Monday, January 10, 2011

The DHS Memorandum

There has been much controversy concerning the Department of Homeland Security memorandum concerning the connection between Jared Loughner and the publication American Renaissance. Many are suggesting that the whole memorandum obtained by Fox is a fabrication, but I think that the originating memorandum is real. Real despite the glowing factual errors that many have pointed out.
From the memorandum, a copy of which has yet to be released:
"The investigation has been taken over by the FBI, and is being run through the Tucson Command Post. Here's what can be confirmed at this time (1800 hrs)... * Gabrielle Giffords Is in ICU.* Federal judge John Roll is deceased. He did rule on a 32 million dollar civil rights lawsuit in February, 2010. That ruling brought death threats to Roll and his family, and for a time he was given a protection detail.* 6 deaths attributed to the shooting. 19 total people hit by gunfire.* suspect’s mother works for the Pima County Board of Supervisors* the suspect has multiple arrests ... But no criminal record? Intervention by someone?* no direct connection - but strong suspicion is being directed at AmRen / American Renaissance. Suspect is possibly linked to this group. (through videos posted on his myspace and YouTube account.). The group’s ideology is anti government, anti immigration, anti ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti Semitic. Gabrielle Gifford is the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government. She was also opposite this group’s ideology when it came to immigration debate.* DHS have a list of names and dates of birth of all victims.* the ACTIC is still playing a major role in the investigation... Computer forensics is cleaning up the surveillance videos, and images from around the scene, and involved in the investigation - working together, was MCSO, DPS, Phoenix PD, ICE, and of course the FBI. It did just come in from the command post, that the federal judge was Not originally scheduled to attend the meeting, according to wife. She stated that he received a phone call about an hour before and was invited to attend. Wrong place - wrong time. For the planning side, there are impromptu memorials popping up all over the state, but the largest one is downtown phoenix, at the capital."
Rather than a memorandum or formal intelligence bulletin, similar to the one out of the Missouri Highway Patrol warning of gun owners, libertarians, etc., and, though of the same quality, this is more likely an email alert going out from what Jared Taylor of American Renaissance identified as the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, AcTIC, one of the hundreds of fusion centers like the fusion center responsible for the Missouri embarrassment, all funded by DHS and run under FBI auspices and direction.
Much of the training provided to the flatfoots assigned to these centers is of very low quality and highly politically correct. Most of the staff is the dregs of local, state and federal law enforcement. High performing officers, agents, and detectives are not given these assignements, as they produce no arrests or statistics. The fusion centers consider themselves to be the lead on counter terrorism investigations, but they are mostly just information clearing houses, filled with alot of dated, useless, misleading, incomplete, and false information gleaned from where ever. While the 9/11 Commission called for more widespread dissemination of counter-terrorism intelligence, those in the know know that if some local flatfoot knows something, then it ain't worth knowing. Intelligence, by its very nature, to be effective, must be closely held and restricted in dissemination. Otherwise the information would blow any real investigation into a real terrorist conspiracy. The only real use for such widely spread information is profiling. Here it is effective in combating "one off" or copy cat terrorists. But, since profiling is not allowed, it is of limited effectiveness, but it does make local Sheriffs and Chiefs Of Police feel important because they have detailed a non-performing employee to the fusion center. It should also be noted that their training is heavy on SPLC propaganda and the Islam is a religion of peace propaganda.
So the nonsense, out right lies, and plain factual errors are quite likely to be coming from AcTIC. I have never read any of their product as they have only one bulletin on their site, which itself is just a cut and paste job from a public website.
Which, in the end, is the purpose of FBI control over the work product of the fusion centers. Just like their Joint Terrorism Task Forces, it is designed to make the FBI appear to be sharing information with the locals, make the FBI look good, gather information for the FBI, or take credit for any accomplishments. In this case, fusion centers, are a way to pawn off politically connected Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, who would only interfer with or ruin a real FBI counter-terrorism investigation.
But you really know that the memorandum is real from the prominent mention of non-FBI agencies as leading or participating in the investigation:
"...working together, was MCSO, DPS, Phoenix PD, ICE, and of course the FBI."
Of course, the FBI has taken over the investigation and they don't play with others. And there is no jurisdiction for the Arizona Department of Public Safety as DPS is a highway patrol agency, and ICE has no interest or jurisdiction, they only deal with customs and immigration matters. And why would Maricopa County Sheriff's Office be involved if this happened in another county?
So, clearly this memorandum was written by some useless flatfoot hack with ADL/SPLC connections and training. Just ask Tom Gerard. Or the Missouri Highway Patrol. Just making shit up is generally what they do.

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