Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Official Guidance On Non-feasance

Or, ICE's "priorities" for not doing their job, but getting well paid for it. ICE has announced, or re-announced, their non-enforcement policy. Re-announced as the policy of not enforcing the laws of the United States has a long official predigree starting with the useless Doris Meissner of Clintong Regime fame, the clueless Julie Myers of the Jorge Bush Administration, and ending with the illegal alien booster John Morton of the Obama Regime:

In the meantime, ICE officers and attorneys should continue to be guided by the November 17, 2000 prosecutorial discretion memorandum from then-INS Commissioner Doris Meissner; the October 24, 2005 Memorandum from Principal Legal Advisor William Howard; and the November 7, 2007 Memorandum from then-Assistant Secretary Julie Myers.

Unofficially it started under Bush I with the legacy INS declaring San Jose, CA, a sactuary city, but officially it started with Billy Jeff Bentpecker. What Morton does in this policy memorandum is to spell out clearly for those in ICE the "priorities" of the administration in the enforcement of immigration law. Of course, at the top, is the removal of terrorists, national security threats, and their co-conspirators.

Priority 1. Aliens who pose a danger to national security or a risk to public safety

The removal of aliens who pose a danger to national security or a risk to public safety shall be ICE’s highest immigration enforcement priority. These aliens include, but are not limited to: aliens engaged in or suspected of terrorism or espionage, or who otherwise pose a danger to national security;

Except that ICE does not remove alot of terrorists. Those that are caught in the U.S. are usually put in prison for life. ICE did not catch the Times Square bomber, the Fort Dix terrorists, the North Carolina terrorists, the JFK Bomber terrorists, the Russian spies, etc. They all lived fat, dumb and happy in the U.S. unconcerned about ICE, as ICE is useless in finding terrorists before they commit their acts of terrorism. Why, because ICE is unconcerned about you if you haven't been identified as a terrorist. Because you are not one of their priorties. If someone reports a terrorist as an illegal alien, ICE will ignore that report, unless they also know you are a terrorist. At which time the FBI will step in and arrest that illegal for his terrorist or espionage activity. And you might want to ask Morton where the missing Somali terrorists are. ICE still has not found the 300 odd terrorists who were smuggled into the U.S. by an ICE informant. It is hard to believe Morton is really concerned about terrorism if his own agency is smuggling terrorists. For instance, a Muslim association has announced that it supports attacks on Americans, but none of them are under ICE investigation. Most are likely either legal immigrants, non-immigrants under the R visa or citizens. They hate America and support waging war and terrorism on the U.S., but ICE has done nothing. Interestingly Morton states that ICE has the capacity to remove 400,000 aliens a year, but we also know that they are falling well short of that goal, even with more money from Congress this year.

ICE, however, only has resources to remove approximately 400,000 aliens per year, less than 4 percent of the estimated illegal alien population in the United States.

Morton then makes clear that the policy will to not be arresting, detaining or removing any aliens other than those listed as priorities.

In light of the large number of administrative violations the agency is charged with addressing and the limited enforcement resources the agency has available, ICE must prioritize the use of its enforcement personnel, detention space, and removal resources to ensure that the removals the agency does conduct promote the agency’s highest enforcement priorities, namely national security, public safety, and border security.

He makes it crystal clear that no aliens other than Osama Bin Laden and your average serial killer are to be detained:

C. Detention

As a general rule, ICE detention resources should be used to support the enforcement priorities noted above or for aliens subject to mandatory detention by law. Absent extraordinary circumstances or the requirements of mandatory detention, field office directors should not expend detention resources on aliens who are known to be suffering from serious physical or mental illness, or who are disabled, elderly, pregnant, or nursing, or demonstrate that they are primary caretakers of children or an infirm person, or whose detention is otherwise not in the public interest. To detain aliens in those categories who are not subject to mandatory detention, ICE officers or special agents must obtain approval from the field office director. If an alien falls within the above categories and is subject to mandatory detention, field office directors are encouraged to contact their local Office of Chief Counsel for guidance.

An unwritten law of the legacy INS and the new ICE is that whenever you are instructed to "consult with Counsel" what you should really do is release the illegal alien. Consulting Counsel is code for don't do anything that may result in an arrest. The crowning end of the don't do anything policy is "Prosecutorial Discretion," an undefined concept in law, but really meaning don't arrest or detain illegal aliens despite the fact that that is why ICE exists.

D. Prosecutorial discretion

The rapidly increasing number of criminal aliens who may come to ICE’s attention heightens the need for ICE employees to exercise sound judgment and discretion consistent with these priorities when conducting enforcement operations, making detention decisions, making decisions about release on supervision pursuant to the Alternatives to Detention Program, and litigating cases. Particular care should be given when dealing with lawful permanent residents, juveniles, and the immediate family members of U.S. citizens. Additional guidance on prosecutorial discretion is forthcoming.

Basically he is saying that legal permanent residents, juvenile gangbangers and illegals, and illegal relatives of U.S. citizens have free reign. In other words, Don't Arrest Them! Also included are illegals going to university, illegals stopped by local police, illegals in Arizona, etc. He, of course, gives himself cover:

Nothing in this memorandum should be construed to prohibit or discourage the apprehension, detention, or removal of other aliens unlawfully in the United States. ICE special agents, officers, and attorneys may pursue the removal of any alien unlawfully in the United States, although attention to these aliens should not displace or disrupt the resources needed to remove aliens who are a higher priority.

But even this is of little comfort and is immediately contradicted with the Do Nothing Rule:

Resources should be committed primarily to advancing the priorities set forth above in order to best protect national security and public safety and to secure the border.

So, there we have it, one part of the Obama Amnesty, all gussied up, some boob-bait for bubbas, but perfectly clear: Don't arrest any illegals.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Oppressed Immigrant

The gangbanger. Ostensively this is about the immigrant who did not want to join a gang, but, in reality, it is about giving asylum and green cards to the gangbanger. As I said before, this is not about protecting the victim of gang violence, but about bringing more gangbangers to America. Of course Benito Zaldivar would be alive if his parents had not abandoned him. But no one wants to mention that:

The gang was more aggressive with him than with his friends, Mr. Zaldívar declared in the statement. “I think it was because the gang members knew I didn’t have a big family to take care of me,” he said.
Yeah, his family abandoned him to come illegally to the U.S.

I no more believe Nelson Ramos has left MS-13 than I believe Alex Sanchez left MS-13. But in any event, it is insane to claim as Judge Posner does that crime victims, former criminals and criminals qualify as a "particular social group" because that referred only to the bourgeoisie fleeing Communism, not criminals, former criminals, or potential crime victims.

But of course, the issue isn't just criminals or crime victims, it is really opening the floodgates to immigration from third world countries so they can vote Demoncrat. The advocates themselves admit that Central America is overun with crime and it is not just young males who are potential beneficiaries of asylum for criminals and victims.

“Gang violence and crime in El Salvador appear to be widespread, and the risk of harm is not limited to young males who have resisted recruitment,” the board found. The udges created several legal hurdles for asylum seekers fleeing gangs, requiring them to prove that they are part of a “particular social group” that is widely recognized in their home society as being under attack, something like a persecuted ethnic minority.

“The law has been kind of ripped apart,” said Deborah Anker, a law professor and director of the Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program at Harvard. “Requirements have been imposed that make no sense in terms of prior jurisprudence and are impossible to interpret.”

The real goal is unlimited immigration to the U.S. They claim it is a misinterpretation of the law to keep out gangbangers and crime victims, but they present no evidence of that. There is nothing in the record of the 1980 Act that passed as a result of Jimmy Carter sending two Russian sailors who jumped ship back to the Gulag. They weren't thinking of giving a green card to everyone who claimed they could be a victim of crime.

Finally Getting The Point

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division trial attorney who was forced out by Eric Holder and Barak Hussein Obama has spoken out on his dismissal. He confirms all that I have been saying about the Civil Rights Division, Eric Holder, and Barak Hussein Obama. The Obama Regime is all about payback. It is part of the ongoing war by Obama, Reverend Jerimiah Wright, and Holder on white people. It all revolves around the dismissal of the civil rights complaints against the New Black Panther Party and three of its officials arising out of a voter intimidation case in Philidelphia, PA, where the three black racists used verbal threats and the display of weapsons to intimidate white voters.

The most interesting point J. Christian Adams makes is that the New Black Panthers Party has been engaged in such intimidation for years and it contiues today:

Some have called the actions in Philadelphia an isolated incident, not worthy of
federal attention. To the contrary, the Black Panthers in October 2008 announced
a nationwide deployment for the election. We had indications that polling-place
thugs were deployed elsewhere, not only in November 2008, but also during the
Democratic primaries, where they targeted white Hillary Rodham Clinton
supporters. In any event, the law clearly prohibits even isolated incidents of
voter intimidation.

Adams clearly calls out the Obama Regime for its double standards on civil rights investigations:

Most disturbing, the dismissal is part of a creeping lawlessness infusing our
government institutions. Citizens would be shocked to learn about the open and pervasive hostility within the Justice Department to
bringing civil rights cases against nonwhite defendants on behalf of white
Equal enforcement of justice is not a priority of this
administration. Open contempt is voiced for these types of cases.

Refusing to enforce the law equally means some citizens are
protected by the law while others are left to be victimized, depending on their
Core American principles of equality before the law and
freedom from racial discrimination are at risk. Hopefully, equal enforcement of
the law is still a point of bipartisan, if not universal, agreement. However,
after my experience with the New Black Panther dismissal and the attitudes held
by officials in the Civil Rights Division, I am beginning to fear the era of
agreement over these core American principles has passed.

That is no suprise, and nor is Adams' support for the alleged professionals in the Civil Rights Division.

The New Black Panther case was the simplest and most obvious violation of
federal law I saw in my Justice Department career. Because of the corrupt nature
of the dismissal, statements falsely characterizing the case and, most of all,
indefensible orders for the career attorneys not to
comply with lawful subpoenas investigating the dismissal, this month I resigned
my position as a Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney.

He says the issue is solely the Obama Regime. However, in fact, the double standard against whites is part of the core values of the CRD and its employees. They are leftist radicals and even though overwhelmingly white, the only blacks at the CRD are the security guards in the lobby of the building where the CRD is located and the support staff. Otherwise all the attorneys are self-hating whites. And they have been ignoring the law for years, including during the Bush Administration. There was an ongoing civil war in the CRD in the Bush years and little got done, only two cases were brought against blacks who violate white persons civil rights.

Coates had been relentlessly criticized by liberals both inside and
outside the division
because of his involvement in two cases — one
in Noxubee County, Mississippi (U.S. v. Ike Brown et al.), the other in
Philadelphia (U.S. v. New Black Panther Party et al.) — that feature clear-cut
voting-rights violations (namely, discrimination and intimidation) committed by
black defendants.

Coates is a former ACLU attorney who has received many
awards for his work in the area of civil rights over the past four decades. He
has filed numerous voting-rights cases on behalf of minority voters. But he got
in trouble because some of the ideologues who inhabit the civil-rights community
don’t want to accept anyone who doesn’t share their view of Voting Rights Act
(VRA) enforcement. One of their unbreakable rules is that the VRA shouldn’t be
used to protect white voters from discrimination committed by racial or ethnic

That the CRD thinks that the Voting Rights Act and other civil rights laws only apply to blacks is old hat at the CRD, not something new brought in by Barak Hussein Obama. But he is correct in his view that the worst is yet to come.

Just ask the Christians arrested for preaching to Muslims in public. No reaction at all from the CRD.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Corrupt Mexican Run City

Goes bankrupt. The problem is that it is a California city and home to mostly illegal aliens from Mexico. This is just what California will become if legal and illegal immigration is not stopped.

At a council meeting Monday night, city leaders said they were forced to
dismantle the Police Department and lay off city workers because they lost
insurance coverage as a result of excessive police claims filed against the
department. They also blamed years of financial abuse and corruption from the
previous council.

Local activists, who refer to themselves as "A Group
for a Better Maywood," announced their intention to recall four of the council
members: Felipe Aguirre, Edward Varela, Vice Mayor Veronica Guardado and Mayor
Ana Rosa Rizo. The same group sought a similar recall in 2008 and failed.

Also note the Mexican journalist who wrote the story mentioned nothing about how Mexicans brought corruption from Mexico to Maywood.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ICE Targets The FBI

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, is not happy about half of their job, the immigration half of ICE. It has decided that it likes criminal investigations rather than arresting illegal aliens. Interesting, in that ICE has a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Border Patrol that prohibits the USBP from arresting illegal aliens away from the border or if they have established themselves in border towns. ICE says that is their duty, but it is a duty they are unhappy with.

ICE wants to be another FBI. Which leads one to wonder why we have an FBI if we need two of them. ICE is in the process of becoming something that it is not authorized by law. To wit we have the Homeland Security Act and the immigration and customs functions:

The Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security, shall be responsible for the following:
6 USC 202.
6 USC 201.
VerDate 11-MAY-2000 22:55 Dec 10, 2002 Jkt 019139 PO 00296 Frm 00043 Fmt 6580 Sfmt 6581 E:\PUBLAW\PUBL296.107 APPS24 PsN: PUBL296 116 STAT. 2178 PUBLIC LAW 107–296—NOV. 25, 2002

Preventing the entry of terrorists and the instruments of terrorism into the United States.

(2) Securing the borders, territorial waters, ports, terminals, waterways, and air, land, and sea transportation systems of the United States, including managing and coordinating those functions transferred to the Department at ports of entry.

(3) Carrying out the immigration enforcement functions vested by statute in, or performed by, the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization (or any officer, employee, or component of the Immigration and Naturalization Service) immediately
before the date on which the transfer of functions specified under section 441 takes effect.

(4) Establishing and administering rules, in accordance with section 428, governing the granting of visas or other forms of permission, including parole, to enter the United States to individuals who are not a citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States.

(5) Establishing national immigration enforcement policies and priorities.

(6) Except as provided in subtitle C, administering the customs laws of the United States.
(7) Conducting the inspection and related administrative functions of the Department of Agriculture transferred to the Secretary of Homeland Security under section 421.

(8) In carrying out the foregoing responsibilities, ensuring the speedy, orderly, and efficient flow of lawful traffic and commerce.

Nothing here about arresting terrorists, just preventing their entry. Arresting terrorists is under the authority of the FBI. ICE was not involved in any of the recent terrorist arrests, especially those that are American citizens, except in a support role. That means being the FBI's bitch; giving the FBI what it wants and getting nothing in return. Of course, with regards to Nidal Hassan and Faisal Shahzad, or the missing 200 odd Somali terrorists, ICE has done nothing.

The money quote that shows ICE is gunning for the FBI:

By streamlining and renaming several offices, officials hope to highlight the agency's counter-terrorism, money laundering and other complex criminal investigations and in the process "re-brand" ICE, turning the public -- and political -- spotlight away from its immigration work.

Although ICE claims it wants to maintain immigration enforcement, the truth is they want nothing to do with it:

"Public perception is dominated by civil immigration enforcement responsibilities, even though half of the agency is devoted to something else," Morton said recently after announcing the changes to ICE employees. "We're not going to get away from immigration. It's very important from a national security perspective."

ICE does not like its public perception of immigration enforcement, and wants out, despite the lie that they are "not going away from immigration." That is exactly what they are doing. The creation of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), besides being a great waste of taxpayer dollars for the physical rebranding (badges, signage, etc.) is specifically designed to get away from immigration enforcement, leaving that to the poor underfunded step-child ERO, who's officers are less well paid than the agents at HSI.

WaPo also has to get in a few digs and lies:

Worksite raids and neighborhood sweeps that targeted illegal immigrants have helped shape ICE's image.

Memo to the WaPo, ICE never conducted neighborhood sweeps, the last one by the legacy INS was 20 years ago, and stopped worksite raids a year ago.

The question is just what the FBI will do about this plan to poach on its territory? Usually the FBI does not back down. Will John Morton be the man to dethrone J. Edgar's successor as the primary federal law enforcement agency? Will John Morton bitch out Robert Mueller or will Mueller put Morton in his place?

Remove the immigration work, and there is not alot for ICE to do, especially not the sexy stuff related to terrorism that is within its legal jurisdiction. It will have to fight with the FBI for cases, and will also be poaching on the DEA for drug cases. It appears as if the Customs takeover of ICE is complete, after they get smacked down by the FBI on the terrorism cases, the only thing left will be drug importation cases. Perhaps ICE, or HSI, can start working cases with the Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations on steroids, supplements, and food import cases from China. There certainly are alot of poisonous Chinese food and nutritional supplements entering the U.S.

Even more interesting is a look at ICE's Strategic Plan 2010-2014. Most of it is wishful thinking and some outright lies.

For instance:

ICE is the principal criminal investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security...

Wrong, the United States Secret Service is the primary investigative arm of DHS. It also manages security at all events designated as National Special Security Events, such as the Super Bowl, the Presidential Inaguration, etc.

OBJECTIVE 1.1 Prevent Terrorist Entry into the United States ICE will expand its efforts to identify and prevent the entry of terrorists or their associates into the United States.

Wrong again. Customs and Border Protection is the agency assigned to prevent the entry of terrorists into the United States. From the CBP website:

CBP is one of the Department of Homeland Security’s largest and most complex components, with a priority mission of keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S.

ICE is nothing but the FBI's bitch:

OBJECTIVE 1.3 Support Direct Investigation of Terrorists Through the JTTF ICE will continue to support and participate in the direct investigation of suspected terrorists through the FBI-led JTTFs.

Fight a PR war with the FBI:

OBJECTIVE 4.3 Promote the Mission and Success of ICE Recognizing that the mission of ICE is not broadly understood, ICE will better define itself and promote its mission and success to the Department, public, media, Congress, community groups, and other law enforcement entities. ICE is a premier investigative Federal law enforcement agency—the second largest in the United States—and over the next five fiscal years, young people interested in law enforcement careers will increasingly understand the unique and exciting mission
of ICE. As ICE is better understood through increased outreach and branding, employees will feel increasingly proud of the hours they dedicate to the work of

But ICE's raison d'etre, immigration enforcement, is not on their radar:

OBJECTIVE 4.4 Use Resources Wisely ICE will effectively manage its resources, assets, technology, and information and spend its money wisely, with a full understanding of what its mission costs and how policy decisions influence resource needs. Through thoughtful alignment of strategic goals and objectives, budget requests will accurately reflect ICE’s resource requirements. ICE will incorporate performance elements to measure the outcomes of its resource allocation decisions, budget execution, and capital management efforts. ICE will invest in its infrastructure to eliminate waste, become more energy-efficient, and make optimal use of space, systems, and assets. ICE will proactively identify and correct financial and operational risks and continually strengthen internal controls to safeguard the public’s resources and trust.

Using resources wisely means not arresting illegal aliens when they are reported and a return to catch and release when they are arrested.

The Obama Amnesty

The Obama Regime is apparently seriously considering parole or deferred action for the 20+ million illegal aliens in the United States.

A number of RINOs and amnesty supporters, led by Orin Hatch, sent a letter to Obama demanding that the Regime not take this action:

We understand that there’s a push for your Administration to develop a plan to unilaterally extend either deferred action or parole to millions of illegal aliens in the United States. We understand that the Administration may include aliens who have willfully overstayed their visas or filed for benefits knowing that they will not be eligible for a status for years to come. We understand that deferred action and parole are discretionary actions reserved for individual cases that present unusual, emergent or humanitarian circumstances. Deferred action and parole were not intended to be used to confer a status or offer protection to large groups of illegal aliens, even if the agency claims that they look at each case on a “case-by-case” basis.

While we agree our immigration laws need to be fixed, we are deeply concerned about the potential expansion of deferred action or parole for a large illegal alien population. While deferred action and parole are Executive Branch authorities, they should not be used to circumvent Congress’ constitutional authority to legislate immigration policy, particularly as it relates to the illegal population in the United States.

The Administration would be wise to abandon any plans for deferred action or parole for the illegal population. Such a move would further erode the American public’s confidence in the federal government and its commitment to securing the borders and enforcing the laws already on the books.

We would appreciate receiving a commitment that the Administration has no plans to use either authority to change the current position of a large group of illegal aliens already in the United States, and ask that you respond to us about this matter as soon as possible.

This lawlessness was run up the flag pole back in February 2009 on the website of the American (sic) Immigration Lawyers Association. I exposed this lawlessness and called it what it is; an impeachable act.

The interesting thing is that the proposed action by the Regime is what is euphamistically called "deferred action." Deferred action has no place in any law, especially not the Immigration and Nationality Act. Deferred action is more accurately in law called "non-feasance," which is not taking an action required by law. It is just the window dressing that various administrations have given to not fulfilling their oaths of office to ensure that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed.

Of course the Obama Regime has been practicing applying deferred action; ending worksite enforcement and releasing illegal aliens who have been arrested. Since then there has been no complaint from Senator Hatch. Only when the policy threatened to be come overt did he complain.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Politician Of Color Against Gun Rights

A Mexican politician hates the Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms, but the gun nuts are telling us that we can only be saved by a person of color. Lori Saldaña is a state Assemblyman in California and a Mexican revanchiste. How she became a citizen of the United States I don't know. But she does not hold alleigance to the Constitution of the United States and apparently takes her orders from the Mexican government and La Raza on the issue of the right to own a firearm in the United States. She is against it and apparently in violation of her oath to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California. However some gun nuts think that our rights as free men are solely based on the good will of people of color, other than the color white. While this Mexican has a protective detail of white California Highway Patrol Traffic Officers, she wants law abiding white people disarmed. So why are the gun nuts so committed to the diversity propoganda? Politicians of color just keep proving them wrong. And, by the way, she supports homosexual marriage. Is that part of the gun-rights coalition?

Black War On Asians Goes International

Blacks have been waging a race war on Asians in San Francisco for a while. That war has gone international in Paris of all places. (h/t Council of Conservative Citizens) Added to that is the Muslim war on non-Muslims, which is quite common in Malaysia and Indonesia, where local Muslims war on Chinese.

Of course, many of the Chinese are illegally in Paris, so that is part of their complaint.

"Those who can't speak French or don't have proper papers are not able to
complain," a florist in Belleville told AFP.

But what is more interesting is that the press has refused to identify the perpetrators, except identify them as "immigrants." Which is code for blacks and Muslims in France, just as Asian in the UK is code for Muslims, refering to Pakistanis.

In the last few months, Chinese in the French capital have been subjected to
attacks and violent robberies by youths in Belleville and other parts of eastern
Paris, and many feel at a disadvantage as immigrants.

Typically, Radio Australia and Agence France-Presse, refuse to identify the attackers, which at least the SF Chronicle has done in the San Francisco story. Which goes to show that when Asians serve their purpose, they are victims, but they are inferior in the eyes of the left to Blacks and Muslims, and don't serve the purpose of the left, they are ignored or the crimes mimimized. Lets face it, Asians, even though they vote Demoncrat, are well down the ladder of approved victims.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Case Closed

The controversy over the accidental shooting of a black thug by a white police officer is now officially over. Oscar Grant was shot accidentally because the police officer in question thought he was firing his Tazer not his pistol. So has testified a former fellow officer at the scene. The radical left has used this for its own ends, claiming that this shooting was a racist conspiracy by white police officers to kill black men. Sort of like Reason and their belief that Virginia police are castrating black men at will.

BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle shouted, "I'm going to Tase him," just before he fired a pistol shot into Oscar Grant's back, a former colleague of Mehserle's testified Friday at his murder trial.

Former Officer Anthony Pirone's testimony was a pivotal moment in the 6-day-old trial - and although he buttressed the defense's argument that the shooting was a tragic mistake, he also undercut Mehserle's case when he said Grant appeared to be under police control just before the fatal shot.

So, why is the Alameda County District Attorney wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on prosecuting a former police officer for murder when there is no evidence murder was committed? Perhaps the new DA wants black votes and cares not how she gets them.

More Obama Amnesty

An illegal alien got arrested, a fraudster by the way who, just like Auntie Zeituni, submitted a fraudulent asylum claim, got denied, then got into a fraudulent marriage to avoid deportation.

A woman who wrote President Barack Obama, asking for help resolving her husband's immigration problem got a response she didn't expect: Federal agents turned up at her New York City home and took her husband to jail.

Officials tell The New York Times that Caroline Jamieson's letter to the president was mistakenly forwarded to an immigration fugitive unit. After the newspaper inquired about the case, the man, Herve Fonkou Takoulo, was released.

Takoulo is an engineer from Cameroon. He came to the U.S. legally, but was ordered to leave when a judge rejected his application for political asylum. Now he has a second green card application pending based on his 2005 marriage to Jamieson.

So, it now appears that when an illegal alien's story gets in the newspapers, that person then gets released. That is the Obama Amnesty, get your name in the newspaper, then get released.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just What Are They Complaining About

Illegal alien college students (h/t American Patrol) recently met with Comrade Valerie Jarrett, top advisor to Comrade President Barak Hussein Obama to complain that illegal alien college students are still being deported:

An outspoken group of undocumented immigrants, who have met twice with senior
White House advisor Valerie Jarrett to discuss the need for immigration reform,
say the administration has rejected a request for an executive order to halt
deportations of students who came to the U.S. illegally as young children.

The four college students, well-known among immigration activists for
their 1500-mile march from Miami, Fla., to Washington, D.C., sought presidential
intervention after pending legislative measures that would provide a path to
legal residency have become stalled in Congress.

One Senate bill --
known as the Dream Act -- sponsored by Republican Sen. Richard Lugar and
Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin would grant legal status to students who came to the
U.S. before the age of 15, have no criminal records, and complete schooling or
military service. It would not extend protection to illegal immigrant parents. A
similar measure has been introduced in the House.

“We are extremely
disappointed with President Obama and Congress for their lack of action,” said
Felipe Matos, 24, who has spent the past decade in the U.S. after migrating with
his parents from Brazil. “The reality is that current enforcement-only policies
are terrorizing our communities across the nation and no one is taking

Apparently these illegal alien college students are not too bright, or don't read this blog. As has been shown, there is a defacto and deliberate policy by the Obama Regime and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to deport illegal aliens in general, and illegal alien college students in particular. Comrade Obama has issued an executive order, but one issued by word of mouth, not one on paper. He cannot issue such an executive order openly, as it will become more evidence of impeachable offenses for violation of his Oath of Office requiring him to see that the laws of the United States be faithfully executed. And Comrade President doesn't want the immigration laws of the United States faithfully executed. Of course, these illegals also are well trained in Alinsky tactics of lies, exaggerations, demands and public whining, just as Obama is. The problem is that they are frightened it will not work:

The students and other immigration advocates have grown frustrated with what they see as lack of presidential leadership on a reform bill and many worry that the window for achieving legislation ahead of the 2012 presidential campaign may be quickly closing.

I think they fear President Jan Brewer.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Libertarians Are Not Serious

That is serious about being a real political movement. Beside dope, the real reason libertarians exist, they have no issues except the tinfoil hat issues. To wit, from the sometimes intelligent Reason: The unaccountability of the police in northern Virginia. And the tinfoil hat issue they are droning on and on about: castrated black men who dared to date white women.

The money quote:

He then rattles off stories. There's the NAACP complaint about Randall Leroy
Rollins, a black man killed by Fairfax police in 2007 during a drug sting.
Police say Rollins reached for a gun. Witness accounts differ from police
accounts. More disturbing, Rollins' family says when his body was delivered to
them, his testicles had been removed. (Rollins was with a white woman at the
time of the sting.)

OK, note to the Reason staff and editor, the police do not conduct autopsies of those killed by the police. County coroners do. And just think about this, the police shoot someone, then find out sometime later, or perhaps before, that he was "Sleeping with a white woman." So Radley Balko and the team at Reason think that the police castrated someone after they found out he was "Sleeping with a white woman?" Or did they shot him after they found out he was "Sleeping with a white woman?" Inquiring minds want to know why the police did both? Or either, and when did they find out a "black man was sleeping with a white woman." And just why did they let Tiger get away with it. Isn't it more likely that his testicle were removed during the autopsy? Shouldn't you be upset with the county coroner? And are there any blacks on the SWAT team that shot Rollins? Has Balko and Reason looked into that? Didn't they have a clue when it was the NAACP that brought up the case? Don't they know that the NAACP makes shit up when it involves a black man and the police? That is their raison d'etre. Consider the source, a racist and extremist corrupt affirmative action based organization. No friends of liberty or reason there, just a racial spoils system permeated by anti-white racism.

Then we have case number two:

Then there's Ian Smith, a mentally-ill man shot by Fairfax police just this year
after a tactical team entered his home and he brandished a plastic BB pistol.

Just what is the basis of this complaint? Some crazy guy points a gun at a cop and you expect anything else but someone shot? What do people at Reason do when someone points a gun at them? Piss in their pants? Call the police?

Ah, but here we have the real reason that Reason and Balko are upset: drugs and their lack of availability at a reasonable cost to themselves and their dope addled friends:

There's the NAACP complaint about Randall Leroy Rollins, a black man killed by Fairfax police in 2007 during a drug sting.

Drugs, and tinfoil, that is why Libertarians will never be a serious political movement. Libertarians are at their best when dealing with taxes, economic freedom, and property rights. Allegations of secret covens of Virginia police officers looking to castrate black men just does not give you any credibility. Leave the anti-black conspiracies to the professionals at the NAACP and leave the rest to the responsible adults in politics, the Stupid Party.

The Return Of Catch And Release

ICE again has decided that it will work for amnesty rather than arresting and deporting illegal aliens. They arrested another illegal alien student, just like Jessical Coltol, and released him. Eric Balderas is an illegal alien, illegally in the U.S. and illegally attending university in the U.S. without an F-1 student visa.

But while ICE not doing their job is quite common, we have some other problems:

Balderas said he had lost his Mexican passport and tried to board the flight
using a consular card from the Mexican government and his Harvard
identification. Instead, he said, airport security called immigration officials,
who handcuffed and fingerprinted him and detained him for five hours before
letting him go.

He apparently had no problems previously in the past boarding planes with only a passport, but without a visa or evidence of lawful admission as either an immigrant or non-immigrant. ICE was notified, but he was quickly released. Quite unusual for San Antonio where arrested Mexicans are quickly returned to Mexico. It appears that ICE is not concerned about keeping criminals off commercial aircraft and TSA appears to be quite fine with illegal aliens filling up seats on airplanes. Sort of like the illegal aliens who flew planes into buildings on 9/11. So, here we have it, TSA and ICE, both part of the Department of Homeland Security apparently unconcerned about illegal aliens on aircraft. Just what are we paying TSA screeners and ICE agents to do? Not arrest illegal aliens and let them on aircraft? I though protecting critical infrastructure was part of ICE's job. And just how did Balderas get on a plane to Harvard without his matricula and student ID? Were they not seized by ICE as evidence? Just what are we paying ICE for? Not to do their jobs? It is clear that ICE is under instructions from the Obama Regime to have as many illegals here for the upcoming amnesty.

Does George Gascon Get It?

He apparently does, but will he be able to do anything about it? That is the question, a question who's answer may save the lives of San Franciscans. The New York Police Department has an extensive intelligence gathering apparatus, it is the NYPD Intelligence Division, and it concentrates on Muslim terrorism, precisely where the threat to NYC comes from. The Islamists and their communist allies are of course opposed to gathering intelligence on the Islamists in San Francisco who are planning, funding, or supporting terrorism. Of course the Reds and Islamists are conjuring up the boogy-man of Tom Gerard, a possible Mossad agent and former SFPD Inspector who apparently had access to SFPD intelligence files and shared them with certain people some years ago before the Islamist threat was well known. This was back in the good-old-days when it was just the Reds trying to overthrow the government. But the Islamists are alot more dangerous than the pretty boys like Bill Ayers. 9/11 proved that. But the Reds and the Islamists want a 9/11 in San Francisco. They are off to a good start, easily and quickly intimidating Chief Gascon the first time he mentioned the Islamist threat. But how long will he be able to hold out on gather intelligence on the Islamist threat in San Francisco? Time will tell.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Janet Reno Napolitano, the Obama Regime's highest ranking lesbian not out of the closet is spending quite alot of your tax dollars to celebrated paedophiles, homosexuals, self-mutilators, and lesbians at the June 2010 LGBT Pride Month Celebration. (Sorry no link, but trust me.)

Come Out and Celebrate
LGBT Pride Month!
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
USCIS Tomich Center
111 Massachusetts Ave. NW
John Berry, Director
Office of Personnel Management
Jeffrey Neal, DHS Chief Human Capital OfficerMargo Schlanger, DHS Officer CRCL George Heavey, Former Executive Director Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs Service
Displays and Exhibits Refreshments Provided

Free refreshments at taxpayer expense, which is itself illegal by the way. The speech by John Berry of the Office of Personnel Management is celebrated as that of the highest ranking openly homosexual in the Obama Regime. Open of course is the opertative word. And impeachable as well, as he is responsible for giving benefits to non-spouses and children of federal employees, which is illegal. There is nothing in the law that allows benefits to be given to those who are not either the spouse or minor child of a federal employee. However the Obama Regime and the Pink Mafia are above the law.

And don't count the time that DHS employees are not doing their job, which is all what they do now, not do their job; like not arresting illegal aliens.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pink Mafia And The Obama Regime

The lawless Obama Regime has defied the law again. Beside confuting sex and gender; words have gender, people and animals have sex; the Obama Regime has decided that the mentally ill who engage in genital mutilation can have the "gender" of their passports changed, even without what is still called sex reassignment surgery. Just a note from a physician can enable the poor sick person to have the U.S. government legitimize their mental illness.

The U.S. Department of State is pleased to use the occasion of Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month to announce its new policy guidelines
regarding gender change in passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad.

Beginning June 10, when a passport applicant presents a
certification from an attending medical physician that the applicant has
undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition, the passport
will reflect the new gender. The guidelines include detailed information about
what information the certification must include. It is also possible to obtain a
limited-validity passport if the physician’s statement shows the applicant is in
the process of gender transition. No additional medical records are required.
Sexual reassignment surgery is no longer a prerequisite for passport issuance. A
Consular Report of Birth Abroad can also be amended with the new gender.

As with all passport applicants, passport issuing officers at
embassies and consulates abroad and domestic passport agencies and centers will
only ask appropriate questions to obtain information necessary to determine
citizenship and identity.

The new policy and procedures are based on
standards and recommendations of the World Professional Association for
Transgender Health (WPATH), recognized by the American Medical Association as
the authority in this field.

Besides making this announcement during a perverse celebration of anal intercourse between men and child molestation, yes, NAMBLA is part of the Pink Mafia, the Obama Regime has no legal basis to do this. Sex is determined by genetics and no amount of mutilation and silicon can change one's sex. Too bad Blackfive et. al. does not understand such as this will now be a part of the U.S. military.

Club Fed

The Obama Regime loves illegal aliens. They are considered current and future Demoncrat voters. Now the Obama Regime has discovered that the jails that hold illegal aliens before their hearing or deportation are just too much like jails. The Regime plans to make the facilities more like resorts than jails. (h/t American Thinker) Of course, this will all be at your expense, making illegal aliens feel more welcome. The obvious is that such policies as ending searches, free email, free telephone, and giving aliens the run of the facility have serious security concerns. Crimes and escape can easily be planned from behind bars, etc.

One of the contractors that provides such facilities, Corrections Corporation of America, states that it will provide the bingo, telephones, email, and a complaint manager free of charge:

Rebstock also questioned the cost to taxpayers for the changes.

“My grandparents would have loved to have bingo night and a dance class at the
retirement home they were in when they passed away, but that was something we
would have had to pay for,” he said. “And yet these guys are getting it on the
taxpayers' dime.”

Gibson said CCA is making the improvements at no
additional cost to ICE. The agency's contract with CCA for the Houston detention
center requires that ICE pay $99 per bed daily for each detainee, slightly lower
than the $102 average daily rate ICE pays nationally .

Rosenberg saidsome of the changes, like new flower baskets, may seem small, but they will combine with the bigger changes to make a difference in the daily lives of

“Taken together they will go some way to making this system
less penal,” she said.

However, that is a typical contractor ploy, give it free under the current contract, but then the add-ons to the contract given free then provide the justification for larger increases in the future as the contractor realizes the increased cost of free things. They will have to pay for all these free computers, T-1 internet lines for Voice Over Internet Protocols, more guards on the midnight and evening shifts when once aliens were on night lockdown, more conflict and fights from some aliens not wanting lights out when others want to sleep, etc.

But this is all just arguing over details, the real reason for the resort living for illegal aliens is to encourage aliens to remain in the U.S., even in custody, to continue to fight their cases through the administrative immigration appeals system and the endless appeals in federal courts. The dirty secret of immigration detention was that its daily indignities of incarceration encouraged aliens to give up on appeals and voluntarily leave. Few like life in jail, even those from third-world countries. Custody and threat of custody during the immigration hearing and appeals system is a defacto discouraging factor to fighting the system. The ploy by the Regime is to enourage aliens to fight and remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty. That some government contracts benefit in the next round of negociations is just a side benefit, CCA will probably be donating alot to Obama, just like BP and Goldman-Sachs did.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wasteful Government Spending

Crazed ideologes at the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division recently wasted thousands of dollars prosecuting a company for refusing to hire an alien.

When the Department of Justice puts out a press release about a local employer getting penalized over immigration issues, it's usually because the company has been hiring illegal aliens.

Not so with Sugar Land's Aquatico Pool Managment: The DOJ announced today they had reached a settlement with the company over complaints Aquatico did not hire an immigrant.

​The prospective employee apllied for a job with "a valid, DHS-issued permanent resident card," the DOJ says, but still was turned down.

"Because he also presented a Social Security card with the notation 'valid for work only with DHS authorization,' Aquatico withdrew its offer of employment," the agency said.

And for that they shall pay!! Aquatico, that is.

The company agreed to pay almost $1,600 in civil penalties and back pay to Anthony Ernest Gobran, a Sudanese immigrant, and to have its human-resources people undergo training on just which immigrants are good to hire.

"The [Immigration and Naturalization Act]'s anti-discrimination provision means that all individuals authorized to work in the United States have the right to seek employment without the added burden of special rules or document demands based on their citizenship status or national origin, " Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for Civil Rights, said in the announcement. "This settlement represents our ongoing commitment to work with all employers, large or small, to ensure compliance with the anti-discrimination requirements of federal immigration law."

And the result of this thousands of dollars? An order to the company to pay the alien $1,600.00. This after the DOJ CRD took the time to review the complaint, assign an attorney, who lives and works in the DC area, pay the travel and per diem costs of sending that attorney to Houston to file the charges, incure the costs of hours in federal court, taking up the time of judges, court officials, potential jurors, etc.

All at a time when United States Attorneys Offices (USAO) routinely decline any case where there is a loss of less than hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most civil cases presented by federal agencies to USAOs are declined due to overworked offices, low dollar value of cases, and lack of any significant prosecutorial merit. How could a $1,600.00 loss of wages be of any interest to the Department of Justice? Especially since the Civil Rights Division routinely declines to take cases of racial discrimination against whites? Why here is the crux of the matter, the victim is a Sudanese immigrant. The DOJ CRD declined to investigate this case of an Indian company openly stating that it will only hire Indian nationals. Resourcesoft apparently can discriminate against whites and non-Indians, but the DOJ will spend tens of thousands on a case involving a small company that does not understand DOJ and DHS rules on hiring documents. And lets not talk about the shortage of DOJ resources in prosecuting real crime? Remember Hawaiian Gardens? DOJ allowed racial cleansing and murder to run rampant there for years before prosecuting. And it let the New Black Panthers run rampant in Philidephia. Seeing any double standard here?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be Careful

If you are commenting on something you know nothing about. Diane West should take heed. Alot of people comment on the Web on various issues. Some actually know something about which they pontificate. Others give insight into issues with cogent questions and observations. However alot of people make fools of themselves by taking up issues they know little about. Diane West and an obscure alleged retired Colorado police officer (or deputy sheriff or both) wades into the area of law enforcement and immigration law relating to whether Barak Hussein Obama is a natural born citizen and therefore eligible to be President of the United States.

Much has been said about this issue. It breaks down to three basic issues: 1) Obama was not born in Hawaii as claimed, and 2) Obama was born in the U.S. but because his father is an alien then Obama is not a natural born citizen.

Let us dispense with #2. If Obama was born in the U.S., then he is a natural born citizen. That was the practice at the beginning of the Republic and codified by the 14th Amendment. West presents not much else than the assertion that you aren't quite natural if either of your parents were aliens. While many may argue about whether children born to an illegal alien are citizens, that is a separate issue, since no one claims Stanley Ann Dunham was not an American citizen.

Now, for the first issue, Obama was not born in the U.S. Obama's refusal to release his original birth certificate, what West and others mistakenly call the original long form birth certificate, is the basis for this belief. And it is a legitimate question. Obama has only released what is called in immigration and nationality law an Abstract of Live Birth. (Others argue that there is a difference between a Certificate of Life Birth and a Birth Certificate, there is no difference in the history of immigration and nationality law in the United States.) An Abstract of Live Birth is an abbreviated summary of the information on a birth certificate. The abstract released by Obama is a perfect example. It shows the city, date, name of child and name of parents. Birth Certificates have much more information, such as hospital, attending physician, address of parents, etc. The issue is that Hawaii will issue birth certificates for children of former residents of Hawaii, so it is possible that the original birth certificate may show that Obama was born overseas. Now the current Governor of Hawaii has stated publicly that Obama was born at Kapi'olani Medical Center. Fine, but it still begs the question, why not just release the birth certificate? What is the reason he will not release it?

West however is very confused, she seems to think that both theories hold true. Obama was born in Kenya and Obama was born in Hawaii, but because his father was an alien, he is not a citizen. Sorry, you can't have both. It appears she is relying on this position based on a half-assed "investigation" by some unknown former police officer/deputy sheriff/detective from Colorado, John L. Work who is a "Colorado Peace Officer." As if that is supposed to impress one. I am certain that Work has had no training in immigration or nationality law. And it is readily apparent from West's column on the issue.

Work has created something what he calls an affidavit summarizing evidence that Obama was both born in the U.S. and born in Kenya. If I were the Chief of Police, Sheriff or Sergeant of Detectives that supervised Work, he would be out of work. In law enforcement, an investigating officer prepares an affidavit summarizing the evidence in support of an indictment, information, arrest warrant or search warrant for a particular crime. It is the height of failure to prepare an affidavit in support of two contradictory positions, Obama is not a citizen after birth in the U.S. because his father is an alien, and conversely, Obama was not born in the U.S. I will bet that Work never provided any affidavit in support of any legal action when he was in law enforcement. Such an affidavit would be laughed out of any District Attorney's Office.

Worse yet, of all the alleged evidence he cites, there are only two relevant points of fact.

1) Obama refused to release his actual birth certificate. That is the sole piece of actual evidence that we know to exist that is relevant. " Sure, there's (1) the original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate."

2) "4) Obama's adoption records -- sealed"

Wow, what is that? Obama was adopted? Where are those records sealed? Did Work discover that Stanley Ann Dunham adopted Obama? That would be earth shattering. They would not be so earth shattering if Obama's grandparents adopted him. If that were true, those records would probably be irrelevant.

The rest is irrelevant to Obama's natural born citizenship, except for his passport records which would show only two interesting things: a copy of his birth certificate and where he intended to travel when he applied for his replacement passport before his travel to Pakistan.

What show that Work knows even less than nothing is: "5) Records of Obama's and his mother's reptriation [sic] as US citizens on return from Indonesia -- not found, not released"

Well, I would not call Obama's return to the U.S. to live with his grandparents "repatriation." Was he deported by the Indonesian government? And just how does that affect his natural born citizenship. More likely, his presence in the Sotero household was not convivial to Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Sotero's lifestyle. And what does any record of her return to the U.S. have to do with Barak Hussein Obama's citizenship. What is clear was that she had finished with her poor second husband. She used him for the opportunity to complete a useless degree in anthropology and she left. More importantly how did "Detective" Work conclude that the two were repatriated? If someone goes to Mexico for vacation, is his return a repatriation? No, it is not. In any event, Work admits in this point that Obama is at least a citizen, if not naturally born.

Work also provides a long list of Obama secrecy about his personal records, none of which, especially his elementary school records and his health records, provide any insight to his natural born citizenship. How do they prove that he was not a natural born citizen?

What is more important is the records that have been released, such as his school records from Indonesia, which show he was a Muslim and that his Indonesian step-father considered him to be a Muslim. Perhaps that is why his baptism records are sealed, but that does nothing for his citizenship. Perhaps Muslims should not be allowed to be citizens, but that is not the law, at least not until a naturalized Muslim helps nuke New York City.

This just goes to show, it is best not to open your mouth and confirm you are an idiot.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jabba The Hut...

...wants free healthcare.

No Shit Sherlock

The Germans have discovered that the more religious a Muslim is, the more violent he is. (h/t Gates of Vienna) The money quotes:

A study that shows boys growing up in religious Muslim families are more likely to be violent seems set to reignite the debate over religion and integration, a media report said on Sunday.

The study, which involved intensive questioning of 45,000 teenagers from 61 towns and regions across the country, was conducted by Christian Pfeiffer of the criminal research institute of Lower Saxony.

Pfeiffer said he was dismayed by the results, and told the Süddeutsche Zeitung he was a strong critic of political campaigns which painted foreigners as criminals – such as those led by Roland Koch and Thilo Sarrazin.

Pfeiffer’s work took into account the level of education and standard of living in the families of the children – aged between 14 and 16 – who were questioned. He also asked them how religious they considered themselves, and how integrated they felt in Germany.

Pfeiffer said that even when other social factors were taken into account, there remained a significant correlation between religiosity and readiness to use violence. There were some positive correlations too he said, noting that young religious Muslims were much less likely than their non-Muslim counterparts to drink alcohol – or to steal from shops.

The increased likelihood to use violence was restricted to Muslim boys Pfeiffer said – Muslim girls were just as likely to be violent as non-Muslim girls.

This led him to conclude that there was not a direct link between Islamic belief and violence – but an indirect one. He pointed to Christian teachings which justified domestic violence and male dominance of society for a long time.

His researchers asked the teenagers a range of questions about their ideas of manliness, for example whether they thought a man was justified in hitting his wife if she had been unfaithful. They also asked about what media and computer game violence they were exposed to, as well as whether their friends were involved in crime or violence.

The results showed that Muslim boys from immigrant families were more than twice as likely to agree with macho statements than boys from Christian immigrant families. The rate was highest among those considered as very religious, Pfeiffer said. They were also more likely to be using violent computer games and have criminal friends.

But, even worse than their violence, is their lack of Germanization. They still consider themselves Turks or Arabs or Kurds, etc. They are not integration nor have they become German despite many being born in Germany.

The money quote:

Added to that, the more religious Muslim boys felt the least integrated into German society, with only 14.5 percent of the very religious Turkish boys (the largest group of Muslims in the study) saying they felt German, although 88.5 percent had been born here.

Pfeiffer said he thought the responsibility for the macho culture lay with Imams in Germany, who he said usually come from abroad and often cannot speak German or have much understanding of the culture.

Now the researcher wants to blame this on the Imams, but then backtracks and blames it on the Germans, for not inviting the poor babies to a Geburtstag party:

“Exclusion starts already when the Muslim child is not invited to a birthday
party,” he said.

His ideology says the Germans are to blame, but his research shows that it is Islam and the leaders of Imams that are to blame. But he so hates his own culture he just can't believe his own research.

Unassimilated aliens...who does that remind you of?

Compare this to Christians, who Travis Smiley seems to think are the real terrorists:

The results showed that Muslim boys from immigrant families were more than twice as likely to agree with macho statements than boys from Christian immigrant families. The rate was highest among those considered as very religious, Pfeiffer said. They were also more likely to be using violent computer games and have criminal friends.

So, here we have it, Islam is a religion of hate and violence, proved by social science research.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

ICE, Missing In Action

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), rather than do its job of arresting illegal aliens, has received and obeyed orders from the Mexican government to not enforce the immigration laws of the United States on Catalina Island. (h/t The Drudge Report) The feckless ICE and its well paid managers in the Los Angeles office again commits dereliction of duty just as it did at Hawaiian Gardens where it allowed illegal alien gangbangers to murder deputy sheriffs and ethnically cleanse blacks from the area using murder and intimidation.

The money quote from an unnamed patriotic ICE officer:

"Officers with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said their agency was asked by Mexican officials not to enforce U.S. immigration laws on the island while the cards were being issued.

"'It amazes me every time that the Mexican government has the gall to tell us what to do,' said an ICE official, who asked not to be named. 'More surprisingly is how many times we stand by and let them. This is just an example of one of hundreds of requests we've had to deal with.'"

It is clear that the Special Agent in Charge of the ICE Los Angeles Office is Mexico's bitch. Give him a call as ask him why:

SAC Los Angeles
501 West Ocean Boulevard, Suite 7200
Long Beach, CA 90802-4213
Main (562) 624-3800
Fax (562) 590-9604


...not an American, an anchor baby who is a Turkish citizen living in Turkey, or used to live, until he became a shaheed, a martyr, in the fight for the Ottoman Sultanate and the subjegation of all the world to Islam. Much like Faisal Shahzad, who sought shaheed and was a Pakistani, not an American, who fought for Islam and to subjegate the world.

A Tale Of Two Hate Crimes

Or almost two hate crimes. Because one of the hate crimes is only a possible hate crime. Guess which victim is only a possible victim? Yeah, the white one. The black victim however is a victim of a hate crime, despite the fact that law enforcement has no motive for the crime.

Here is the white victim:

"Seattle police are investigating whether a 16-year-old boy who was severely beaten in West Seattle last week was the victim of a hate crime.

"The boy's father, Tim McClellan, told KING-TV his son was attacked because he is white.

"A detective assigned to investigate possible hate crimes is looking into the attack, which happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday, according to police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

"Once the suspects are arrested, it will be up to King County prosecutors to decide whether they could face charges of malicious harassment, the state's hate-crime statute.

"Police say the teenager, identified by his father as Shane McClellan, was walking home around 2 a.m. Tuesday when he got into a fight with two other youths. It's unclear who started the fight, but McClellan was beaten unconscious, Jamieson said Sunday.

"Tim McClellan told KING-TV the two youths first asked his son for a lighter then struck him repeatedly. He said his son was threatened with a gun and beaten with a belt and his neck was burned with cigarettes.

"Police said the two youths called Shane McClellan by racial slurs. He told police that one of the attackers was black and the other was Asian or Pacific Islander, Jamieson said.

"'When they were beating him with the belt [they said] that they hated white people, and that's what the whipping was for,' McClellan told KING-TV.

"McClellan's family told police the teen was beaten and tortured for nearly four hours, Jamieson said.

"The teen told police he awoke on the street alone after the assault around 6 a.m. and flagged down a passer-by, who called 911. Police talked to the teen around 7 a.m.

"Shane McClellan is recovering from the attack at home, KING-TV reports.

"The state's malicious-harassment law makes it a felony to threaten, damage the property of, or physically injure someone because of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation."

Now the black victim:

" The FBI is investigating a possible federal hate crime in Newberry County, S.C., where an African-American man was fatally shot and dragged for more than 10 miles on a rope attached to a truck.

"Gregory Collins, 30, who is white, was arrested and charged with murder in the death of 30-year-old Anthony Hill of Winnsboro, S.C. Hill's battered body was discovered on a roadway by a motorist Wednesday.

"The victim and the suspect were co-workers at the Louis Rich chicken-processing plant in Newberry, The State newspaper reported.

"The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is assisting in the investigation. Its director, Reggie Lloyd, told The State that authorities have not yet determined a 'definitive motive" in Hill's death. But Gov. Mark Sanford said in a statement that "there may be reason to believe that this crime potentially has elements related to a hate crime.'"

"Authorities said Hill was killed with a single gunshot to the head and was dead before his body was tethered to a truck and dragged.

"'If this ends up being the case, we recognize it and condemn it for what it would be -- an isolated incident of hate that is indeed to be deeply condemned from all corners of the state and nation,' Sanford said in a statement. 'It would represent an event that certainly does not accurately reflect the good and decent people of South Carolina, and an incident that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.'"

"After the discovery of Hill's body, Newberry County deputies said they followed a 10-mile trail of blood to Collins' home in rural Newberry County. He refused to come out for three hours, authorities said, until a SWAT team fired tear gas into his home.

"Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster told The State that Hill and Collins had lately been spending time together outside of work and were at Collins' house late Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

"'It was inside that residence that Collins shot Hill in the head, killing him,' Foster said. 'Collins then removed Hill's body from the residence, attached a nylon rope around Hill's deceased body and began to drag him behind his truck and away from the residence.'"

"Officials said they are examining the 'racial angle' in the slaying, but Foster is cautioning residents against forming conclusions before the investigation is complete.

"'It is absolutely understandable the community would be shocked and outraged by this horrible act,' he said. 'However, the suspect is in custody and will answer to the legal system for his actions.'"

Notice how the FBI and South Carolina state investigators are involved in a simple murder where the suspect is already in custody for the case involving a black victim, but only one detective is assigned to an attack on a white person and the multiple suspects are at large. There is nothing for the FBI and state investigators to investigate. Newberry County deputies solved the crime and made an arrest. All this shows is that whites are second class citizens in this country. There is a double standard on hate crimes, black victims get the FBI and state police, while white victims get one overworked detective.

Also note that he FBI is not involved in the ongoing attacks on whites by blacks in Denver. I guess Eric Holder just doesn't care about white victims.

It Begins

Apparently Canada deported Abdirahman Ali Gaal, a Somali legal permanent resident and terrorist, to the United States. He has been placed in custody during removal proceedings. (h/t Islamization Watch) The article on CNN is a bit confusing as it appears the Department of Homeland Security spokesman and the reporter know little about immigration law, but here is the jist of the story:

"Matthew Chandler, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman, said Wednesday that Gaal was questioned by U.S. officials.

"'In the course of that interview process, he was determined to be inadmissible to the United States and is currently being detained pending immigration proceedings,' Chandler said.

"Gaal admitted to having committed fraud when he applied for refugee status in Canada in October 2008 and to abandoning his "legal permanent residency" status in the United States by departing the U.S. for more than 10 months and applying for refugee status in Canada, a U.S. official told CNN on condition of not being identified by name."

What is clear is that Gaal is not in removal proceedings for any act of terrorism or supporting terrorism, but because he abandoned his legal permanent residence by moving to Canada and requesting residence there by their asylum process, then he moved to Mauritania "to study Islam." Which is what we all know it is.

He apparently knew something was up after he heard the Mounties were after him and he immediately decided to return to the U.S.

Interestingly he went to the U.S. Embassy in Mauritania to inquire if he could return with no problems and was allegedly told there were no problems.

"Gaal then went to the U.S. Embassy in Mauritania and was told there was no impediment to him returning home, according to his brother. Gaal also called the FBI to check on his status, his brother said.

"Gaal flew to Paris and on to Mexico City, and intended to travel to Seattle, Washington, where their mother lives, his brother said."

However, he apparently knew he was on the no fly list, as he in an attempt to get to Seattle where mommy lives via Paris and Mexico City. Obviously that is not either the cheapest or most direct way to Seattle. It is clear he was intending to enter the U.S. via the Mexican land border by flying to Mexico City, which also tells us he knew he was on the no fly list. But what he did not know was that the flight would enter U.S. air space or that those on the no fly list also cannot enter American airspace even on a flight not landing in the U.S. This tells us that he knew he was being watched by the FBI and our intelligence services, which does not say much for their abilites to conduct surveillance and intelligence activities.

However, the lawyers will soon be involved and Gaal will soon be released. DHS is trying to remove him based on his change of residence and asylum application to Canada. Legal permanent residents are usually required to live in the U.S., but many avoid that requirement either legally by petitioning DHS to ignore the requirement, keeping their overseas residence secret from DHS, or, more importantly, DHS usually ignores this violation by legal permanent residents, which is done quite requently.

First a primer on immigration law regarding legal permanent residents and actual place of residence. Generally, aliens admitted for legal permanent residence are required to live in the U.S. If they are outside the U.S. for one year or more, their status expires and they must apply for legal permanent residence again, using the SB-1 Immigrant Visa. If they are outside the U.S. for 6 months or more, they are routinely advised of their residency requirement, and their passports and computer systems are so noted so as to establish in the future any pattern or practice they have and that they were advised of the residency requirement. If their residency was suspect, they were placed in removal proceeding before a hearing officer of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) who would hear and rule on their case regarding where they were living and their compliance with the law.

Routinely with the late unlamented INS, when such aliens were encountered the management would ignore or drop such charges when the alien claimed that they would comply with the residency requirement in the future.

Previously, up until the late 90s, the legacy INS was quite strict on such cases and placed the aliens in removal proceedings, telling the aliens when they arrived in the U.S. from long stays overseas that their passports would be held until the hearing, which was usually a year from the date the aliens were discovered not living in the U.S., but somewhere overseas. The aliens really had no intention of living in the U.S. but would claim so just to maintain welfare and SSI payments which went further overseas.

But sometime in the late 90s under the Clintong Regime, the legacy INS stopped holding the aliens passports and allowed them to appear at the hearing but allowed them to return to where they were living. They would then return for the hearing and plead their case, swearing up and down that this time they are returning for good, but those were lies that the hearing officer from the EOIR believed, then ruled in the aliens favor, and the alien then returned to live off welfare and SSI overseas. Or they just applied for citizenship, then moved overseas.

But, because of the precedents set during this liberal period, any good immigration attorney will get this guy off in a heartbeat. First, Gaal was only outside the U.S. for 10 months. Technically, the law is not violated by a ten month stay, it has to be a year outside the U.S. that causes their legal permanent residence to be invalidated. Second, he will claim that he is in removal proceedings only because of his political views, which is true. DHS does not put aliens in removal proceedings for one 10 month stay ouside the U.S. The only complicating factor is his admittedly fraudulent application for asylum in Canada, which is interpreted as him seeking residence outside the U.S.

It is most likely that during this process, Gaal will apply for citizenship and it will be approved or he will either win his case at the hearing officer level, or during the appeal process to the Board of Immigration Appeals or at the federal court level. There is not just enough to hold him on given the years of non-enforcement of the resideny requirement.

In any event, he cannot be deported to Canada, nor to Somalia. He is not a citizen or resident of Canada and he cannot be returned to Somalia because the federal courts have blocked deportations to Somalia. In any event he will either file a new claim for asylum if he looses his case, just like Obama's aunt did or apply for withholding of deporation based on the political situation there or claim he will be tortured by the Transitional Government there because he is an Islamist or percieved as an Islamist and the Convention On Torture Treaty will prevent his deportation.

So, all this is sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hardly! Half of these alleged Britons were not even born there. They are Muslim immigrants. And Hassan Ghani certainly is not Scottish. What is his connection to Robert The Bruce, William Wallace, Robert Burns, and Rob Roy? What clan is a member of? What is his tartan? I could not find the Ghani tartan, and this is certianly not a tartan.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Lawless Obama Regime

The quite queer and lawless Obama Regime is at it again. (Just a note, I was refering to the Obama Regime as a regime before Rush did it) They have violated the Defense of Marriage Act by giving employment benefits to the sex partners of homosexual federal employees. Can anyone say impeachment?

No Surprise Here

An Aeormexico flight from Paris (Is there a busboy shortage?) to Mexico City was denied overflight rights to the United States by the Transportation Security Administration because a man on the No-Fly List was on the flight. The flight was forced to land in Montreal and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police removed the passenger. The man has been declared inadmissible by Canadian Border Services Agency and placed in custody pending deportation proceedings.

Further information was released that identified the suspicious person, Abdirahman Ali Gaall, a Somali national. He is reported to be a member of Al Shabaab, the Somali Al Queda affiliate terrorist group. Here is the kicker, Gaall is a legal permanent resident of the United States. He holds a green card. The United States gave a green card to another Muslim terrorist. He is also apparently the subject of the terror lookout on the Mexican border announced earlier in May.

Gaall appears to be well known to U.S. and Canadian intelligence agencies and they knew he was coming back to the U.S. probably from Somalia. The problem is what will be done with him. He is in Canadian custody and in removal proceedings. Will he claim political asylum in Canada? Quite likely as Canada still hasn't deported most American soldiers who fled to Canada during the Iraq War and Gaall will likely claim the likelihood of torture, mistreatment, or criminal prosecution in the U.S.

The other scenario is that he is just deported to the U.S. over the land border. That is the crux of the case, as Gaall was going to Mexico so he could return to the U.S. as he obviously knew he was on the No-Fly List and could not fly here, but the No-Fly List does not mean you are on the No-Enter-The-U.S. List. As a legal permanent resident, he can re-enter the U.S. with little problem, unless he has a criminal conviction or there is solid admissible evidence of involvement in terrorism, not just vague intelligence of his involvement.

Which leads us to the fact that the U.S. continues to not screen immigrants for threats to the U.S. It appears Gaall married an American citizen to get residence. Whether it was a Jihad Jane, an anchor baby, a naturalized Somali refugee or other Muslim immigrant, it exposes the glaring weakness of American immigration policy, we do not investigate or screen seriously immigrants to the U.S. Just look at Faizal Shahzad, another Muslim fanatic who got a green card by marriage to an American citizen, herself a Muslim anchor baby. American immigration law identifies Nazis by name and other totalitarian ideologies as reasons to exclude aliens, but except for the Nazi part, we continue to allow former and current communists into the U.S. But more importantly we make no effort to exclude the most vicious and long-live totalitarian ideologues out of the United States, Muslims. Islam is a religion of war, oppression, terrorism, rapine, and murder; but we allow Muslims to enter and remain in the U.S. unmolested.

And that is what appears will happen to Gaall. Nothing. His likely deportation from Canada to the U.S. will result in no consequence for Gaall. If we had the goods on him, an arrest warrant would have been issued, not a "terrorist" alert. If we know he is a terrorist, an alert is superfluous. An arrest warrant is what is needed. Since none was issued before he left Somalia, and none issued since the Canadians took him into custody, it appears that we will soon be allowing another Muslim terrorist to enter the U.S.