Sunday, January 9, 2011

Actually It Is True

Yes, well sometimes, the children of invaders are citizens. First the back story. Immigration Officer Basic Training Course (IOBTC) was, until the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the basic training course for all officers of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The training consists of two major areas, immigration law and criminal law. Back then, completing the training meant passing two examinations in immigration law. Students were taught that the children of ambassadors and invading armies were not covered by the "subject to the jurisdiction of" clause of the 14th Amendment. However in the first exam, one of the first examination questions was whether a child of the invading army of Pancho Villa was a U.S. citizen? Well, the overwhelming answer by the students of a particular IOBTC class sometime in the 1990s answered no. For two reasons. One, Villa was an official of the Mexican government, if unrecognized, and, two, Villa, whether an official of the Mexican government or not, was invading the U.S. However, the official response of the Immigration Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Immigration and Naturalization Service, was that Villa was a common criminal and illegal alien. Therefore, he and his men, and their female camp followers, whores, girlfriends, or wives, were also common illegal aliens. Therefore they were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

So, despite common sense, the considered opinion of college educated and newly hired Immigration Inspectors, Villa was not invading the United States, and/or was not "officially" invading the United States.

Of course the "official" answer to the question caused no end of controversy in this IOBTC class; it was basically rejected by the college educated trainees as being neither intellectually valid or in compliance with either the law or the 14th Amendment. The trainee Immigration Inspectors formally challenged the answer per FLETC and IOA regulations, but the challenge was rejected.

However the courageous trainee Immigration Inspectors stand as examples to all; challenging lies from the government unable or unwilling to stand by the truth, law and the Constitution. All know that Villa and his minions were an invading army. And it is clear as well that illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as their very presence is a challenge to the laws of the United States. But remember those who challenged the conventional wisdom of an ignorant bureaucracy.

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