Friday, July 30, 2010

The Administrative Amnesty Confirmed

Over a year ago I wrote about the proposed "Administrative Amnesty" that was proposed by a cliche at the immigration bar. Now it appears that the plan concocted by the immigration bar has been adopted hook, line and sinker by the Obama Regime and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. National Review Online, continuing to have hard hitting immigration reporting and comment of late, and author Robert VerBruggen have obtained a USCIS memorandum advocating an administrative amnesty based on the immigration bar plan. Interestingly it differs from other rumors that abounded one of which saying that the Obama Regime will legalize only those illegal aliens previously admitted but overstayed their period of admission. Which itself potentially solved some problems with all amnesty schemes and the 1986 amnesty; how after stating in the amensty only those who have been here a set time (usually 5 years, the Kennedy/McCain amnesty had that cutoff time). Most who enter illegally have no record and in the 1986 amnesty they routinely produced counterfeit records that made a sham of the whole proceedure. Presently we have good records of those who enter with the fingerprinting system in U.S. Visit and could at least verify the identity and date of admission of applicants if that pool was limited to those actually admitted.

However, those rumors are non-operative and we have an insight into the acutal planned Administrative Amnesty:

With other ideas, however, USCIS is aiming big. Perhaps the most egregious
suggestion is to “Increase the Use of Deferred Action.” “Deferred action,” as
the memo defines it, “is an exercise of prosecutorial discretion not to pursue
removal from the U.S. of a particular individual for a specific period of time.”
For example, after Hurricane Katrina, the government decided not to remove
illegal immigrants who’d been affected by the disaster.

The memo claims that there are no limits to USCIS’s ability to
use deferred action, but warns that using this power indiscriminately would be
“controversial, not to mention expensive.” The memo suggests using deferred
action to exempt “particular groups” from removal — such as the
illegal-immigrant high-school graduates who would fall under the DREAM Act (a
measure that has been shot down repeatedly in Congress). The memo claims that
the DREAM Act would cover “an estimated 50,000” individuals, though as many as 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate high school every year in the U.S.

In the immediate wake of the court decision blocking the Arizona immigration law
yesterday, the memo is sure to create controversy — and the sense that the
administration is bent on preserving and extending the nation’s de

Here is the crux of the whole Obama Regime policy, illegality couched in legal terms. In this case we have "deferred action," others are "prosecutorial discretion" and "priorities". All are just synonyms for non-feasance; not performing their duties with the intent to produce a defacto amnesty, much like the "parole-in-place" option mentioned in the USCIS memorandum.

VerBruggen's update on the story quotes a USCIS press release that has not been posted on the USCIS website yet.

UPDATE: DHS has issued the following response:
Internal draft memos do not
and should not be equated with official action or policy of the Department. We
will not comment on notional, pre-decisional memos. As a matter of good
government, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will discuss just
about every issue that comes within the purview of the immigration system. We
continue to maintain that comprehensive bipartisan legislation, coupled with
smart, effective enforcement, is the only solution to our nation’s immigration
challenges.Internal memoranda help us do the thinking that leads to important
changes; some of them are adopted and others are rejected. Our goal is to
implement policies wisely and well to strengthen all aspects of our mission. The
choices we have made so far have strengthened both the enforcement and services
sides of USCIS — nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for
final decisions. To be clear, DHS will not grant deferred action or humanitarian
parole to the nation’s entire illegal immigrant population.

Although the press release did not explicitly confirm the memorandum, it was enough to verify the authenticity of the memorandum, which I had doubts about because it was undated and partially authored by Donald Neufeld, who wrote most USCIS policy memorandums, and had retired a month or so ago and I did not think the quality of the memorandum met his usual standards. But the non-denial denial is confirmation.

The shear audacity of the lawlessness of the memorandum is staggering, but very much believable for the Obama Regime. Obviously the Regime has concluded that legislation is impossible so action must be outside the law. Even their non-denial denial is filled with qualifications; "To be clear, DHS will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation’s entire illegal immigrant population." Entire being the operative Clintonesque qualifier, not all of them, just a large majority.

One aspect of their lawlessness is to change the law by reinterpeting the law. For instance they propose allowing illegal aliens to leave the U.S. and obtain an immigrant visa by "reinterpreting" the law that says said aliens have a three and ten year bar on reentry by redefining the rather clear terms like "departure" and "admission" so as to make those requirements in various acts of Congress meaningless. They will redefine words much like the Party did in 1984, making them meaningless or the opposite of their true meaning. Up will really be down, and white will really mean black. The Regime will stop at nothing to get its way, including destroying the law.

And looking at their non-denial denial, the plan is in motion and will not be stopped.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boob Bait For Bubbas

RINO Lindsey Grahamnesty has come out against birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens. He stated that he will be proposing a constitutional amendment to end the current practice of recognizing such children as within the jurisdiction of the United States as stated in the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment.

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and
subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of
the State wherein they reside.

The import of the Citizenship Clause was to protect the citizenship of former slaves, but the issued today is whether the Clause is applicable to children of aliens in the United States other than legal permanent residents; legal or illegal. The most significant controversy is the children of illegal aliens, but many legal non-immigrant aliens give birth here as well in a effort to obtain citizenship for their children.

The debate over the amendment specifically excluded Indians and the children of diplomats accredited to the United States. However, this was at a time when all immigration was legal. There was no such thing as an illegal alien. So, obviously, the proponents and authors of the Clause did not concern themselves with the issue of illegality.

During the original debate over the amendment Senator Jacob M. Howard of
Michigan—the author of the Citizenship Clause—described the clause as excluding
American Indians who maintain their tribal ties, and "persons born in the United
States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or
foreign ministers."

However, given the restriction on the children of diplomats, one could interpret that as also a restriction on any alien who was not a legal permanent resident, as legal non-immigrant or temporary visitors would be similar to diplomats as both are temporary visitors and not part of the American community and polity. And just as clearly aliens unlawfully present would be presumed to not be "subject to the jurisdiction of the United States" as well since they entered and remained outside the law. Their children could not presumably receive better treatment than that of the privilidge diplomats and their families.

However, to date, birth to any alien, other than a diplomat, legal or illegal, is recognized as conveying citizenship. Obviously this is a debatable point and not clear as it may meet the meaning of the words of the Clause, but certainly not the intent, as protecting former slaves was the intent.

But, unfortunately, much is made of the issue of anchor babies, and Grahamnesty is using it to his advantage. In reality birth here means little and the problem is not that big. There are much more illegal alien minors here than those born to illegal aliens. And since Grahamnesty wants to deal with this by a constitutional amendment, a process which is unlikely to succeed but Grahamnesty gets kudos for an anti-illegal alien position, while at the same time he is working openly to give amnesty to those same illegals who are giving birth. This is clearly designed to move attention away from his support for amnesty. An effort to fool the voters of his conservative State, boob bait for bubbas, Billyjeff Bentpecker's speciality.

However, the best way to deal with anchor babies is not to try and take their citizenship away, but to firstly deal directly and firmly with their illegal alien parents. Anchor babies would not be an issue if the Federal government was deporting these illegals, who, by the way, overwhelmingly give birth funded by the Federal and State taxpayers either by direct Medicaid funding or indirectly through mandatory treatment by hospitals.

No effort is made to remove these aliens even though the Federal government is directly aware of their presence and has the information to find and remove them, but no effort is made to deport those aliens. Illegals also benefit from the policy of the Federal government to not deport illegal aliens if that deportation has an impact on a U.S. citizen spouse, child or parent. It is a get out of jail free card. Hence illegal aliens with US citizen children enjoy an ongoing unofficial and official amensty. End that amnesty and the problem is solved.

The second issue is that those children born to legal temporary visitors and illegal aliens eventually sponsor their parents, siblings, spouses and children. However they only do that because the law allows for it. That can be stopped by legislation. End the ability of US citizens to sponsor parents or siblings and most of the problem is solved.

End the benefits to illegal immigration and you will get less of it. Build a double or triple layer fence, make use of E-verify universal, arrest illegal aliens who use welfare programs, and the problem will be solved without having to fight over the issue of birth-right citizenship. It will be much easier than either fighting it out in the Anthony Kennedy Supreme Court where a loss is likely or getting a constitutional amendment out of a Congress with a Demoncrat majority, or from State houses where Demoncrats hold enough houses to stymie an amendment directly from the States. In fact, the agressive execution of the immigration laws of the U.S. will solve most of the problem. That needs only a President willing to do it or a Congress willing to order the President to fulfill his Oath of Office by legislation or threat of impeachment; both require alot less effort, especially if enabling legislation is placed in agency funding bills.

Secret Service Fail?

Or more coddling of criminals by the Obama Regime? Inquiring minds want to know as the Obama Regime invited a twice convicted criminal to the Rose Garden to attack the Republicans on the issue of extending unemployment benefits for those who don't like to work.

The news outfit breathless asks if the Obama Regime was aware that they invited a criminal to their dog-and-pony show on unemployment benefits.

President Barack Obama posed with a Charlottesville woman at a White House
event on July 19. What we didn't know - and what the White House may not have
known - is that court records show she's been found guilty of prescription drug

It is also curious as to how the Obama Regime chose her as there are millions of unemployed, how did this particular one get chosen? She had a long criminal history over the years. It takes alot of crime to get convicted twice; most criminals committ ten or more crimes for each arrest or conviction.

(CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA) -- CBS19 learned Thursday that Leslie Macko, the
Charlottesville woman who appeared in the Rose Garden with President Barack
Obama on July 19, has had more than one run-in with the law. In June of 2007,
Macko was charged with grand larceny. The charge was reduced in court to petit
larceny, and she was sentenced to two years good behavior.
Greg Wells tells the Newsplex that Macko was not terminated nor discharged
because of any illegal activity, but Wells would not comment on the condition of
her termination.
The Legal Aid Justice Center, which represented Leslie Macko
in her claim for unemployment benefits, released this statement to the Newsplex
Thursday evening: "Between March 2005 and April 2009, Ms. Macko was
employed as an aesthetician by ACAC. When she was terminated in April 2009, Ms.
Macko applied for unemployment benefits. On June 15, 2009, Ms. Macko was
determined to be qualified for unemployment benefits. ACAC appealed that
determination. After a hearing on the merits of Ms. Macko's case, the original
determination was affirmed on September 14, 2009.

Ms. Macko was convicted of two unrelated misdemeanors, one in
September 2007 and one in May 2010. Throughout the unemployment proceedings,
ACAC never alleged that Ms. Macko's termination was related to those

But we know for certian that the Obama Regime must have known as the U.S. Secret Service conducts background investigations on everyone who enters the White House, including a criminal history check. They would have notified the White House if there was a problem and would have denied her entry unless they were over-ruled by the White House. So, it is clear that, first, to get chosen to come to the Rose Garden for a Presidential event, she had to have had connections with the local Demoncrat Party where she lived or had a close friend with close connections or on the White House staff itself.

Second, it must have been someone powerful, as it is doubtful that a minor functionary would have the pull to committ the White House and the President to something that might embarrass the President like this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There is not much to say about Susan Bolton, Billyjeff Bentpecker's girlfriend in Arizona. Her decision has no basis in law as Heather McDonald has pointed out better than I could.

I can only quibble with her on a minor issue:

The only lawful aliens to whom the judge could point who would not
necessarily have proof of status “readily available” to them, however (neither
the federal government nor the judge asserted that proof of status was
“unavailable” to such individuals), were visitors from visa-waiver countries,
asylum applicants who have not yet received a green card, victims of certain
enumerated crimes such as trafficking who are assisting law enforcement, and
women who have petitioned for relief under the Violence Against Women Act. But
presumably the lawful status of such aliens would be known to the federal
government. If an Arizona officer inquired into those aliens’ immigration
status, ICE would tell the officer that the person is authorized to be in the
country, ending the investigation.

Aliens admitted on the visa waiver program now do not have a document issued to them to prove their lawful status. Previously they were issued Form I-94W Admission/Departure Record. However now an electronic record for their admission is held by DHS. However, they do have a stamp placed in their passport showing the admission date and the date admitted to, so they do have a record readily available to them.

The second group, those assisting law enforcement, are in almost all cases given parole status.

The only groups that don't have status who are in practice, but not law, allowed to remain, are asylum applicants and VAWA applicants. Neither group has a right to remain unless ordered by a hearing officer of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, an office of the Department of Justice. Technically they have no status and are subject to arrest by DHS and are routinely arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol and placed in removal proceedings where they make their plea for asylum.

It is important to point out that legal permanent residents and lawfully admitted visitors are not impacted by SB1070 at all. Legal Permanent Residents are issued Form I-551 Alien Registration Receipt Card, commonly called the green card, and non-immigrant temporary visitors are issued Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. Both groups are required to carry said documents when in public. This clearly shows that Bolton's decision is without foundation:

The United States argues that this section is preempted because it will result
in the harassment of lawfully present aliens and will burden federal resources
and impede federal enforcement and policy priorities.

She even goes so far as to deliberatly misconstrue the law and misinterpret the clear language suggesting that those with identification or are U.S. citizens will be held for an immigration check:

The Court first addresses the second sentence of Section 2(B): “Any person who
is arrested shall have the person’s immigration status determined before the person is released.” Arizona advances that the proper interpretation of this
sentence is “that only where a reasonable suspicion exists that a person arrested is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States must the person’s immigration status be determined before the person is released.”
(Defs.’ Resp. to Pl.’s Mot. (“Defs.’ Resp.”) at 10.)5 Arizona goes on to state,
“[T]he Arizona Legislature could not have intended to compel Arizona’s law
enforcement officers to determine and verify the immigration status of every
single person arrested – even for United States citizens and when there is
absolutely no reason to believe the person is unlawfully present in the
country.” (Id.) The Court cannot interpret this provision as Arizona

Which only shows her dishonesty and political motivation.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Political Asylum: Immigration By Fraud

Political asylum, designed for refugees from the Iron Curtian, has descended to another fraudulent immigrant catagory. Homosexuals from Brazil and Mexico, gangbangers from El Salvador, now we have aliens claiming asylum from Russia, but who are citizens of Georgia and entered the U.S. from Georgia.

A few years ago, tensions began growing between Russia, where Boryuk was from,
and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where
Surguladze had come from. Russia began deporting Georgians in 2006 along with
imposing other sanctions, followed by Georgia reciprocating, Boryuk said, and in
August 2008, the two countries went to war over the territories of South Ossetia
and Abkhazia.

By then, Surguladze and Boryuk, now with three children,
had settled in Coralville, opening their own business, Green Way Landscaping.
Whether they get to remain in the town where they established a growing business
and friendships remains to be seen.

"If the judge says no, it means we
sell everything and we go, I don't know where," Boryuk said, referring to the
family's upcoming hearing for asylum in January.

Life had been good for
the growing family in Moscow, they said. Both having earned advanced college
degrees, Surguladze had been working as an engineer, while Boryuk had a good job
with an Italian company. He had obtained dual
Russian-Georgian citizenship.

However, as
tensions grew between their native countries, the family began looking for a way
out, and in October 2006, they applied for political asylum at the United States
Embassy in Moscow.

She said they were told they would have to travel to
the United States and apply in person with the State Department. [sic.

However, the morons at the Department of State then issued these two fraudsters tourist visas:

After a three-month stay in Georgia and obtaining a tourist visa from the United
States, they came to Iowa in December 2007, staying with a friend of Surguladze's.

They even admit that they are not refugees, but economic migrants:

"We know that America is the best country for immigration," Boryuk said. "We
know for many years."

We truely have a government run by morons.

Stupid Flatfoot

Blacks War-on-Asians has taken a turn, expanding to Hispanics and homosexuals. Staten Island is aflame with hate crimes committed by blacks.

A gay couple who innocently made a late-night stop at a White Castle in Staten Island was among the latest in a
skyrocketing number of hate crime victims in the city.
The number of bias
attacks has ballooned from 111 to 200 through July 11 - an 80% surge from the
same time period in 2009. A pocket of Port Richmond has been ground zero for such
attacks, with six Mexican immigrants beaten there in separate incidents since
For married couple Luis and Richard Vieira, the attack on July 7 began with a
homophobic slur.
"He looked at Luis and said, 'What the f--- are you looking
at, f-----?'" recalled Richard Vieira, 39.

A teen punched Luis in the
back of the head. The couple, married two years ago in Massachusetts, stormed into the parking lot of the Stapleton fast-food joint to confront the
foul-mouthed brute. Suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by more than a
dozen teens.
Luis dashed back inside the White Castle, but Richard was
knocked to the ground and pummeled.

"I was left unconscious," said
Richard, his face still bearing the bruises and cuts he suffered. "This is our
home ...nothing bad has ever happened to us until that night."

In the
120th Precinct, which includes Stapleton and Port Richmond, the number of
reported hate crimes has jumped from two to 13. Mexican immigrants are the most
frequent victims.
The attacks, which many locals attribute to long-simmering
tensions between the black and Latino residents of Port Richmond, have terrified
many of the area's immigrants.

However, the prize for idiocy goes to Inspector Michael Osgood of the NYPD who hasn't a clue about the problem:

"Hate crimes are down 60% over the last 17 years," said Inspector Michael Osgood, head of the NYPD's Hate Crimes Unit. "For this increase, there
does not appear to be a root cause and underlying theme."

Except for the perpetrators, but that would be racist to mention the black war-on-everyone else.

Of course, the U.S. Department of Justice is doing nothing except holding hands.

Justice Department and NYPD officials also held two town hall meetings in Port
Richmond last week to reassure jittery residents.

Now, if the perpetrators were white, the FBI and the Civil Rights Division would have rolled in like oranges and not stopped until they had their men. But that is not operative when the perpetrators are black. More double standards at the DOJ regarding black-on-whovever crime a la the New Black Panthers Party voter intimidation case.

Of course, there is the immigrant angle, such as Alejandro who hasn't learned English despite being here 13 years, nor his daughter, who refuses to learn English.

"It's racism. Even though all the people who are against us deny it, you
can see that it's totally racism because they didn't steal anything. Treating us
like we are a game just to have fun, that's not fair," said Genoveva Galindo,
the victim's daughter, through an interpreter.

Eastasia Has Always Been At War With Eurasia

Islam is a religion of peace. But Indonesia continues its war on Christianity, churches burned or closed, Christians attacked in the streets and in their homes. (h/t Jihad Watch) As does Pakistan, murder most foul.

From January to July, there were 28 cases of religious freedom violations
by “intolerant groups targeting Christians,” up from 17 for the whole of 2008
and 18 in 2009, the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace said in a
report.Based on reports by churches and the media, the violations — mostly by
radical Muslim groups — include forced closure of churches, revocation and
delays in issuing building permits, and attacks such as torching and damaging
churches, the institute said.“These incidents are a breach of law and human
rights. The President and the government have been very silent on this matter
and have not provided enough protection to citizens,” Setara’s deputy chief
Bonar Tigor Naipospos said.“The attackers have become bolder as law enforcement
is weak. We can’t let the incidents continue as peace in the country will be
jeopardized,” he added.The attacks, which mostly took place in Jakarta and West
Java province, have made Christians “scared and anxious,” said Parasian
Hutasoit, spokesman for Huria Christian Protestant Batak Church Filadelfia.His
church in Bekasi, an outer suburb of Jakarta, was forced to close in January
after Muslim residents held protests there, saying it was built illegally.“More
than a hundred came to the church and demanded we shut down. We felt intimidated and discriminated against. We just want a place to practise our faith in peace,”
he said.

Someone should call Hugh Hewitt and ask him what is up. Indonesia is supposed to be a "moderate" Islamist country. Only those stupid Arabs believe in sharia according to Hewitt. Hewitt claims he is a Christian, but he never talks about persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. He likes handing out band-aids in Burma and food in Haiti, but there is nothing on his show for the maryters of the Faith in Islamic lands. It appears that Hewitt's Christianity is limited to the Social Gospel, sort of like Obama.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Bring A Hammer To A Gun Fight

It has been confirmed that the Oakland Police Department stood by while blacks rioted and continued their race war on Asians during the Oscar Grant riots recently. Most of the small business owners in the Broadway area that was hit by looters were Asian. They had their businesses destroyed by black looters. The white rioters mostly occupied themselves with fighting with the police, which they obviously lost.

The mayhem escalated. Protesters set fires to garbage bins and repeatedly shut off the street lights. Looters threw themselves at the window of Grace Beauty Supply and hauled off $15,000 in wigs, hair extensions and other merchandise.

"We saw our store get looted on TV," said the owner, who declined to be named out of concern for her safety. "I just couldn't believe it. My mother is old - I thought she was going to die."

The police, she believed, would protect her business.

Looters emptied the Green Circle mailbox store of computers, printers, ink cartridges, sodas, candy and anything else that could be carted out through the shattered front window. The damage totaled more than $27,000, store owner Thillo Bramah said.

"I was at home and saw my business on the news," Bramah said. "It was painful to watch. People were just coming by and grabbing things. Why did the police let this happen? I don't understand."

But one lesson that the Asians should learn is that the OPD will not protect you, especially an OPD headed by a black chief. But the solution to the problem is not a jeweler's hammer. It is a shotgun or a pistol.

While more than 100 officers stood by down the block, the family owners and workers of JC Jewelry were on their own.

Armed only with hammers, they were inside the store when a mob of vandals and looters used sheer force to pull down a metal cage that was protecting the store. The looters scooped up gold chains, diamond rings, gold teeth "grillz" and other items worth more than $50,000.

"The police were here, there, everywhere, but they did nothing," said Tony Moeuth, 32, the owner of the business. "It was like they were scared themselves." Moeuth and two co-workers called 911 but could not get through. They did their best to fend off the looters on their own, but Moeuth was armed only with his fists and a small jeweler's hammer.

"We just got overwhelmed," he said a week later, nursing a black eye suffered in the melee as his family swept up the smashed display cases and scrubbed blood-splattered walls and carpet. Moeuth still wonders what happened to the police that night.

They blame the radios, which is interesting in that OPD and other law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area have recieved millions in grants from the Department of Homeland Security for interagency communications. And apparently they did not think to use cell phone or Nextel. Or send a courier by squad car.

One issue was communications among the various police forces through the central command post. Officers had to have Oakland police radios to communicate directly with the post because outside radio systems were not compatible. Some had radios that could patch into Oakland transmissions using special equipment, but the system was spotty.

"The communications didn't work well," said Renée Domingo, Oakland's Director of Emergency Services and Homeland Security. "We're trying to figure out what exactly didn't work."

Asians and others need to know that Anthony Batts has no interest in you or your business. It your business is looted, Batts still gets his $200k+ salary. He does not care about you and certainly did not on that night of riots. Just ask the dead Koreans after the Rodney King riots.

Luckiest Man In The World

Lance Solano, illegal alien; stopped by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agents and was released. Just one part in the story of a federal law enforcement agency that not only does not do its job, but stops a criminal in its jurisdiction and then releases that criminal. Not only releases that criminal, but released him even though he was probably at the flea market to buy a counterfeit identification card; the very reason ICE was raiding the flea market, counterfeit identification being sold there.

Lance Solano, a 29-year-old illegal immigrant from Guerrero, Mexico, said he was at the flea market shopping for phone cards when he heard yelling and saw the agents pouring out of vehicles.

Solano said he was detained with the other shoppers for about 20
minutes. "They checked my (Mexican) consular ID card, and then they let me
go," Solano said.

Note that the Mexican Certificado de Matricula Consular or Matricula card is documentary proof that an alien is an illegal alien as it is specifically issued to and literally marketed to the Mexican illegal alien community as identification for illegal aliens.

I guess perhaps that agent was from the Customs part of ICE, but usually even those legacy Customs guys are smart enough to figure this one out.

But what is more shocking than the incompetance of a single overpaid ICE agent is that Michael Feinberg, the Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Houston office, (281) 985-0500, apparently ordered his agents not to arrest illegal aliens during the operation directed at counterfeit identification providers, who provide said documents to illegal aliens.

Feinberg said agents were targeting only the suspects identified in the criminal
arrest warrants and were not making immigration arrests at the flea market.

More evidence that Barak Hussein Obama should be impeached.

The Human Trafficing Amnesty

The Blue Campaign or how to get a green card by being smuggled into the United States. Janet Reno Napolitano recently announced a new campaign to give green cards to illegal aliens who have paid smugglers to bring them into the U.S. Instead of deporting those who pay to get smuggled into the U.S. or prosecuting them as co-conspirators when they violate the laws of the United States in violation of 8 USC 1323 Alien Smuggling, 18 USC 2 Principles in a Crime, and 18 USC 371 Conspiracy as is done by the State of Arizona using their human smuggling law, the Federal government will be rewarding those who willfully violate immigration laws.


USCIS is working with interagency partners to develop and distribute a pamphlet on the legal rights available to immigrant victims of domestic violence in the United States and the facts about immigrating on a marriage-based visa.

ICE has created a brochure providing a concise, comprehensive overview of Continued Presence—a temporary immigration status provided to individuals by law enforcement as victims of human trafficking—including eligibility and application guidelines.

USCIS continues to issue public guidance outlining the provisions and rights of
trafficking victims under the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection
Reauthorization Act.

Millions will be spent on Special Agents who will be making no arrests:

Victim Assistance Efforts

Thirteen of ICE’s 26 Special Agent in Charge Offices nationwide have hired full-time Victim Specialists to date—complementing the work of ICE’s 250 collateral duty Victim Assistance Coordinators and one full-time Child Forensic Interview Specialist.

ICE has designated 39 human trafficking experts—at least one in every ICE Special Agent in Charge Office. These individuals are specially trained to handle human trafficking leads, address urgent victim needs appropriately, and serve as designated points of contact for local officers and leads generated through the Law Enforcement
Support Center.

And Janet Reno Napolitano claims that SB1070 will produce too many illegal aliens for ICE to process. Well, why not assign these 65 full-time agents to Arizona to process the tens of thousands of illegals that will be arrested? Because Janet Reno Napolitano does not want to arrest illegals, but wants to give them green cards.

And they are contributing to the Balkanization of the U.S. by offering green cards to illegal aliens in languages other than English:

CBP has produced informational ‘tear’ cards, ‘shoe’ cards, and posters targeting
potential victims of human trafficking. These materials connect victims to
crisis support and sustained social services for trafficking victims.

CBP Officers will distribute the tear cards to select individuals at
ports of entry. Posters containing information about human trafficking will be
displayed at ports of entry as well. Shoe cards containing the 24-hour hotline
to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center will be distributed through
grassroots methods via victim service providers and faith-based organizations.

These tear cards will be available in English, Spanish, Chinese,
Russian, French, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian—with shoe cards also
currently available in English, Spanish and Korean.

The premise of this program is that aliens are brought here are victims, rather than co-conspirators. The aliens want to be here and are paying for it. Some claim that the aliens are forced into labor, and some are, but very few. Most openly and freely work, many in drug cultivation and, more likely, prostitution. A quick perusal of Craigslist and Redbook prostitution advertisements show that the participants are quite content with their work and move about the U.S. freely, not held by their pimps. Korea, China, Vietnam, Russia, etc are countries where prostitution is either legal or openly tolerated and is not held in moral opprobrium like it is here. We know this because most of these "victims" remain in prostitution once they get legal status. Never mind that the Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits the entry of prostitutes.

(D) Prostitution and commercialized vice.-Any alien who-
(i) is coming to the United States solely,
principally, or incidentally to engage in prostitution, or has engaged in
prostitution within 10 years of the date of application for a visa, admission,
or adjustment of status,
(ii) directly or indirectly procures or attempts to procure,
or (within 10 years of the date of application for a visa, admission, or
adjustment of status) procured or attempted to procure or to import, prostitutes
or persons for the purpose of prostitution, or receives or (within such 10- year
period) received, in whole or in part, the proceeds of prostitution, or
(iii) is coming to the
United States to engage in any other unlawful commercialized vice, whether or
not related to prostitution, is inadmissible.

But Janet Reno Napolitano knows that, as do the many activists who support the mainly prostitutes that are targeted by the Blue Campaign and they will not let the law stop them:


USCIS is working with interagency partners to develop and distribute a pamphlet on the legal rights available to immigrant victims of domestic violence in the United States and the facts about immigrating on a marriage-based visa.

ICE has created a brochure providing a concise, comprehensive overview of Continued Presence—a temporary immigration status provided to individuals by law enforcement as victims of human trafficking—including eligibility and application guidelines.

USCIS continues to issue public guidance outlining the provisions and rights of trafficking victims under the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.

They have to make up things like Continued Presence, which has no basis in law. An alien is either admitted or paroled, or they are here illegally. It is like the other lie in immgration law, Constructed Presence, used for illegal aliens who are trying to adjust their status here. It means nothing other than ICE has a policy of not arresting that particular group of illegal aliens.

The purpose of this Blue Campaign is another aspect of their amnesty campaign, votes and welfare for Demoncrats.

Why We Are Doomed

Crazy pagan leftist whites worship bees, not God. Undoubtedly these pagans have few or no children, support crazed Jihadi immigration and think that everyone should work for the government.

Twenty-seven pinwheels now stand at the base of the plywood platforms that once
held two thriving hives of honeybees at the Hayes Valley Farm.

Each wheel represents roughly 7,500 European honeybees killed in one of San
Francisco’s largest massacres of insects.

With a slight breeze in the chilly air and the fog slowly rolling into Hayes Valley late Sunday afternoon, volunteer Angela Goebel carefully placed some of the pinwheels in the ground. She said the pinwheel represents fluidity and constant movement.

“It’s something I’d been thinking about doing for a while,” the 23-year-old Richmond district resident said. “I was shocked and saddened that someone would do this.”

During an informal ceremony, volunteers gathered to share their thoughts
on the killing of nearly 200,000 honeybees with household pesticides. Some were
outraged by the act and others promised to learn from it.

Brett McGuire, 47, a volunteer and member of the research-and-education team, said the pinwheel is representative of the bees in that the insect sees in ultraviolet rays. He said oftentimes the bee cannot find its way to the center of a flower. The
flower, though, appears as a pinwheel shape in its eye and it’s naturally led
tothe pollen.

As the pinwheels spun in the wind, Patricia Algara, 34, created a burning mixture of grasses, sage, juniper and honey from her own beehives as a way to clear the area of negative energy and prepare for the arrival of new hives.

“It creates a safe place for the bees,” Algara said.

I bet she has no kids.

Just like they create a safe place for whatever group-of-the-day, and that group-of-the-day is always an anti-Western group: illegal aliens, Jihadis, homosexuals, etc. A civilization was build on reason and faith and now we are back to worshiping insects and making the world safe for mindless animals or enemies of the civilization.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carol Platt Liebau Is An Idiot

Carol Platt Liebau is a guest host for Hugh Hewitt and his "Smart Guy" Erwin Chemerinsky. Like Chemerinsky and Barak Hussein Obama, Liebau is a "constitutional scholar." However Liebau is no more a scholar than Obama and Chemerinsky. She has been on a tear while substituting for Hewitt on his radio show, attacking Tom Tancredo for calling for the impeachment of Obama for various criminal and political crimes. {Ed. Note: Sorry no link for Liebau as the transcripts of her shows have curiously not been posted on Hugh Hewitt's website and Hewitt charges for audio.]

Her first claim is that Obama cannot be impeached until there is an investigation. Well, Tancredo was calling for that investigation, which would be short since Senate candidate Joe Sestak has admitted that he was offered a job by Bill Clinton in the Obama Regime. I certainly don't see a problem with putting Billyjeff Bentpecker before a House Special Committee, but Liebau was somewhat defending Bentpecker, sort of claiming that his crimes were sort of not quite impeachable, but she backed off on that quite quickly, I guess having realized that Bentpecker was convicted of perjury and was fined and lost his law license for that offense.

Liebau's rant continued claiming that there was no evidence, but she was ignoring the public statements from Sestak that he was corruptly offered a position with the federal government in violation of 18 USC 211, a felony. Certainly that is a high crime, and more than a misdemeanor, a felony.

Liebau ignores the other aspect of Tancredo's arguement for impeachment is that Obama has violated his Oath of Office by failing to see that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed:

For the first time in American history, we have a man in the White House who consciously and brazenly disregards his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. That's why I say the greatest threat to our Constitution, our safety and our liberties, is internal. Our president is an enemy of our Constitution, and, as such, he is a danger to our safety, our security and our personal freedoms.

Barack Obama is one of the most powerful presidents this nation has seen in generations. He is powerful because he is supported by large majorities in Congress, but, more importantly, because he does not feel constrained by the rule of law. Whether he is putting up the weakest possible defense of the Defense of Marriage Act despite the Justice Department's legal obligation to support existing law; disenfranchising Chrysler and GM bondholders in order to transfer billions of investor dollars to his supporters in the United Auto Workers; or implementing yet a third offshore oil-drilling moratorium even after two federal courts have thrown out two previous moratoriums, President Obama is determined to see things done his way regardless of obstacles. To Mr. Obama, the rule of law is a mere inconvenience to be ignored, overcome or "transcended" through international agreements or "norms."

More importantly as I have detailed on this site, Obama has refused to enforce the immigration laws of the United States. Time after time, illegal aliens arrested by ICE or local police are ordered released by the Obama Regime.

Failing to fulfill his oath is an impeachable offense. The President does not get to chose which laws to enforce, but is required to see that all are faithfully executed.

Liebau then claims that Obama cannot be impeached because that is what we have elections for, as if impeachment was not also part of our Constitution. It is as if impeachment did not exist for the "Constitution Scholar" Liebau.

But, in any event, it is the House of Representatives that decides what is an impeachable offense, not judges or "Constitutional Scholars" like Liebau. There is no appeal from impeachment; there is only the trial in the Senate, who determine if the charges are impeachable offenses and if the President is guilty. There is no independent review or other authority on what is an impeachable offense. Liebau should know that, but apparently doesn't.

Another issue that Liebau goes ballistic on is the John Kyl and Obama exchange on border security trade-off: amnesty for enforcement. Liebau jumps to Obama's defense, claiming Kyl backed off on the charge, but despite Kyl's limited modified hang-out, he did stand-by that Obama was proposing the trade-off; we know that Obama proposed the trade-off before and everyone knows that is his position.

Liebau also claims that Tancredo is an extremist with a history of dangerous statements on public policy, specifically refering to Tancredo's statement after Muslim terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11 that should there ever be an attack on the U.S. by Muslim terrorists with nuclear weapons that in retaliation the U.S. should strike at Mecca and Medina. Liebau claims taht this is outside of acceptable discourse and compares it with the nut jobs like Dennis Kucinich who claims to have seen a UFO. Liebau further claims, again, that she is second to none in opposing and fighting Muslim terrorism, but she, again, is incapable of giving a policy statement on what the U.S. should do if Al Queda hits the U.S. with nuclear weapons. Will she strike back at Karachi? Islamibad? Where would she strike against Al Queda after a nuclear attack? Well, Al Queda is funded by Muslim Arabs from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the other Gulf States. And they are Muslims. The most logical response by the U.S. to a nuclear attack by Al Queda is where they are funded from. The other option is to hold Islam hostage to any nuclear attack by Al Queda or other Sunni Muslim terrorist groups. They must know that Islam will be shown to be impotent if they strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons and the U. S. responds by destroying Mecca and Medina, especially destroying the Kabala. Islam would suffer a death blow by the destruction of the shrine at Mecca. Even Al Queda will not risk that. But they will risk a nuclear strike on the U.S. if Liebau is making policy because there will be no price to be paid.

As all should remember from the recall of Gray Davis, former Governor of California, such a removal is a political act, just as an election is a political act. Which gets us to Liebau's eventual point is that it is bad politics to try and impeach Obama. That, of course, is a different argument from that that impeachment is not applicable to Obama. She argued quite well that Tancredo is bad politics, such as his threat to run for Governor of Colorado on an independent ticket. But event that she was stymied by news that both Republican candidates were either useless or had serious ethical issues. It looks like Tancredo may even be the only viable Republican candidate, but, because of the immigration issue that Tancredo owns, Liebau is as mad as a hatter about him. But that is because she supports amnesty, which is the real point of all this.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More ICE Non-feasance

Twenty or so illegal aliens were arrested on Capitol Hill this week. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Washington Field Office which is staffed by hundreds of Special Agents earning over $130,000 a year and Deportation Officers earning slightly less per year did nothing. Even though ICE knew the arrestees were illegal ICE spokeswoman Gillian Brigham said that the illegals were not referred to ICE.

“None of them have been referred to ICE,’’ said Gillian Brigham, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Our focus is on smart immigration enforcement that focuses first on criminal aliens and people who post the greatest threat to the communities.’’

So, if they were not referred, why did not ICE use its initiative and seek out and arrest the illegals? Well, because ICE does not want to arrest illegal aliens. If it arrested more illegals, then there would be fewer here for the upcoming amnesty.

Brigham said that ICE doesn’t necessary take action against every illegal immigrant they learn about because of the need to spend resources wisely. When someone is taken into ICE custody it cost money and manpower, she said, to detain them, hold immigration court proceedings and deport them.

It difficult to believe that ICE did not have the resources to arrest those 20 odd illegal aliens. As I said before, there are hundreds of ICE Special Agents and Deportation Officers in the Washington Field Office. It would have taken only a few hours to process the illegals and, since the illegals have no legal recourse to remain, they could have been deported quite quickly, especially if they were held in custody. I bet if they checked the internet usage of all the ICE agents and officers in the Washington Field Office they would find some were not very busy that day at all. Nor does ICE have such a detailed knowledge of its finances to claim that they have enough money to arrest one illegal but not a different illegal. If ICE had enough money to arrest and deport a criminal alien, did they that day arrest 20 criminal illegal aliens in the Washington area? Not likely. In fact, ICE is spending more money to deport fewer illegals each year. ICE's budget went up this year but will deport fewer illegals.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Black War On Asians Confirmed

The mainstream media tried to cover-up the murder of an Asian man in Oakland by black killers by not reporting the race of the killers. It has now been confirmed that the killers were black.

OAKLAND — The man and woman who police believe shot and killed a Virginia man in downtown Oakland on Sunday night after robbing him of $17 may have been involved in other robberies downtown and in other parts of the city, police said. Earlier this week, investigators released images from surveillance video at a nearby office building, showing a couple who match the description of the pair who attacked 45-year-old Jinghong Kang, a computer engineer who was in the Bay Area for a job interview with Google in Mountain View.

The grainy images show a man and woman, believed to be the killers, walking down 20th Street just minutes before the assault, which occurred about 11:30 p.m. Sunday as Kang and an acquaintance stood outside his parked rental car in the 1900 block of Webster Street.

The man is described as black, 18 to 25 years old, 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-10 and 160 to 170 pounds. He wore a black, hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and dark shoes. The woman was black, 18 to 25 years old, 5-foot-3 to 5-foot-6 and 140 to 150 pounds. She wore a multicolored jacket, gray baggy sweatpants and white tennis shoes. Investigators now believe the same people may be linked to other recent robberies in the area. Officers hope someone will recognize the pair on the video and come forward.

Henry Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle was at the forefront of covering for the killers by not reporting the race of the suspects. Contact him and ask why the Oakland Tribune reported the race of the killers and he did not:

Affirmative Action Baby

Alvin Greene, Demoncrat nominee for the U.S. Senate, appears to have been the affirmative action baby of both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. (h/t Hot Air)

APNewsBreak: Records show Greene's military flops
day ago

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Surprise U.S. Senate nominee Alvin Greene
frequently mentions his 13 years of military service, but records obtained
Thursday by The Associated Press show that the veteran who has called himself an
"American hero" was considered a lackluster service member at best.

records, which document his superiors' decisions to pass over Greene for
promotion, cite mistakes as severe as improperly uploading sensitive
intelligence information to a military server, and as basic as an overall
inability to clearly express his thoughts and perform basic tasks.

Greene, 32, won a surprise victory in the June 8 Democratic primary.
Greene handily defeated Vic Rawl, a former lawmaker and judge who had been
considered an easy win by the party establishment.

Up to that point,
Greene had done no visible campaigning and had no website, fundraising or staff.

In the weeks since, Greene has given a series of awkward interviews to
reporters clamoring for more information on the unemployed man who lives in
Manning with his ailing father. In one interview, he suggested that the state's
economy could be improved by making and selling action figures depicting him in
his uniform. On Sunday, Greene gave his first public speech, a 6 1/2-minute
recitation of his previous comments and commitment to jobs and education. He now
has a website and says he has raised less than $1,000.

Greene has often
mentioned his military service, saying he first came up with the idea to seek
political office while serving in Korea. But the veteran has also refused to go
into detail about his service, merely saying he won numerous decorations and
left the military honorably but involuntarily.

At his home in Manning on
Thursday, Greene told an AP reporter who reviewed the documents with him that
the evaluations show he was discriminated against by military supervisors but he
did not explain what that meant.

"I'm telling you who they promote: the
terrorists and the communists," said Greene, wearing a blue U.S. Air Force
T-shirt. "This is why we need to overhaul the military and get these people

The records obtained by AP only reveal a small slice of Greene's
service record, his three years with the U.S. Air Force. After serving in junior
ROTC in high school, Greene entered the Air National Guard in 1995, serving
there until 2002.

In July of that year, he entered the Air Force,
serving first as an intelligence librarian responsible for analyzing reports and
briefings at Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter.

In a performance report
two years later, Greene received adequate marks for performing tasks assigned to
him, complying with standards and training requirements. But Greene's reviewer
marked him as an ineffective leader who lacked organization and was "unable to
express thoughts clearly."

Greene is "usually capable of handling
mundane tasks with supervision" but is "not able to adapt to any changes to
daily routine," the reviewer wrote, also noting that Greene had received
multiple disciplinary actions for failing to perform his duties.

was also written up for posting sensitive information on a military Internet
server, a mistake that resulted in a three-day work stoppage. Records showed
Greene was kept at Shaw while the rest of his unit deployed after leadership
"recognized his inability to contribute to the wartime mission."

A year
later, Greene was evaluated again, this time in his new job as an analyst
working with the weapons of mass destruction section. But Greene's job had
little to do with intelligence analysis and more to do with shredding documents
and escorting contractors around the base.

Again receiving low marks for
ineffective leadership, Greene also was rated as not knowing much about his
duties or performing them effectively and not complying with minimum training

The reviewer also wrote Greene "required a daily to-do
list" to perform basic duties and had a "consistent inability to follow
instructions or maintain basic job knowledge." Most seriously, the reviewer
wrote that Greene would represent "a threat to others" because of his inability
to grasp the basics of military training.

In additional comments, the
reviewer said she would not recommend Greene for promotion but did note his
community service work and fundraising efforts for a holiday party. "While Alvin
is a decent person, he lacks the basic skills necessary for promotion," the
summary said.

And his reaction to criticism: Cry Racism and Let Loose The Hounds Of Affirmative Action, just like Shirley Sherrod.

Greene protested the denial, writing that the reviewer "only concentrates on
presenting a negative perception of me by making false statements of my
character" and saying the reviewer and other airmen "create a hostile work

Greene also objected to that appraisal, writing that
corruption to his computer "can often make it impossible for me to accomplish
tasks in a timely fashion" and said another airman "cursed me out and told me I
am wanted out."

Many on the right claim the military is superior to the civilian because there is no affirmative action in the military and all are held to the same standards. Alvin Greene proves that a lie. If he had been white, he would have been out in a flash.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oakland Goes Begging

The black mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums, and the black police chief of Oakland, Anthony Batts, laid off 80 mostly white police officers. Crime is believed by all, including the Batts, to explode, as the police will no longer respond to most crimes.

OAKLAND, Calif., July 13 (UPI) -- Oakland, Calif., officials said late Tuesday 80 police officers would be laid off following the collapse of contract talks with the police union.

A last-ditch bargaining session Tuesday failed to produce an agreement that would prevent the layoffs.

KGO-TV, San Francisco, said the sticking points came down to how much of a pay cut the 779-member force would be required to accept, the percentage of salary that would go to officers' pensions and the city's inability to guarantee there would be no further staff reductions for three years.

Mayor Ron Dellums said he was disappointed the rank-and-file officers did not have a chance to vote on the city's most-recent offer.

Police Chief Anthony Batts said earlier his depleted department would no longer respond to calls for 44 types of crimes and emergencies, KNTV-TV, San Jose, reported. Oakland residents will have to go online or to a station to report burglaries, grand theft, identity theft, vandalism and even loud parties.

Of course, instead of hiring back the laid off police officers, Oakland has gone begging for law enforcement welfare from the Federal government.

OAKLAND — Police Chief Anthony Batts said Thursday that he will ask for federal help in reducing violent crime in the city, and a summit scheduled to be held in August will draw those agencies to town to hammer out some details.

The two-day summit scheduled for late August will bring "the alphabet soup of federal agencies," including the FBI, DEA, ATF and ICE, U.S. Attorney Joe Russoniello said. Those federal officials will meet first with community leaders to discuss what kinds of help are most needed, Russoniello said, and on the second day they will meet with local government and police officials to discuss specifics.

"This will be modeled on a gang violence summit we did in Salinas last September," Russoniello said. That program resulted in "a singular success." In 2008 and 2009, Salinas saw 53 gang-related murders, but the city has had only four so far this year.
"When Chief Batts came on, obviously he was aware of what happened in Salinas," Russoniello said. "He instigated the discussion, and this was something that was very welcome."

The summit is in the final planning stages, with federal agencies being lined up to participate, Russoniello said, adding that he plans to meet with Batts in the next week.

Russoniello said he made a similar offer to Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums in October 2008 but never heard back until Batts called him some time in the past two months. Batts reached out before the 80 officers were laid off, Russoniello added.

Dellums and Batts are together "coordinating efforts to reach out to the federal government for funding given our financial situation," Dellums' chief of staff, Marisol Lopez, wrote in response to an e-mail asking for comment. "In fact, Mayor Dellums, Chief Batts, Senator (Loni) Hancock and Assemblymember (Sandré) Swanson sent a letter to Congresswoman (Barbara) Lee asking for her support in this endeavor."

Even more interesting is that Oakland, a Sanctuary City, is so desparate for the law enforcement welfare check that they are overlooking the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be providing most of the personnel, as they did in the anti-gang operation in Salinas. This violates Oakland's policy of not cooperating with ICE:

When responding to an incident, Oakland police will gather the usual who, what, when of those involved. But there's one question they won't ask: Are you here in this country legally?

That's because Oakland calls itself a "sanctuary city," one of dozens across the United States that have policies directing local police or officials to stay out of immigration matters.

So, when ICE encounters an illegal alien gangbanger with a City of Oakland issued identification card, what will happen? An arrest? Let them go? Will ICE be taking orders from the Oakland City government just as it takes orders from the Mexican government?

Two years after reaffirming Oakland's status as a "sanctuary city," the City Council voted this week to create identification cards for illegal immigrants.

The city's program will be modeled after a similar one in San Francisco, which started giving out cards to illegal immigrants earlier this year.

Someone should tell Russoniello that issuing ID cards to illegal aliens is a felony:

(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or
(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
(II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,

I just wonder what a US Attorney does, welfare policing or prosecuting criminals who violate the law?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black On Asian Race War Continues

Asians still loosing. A young man in the Bay Area for a job interview with Google was murdered in Oakland.

Virginia computer engineer in the Bay Area for a job interview at Google Inc. was shot and killed in downtown Oakland by robbers who escaped with just $17, police said Monday.

As usual neither the press or apparently the police gave a description of the killers. As it is Oakland, it is unlikely that the killers were white, most likely they were black, given the location in Oakland at 19th and Webster, a high crime black area of O-town.

Jinghong Kang, 45, of Fairfax, Va., a father of three sons, was shot near the corner of 19th and Webster streets at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday, police said.

Perhaps you should email Henry K. Lee at the San Francisco Chronicle, the crime beat reporter, and ask why either he did not give a description of the killers who are on the loose or why the Oakland Police Department did not give a description of the killers. There has to be a description; one of the victims survived:

His dental appointment was in preparation for a job interview that had been scheduled for Monday at Google in Mountain View, police said. Investigators said Kang and the hygienist knew each other because they had been members of the same church.

She was helping Kang enter directions back to his hotel into the car's GPS system when two men approached them, police said. The men demanded money, and one of them shot Kang, police said. The hygienist was not hurt.


One of the factors in Mexico's and others' lawsuit against Arizona. The drug trade and those involved must be protected. (h/t Patterico's Pontifications)

Deputies were first alerted to the farm on June 30 when a man, Pedro Guerrero
Gutierrez, 27, approached two young girls just outside of Panguitch attempting
to take their cellphone. At the time, Gutierrez had a loaded handgun at his
side, but when other girls approached the scene, he ran.

When police
found him nearby, Gutierrez was covered in pine gum, which led officers to
suspect a nearby marijuana farm.

Of course, ICE was missing in action.

Gutierrez is a Mexican national and is being charged for carrying the loaded
handgun when he approached the girls. He is currently being held without bail.

But Mexico and other third world nations are concerned about profiling, not drug dealing.

Mexico says it wants to defend its citizens' rights and that the law would lead
to racial profiling and hinder trade and tourism. It also says the law would
hinder work against drug trafficking and related violence.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Illegal Alien Students

The Fort Hancock Independent School District is over-run with illegal aliens: (h/t Patterico's Pontifications)

This year, the tiny school district has seen its student population grow more
than 10percent. Fifty-four of the 63 new students are from Mexico, Franco

The press claims it is because of the drug war, but the facts of the story seem a bit strange:

When he was a little boy, Jose Franco would ride his bicycle across the border
into El Porvenir to play with friends. Now, as superintendent of the 540-student
Fort Hancock Independent School District, he sees young boys and
girls who come from El Porvenir so traumatized they can't stand being in the same room with other children

Wow, that is traumatized. But hardly believable, if that were true, then they would have classrooms of only one child each. I am certain that they are in the same room as other children and doing quite well.

What is really the case is that illegal aliens are seeking free benefits and superior schooling for free from American taxpayers.

They come to his schools years behind academically, shredded emotionally from
what they've seen, what they still see in their minds every day. The children
imagine horrors befalling their uncles, their fathers, their sisters, those who
can't come join them on the other side, Franco says.
He met with state officials to coordinate social services for the new
students, and he hired a special teacher to help immerse them in
their new language and academic culture
. The district has also
hired its own security, a constable who patrols the small campus.

"I have a very compassionate staff," Franco says, "and they pretty much do whatever it takes to help these children."

And with the connivance of Customs and Border Protection:

The students are among dozens who call Fort Hancock their new home - at least
part of the time. When the sun sets, a steady stream of cars make their way
across the two-lane international bridge that joins El Porvenir and Fort
Hancock, says Hudspeth County Deputy Sheriff Keith Hughes.

It appears that these illegal aliens are using Border Crossing Cards to live in the U.S. in violation of the law. And in such a small town I am certain the CBP Port Director and the officers assigned to the inspection of arriving aliens know what is going on. Shouldn't the government of Mexico be doing whatever it takes?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Catch And Release

John Morton is serious about amnesty; he wants as many illegals in the U.S. as possible so they can vote Demoncrat. He is so serious he just arrested and then released 23 illegal aliens.

Federal authorities detained 25 undocumented workers who tried to enter Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter with forged identification this week to help build the U.S. command center for Army ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The new Third Army headquarters building will contain highly sensitive communications rooms so secret that a reporter and photographer from The State touring the base for an unrelated story Thursday were not allowed enter.
Two of the workers detained Wednesday were fugitives and jailed at the Charleston County Detention Center, a spokesman for U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said. The spokesman said he did not know the charges.
The other 23 were released and will face a hearing at a later date, immigration spokesman Temple Black said.

Obviously, none of the 23 released by the ICE office of Homeland Security Investigations will appear for their immigration hearing and will add to the work load of another ICE office, Enforcement and Removal Operations, who will have to search for these illegals when they fail to appear for their hearing. So that is what ICE is doing, it makes work for itself, wasting millions and enforcing nothing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The lying traitorous Iroquois Indians who intimidated Hillary Clintong into recognizing their bogus passports from the Iroquois "Confederacy" were slapped down by the Brits, who obviously recognized these fake passports for what they were, and they refused to issue visas to the bunch of traitors and stated in so many words that the passports were as fake as the nation that issued them.

But the players received a letter from British officials, reaffirming that they would not be issued travel visas based on their Iroquois documents.

As I said before, they are treacherous viper's nest in our body politic and they confirmed that themselves:

Members of the team have been offered passports by the U.S. and Canada, but they say they will only use papers issued by the confederacy, a centuries-old league of semiautonomous Indian nations whose residents mostly live now in New York, Ontario and Quebec.

To do otherwise, they said, would be denying their own ancestry and citizenship in Indian nations that predate the foundation of the U.S. by centuries.

Of course, they are not rejecting their food stamps, welfare, university loans, and other U.S. taxpayer monies, but they certainly hate America as much as Hillary! and Barak Hussein Obama.

Pimp Daddy Mayor

Gets free legal assistance, despite his hidden millions.

Kilpatrick said he could not afford an attorney and was assigned a federal
public defender.

The Federal Defender’s Office chose James Thomas to
defend the former mayor.

Thomas appeared in court with Kilpatrick today
and has represented Kilpatrick in Wayne County Circuit Court since he was
charged with multiple felonies stemming from his role in the text message

Earlier today, Thomas said he expected to be assigned the case,
though with taxpayers footing the bill rather than Kilpatrick or groups
connected to him.

“This case has got a lot of history,” Thomas said of
the felony tax and fraud charges. “I have a complete file cabinet full of
material. A new lawyer is going to have to go through that material and a year
of wiretaps.”

Funny, the Pimp Daddy Mayor could afford a private attorney for his State charges, but suddenly has no money when facing Federal charges. And instead of your typical lazy Federal Public Defender, they specialize in plea deals, the Pimp Daddy Mayor gets an expensive private attorney who will fight to the last taxpayer dollar in defending the Pimp Daddy Mayor. One more reason to burn Earl Warren in effigy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Lying Department Of Justice

Recently a Department of Justice spokesman claimed that passive non-cooperation by sanctuary cities was not illegal, but state laws mirroring federal laws were unconstitutional. (h/t Ace of Spades HQ)

"There is a big difference between a state or locality saying they are not going to use their resources to enforce a federal law, as so-called sanctuary cities have done, and a state passing its own immigration policy that actively interferes with federal law," Tracy Schmaler, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., told The Washington Times. "That's what Arizona did in this case."

However Schmaler was very clever, and Ace missed the important disdiction between what sanctuary cities acutally do. Sanctuary cities don't just do nothing, but actively assist illegal aliens. And unforetuneately so does Lamar Smith, who wrote the prohibition on sanctuary cities.

But the author of the 1996 federal law that requires states and localities to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration laws thinks the administration is misreading the statute and that sanctuary cities are in violation of federal law. Drawing a distinction between those localities and Arizona, he said, is "flimsy justification" for suing the state.

"For the Justice Department to suggest that they won't take action against those who passively violate the law who fail to comply with the law is absurd," said Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee and chief author of the 1996 immigration law. "Will they ignore individuals who fail to pay taxes? Will they ignore banking laws that require disclosure of transactions over $10,000? Of course not."

The several States do have the option to not enforce federal law. That is actually in the Constitution and supported by conservatives. The Printz case invalidated part of the Brady gun confiscation law that forced local law enforcement to enforce federal gun bans. The Supreme Court stated that the States may not be forced to enforce Federal law unless it is based on States accepting funding from the Federal government.

But what we have here is the States just not enforcing Federal law, and there is no Federal requirement based on the receipt of funds from the Federal government, then there is no authority to force the States to act. States may ignore Federal immigration law, but they may also not violate Federal law. In the case of sanctuary cities, they do not just ignore Federal law, they actively violate Federal law by aiding, abetting and assisting aliens to remain in the United States by providing identification, monies, welfare, housing, and extensive health care. New Haven, San Francisco, Utah, New Mexico, and other cities and States provide special identification cards to illegal aliens. San Francisco has a special health care system for illegal aliens. Other cities refuse to arrest illegal aliens in violation of the 14th Amendment, treating persons differently based on national origin; such as San Francisco, who will give illegal aliens detained for driving without a license a chance to not be arrested, but Americans and legal aliens are arrested and jailed without any chance to find someone to come assist them.

Actions like these are not passive refusal to enforce Federal law, but specific policies and legislation to assist aliens to remain in the U.S. in violation of Federal law:

§ 1324. Bringing in and harboring certain aliens
How Current is This?
(a) Criminal penalties
(A) Any person who—
(i) knowing that a person is an alien, brings to or attempts to bring to the United States in any manner whatsoever such person at a place other than a designated port of entry or place other than as designated by the Commissioner, regardless of whether such alien has received prior official authorization to come to, enter, or reside in the United States and regardless of any future official action which may be taken with respect to such alien;
(ii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law;
(iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law;

What we have here is a lawless Department of Justice, unwilling to enforce federal law and openly lying about what sanctuary cities are doing. They are not passive, but actively violating Federal law, for which they should be prosecuted.

Communist Terrorists Upset

Upset because the the City of Oakland may try and seek civil damages from the rioters who terrorized Oakland recently. Their Red attorney, Dan Seigel, is spitting mad that his clients might be held liable for more than just their criminal activity, but also for the damages from that criminal activity.

Oakland police released photos today and asked for the public's help in
identifying people who engaged in looting and vandalism during last week's
downtown protest over the involuntary-manslaughter verdict of a former BART
police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed rider.

The people in
the photos are "involved criminal activity" and could face arrest and
prosecution, said Officer Jeff Thomason, a police spokesman.

So, on the agenda is the arrest and prosecution of looters who trashed many small businesses in downtown Oakland?

But the most interesting observation of the Oakland riot was that the white communists spent most of their time fighting the police and got arrested for it. Just see Seigel's clients, all white commies, probably from Berkeley or San Francisco. While a perusal of the looter specific photographs show mostly blacks. They even have a photograph of a Ron Dellums look-alike running out of the downtown Footlocker with a few boxes of shoes.

It appears that for the moment the City of Oakland is not playing the game most rioters expected; wrist slaps or dropped charges. Nor was anyone expecting the OPD to go after the looters. Time will tell if the policy is actually aggressively pursued or quietly vetoed by the Red Oakland Mayor and City Council, or that Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, has the cojones to prosecute black looters during an election year.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Else Is A Viper At Our Breast?

Hillary Clintong, paid agent of the Red Chinese. As I suspected, the Department of State, at the direction of the Hillary!, has allowed the treacherous Iroquois Confederacy members to travel in and out of the United States using fake passports, fake because the Iroquois Confederacy is not a nation, the Iroquois Confederacy is made up of American citizens. But like the Iroquois, Hillary is an alien, much like Barak Hussein Obama, alienated from the principles that make up America.

The U.S. government, at Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's behest,
agreed to allow a Native American lacrosse team to travel to England for a world
championship competition under passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy.

Clinton determined that the Iroquois team members did not need U.S.
passports to make the trip and granted the players a "one-time-only waiver" to
travel on their Iroquois Confederation passports, said State Department
spokesman P.J. Crowley. The team members regard U.S. government-issued documents
as an attack on their identity.

Asked why the department had dropped its
opposition, he said, "There was flexibility there to grant this kind of one-time
waiver given the unique circumstances of this particular trip."

Apparently the traitor Louise Slaughter was involved as well, and also apparently alienated from America as well.

"I am relieved that this bureaucratic technicality has been papered over and
these young men can go and do what they have trained to do: play lacrosse and
compete on the international scene," Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., said

Apparently passports are a "bureaucratic technicality" similar to what illegal aliens encounter, not "technically" being authorized to enter and remain in the United States, and also not having the "technical" passports, visas and green cards.

And I am certain that "flexibility" means a voting block, much like Puerto Rican terrorists. But if an American passport is not acceptable, why are they allowed to vote in American elections?

But what of next time? Will there be another one-time only exemption, just like the 1986 Amnesty was supposed to be one-time?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Vilest Of Traitors

Nothing is sharper and dishonorable than the fangs of the serpent in the bosom of their motherland. Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss, Iva Toguri, Ruth Hayakawa, Edward Kennedy, LULAC, MEChA, CAIR; the list is endless. But the vilest of traitors is the lazy welfare recipient who prides himself on his heritage, but has none of the honor, courage, or strength of that lost heritage.

Unfortunately that traitorous serpent has wiled itself into the breast of America: The Iroquois Nation. These heartless traitors, while holding and benefiting from American citizenship, at least since 1924 when the Indian tribes gained American citizenship, have decided that they, for their vanity, are not American citizens, at least when they are competing in lacrosse.

It was a shock to learn that the bogus passports they used before were accepted. I have never seen one; before only their worthless tribal identification cards were accepted, but only for travel from Canada.

The Iroquois previously have traveled using passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy. But the U.S. government says that, unlike U.S. passports, the Iroquois passports aren't acceptable under new, stricter immigration rules. The players won't accept U.S. government-issued documents because they see them as an attack on their identity.

That is important, since the alleged great warriors of the Iroquois tribe are really only an aggregation of a number of clans of rapists, murders, and thieves. Our founders knew what they were, and wared on them until they submitted, as the primitive barbarians they were, surrendering to Christian civilization. But apparently the veneer of civilization has worn off. They are now nothing more than serpants in our midst.

But, as with the modern traitor, they demand the benefits of American citizenship, such as the Indian Health Service, Social Security, disability benefits, food stamps, legalized gambling, etc., but that ends when a simple act of loyalty is demanded of them, like using an American passport. But that is not enough for the Iroquois. Like the Mohawks, they live off treason, smuggling Muslim terrorists, drugs, Chinese illegal aliens, Muslim illegals, and cigarettes among other things.

And this is how they repay us, living in the greatest and most tolerant nation in the world.

Worse yet is the attitude of DHS and the State Department, who apparently are tolerating this nonsense instead of just stating clearly that they are Americans and must travel on American passports.

Several lawmakers have urged the State Department to find a way to allow the team to travel but the department said there had not yet been a resolution to the case.

Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said he was unsure if U.S. officials had been in touch with the team or its representatives on Tuesday. He said the government has offered team members U.S. passports if they want them.

The decision as to whether they accept that offer of assistance remains up to the team," he told reporters.

Crowley said providing letters guaranteeing their readmission to the United States was not an option in the case of the team. Such letters are provided usually only in the case of emergency.

What they are talking about are parole letters issued to aliens by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and American Embassies and Consulates overseas to aliens in the U.S. who have applied for adjustment of status or legal permanent residents abroad who have lost their green cards. In any event, they are admitting that they are alien to our country. Which they are. They are alien, not part of our commonweal. They are foreigners in our midst, showing no loyalty or allegiance. Also, American citizens who lose their passports overseas sometimes get them, but most get a temporary passport at an embassy or consulate overseas in that situation.

We are trying to see if there's a way to help them," he said. "The easiest way to accomplish what they want to accomplish is to get them a U.S. passport. We've been willing to do that, you know, for a number of days and we stand ready to do that today."

What would one expect from an organization who employed and defended Alger Hiss and John Stewart Service. Traitors negotiating with the disloyal. Which is which I do not know. Most Americans have to go to a passport office and don't get to negotiate with anyone about their passports.