Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Man Arrested For Car Theft

Which is unusual, but apparently not in San Francisco. Bait Car, the reality TV show, usally only catches Hispanics and blacks on their show that follows police officers and sheriff's deputies placing cars in high crime neighborhoods for the criminally inclined to steal. But in the first three episodes in San Francisco, white men have been stealing about a third of the cars. The rest were the typical gangbanger, minor street opportunists, and others from minority communities.
White men stealing cars is amazing in itself, but San Francisco's experience with Bait Car has been unusual in other ways as well. The commie leftist press and local denziens of the Bar have come out in force to decry bait cars as entrapment. And claimed that Bait Car is not a member of press, but an evil for profit corporation, unprotected by California's Shield Law for journalists.
It is down the memory hole as some years back the commie press was pimping one Josh Wolf, a communist activist who had video of an attack on an SFPD police car, but refused to release it to a federal Grand Jury. Then the press cried "Freedom of the Press," but now "Freedom of the Press" be damned, just as "Freedom of Speech" is damned when anyone disagrees with the left.
Federal prosecutors want video footage that Josh Wolf recorded at a demonstration in San Francisco in July 2005. Wolf says he's a journalist who shouldn't be forced to turn over his work. A blogger who once described himself as "an artist, an activist, an anarchist and an archivist," Wolf has now spent more than two months in a California prison for contempt of court.

Wolf is 24 years old, with big black sideburns and hipster glasses. He mostly covers left-wing activism. Sometimes he sells his footage of rallies and protests to local TV stations, which he refers to as "the corporate media." The video that landed him in jail shows protesters in San Francisco rallying against a global economic summit. Many of the demonstrators are masked and call themselves anarchists. In the edited footage that Wolf posted on his Web site, protesters drag newspaper boxes into the street and spray paint the side of a bus. His video also shows a police officer wrestling a man to the ground. The request for Wolf's unedited footage came as part of a federal investigation into an alleged assault on an officer and an attempt to set a police car on fire at the July demonstration. Wolf refused. He said he doesn't have any relevant footage. What he does have, according to his attorney, Martin Garbus, is footage of demonstrators taking off their masks and identifying themselves. Garbus believes his client is being forced to serve as an arm of the government.
It appears that some crimes the press must help conceal, but exposing minorities stealing cars is not one of those crimes.

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Ray said...

This show Bait car is really great. I like how they tell you the dynamics of whats going on and then just let you catch the action. I work for Dish Network and I only stumbled across this show a few months ago late at night. I really enjoy truTV in HD. It surprises me the excuses people come up with to justify or get out of what they were doing.