Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Obama Regime Continues To Implement The Dream Act

The Obama Regime administrative amnesty continues as the Regime implements the rejected DREAM Act. Elizabeth Lee, an illegal alien from Peru and China, and who takes up a coveted slot at San Francisco's Lowell High School and at the University of California at Berkeley.
Congress failed again last month to corral the needed votes to put the DREAM Act back on the table -- and the fallout looks something like this: Eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Lee was on a successful trajectory; she had graduated from Lowell High School - the city's most prestigious public high school - last year and was planning to study social work at UC-Berkeley.That was until she found out that she and her 16-year-old brother, Felix, a junior at Lowell, are being deported Jan.19. after a decade of living in San Francisco. The two teens and their mother, Melissa, lost their claim for asylum and are now being forced to go back to Peru.The DREAM ACT, about which we wrote a cover story last summer, would give immigrants who came to the United States as children and attend college or join the military, a pathway to citizenship. The two Lee teenagers and their mother were granted a humanitarian stay until this month -- and immigrant activists are hoping this gives them enough time to help. Mission Dolores church, where the family has attended services for years, contacted immigration activists who are packing the pressure on authorities to grant the family another stay while they pursue other avenues of becoming legal residents.
An undocumented student who was slated for deportation back to Peru this month was granted a six-month reprieve on Thursday, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

Elizabeth Lee, 18, was detained with her 16-year-old brother and mother by U.S. Immigration and Customs officials following her mother's arrest in June. Lee has been accepted to UC Berkeley.

ABC Local News reports that the Lee family fled discrimination in Peru and came to live in California in 2000. Lee only learned of her illegal status in 2006, when her mother was arrested for the first time and she was placed in foster care.

Lee family lawyer Jaclyn Shull-Gonzalez sees the extension as an opportunity to build a case for the family -- she told the San Francisco Chronicle, "we were hopeful we would get more time for them, and we did," adding, "If the Dream Act had happened, we wouldn't need to do this."

ABC Local News reported that Lee addressed supporters from her church and school in a rally held in her family's honor last week. "I'm very nervous about what's going to happen because if it doesn't work out, I have to go back to Peru and I have no one there," she said. "I have no family, no friends."
Of course the six months is designed to bring pressure on Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, or Nancy Pelosi to bring a private bill to further delay the deportation of the Lee family. Or to enable Lee to disappear and avoid deportation, becoming one of the millions of absconders from deportation.
Of more interest is the fraudulent asylum claim that Melissa Lee filed. They apparently entered the U.S. as tourists in 2000 and then remained illegally, subsequently filing an asylum application after being arrested sometime in 2004, alledging discrimination against Asians in Peru.
The three of them fought to stay in the United States by filing a plea for asylum. But the asylum case was denied in 2008, and two years later, Melissa Lee was arrested a second time.
Other reports intimate that they filed an asylum claim soon after entry:
Elizabeth Lee, 18, and her 16-year-old brother were brought to the U.S. from Peru by their mother 10 years ago, seeking asylum from racial discrimination.
"I didn't really understand what it was to be undocumented until 2006 when mom was suddenly arrested by immigration and my brother and I found ourselves in foster care," said Elizabeth Lee.
Another story says that the asylum claim was defensive, only used by the Lees after mother Melissa Lee was arrested.
The Lee family came to the United States in 2001 on tourist visas and overstayed their permit having applied for political asylum. The application was denied in 2008 and two years later her mother was arrested for a second time. A deportation date was set for the whole family to January 19 2011.
That makes sense, but as in most asylum claims, especially those brought up by those already arrested, are fraudulent. Fraudulent even for the out of control Asylum Office of USCIS in San Francisco, where the claim was denied.
Of course they are lying and claiming they did not know they were illegal until 2006 when Melissa Lee senior was arrested. I doubt that mom did not talk with the kids and tell them they were illegal. And actually Elizabeth Lee let it slip in one interview:
I hope this will be a step forward toward better times for us," said a soft-spoken Elizabeth Lee, 18, standing on the steps of the Mission Dolores Basilica, the church her family has attended since she came to San Francisco at age 9. "Everything is stacked against you when you're undocumented. I feel very grateful and happy today."
Stacked against you? You attend an academic high school for free, you are going to UC Berkeley for virtually nothing. You are living in the the U.S. Most likely you were on welfare, food stamps, TANF, Section 8 housing, and free school lunches. You live the life of Reilly. As a matter of fact you only lived in the U.S. for 4 years until Melissa Lee was arrested.
And don't tell me that you lived in Peru for 9 years and don't know any Spanish:
Elizabeth holds no ties to her native Peru and speaks hardly any Spanish.
Clearly another lie.
Of course the biggest lie is Obama's Oath of Office to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed. Despite the defeat of the DREAM Act, Obama is implementing the DREAM Act one illegal alien at a time. In violation of the law and his oath. He thinks himself a sovereign, his word is law, not that of the Congress.

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