Hutaree case was manufactured from start to finish by an agent provacatuer. I disagree with the description of the Detroit Muslim gang case that Pro Libertate deals with as well, as it is clear that the black Muslims were a criminal gang as well as a wannabee terrorist group. But I think the problem is that the Hutaree case was manufactured for political benefit of the Obama Regime as well as dealing with FBI prejudice against white men, gun owners and Christians, all probably hated by Leslie Larson, who has appeared to vindicate the Peter Principle. Just mix in the DOJ contempt for the Second Amendment and Eric Holder's hatred of white people and you get the Hutaree case. However, this tendancy does tell us that the Detroit Muslim case was valid, since the prejudice of the FBI is not against blacks or Muslims, as they are beneficiaries of affirmative action at the FBI, but more likely show that the FBI is holding back on the target rich environment of Muslims in the U.S.

Another One Bites The Dust

Another Muslim immigrant from the Third World, Syed Hashmi, has pled guilty to the support of terrorism. No surprises here. The terrorist however tried to weasel his way out of it in the typical leftist fashion by appealing to political pressure to get him off the hook.

"The government's handling of Hashmi has been accompanied by an unusual outpouring of support for Hashmi from family, friends and civil rights groups that insisted he was being prosecuted because he had been outspoken against U.S. policies in the Middle East."

It was a bit of a fail, as he spent three years in solitary confinement on that fruitless quest, eventually admitting he did commit the crime and knew it was a crime even though he had previously denied everything and claimed it was a political setup to persecute Muslims and "opponents of American foreign policy":

"Fahad was a student of mine at Brooklyn College in 2002. An outspoken Muslim student activist, Fahad wrote his senior seminar paper with me on the treatment of Muslim groups within the United States and the violations of civil rights and liberties that many groups were facing. Needless to say, this feels particularly chilling—and no longer academic—as we have now witnessed his own rights being violated."

"In addition to Babar’s testimony, much of the government’s case seems to hinge upon evidence about Hashmi’s beliefs, associations, and speech. When Hashmi was a student at Brooklyn College, he was a member of Al Muhajiroun (ALM). This group takes and advocates positions well outside the mainstream of American public opinion. The US government, however, has not designated ALM a terrorist organization nor deemed membership in it illegal. While Hashmi’s beliefs, speech, and associations are constitutionally protected, the government may be tempted to emphasize them as evidence of his criminal intent, particularly in the absence of evidence of criminal action."

Of course academia is supporting the Muslim terrorist. The real issue though is again immigration and Islam. Pakistan is and was a terror supporting country and our immigration policy of family unification brings in more and more terrorists from Pakistan. Hashmi came as part of chain migration based on a relative of one of his parents at the age of 3. He was here since then but was unable to acculturate despite education in public schools and universities. Undoubtedly his stay at Brooklyn College aided his anti-American indoctrination by its obsession with diversity and the third world. His parents Syed Anwar Hashmi and Arifa Hashmi claimed they came here for the American dream, but they produced a nighmare. Clearly they helped in his indoctrination or tacitly supported it by not opposing his radicalizaiton. They might have been neutral on radicalization, but like Spain and Sweden, who were they neutral against? Obviously America. Interestingly enough he looks the part as well, although with more than a hint of teh ghey.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Second Amendment Sellouts

Second Amendment advocates have drunk the diversity Kool-Aide and have decided on a strategy of pandering to Hispanics and relying on the legitimacy of blacks to save the right to own and use firearms in the United States. The ownership, use, concern over the right of ownership of firearms in the U.S. is an implicitly Caucasian activity and concern. (h/t Occidental Dissent for the term "implicit whiteness.") Seeing a Hispanic or black at a firearms event is highly unusual, whether it be a machine gun shoot like Knob Creek, marksmanship match such as Camp Perry, or competitive pistol shoot such as IPSC. Obviously some Hispanics and blacks own firearms for lawful purposes, but most but most black and Hispanic politicians want them banned.

Some gun rights advocates have adopted the rhetoric of the affirmative action activists and tried to justify the Second Amendment based on a justification based on black political and civil rights history. This is exemplified by the activists David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, and David Hardy.

Hardy justifies the Second Amendment by basing it on the right of blacks to own guns and a black man is the happy face of the Chicago gun case. While it is true that the Radical Republicans of the Reconstruction Era wanted blacks in the South armed, it is the considered opinion of Hardy and supporters that they need a non-white face in the Chicago case. No red-necks, whites, or standard supporters of the Second Amendment were acceptable. They preferred a someon from the Queer Nation or minority to the typical gun owner who is straight, white, Christian, and male. While this maybe a valid political strategy, it is surrendering to an eventual end of gun rights, since minorities vote overwhelmingly for the gun-grabbers. Given Barak Hussein Obama and Sonya Sotomeyor, a minority strategy is doomed to eventual failure. I am certain that Otis MacDonald voted for the gun-grabbers and that vote might give us a Supreme Court aligned against the Second Amendment. Note that almost all Jewish voters and minorities voted against the Second Amendment in 2008.

That brings us to Codrea and Vanderboegh, the author of the blog novel Absolved. The main theme of Absolved is that it is the anti-slavery, pro-Union whites of rural Alabama, the armed Deacons of the Civil Rights Movement, and a black State of Alabama Attorney General (sort of a cross between Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas) save the country from a bunch of white tyrants (Not to mention the deus ex machina of a Taiwanese expatriot, which really told us the war will be lost. According to Vanderboegh Americans cannot even make a decent copy of the M-14. We had to go get a cheap Taiwanese knock-off to win our liberty). Not that there is anything wrong with Sowell or Thomas, they are great, but also atypical. The gun-grabber Obama gained 96% of the black vote. Ipso facto, blacks serve no purpose in the gun rights movement. They, like Hispanics, are part of the problem, not the solution.

For some reason though some of the Second Amendment advocates have adopted a pro-illegal alien outlook, especially that of the black proto-anarchist Norman Grigg, who has a recent rant against stopping the illegal alien invasion. Grigg apparently believes that any restrictions on illegal aliens is an affront to Americans, but seems to have forgotten that the Hispanic with limited English skills he profiles, Abdon, curiously with only one name which makes me think that this Hispanic doesn't want the public to know his last name since that might expose some identity theft, most likely voted for Obama. How short sighted. He supports the Second Amendment, wants to save it, but is trying to do so by challenging checkpoints used by the Border Patrol to catch illegal aliens who vote for higher taxes, more government spending, gun control, racial discrimination, and the end of the 10th Amendment as well. Sort of cutting of your gun rights to spite your ability to speak English........OK, a tangled analogy, but you get my point. In order to save the Second Amendment, he destroyed the whole Constitution, along with the Second Amendment. Thanks for nothing. We don't need to justify the armed tradition and God-given right to be armed by appealing to blacks and we certainly don't need to end border controls to protect the Second Amendment, especially not for a more than suspicious claim to citizenship. Just how bad was Abdon's English? Wow, not much better than "I citizen Estados Unidos." Don't forget boys, our Founding Fathers were slave owners. To quote NPR's paraphrasing of Roger Wilkins,the famous black commentator: "Author Roger Wilkins notes that many founding fathers were slave owners, a fact that affects the patriotism of African-Americans today. Wilkins argues it was the slaves with their labor who allowed men such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington the freedom to become statesmen."

More On Mexican Stalinists

An update on the Mexican Stalinists and terrorists. One of the thugs from my previous post has appeared in another video. He is the guy with the goatee and glasses. In the first video he expresses his true feelings, which is that no one has any rights to oppose Mexican Stalinists and threatens the photographer as well as demands he leave a public place because he is white. In the second video he is identified as a "student leader" and first claims that violence is not the answer, then claims that white militia members do not have the right to appear in a public place and is prohibited saying anything about Mexicans. Note that he identifies the protesters as Mexicans, not Americans. It appears that the agenda of this organized riot and terrorist act had a deliberate racist policy of ethnic cleansing in Phoenix, all with the approval and support of the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department. Besides the fact that the PPD did not deploy sufficient officers to keep the peace, they allowed Mexican terrorists and rioters to openly violate the civil rights of Caucasians and Americans. And since the rioters deployed their own yellow shirted thugs identified as "Security" it is clear they had the approval of the PPD for the riot. The PPD should immediately arrest the organizers for the crimes committed and charge them as co-conspirators. This is similar to the racist ethnic cleansing underway in Hawaiian Gardens, CA where Mexican terrorists and gangbangers are killing all non-Mexicans, mostly blacks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mexican Stalinists

The left in America is Stalinists, intolerant of any opinion that deviates from its own and willing to use state power, terrorism and violence to impose its views. The same is true of Mexicans, who hate America and the principles for which we stand. No more evidence is needed than the attack on a white American photographer at the riot by Mexicans in response to Governor Jan Brewer's signing of a bill that would fight against illegal immigration in Arizona. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Three Mexicans stand out in the video. Two openly threatened the photographer as well as demanding that the photographer leave a public place and stop photographing the Mexican terrorists who were rioting. The woman also demanded that the photographer stop taking photos and leave. This shows that Mexicans in the United States not understand the basic principles of our society, such as freedom of speech and freedom of movement in public. Interestingly enough one of the Mexicans in the video was an official of the organization that organized the riot and terrorism. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt that said "Security." Such officials are commonly recognized by police departments nationwide during public demonstrations and take on the color of law in their actions as they are officially recognized by the municipal governments and police departments that regulate and supervise such demonstrations. In practice they are supposed to control and prevent illegal activity by the group that is permitted for the public event, such as a march or demonstration, as well as liaison with the police. They are not authorized to attack, intimidate, or enforce laws, nor take any illegal action, much less violate the civil rights of Americans. This is important in that is shows that the Phoenix Police Department was consulted and supported the organizations that planned this riot. This makes not only the organizers, the Mexican terrorists who threatened and assaulted the photographer, the security official, and the Phoenix Police Department liable under various Federal civil rights statutes that protect public activities by persons regardless of race, sex, color, or national origin. Clearly the PPD, the City of Phoenix, and the Mexican organizations that started the riot are liable. Phoenix is a sanctuary city that works closely with Mexican illegal aliens and terrorist groups that wage violence on non-Mexicans and whites in particular. All are also civilly liable under 18 USC 1983, Civil Action For Deprivation Of Rights.

Now do not expect the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice to take any action against the terrorists and their enablers. Obama was a close friend of terrorists like Bill Ayers and Louis Farrakhan. And Eric Holder protected the Black Panthers from arrest and prosecution under voting rights statutes. This just shows that there is no equality before the law in the United States. There is one law for Mexican terrorists and thugs, and another for white people and the States exercising their authority under the Constitution. Obama and Holder are the most vile racists ever to hold office. Their hatred of whites is clear. And so is their preference for minorities. Preferences that violate their oaths of office and establish the standards for impeachment and liability for criminal prosecution under the same civil rights laws they are violating. Be not deceived, Obama is engaged in a war on Americans, using whoever or whatever he wants for that war. In this case it is Mexican invaders, terrorists and thugs. He is already allowing them to wage their violent war on Americans; the only question is when the Obama Regime will openly attack Americans without using surrogates.

Race War

There is a race war going waging in the San Francisco Bay Area. No not the Klan, no not the Nazis, no not the Aryan Brotherhood, not the Nazi Low Riders, not the Peckerwoods, not any of the alleged white hate groups that mostly consist of FBI informants, but there is a war. It is a war of blacks on Asians, and elderly Asians at that. Black thugs are so courageous aren't they. Of course blacks continue their war on whites, but that does not make the newspapers, but the War On Asians is starting to break through into the Mainstream Media.

And the Asians are loosing. There have been three high profile attacks recently, but the Chinese Uncle Toms have been loudly appologizing and rationalizing black crime on Asians. The money quote:

“'We don’t need to point fingers, but we need to acknowledge that there is racial tension and we need to deal with it,' said Vincent Pan, executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action."

You see, Vincent Pan is so obsessed with blacks that he will not even name them as the perpetrators of the crimes against they people he is claiming to represent. However to anyone who knows, Chinese for Affirmative Action supports discrimination against Asians seeking to enter college or university in favor of blacks. Their only objection is that there are still some white people in California universities and in government jobs. The first choice of Chinese for Affirmative Action is blacks, then Asians, then Hispanics, then whites. You see they need blacks to set an example of the need for affirmative action to justify the affirmative action for Asians, but even then CFAF supports blacks over Asians, even when Asians are being killed.

The other Uncle Tom, David Chiu, is not much better. He doesn't name the problem either. He just talks about "communities" and "tension," not about the reality of black on Asian crime. The only tension is black on Asian crime. There is no Asian on black crime in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The money quote:

"San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu, who has been working with community members in the past few weeks on the racial-tension issue, is calling on The City and community to offer a reward to solve the murder case involving Chen."

I wonder what would have happened if the perpetrators were white? Oh, we know that. Chinese for Affirmative Action names names then.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Muslim Imam Deported

Ahmad Wais Afzali is to be deported. He was one of NYPD's "moderate" imams who were working on counter-radicalization efforts and to identify potential terrorists. However, he was working for the terrorists. Don't worry, USCIS and DOS working hard to issue more R-1 visas to more jihadi imams from Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Blacks Free To Murder

No hate crimes charges will be filed by two hatefilled black racists who murdered an Asian man. Chief Deputy District Attorney Tom Rogers accepted at face value the claim of the previously convicted criminals that the attack was not racially motivated. So, it is A-OK to beat a Chinese to death if you were drinking, but not if it was racially motivated? Does drinking mean you can't be a racist? Does Tom Rogers believe everything a criminal tell him? Is he stupid or just running interference for the race mongers in Oakland?

Cometh The Chekists

Prison Planet took the time to read the latest screed by the Anti-Defamation League. Huzzahs to them. I could never read that much trash, but they found the plan by the Chekists who make up the Obama Regime. A "major law enforcement operation" is advocated against Obama Regime critics. Of course, left off of this operation are the violent proponents of the Obama Regime and the racist haters of whites, Christians, men, and gun owners. This is clearly a political operation planned with the assistance of Rahm Emmanuel, who is very close to the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center to be directed against and to demonize those who oppose the Obama Regime.

You Mean They Only Prosecute White Christians

There is much ado about South Park and its episodes about Mohammed. The boys producing South Park are challenging censorship with humor and also challenging the crazed Muslims of this world. However Muslims in the U.S. have made it clear that they will kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker by posting fatwas against the two and posting photos of the murder by a Muslim of Theo Van Gogh:

"The head of Revolution Muslim, Younus Abdullah Muhammad, 30, defended the Web posting by his group.

'How is that a threat?,' he told Reuters earlier on Wednesday. 'Showing a case study right there of what happened to another individual who conducted himself in a very similar manner? It's just evidence.'"

The Islamist sympathizer Mohammad Zargham, who rote the Reuters piece, also noted that law enforcement does not generally investigate threats.

"According to U.S. law enforcement officials, the federal government rarely prosecutes threat cases. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives broad protections to free speech, and what constitutes a threat is often subject to interpretation."

However, that is not quite true. The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division does investigate threats against persons quite frequently, but it only does so if the perpetrator is white or Christian.

So, why isn't Eric Holder and his thugs at the Civil Rights Division arresting Younus Abdullah Muhammad? Because he is Muslim, that is why.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great News

A young thug and his illegal alien mother have been given green cards, even though neither are qualified for it. Only political pressure from Comrade Nancy Pelosi and an incompetent and criminal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services allowed this to occur. Call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General to investigate this travesty at (202) 254-4100.

The illegal aliens entered the United States fraudulently, then failed to adjust her and her thug son's status in a timely manner. They said they could not afford it, but were able to get welfare legal assistance and intimidate USCIS by using the local Red media. Both were illegal aliens and legally ineligible to adjust their status. This is a crime, not to mention the son is a incipient thug already committing violent crimes in the U.S. More evidence that the Obama Regime is ignoring the law in its quest for more votes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrating What?, the site for amnesty and the lawyers who will be benefiting from it claim today that they close every May 19th for Patriots Day, but more likely because it is the birthday of Ho Chih Minh. For just the same reason the Communists chose April 22, Lenin's birthday, for Earth Day.

Leftists Ignore Racially Motivated Hate Crime

Department of Justice Civil Rights Division unconcerned. Chinese for Affirmative Action silent. Goodwin Liu unoutraged. Press helping the coverup: Perpetrators' race not mentioned in reports. Ain't it great to be a black hate criminal in the US of KKKA? Just as anti-gay hate crimes are ignored when commited by Muslims, beating up an Asian while black is just not a concern of the media. Just tell me what would have happened if the perpetrators had been straight white male Christian gun owners? Obviously they will get a generous plea deal with community service rather than prison. Poor Dan White had to go to prison for his crime of being white.

What Obamacare Means For You

It means incompetant third world Muslim doctors who will be either trying to kill you or just plain incompetant. (h/t The Drawn Cutlass) You chose under free heathcare.

Monday, April 19, 2010

RINO Amnesty Confirmed?

The RINO amnesty strategy has been partially confirmed. The radical left, at least the radical left-wing immigration attorney lobby, has adopted Registration as its strategy for the upcoming amnesty. They will be using section 249 of the Immigration and Nationality Act as the vehicle. This was previously called the olly olly oxen free section of the INA that allow longterm illegal aliens to legalize. Basically if you were illegal since before 1972, you could legalize. Now the radical left wants to update section 249 by moving the date up to 2005 and permanently amend it to constantly give amensty to all illegal aliens who stay for a few years. This could be the under the radar amensty the the Demoncrats and RINOs are looking for. And it could succeed.

Not The Brightest Cone

The Consular Cone that is. Look what the U.S. Department of State did. They gave a visitor's visa to an alien who admitted that she was coming to the U.S. to live. And in the process wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars when the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection finally (and I say finally since the alien admitted that each time she entered the U.S. CBP officers were suspicious.). Wow, this was so obvious. The first clue should have been that a person from a Visa Waiver country (those countries that don't need a non-immigrant visa to enter the U.S. for temporary visits of a business, personal or tourist nature.). Any alien from those countries with a visa are an immediate red flag. And this person was obviously an annoying leftist who self sactimoniously claimed that she would not marry until all people have a right to marry their dog, or their child, or their parents, or their 1st cousin, or a sheep. She must have been a pain in the ass during those unnessary inspections as she should not have been issued a visa, much less got through her first inspection, much less the second, third or fourth. No wonder the Department of State is issuing visas to terrorists, they even issue visas to aliens who admit they are intending to violate the law.

The money quote from the American Consular Officer:

"'You won't be able to do that. The best we can give you is a B1/B2 visa, that will allow you to stay for six months at a time, but you will have to leave United States soil in between those times. And it will get progressively harder for you to gain re-entry into the US each time you re-apply. Who would you be staying with?'

"'My partner. He's a dual citizen.'

"'Your husband?'

"'No, we're domestic partners.'"

So, here we have it. A highly trained Foreign Service Officer, the product of Foreign Service Institute, unable to do the most basic part of his job dealing with alien applicants for non-immigrant visas. And CBP has to clean up his mess by denying entry to this alien, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement has to spend thousands on detaining and feeding her, and we still get a black eye in the court of public opinion. Thanks FSI, you did a bang-up job.

Perhaps DOS OIG should be looking at this FSO? Or even DS for visa fraud?

The Next Step

The next step in the Obama Regime program leading to the next Waco has been taken. Stalinist Obamaite talking heads have now determined that any opposition to Obama is sedition. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Chris Matthews, MSNBC, Joe Klein Time, and John Heilemann, New York, agreed on April 18th that criticism of Obama meets the legal definition of sedition, that any criticism is a felony. What they did not say is what they want done about it. Clearly it has not reached the moment when the MSM can openly call for arrests, but they are laying the groundwork by calling their opponents criminals. If you are a criminal, arrest logically follows.

Of course, Billy Jeff Bentpecker, the hero of Waco, is leading the charge, decrying all those who dared oppose him. His hack John Heilimann named Rush Limbaugh as a soon to be Emmanuel Goldstein. Anyone Dear Leader disagrees with is a hatriot. And now a criminal, soon to be dealt with.

It is abundantly clear that Obama, Holder, and Napolitano have itchy trigger fingers and are laying the foundation for an armed move against critics. It is also apparent that they will use the gun rights movement as their Reichstag Fire to justify their response in a Czech Coup. Leftists never liked free speech, because they don't like opposition. They want to crush and silence anyone they disagree with, as they do in Miami and Canada. The left are closet Stalinists and they are starting to come out of the closet.

You can expect to see more violence from the left directed against those they disagree with and more government action against those they have targeted for silencing, whether it be silencing talk radio by a new fairness doctrine, trumped up charges, or direct action a la Waco.

Bad News: David V. Aguilar, Mexican

I informed readers about the bad news when the political hack Alan Bersin was appointed Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. The news is even worse now that he has appointed David V. Aguilar as Deputy Commissioner. Aguilar was formerly Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol and well known for his close relations with Mexican officials, always acting to further the interests of Mexico and Mexicans over that of Border Patrol Agents and the United States. Basically, Aguilar has acted as a diplomatic representative from Mexico rather than an officer of the United States charged with arresting mainly Mexicans for illegally entering the U.S. Strangely enough there is no press release on this decision on the DHS website or on the CBP website. However CBP is quite proud that they seized some pork from a German visitor. That is probably related to Aguilar's lack of concern for drugs and illegal aliens, and part of the Obama war on white people.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Command Rape

Comrade Gary Trudeau is on another hobby horse, the alleged epidemic of rape of women by men in the military. Funny that the other recent hobby horse of the military is letting homosexuals serve in the military, which will if we follow Trudeau's line of reasoning, the military will experience widespread homosexual rape. It just proves that women and homosexuals should not be allowed in the military...well, homosexuals may not legally serve at the moment, as Don't Ask Don't Tell is an illegal and unconstitutional policy of allowing homosexuals to serve in controvention of the law. Shall we impeach Obama over this?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Stealth Amnesty

The amnesty campaign is in full swing, both an overt effort and now a covert effort on the right to give all illegal aliens in the U.S. status that will eventually lead to citizenship and a Demoncrat majority based on third world immigration. (h/t Consul-At-Arms) First the Schumer/Graham overt amnesty specifically designed to give citizenship to every illegal in the U.S. and end any subsequent enforcement of immigration laws through no-go zones for law enforcement. However the lying duplicity does not end there. There also is a covert amnesty program that is being pushed by the Beltway right; the Siegel Amnesty purposefully crafted to go under the radar by "compromise." The duplicity is giving illegal aliens "registration" in lieu of Legal Permanent Residency (LPR). While William Siegel does not give any details as to what "registration" is, it is abundently clear that it is a status equivalent to LPR; the right to work, greater access to welfare and most likely the right to travel in and out of the U.S.

The problems with this are legion, and not just those relating to the administration of the program that will cover 11-30 million persons, not counting any spouses or children living outside the U.S.

The first and most obvious problem is that once the illegals are legalized with "registration," what arguement will there to prohibit the illegals from being granted LPR status? None. They will be here, they will be working, they will be paying taxes, they will be on welfare. The illegals will be defacto Legal Permanent Residents. Without any doubt some liberal federal judge will see the obvious and grant LPR status based on some manufactured penumbra of the Constitution. Or any future Congress will just surrender and give up to their demands, saying that they are here and it is only "fair" that they get what they want. Or the Obama Regime will after "registration" allow those aliens registered to adjust to Legal Permanent Residency, claiming that "registration" is the legal equivalent to legal admission or parole and any alien legally present may adjust to LPR status if the Attorney General determines it is in the interests of the U.S. to do so.

There we have it, "registration" is just another RINO inside the beltway stealth amnesty. You heard it here first.

Four Days In Jail

The Muslim Imam, Ahmad Afzali, who conspired with two others to bomb the New York City subway system has pled guilty and been sentenced to time served, 4 days! (h/t Islamization Watch) In a conspiracy that would have killed hundreds Afzali gets less than a slap on the wrist. Supposedly he has agreed to deportation and will leave the country. This Afghan citizen says he will not return to Afghanistan, but somewhere else, yet to be determined. What a deterant to terrorism time served and free to go wherever he pleases. Most likely though is that he will go nowhere. Why, because if the U.S. tries to deport him to Afghanistan, he will claim either political asylum or protection under Convention Against Torture, claiming that he will be presecuted or tortured in Afghanistan. This will be a test case of Eric Holder's plan to allow terrorists from Gitmo to live in the U.S. They have nowhere to go as well and will suffer persecution or torture if deported to their home countries. Nowhere to go but remain in the U.S.

War On White Men

Liberal blogger Crime & Federalism has a series of posts on a specific case of the War on White Men (Middle Class Campaign). Others in the series here, here, and here. Why is it that white women like Marcella Beth Dresdale participate in this war on white men when the real rapists are black men? This is an interesting case in that the alleged perpetrator has signed some sort of agreement with Dresdale in exchange she will not file criminal charges. Pretty interesting that the victim has not reported it to the police, but was able to force Brown University to unofficially expell the accused. Clearly they had sex, did she later regret it? Was it photographed and she is now ashamed? Was the agreement to surrender any photographs and video? That is what I am thinking. She probably had a boyfriend at the time and has to explain her cheating heart and an accusation of rape is her way of dealing with it. To bad the results of her behavior is to further coverup the epidemic of black crime in this country.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What A Contribution Immigrants Make

An immigrant or direct descendant of immigrants, Ramon Bazon, is in the news. Not surprisingly it is the story of another corrupt federal law enforcement employee of Hispanic ancestry assisting illegal aliens to enter the United States on fraudulenlty obtained non-immigrant visas. The twist here is that it is not a U.S. Border Patrol Agent or a Customs and Border Protection Officer, it is a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Special Agent. One assigned to our Embassy in Mexico City, supposedly to assist the development of Mexican law enforcement agencies from corrupt bunglers to, what I don't know, maybe Waco killers? I think the killing part the Federales have got down pat. Now, we don't really know why he was doing this. Perhaps ethnic sympathy, or just a mordida to help smooth the way there. Nothing gets you cooperation in Mexico better than promising access to El Norte. No hint that trafficantes were involved, but if they weren't I don't see anyone really getting concerned about this issue. Remember, the Christmas Day bomber got his visa only because of the influence of his father. That was State Department Consular Officers doing the same thing, trading visas for good relations. And this maricon is going to jail for the same thing? Perhaps this is just an example of double standards or perhaps the Obama Regime is trying to keep a lid on the issue of corruption in their favorite law enforcement agency in anticipation of the next Waco. It would not due to let it be known that besides being stupid and brutal, they are also corrupt. Perhaps Mike Vanderboegh is correct about coming events.

Supression Of Free Speech

Demoncrat style. What happened to all those First Amendment absolutists when someone started criticizing a black man?

Hate Groups Banned?

How much you want to bet that this does not apply to Muslim, black, or Hispanic supremacist groups?

Just Like Jenna

Another fake hate crime. Nooses just like Jenna and just as fake.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smart Guy Hires Legal Terrorist

Hugh Hewitt's friend, proclaimed "Smart Guy" and leftist agitator ensconsed as Dean at the University of California Irvine School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky has hired legal terrorist and ex-con Bill Lerach. Your tax dollars at work furthering Chemerinsky's political agenda. Lerach specialized in harrasssing start-up high tech firms with shareholder lawsuits, consequently destroying jobs, just as Chemerinsky has specialized in defending Muslim terrorists and harrassing city governments for not letting bums sleep in the parks, on the beaches and on the sidewalks of formerly livable cities in southern California. (h/t Overlawyered)

Interstingly enough Hewitt recently jumped down the through of a caller who identified Baraka Hussein Obama as a Marxist. Hewitt was enraged and called this "nutter" talk. Hewitt then went on to state that Obama was an Alinsky leftist. Well, just what is an "Alinsky Leftist?" Alinsky was a communist, though apparently not an open Party member. He was a big supporter of Third World communist movements, close to the Congress of Industrial Organizations, a communist led amalgam of leftist and violent unions who took orders from the NKVD to interfer with pre-WWII arms production during the Nazi-Soviet Pact alliance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Four Year Universities Too Expensive

Muslims, women and minorities hardest hit, especially female Muslims of color wearing hijabs. Just how hard did the photographers for the WaPo search for Sehrish Shah, niquab bedecked student? Could they not find a white male Christian at North Virginia Community College? Or a female white Christian? Are whites that rare in northern Virginia. I seem to remember alot of them when I lived there nary 10 years ago.

Race Obsessed Blogger

Still obsessed with white celebrites and white Playboy bunnies. Thanks be to Comrade Zennie Abraham. No post yet from Comrade Zennie that there are so few black chicks in Playboy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Potheads, Tazers, And The Ohio National Guard

Some on the left and right have an apparently co-ordinated campaign against law enforcement in the United States. No, I am not talking about the Obama Regime's refusal to enforce civil rights laws and the Constitutional objections to Obamacare, but an orchestrated campaign apparently based on the Communist Party line.

Leftists and libertarians are again on the warpath to protect the use of marijuana. The new tactic is the Cato Institute's training program for drug smugglers, a video allegedly made to protect the rights of Americans, but directed in reality to protecting criminals of color. The basis of 10 Rules For Dealing With Police [sic], produced by Flex Your Rights and funded by a Marijuana Policy Project grant, is that the police are an occupying army in neighborhoods of color; the police spend their day harassing innocent Hispanics, blacks and grandmothers. The video is hosted by a pony tailed black defense attorney Billy Murphy who apparently is also an actor on The Wire. The Wire was known as an educational program for drug dealers, pretending to be a police procedural drama, specializing in educating drug dealers of color on how to beat wiretaps. The premise of 10 Rules was there are too many stops and searches in minority communities. What the video doesn't mention is that the reason there are so many stops and searches in communities of color is that is where the crime is. Not much drug dealing and violence in Alameda, but most of it is in the neighboring community of Oakland, where there are quite a few more blacks and Hispanics. Note also the makeup of the actors and actresses in 10 Rules. The Hispanic character is well dressed as a member of the audience, but when his "story" is told, he is in full Los Angeles gangbanger apparel. The major black character is also interesting. His story is used to tell viewers to remain calm during traffic stops and not be aggressive to the police. But the first telling of his story is one of typical "oppressed" minority behavior; anger, wild arm gestures, fist pounding the interior roof of the car. Basically how blacks act when dealing with white police officers. They are personally affronted despite the fact that black neighborhoods are rife with crime where blacks are the overwhelming number of victims, as well as perpetrators. Everything is a conspiracy, the "Man" is out to get them, everything is profiling, but if you didn't illegally change lanes, you would not get "profiled."

The supporting theme of 10 Rules is that innocent people should not cooperate with the police. 10 Rules rationalizes this because they are worried that the previous owner of your car might have left a dubbie that you will be punished for. Hardly likely. Anyone who has watch a few episodes of Cops realizes that criminals quite frequently give the police consent to search their person and vehicle, eventually ending up in jail for it when the cops find the drugs. It appears that the good folks at Cato and the Marijuana Policy Project have been watching and their clientele are spending money on attorneys rather than donating or purchasing from their dealers, who undoubtedly also contribute to the Marijuana Policy Project and Cato.

Frighteningly though this pro-criminal attitude has migrated rightward to even the estimable Vdare, which appears to be of the opinion that the white police officers of America are out looking for other white people, grandmothers and college students to tazer. Most who get tazered deserve it, just like the infamous "Don't Taze Me Bro" guy. Peters emphasizes that the police should not tazer grandmothers, pregnant women or college students, as if these people have a talismic status sort of like hiding in a church during the Medieval period or today. Well, college students, grandmothers and mothers, like other people, should just sign their speeding tickets and be on their way. But no, they just got to fight the sheriff man.

On a similar vein, the gun rights crowd has decided they want to defend lawlessness. In this case these guys have decided that the rioting, arson, and treason that was rocking Kent State University while American men were under arms and fighting communism was the right thing. Usually the gun rights crowd is all about the militia, but they obviously changed their mind when the militia actually did something, like shoot long haired dope smoking communist terrorists at Kent State. Next we will be hearing that Alger Hiss and Bill Ayers were true American heroes for supporting Ho Chi Minh, not the Ohio National Guard.

Those who get tazered usually deserve it. Really deserve it. Some advice when stopped by the police, just cooperate, let them search, and sign your traffic citation. Otherwise it could go bad. Yeah, the police and National Guard could be used to oppress Americans in Obama world, but we knew that from the Cheka, but that can be created from scratch, we won't be saving anything by allowing loudmouths to fight it out with cops.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Report Paul Ramirez

Paul Ramirez thinks there are some good feds and some bad feds. Paul Ramirez thinks he is one of the good ones. He works for the U.S. Department of Labor. That is, in theory, true. There are some abusive, incompetant and criminals among federal employees. And one hopes that they are removed from their offices. However, Paul Ramirez is one of those federal employees who are the criminals. Paul Ramirez supports criminals, in this case illegal aliens who violate numerous laws entering and remaining in the United States. Paul Ramirez works for the Department of Labor and his job is assisting illegal aliens to receive pay for jobs that they may not legally hold. (h/t ALIPAC) Paul Ramirez also refuses to report these criminals to the proper authorities. I guess those are the "bad" feds that are implied from his statement. Of course he is insulting thousands of employees of the Department of Homeland Security and specifically the employees of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that charged with arresting illegal aliens. Apparently enforcing certain federal law is "bad."

It should be pointed out that by aiding these illegal aliens, Ramirez is violating federal law, specifically Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Bringing and Harboring Aliens, 8 USC 1324a Unlawful Employment of Aliens, 18 USC 2 Aiding and Abetting, and 18 USC 3 Accessory After The Fact.

Perhaps someone should contact the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General:

200 Constitution Avenue
NWRoom S-5506
Washington, DC 20210
Telephone: (202) 693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Demoncrats and Baraka Hussein Obama have decided that they don't want to enforce the law that prohibits homosexuals from serving in the military. Apparently that is all OK with liberals.

But it was just a few years ago that they demanded that John Ashcroft enforce the patently unconsititutional law that prohibits demonstrations at abortion clinics.

So, just how do they explain that the Attorney General is obliged to enforce all laws, but now the the Secretary of Defense, not to mention President Billyjeff Bentpecker who created the unconstitutional Don't Ask Don't Tell policy of not enforcing the law, are allowed to ignore federal law?