Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming To An Army Near You

The highest-ranking woman in the Concord Police Department, who received two settlements over lawsuits claiming sexual harassment, is now being sued for the same allegation.

Lt. Robin Heinemann, a 22-year veteran, made unwelcome remarks of a sexual nature to Wendy Schwartzenberger, who works as a civilian community service officer, from 2004 to 2009, according to a suit Schwartzenberger filed last week in Contra Costa County Superior Court.

During that time, Heinemann patted Schwartzenberger's behind, kissed her at least 100 times and made her uncomfortable by referring to her and her partner, including asking whether Schwartzenberger would ever share her sexually, the suit said.

At a lunch in April 2009 to welcome a new officer, the suit said, Heinemann opened Schwartzenberger's fortune cookie and read the message aloud: "You will be giving this year."Heinemann added, "In bed," and suggested to Schwartzenberger that she call her partner to "ask how giving she had been in bed that year," the suit said.

"Plaintiff was uncomfortable and embarrassed because this was done amongst many people she did not know and in front of many others who didn't know she was gay," said the suit, which names the Police Department and Heinemann as defendants and seeks unspecified damages.

Perhaps the homocons like The Sniper, Max Boot, and Blackfive will reconsider.

The Obama Amnesty Continues

Three illegal aliens were not arrested today. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) failed in their duty to arrest these two illegal aliens. This is part of the Obama Regime's continuing amnesty for illegal aliens.

New York (CNN) -- Four-year-old Emily Ruiz flew first class from Guatemala to the United States Wednesday for a tearful reunion with her mom, dad and younger brother.

Immigration officers treated her like royalty, said her lawyer, David Sperling. After her plane landed in Florida, one officer called her the "princess of Miami," he said.

A returning anchor baby is treated specially while her illegal alien parents wait outside the Federal Inspection Service area of the international arrivals terminal? Why weren't they arrested?

She was hugging her parents before too much longer.

"Mission accomplished," Sperling said on Twitter.

The royal treatment and happy ending came nearly three weeks after the girl, a U.S. citizen, was unable to re-enter the United States because of a possible communication mix-up.

Her supporters say that she was wrongly denied entry into the United States, while officials say that her parents were given a chance to keep her from returning to Guatemala.

Wrong. An out and out lie. CBP telephoned the father, and in Spanish, explained the opportunity he had to come get his daughter. But he refused. He did not want to be arrested.

She was basically deported to Guatemala -- not in the legal sense, but effectively this is what happened.-- David Sperling, family's attorney.

"Not in the legal sense." Which means she was not deported. When you have the facts, argue the facts, when you have the law, argue the law, when you have neither, lie. The lawyers creed.
It is "a day to reflect on how such a tragic injustice could have been committed and to commit to making sure it never happens again," Sperling said in a statement Wednesday. "Why did U.S. government officials decide to put the immigration status of the parents above the rights of the parents?"

No, the issue was custody, not immigration status or citizenship.

Emily, the daughter of Guatemalan immigrants living in New York without documentation, had spent five months recuperating from asthma while visiting her grandparents in Guatemala, Sperling said.

Illegal aliens! And did I call it. I said she was possibly there for medical or family reasons.

When her grandfather accompanied her on a flight back to the United States March 11, a customs officer at Dulles International Airport in suburban Virginia stopped him for an immigration violation dating back about 20 years, the lawyer said.

He was denied entry into the United States. That placed Emily in the middle of an immigration quagmire. According to her family, immigration officials gave her parents two options: Emily could be sent to Guatemala with her grandfather, or she could be turned over to state custody.

She returned to Central America.

"She was basically deported to Guatemala -- not in the legal sense, but effectively this is what happened," Sperling said earlier. "We're not here to criticize the government; really, we do not know who is responsible for this."

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency [sic. It is U.S. Customs and Border Protection. No "agency" at all.] has said that it offered to have the parents pick Emily up.

The agency "strives to reunite U.S. citizen children with their parents. If the parents choose not to take custody of their children, (the agency) works with other agencies to ensure the children's safety and well being, up to and including releasing them into the custody of other relatives," spokesman Lloyd M. Sterling said.

"In this case, the parents were offered to pick up the child, but elected to have her returned to Guatemala with her grandfather."

Officials say they gave Emily's father the opportunity to pick her up. The father said the conversation took place in English, a language he does not understand well. He said he decided to send Emily back to Guatemala given what he understood were his options.

Wrong, CBP has thousands of Spanish speaking officers. But he has been here for years, I am sure he speaks some English anyway. And what other relatives? The only people involved were her parents and grandfather.

But on Wednesday, it was all about the happiness of being reunited.

"Emily is back with us now. We have no words to express the joy it brings us to see her and hold her," her father, Leonel Ruiz, said in a statement. "We are very happy because we were away from her for so long, without being able to see her or hold her."

Jeanne Butterfield, former executive director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said the customs officers had a number of choices once they decided to not allow Emily's grandfather into the country. The could have taken Emily to her connecting flight and put her in the care of the airline until she reached her parents in New York, or they could have allowed the parents or a third party to pick her up, she said. A third option would have been to contact Child Protective Services, which could have taken temporary custody of the little girl, she said.

"CBP had absolutely no basis to deny custody to parents based solely on their immigration status," she said.

Actually, CBP could not have allowed her to travel alone, as airlines only allow children to travel alone with documentation and arrangement from their parents. The airline would have refused to take the child. CBP had no legal authority to make any decisions for the child nor could it place the child in the custody of a third person, other than CPS, which it actually offered to the father. But, in any event, the grandfather had custody and made the decision. He decided to take the child home to Guatamala. The parents, again, refused to appear. CBP was perfectly correct.

However, they were wrong to not arrest the parents when they arrived this time at the Miami airport. As was ICE. They should be held accountable.

Contact the ICE Special Agent in Charge:

SAC Miami Homeland Security Investigations

11226 NW 20th ST

Miami, FL 33172

Main (305) 597-6000

Fax (305) 597-6227

Or the ICE Miami Field Office Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations:

Krome SPC

18201 SW 12th St

Miami, FL 33194

Phone: (305) 207-2001

Or the Port Director for CBP in Miami:

Roland Suliveras

6601 NW 25th Street

Room 272

Miami, FL 33122

(305) 869-2800

But no story about illegal aliens from south of the border is complete without inane commentary by the professional white Mexican, Ruben "The Sandwich" Navarrette. He is unable to deal with any facts, such as the fact that the child was in the custody of the grandfather and the grandfather decided to take the child back to her true home, Guatemala.

Charles Dickens had it right when he declared, "The law is (an) ass."

And what are professional apologists for illegal aliens? Navarrette certainly is an ass as well.

Consider as evidence the shameful decision by the Obama administration to "deport" Emily Ruiz despite the inconvenient fact that the 4-year-old from Brentwood, N.Y., is a U.S. citizen.

A friend of mine, a professor specializing in immigration law, assures me that everything the government did in this case was legal. If so, then the law is an ass.

Yes, I said: "deport." I will not be cajoled into referring to what happened to Emily as a "de facto deportation."

Baloney. The girl was on U.S. soil, and then she wasn't. And she was sent back to Guatemala, her parents' homeland, under the authority of the U.S. government - specifically, U.S. Customs and Border Protection. And she was, throughout her ordeal, in the custody of the U.S government. That's a deportation.

No, Navarrette's opinion is an ass. Again, for the factually impared from south of the Rio Grande, the child was in the custody of the grandfather and he decided to take the child back to Guatemala.

You can say the process was misapplied in this case because Emily is a U.S. citizen. But let's not allow the government or anyone else to lessen a grave injustice by calling it by anything but its proper name.

Nothing was mis-applied. The adult who had custody made a decision on the child's behalf. End of story. CBP cannot and does not make custody decisions for minors unless the minor is abandoned or is taken into protective custody.

Here are the facts: Emily traveled with her grandfather to Guatemala to visit relatives. Returning to New York, their flight is rerouted because of bad weather to Washington's Dulles International Airport. Once on the ground, at about 3 a.m., the grandfather's visa is questioned and, upon further review, an old felony pops up for illegal re-entry many years ago. So Grandpa is taken into custody and slated for deportation.

Up to this point in the story, I have no objection. I fully support deporting illegal immigrants, and Grandpa fits the bill. What I have a problem with is doing the same to U.S. citizens.

That distinction is supposed to mean something in this country. Americans have spent the last six years arguing over proposed reforms of the immigration system because both the right and the left agree that U.S. citizenship is a big deal. The right wants to deny it to illegal immigrants as badly as the left wants to grant it to them. Because both sides agree that the classification matters, it has weight.

Wrong, the citizenship of Emily is not the issue, custody is the issue and gramps had custody. Just how much of an ass can "The Sandwich" be? His lawyer friend is correct and Navarrette is an ass. Because the issue is custody, not citizenship. I guess Navarrette is too stupid to know that when dealing with a minor, custody matters.

And Senor Navarrette, what about the parents? Do you have any objection to them being arrested? The Sandwich does not say. I wonder why?

But it didn't mean squat for Emily, who, according to her family's lawyer, David Sperling, was detained alone for several hours at Dulles while authorities tried to figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, when she and her grandfather didn't arrive in New York, her father, Leonel Ruiz, frantically called the airline and was told that U.S. immigration officials had detained the pair in Washington. Ruiz then called immigration officials. When asked about his own status and that of his wife, he acknowledged that they were both in the country illegally.

The call is the key, because of what comes next. It's too bad there are conflicting accounts. CBP distributed a vague statement to the media, saying how "generally, CBP strives to reunite U.S. citizen children with their parents" without saying that this is what happened in this case. The father insists that he was never given the option of picking up his daughter - something he was preparing to do. His choice was between shipping off Emily to a child detention facility in Virginia or sending her to Guatemala with her grandfather. Fearing his daughter might be put up for adoption if he left her with authorities, he chose Guatemala.

Another lie from Navarrette, the parents were given the option to come pick the child up. They refused. Navarrette is lying to support his illegal alien compatriots. It is shocking that Navarrette will believe an illegal alien rather than a fellow U.S. citizens. It shows where The Sandwich's loyalties lie.

Emily was expected to return to her home in New York Tuesday night, thanks to Sperling, who flew to Guatemala to retrieve her.

I know what you're thinking, because I thought it too initially. The girl's parents acted irresponsibly by coming into the country or overstaying a visa, living in the country illegally for many years, and sending their daughter out of the country in the care of a relative whose own legal status was sketchy.

But Emily's parents are not on the public payroll. They don't act in our names. What should be of greater concern to Americans is how government agents behaved during all of this, and whether they could have tried harder to get what was no doubt a scared little girl home to her parents. Or whether they wanted to wash their hands of the whole ugly situation as fast as they could.

Too bad for Customs and Border Protection, some stains don't come out in the wash.

The only stain is the lies that Navarrette will tell to slander those who protect our borders and enforce the laws that Congress has passed and the President has signed. If you don't like those laws, try and change them. But Navarrette, after years of lying on behalf of illegal aliens, has failed to get those laws changed. Democracy be a bitch, holmes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Proof The Immigration Bar Are Reds

Well, it was obvious from their policy pronunciations and the litany of lies they tell both to the public and the bench that immigration attorneys are Reds, but we have further evidence from a member of the immigration bar himself. It appears that the Worker's World is on their daily reading. A publication of the Workers World Party, which was a big backer of the Invasion of Hungary and Maoism, is apparently mainstream enough for the immigration bar.

I’ve long had a soft spot in my heart for Worker’s World newspaper, with its tag line: “Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World Unite!” I can’t say I always agreed with the paper, but is does sometimes highlight issues not covered by more mainstream news outlets.

One recent story caught my attention. Last December, the paper had an article about Chilean “revolutionary” Victor Toro. Mr. Toro claims to be a leader and founder of the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR – the Revolutionary Left Movement) of Chile. He was tortured in Chile because of his political opposition to General Pinochet’s dictatorship. Mr. Toro has also been a well-known activist for immigrant’s rights in New York City for many years.

According to Worker’s World, Mr. Toro, who is undocumented, was “racially profiled” by immigration agents and arrested in 2007. He was then placed into removal proceedings where he “demanded” political asylum.

Quite interesting as that he is white.

First, it strikes me as a bit ironic that a Chilean revolutionary–someone who opposed the U.S.-backed coup that violently overthrew elected president Salvador Allende in 1973–would seek asylum in the United States, the same country that helped orchestrate the coup.

No shit sherlock. Perhaps the fact that the Pinochet Presidency ended about 20 years ago should also be a clue.

Second, it seems strange to “demand” asylum. Maybe it is a technical point, but asylum is a discretionary form of relief; this means that the U.S. government can deny asylum in the exercise of its discretion (say, for example, if the asylum seeker is not a person of good moral character). Given the discretionary nature of the relief, no one can “demand” asylum. They have to ask for it. Nicely.

Wow, he is shocked, shocked to hear that aliens demand amnesty.

Earlier this month, the Immigration Judge denied asylum. Mr. Toro’s attorney issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the decision and vowing to appeal. From what I can glean from the statement, the IJ denied relief principally because Mr. Toro did not file for asylum within one year of arriving in the U.S. and because country conditions in Chile had changed, making it safe for him to return.

I have never worked on an asylum case from Chile, but given the current country conditions (good), I am not surprised that Mr. Toro’s case was denied. What seems a real shame is that, had Mr. Toro applied in a timely manner, he might well have qualified for “humanitarian asylum.” Humanitarian asylum is available to people who have suffered severe persecution in their country, and is available even if country conditions have improved. Basically, it is a recognition that some people should not have to go back to a country where they suffered severe persecution.

Another part of immigration policy that is not actually in the legislation.

Mr. Toro was tortured severely in Chile, but apparently his failure to timely file for asylum prevented him from obtaining humanitarian asylum. Thus–once again–an arbitrary filing deadline has caused real harm. Frankly, I have my doubts that Mr. Toro will suffer persecution if he returns to Chile. But considering that he suffered torture in his country previously, he should have received humanitarian asylum.

But thanks for the lesson, we now know your motivation for the practice of law.

Lawless Obama Regime Recognizes Homosexual Marriage

The Obama Regime and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency that grants benefits like permanent residency, have decided to recognize homosexual marriage, and presumeably poligamy and polyandry.

Josh Vandiver, a graduate student at Princeton, and Henry Velandia, a dance instructor who emigrated from Venezuela in 2002, had been dating for three years when, in late 2009, Velandia got word that he was going to be deported. His request for an employer-sponsored visa had been denied, and he’d been entered into deportation proceedings.

The next spring, the couple decided to marry, and after an August 2010 wedding in Connecticut, Vandiver filed a marriage-based green card application for his new husband. This was little more than an act of defiance. While for heterosexual couples it would likely be enough to win the green card and avoid deportation, under the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which bars the federal government from recognizing same sex marriages, gay and lesbian couples don’t receive immigration benefits.

In January, the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, citing DOMA, denied Vandiver’s petition. “I assumed that’s the course that they would take,” Vandiver says. “They had no choice.”

Vandiver filed an appeal in February that he expected would see the same fate. And he prepared for Velandia’s deportation, which is scheduled for early May.

Last month, however, the Obama administration announced that it did not consider DOMA constitutional, and would cease to defend it in court. Couples like Vandiver and Velandia have since been wondering whether they might be thrown a line—and, if so, when. The legal fight over DOMA promises to be long and tense.

Two seemingly obscure meetings held this week between USCIS officials and immigration lawyers suggest help may be on the way.

Newsweek/The Daily Beast has learned that the heads of two USCIS districts—Washington, D.C. and Baltimore—informed attorneys from the advocacy group American Immigration Lawyers Association that cases in their districts involving married gay and lesbian couples would be put on hold. The news could have far-reaching effects. People like Velandia might be safe from deportation while their cases are on hold.

Immigrant advocates say that individual districts are unlikely to be making such decisions on their own, which suggests the shift in practice is a national one. “They can’t do that in two jurisdictions and not do it in other jurisdictions,” says Christopher Nugent, who chairs the immigrant-rights committee for the American Bar Association and has testified before the Senate on immigrant benefits and DOMA. “This affects thousands of people. It has a tremendous impact on so many in the gay and lesbian community.”

Vandiver and Velandia are being represented by Lavi Soloway, a leading attorney on GLBT immigration issues. If this is indeed a national development, he says, it will change his strategy in the case—and likely do the same for scores of couples. Most gay and lesbian couples, Soloway says, have been unlikely even to file a green-card petition. If it alerted authorities to an illegal alien, it could actually spark a deportation proceeding on its own. But now, Soloway says, “it may be possible for some married, gay and lesbian couples to have their [green-card] cases held. And to have their [deportation hearings] deferred to a later date—maybe after DOMA is struck down in the courts. That would afford them protection in the meantime.”

If the new practice is confirmed, Soloway says, he will withdraw Vandiver’s appeal and re-file the marriage-based petition and green-card application, which could protect Velandia while the DOMA battle plays out. (He also stressed that gay and lesbian couples should consult attorneys before taking any new legal action of their own.)

Sarah Taylor, who heads the Washington district for USCIS, gave a presentation on Wednesday night to more than 100 members of the local AILA chapter. During a Q&A session afterward, she was asked whether her office had put cases involving same-sex marriages on hold. Taylor said that it had, according to Brenda Oliver, the AILA chapter’s chair. The lawyers in the room, Oliver added, responded with claps, smiles, and cheers.

In a meeting on Thursday, meanwhile, Greg Collett, director of the USCIS Baltimore district, said the same, according to an AILA lawyer who was present.

In a phone call with Newsweek/The Daily Beast, Taylor confirmed that her district had put the cases on hold, then referred questions to the national office. Via email, Collett referred questions to the national office as well. USCIS press secretary Christopher Bentley responded to detailed requests for comment with an emailed statement. "We have not implemented any change in policy and intend to follow the president's directive to continue enforcing the law," the statement said.

The change in practice, however, would have the most immediate impact in two types of cases. For gay and lesbian married couples in which foreign spouses have overstayed their legal status, filing a marriage-based green-card petition would protect them from entering deportation proceedings, and possibly make them eligible to work.

And those, like Velandia, who are already in the deportation process, could have their deportation postponed while the case is being held. Judges would still have discretion, but they tend to be sympathetic when marriage to a U.S. citizen is concerned.

There we have it, the Obama Regime is not only refusing to defend Congressional legislation, but actively violating the law. Impeachment is the only solution.

Obama Lies, Illegal Immigrants Remain

Barak Hussein Obama has told an illegal alien that he will not halt deportations of illegal aliens, while at the same time he told them he wants them to succeed, presumably in the United States. (h/t VDare) How to explain the apparent contradiction. The easiest is that, as this blog has demonstrated, is that he is lying. The second explanation is that he was also technically correct in part of his statement.

Offered in evidence, the lie:

"With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case," the president said.

"There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president," Obama said.

In fact, U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) has been conducting an administrative amnesty in general, and specifically targeting illegal alien students. Students in particular have been either not arrested or after arrested, released for the decades long deportation process to proceed. Unless an illegal alien is held in custody, that alien is unlikely to be deported at any time. The whole process, including administrative and judicial appeals, takes years, and most illegal aliens fail to depart at the end of the process and abscond from ICE, who is unable to keep up with the growing number of absconders at large.

But, as with most lies, there is a nugget of truth to lend modesty to the lies:

He also rejected the idea of granting TPS to undocumented students.

TPS "historically has been used for special circumstances where you have immigrants to this country who are fleeing persecution in their countries, or there is some emergency situation in their native land that required them to come to the United States," the president said.

Absolutely correct. Temporary Protected Status is supposed to be temporary and only used in exceptional circumstances. Even though that is not actually the practice, as TPS is as permanent as it gets. No TPS beneficiary has apparently ever been deported. But that is not what the law says and means. But Obama does tell a truth about what the law says about TPS.

But that is as important for this issue as a bicycle is to a fish. Because we know that Obama is amnestying illegal aliens by refusing to deport them. Whether they be students or workers at a Chipotle's.

You Would Not Be At All Surprised

At Obama's support for illegal aliens if you have been reading this blog: (h/t Gateway Pundit)

( - President Barack Obama on Monday told a student who has received a deportation notice that he does not want to deport her -- he wants people like her to succeed.

The exchange happened during a town hall event sponsored by the Spanish-language television network Univision at a Washington, D.C., school.

A student, who appeared via Skype, asked: “My question for the president is, why [is the government] saying that deportations have stopped -- or the detention of many students like me, why is it that we are still receiving deportation letters like this one?”

Obama answered, “We have redesigned our enforcement practices under the law to make sure that we’re focusing primarily on criminals, and so our deportation of criminals are up about 70 percent. Our deportation of non-criminals are down, and that’s because we want to focus our resources on those folks who are destructive to the community.

“And for a young person like that young woman that we just spoke to who’s going to school, doing all the right things, we want them to succeed," Obama said.

Just ask Jessica Colotl, Eric Banderas, or Saad Nabeel. I am certain that in a few days we will see a story about this particular illegal alien bragging that she just had her deportation order suspended.

Friday, March 25, 2011

ICE Unconcerned About Illegal Aliens

The City of San Gabriel has shut down an anchor baby farm; A Chinese immigrant built a maternity home for illegal aliens in a residential area and he was busted by city inspectors, consequently fined for converting residential dwellings into a place of business in violation of city ordinances.

SAN GABRIEL, Calif. — Authorities have closed three upscale townhouses operating as a maternity center for Chinese mothers paying thousands of dollars to give birth in the United States so the children would automatically gain citizenship.

Police and city inspectors found seven newborns and two mothers when they closed the homes for building code violations on March 8 in San Gabriel, a suburb east of Los Angeles that is home to a large Asian population.

The women, who were Chinese and Taiwanese nationals and spoke little English, told officials their families had paid to send them to the United States to give birth, said city code compliance officer Clayton Anderson. He did not know how much was paid.

The women stayed at the center before and after giving birth at local hospitals, Anderson said.
The three homes, part of a five-unit condo development on a quiet residential street, had adjoining inside walls removed and had rooms divided so mothers each had separate spaces, Anderson said.

The babies were kept in clear plastic bassinets in a kitchen converted into a nursery.
"There was a woman there who said she was a nurse but she kind of scrambled away when we got there," Anderson said.

The women and babies were taken to another location after the homes were deemed unsafe for occupancy because structural walls had been breached.

U.S. law automatically entitles children born on U.S. soil to citizenship, and it is not illegal for pregnant women to visit the U.S. to give birth.

Women from other countries have long traveled to the U.S. legally on tourist or student visas and given birth, but this case is unusual in that it appears to involve an organized business, experts said.

"The reports up to now have been about travel agencies abroad that specialized in this, but they send one person at a time here," said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies. "What this could suggest is ... they're taking it to the next step. Whoever is organizing this type of operation is buying or leasing a home to become a clearing house. That's a serious problem."

Republican lawmakers have targeted limiting automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S. and earlier this year said they hoped to trigger a Supreme Court review of the Constitution's 14th Amendment or force Congress to take action with legislation they've drafted on the issue.

Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King sponsored a bill that would limit automatic citizenship to people with at least one parent who is a citizen, a legal permanent resident or served in the military, but there has been little movement on the legislation since it was introduced.

Some states, too, have tried to take steps to limit birthright citizenship. Last week, Arizona's state Senate rejected illegal immigration bills that included measures intended to produce a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on who is entitled to U.S. citizenship at birth under the 14th Amendment.

But Rep. Judy Chu, D-El Monte, said traveling to this country to give birth is not a common practice and defended automatic citizenship for children born in the U.S.

"The 14th Amendment is fundamental to the U.S. and too important to change because of the practice of a few," she said "It would be a severe disservice to our nation if millions of immigrants are painted with the same brush."

Chapman University law professor Maria Cianciarulo, who specializes in immigration, said she's never heard of a maternity house, noting that birthing tourism is a tiny fraction of the flow of immigrants and tourists into the United States.

Workers at the San Gabriel house were busy Thursday restoring it to its original state as ordered by the city.

Property manager Dwight Chang was fined $800 for construction without a permit and operating a business in a residential zone. He told city officials that he had rented the townhomes to a woman. A phone message left at Chang's business, Ta Way Development in Arcadia, was not immediately returned.

The city investigation, which included police and child protective services, was prompted by neighbors' complaints of noise at night and a lot of activity at the house at all hours, said Jennifer Davis, community development director.

Neighbor William Padgett, who has lived on the street for 22 years, said he often saw groups of women in the advanced stages of pregnancy taking walks in the neighborhood and a lot of cars in the middle of the night.

"I knew something from the get-go was going on," he said. "There was a lot of coming and going."

Mayor David Gutierrez said he understood why some foreign citizens would wish to have their children in the U.S.

"They should certainly be commended for looking at the future welfare of their children but we need to be very careful that as a result it doesn't impact services and quality of life that we provide for U.S. residents," he said.

And U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has declined to investigate or arrest the illegal aliens. Most likely the aliens in question obtained visas and entered the United States, but it is unlikely that those aliens obtained their visas by stating that they would be coming to the U.S. to give birth. It would be right on their visa applications; the stated reason for their visit. It will not say give birth to an anchor baby as the Department of State does not give visitor visas to Chinese to give birth in the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement would only investigate if the case involved fraudulently obtained visas, agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said.

Perhaps since ICE is uninterested in false statements and visa fraud, perhaps the Diplomatic Security Service would be:

255 E. Temple St.,
Suite 1273
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 894-3290
Fax: (213) 894-0914

Also of interest is that the women gave birth at local hospitals.

The women stayed at the center before and after giving birth at local hospitals, Anderson said.

The question is what hospitals and who paid for it. Using MediCal is highly likely. And by the way, birth tourism is illegal. ICE's sister agency states so and would have refused entry to these illegal aliens if their scheme was discovered at a Port-of-Entry.

$90 Is The Cost Of Hiring Illegal Aliens

In an unusually balanced and informative article the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has followed this blog's exposure of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's failure to arrest illegal aliens and the failure of its new policy of audit and fine employers of illegal aliens. (h/t ALIPAC)

Nobody has been fired from ROC Commercial Cleaning in Oakdale -- at least not yet. Since they got word that federal immigration officials are poring over the company's employment records, some janitors have simply quit.

Co-owner Peter Mogren said he has no idea how many of his 129 workers might walk away or be fired. One employee said nearly the entire workforce will go.

Mogren is angry and bewildered. "This is new territory for me," he said.

His company is one of at least nine businesses across the Twin Cities undergoing a so-called immigration audit, part of the Obama administration's national crackdown on employers using undocumented workers. At least 2,000 people in the Twin Cities have lost their jobs in the last 18 months as a result of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) finding that they couldn't prove their eligibility to work in the United States.

The results of ICE's audits offer a warning to businesses, especially those using low-skill workers:

•The number of audits jumped more than 50 percent last year to about 2,200 from 1,444 in 2009.

•The average fine under Obama ($21,851) has increased about 30 percent compared with the Bush era ($16,666).

•Criminal arrests of employers have jumped 45 percent since 2008. Of the 196 employers arrested last year, 42 have been sent to prison so far, with sentences ranging from time served to 3 1/2 years. Many cases are pending.

But, as this blog has reported, no aliens are leaving:

Employees fired after such audits typically aren't deported, as they were previously.

So far, the get-tough line hasn't impressed critics. They claim the arrests and fines are too weak given the estimated 8 million undocumented workers nationwide.

And the clear evidence that the Obama Regime is not serious:

In one of the largest Twin Cities firings, about 1,200 janitors were let go from a unit of New York-based ABM Industries Inc. in 2009. ABM, with profits of $64 million, was ultimately fined about $108,000, roughly $90 per fired worker. The SEIU called it "a joke."

And the minimalist history of fines of employers of illegal aliens in Minnesota over almost a decade:

Only four companies in Minnesota have been fined since 2003 for hiring undocumented workers. So far, there have been no criminal arrests of employers in the state, immigration officials say.

2003 Wok & Roll of Msp Inc. $21,400

2003 McDonald's Corp. office $6,915

2010 Single-Ply Systems Inc. $ 22,959.75

2010 ABM Janitorial Services $107,937.50

Hiring illegals pays off; an employer gets a subservient employee for many years and if caught might have to pay the equivalent of a day's wages. Not a bad deal. And certainly not going to create a culture of compliance.

Without arrests and deportations, the illegal aliens will stay, as the IPC has pointed out:

Alondra, a native of Ecuador who has lived in the U.S. since 2000, went from collecting a steady $528‐a‐week income with benefits and union representation to barely scraping by. When she is able to find work such as housecleaning, dog walking, and washing laundry, she is paid in cash. Juan works part time for a fraction of his previous pay. The couple has taken in boarders, moved with their son into their attic, and maxed out their credit cards. They don’t seek medical care even when they need it. Because of unpaid bills, the utility company is threatening to cut off their water. But even with the challenges they face, the couple has no intention of returning to Ecuador.

Instead, they have gone further underground, earning money off the books, paying fewer taxes, and living in society’s margins.

“I have my home here,” Alondra said. “I put a lot of money into it. I have my child. I have nothing back in my home country.”

It is just part of the administrative amnesty. The Obama Regime has no plan to either remove illegal aliens nor make it impossible for them to survive here. Their plan is for as many illegal aliens to remain for the next legislative amnesty.

More Lies From The Left

The left is agog about an illegal alien who was deported recently. (h/t Stein Report) The illegal alien arrived in the United States via airplane was accompanied by his granddaughter, an anchor baby. He was subsequently deported and the child's parents refused to come get the child. What then happened is the subject of the lies of the left.

The feds deported a 4-year-old Long Island girl - who is a U.S. citizen - after officials detained her grandfather while he was bringing her back from a visit to Guatemala.

"I'm just shocked," the family's lawyer, David Sperling, said Tuesday.

"I think it's an outrage that Customs and Border Protection didn't do anything to reunite her with her parents....She is a U.S. citizen and she has every right to come to the U.S."

Emily Samantha Ruiz and her grandfather, who had a work visa allowing him to travel, were returning from seeing relatives March 11 when their New York-bound plane was diverted to Washington.

Officials at Dulles Airport noticed an illegal entry from the 1990s on grandpa's record and took him into custody, Sperling said.

He suffered what Sperling believes was a panic attack and was sent to the hospital. The lawyer declined to name the grandfather.

Emily was in federal custody for nearly a day in the airport while her parents in Brentwood wondered why the pair hadn't arrived home as planned.

When her father figured out what happened and spoke to a border control agent, the lawyer says, he was told he had two choices: Emily could be held at a juvenile facility in Virginia or return to Guatemala with her grandfather.

Worried she would be put up for adoption, he chose the latter option and has been trying to get her back ever since.

A Customs and Border Protection spokesman confirmed Emily was sent back but would not comment on her case further.

He said agents are instructed to tell parents in similar cases they can pick up their child, have the child turned over to child protective services or have the kid sent back to the country they left.

"We take every effort to reunite minors with their parents," said Steve Sapp. "The parents need to make the decision."

But he conceded undocumented parents like Emily's risk being detained if they show up. "They do have to face consequences," he said.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-L.I.) is asking Homeland Security to conduct a review.

"This bureaucratic overreach and utter failure of common sense has left a little girl - a U.S. citizen no less - stranded thousands of miles from her parents," he said.

Meanwhile, Sperling plans to have a staffer go to Guatemala and retrieve Emily.

"We hope there's a happy ending to this story," he said.

What really happened was this: This man and adult child and that child's spouse entered the United States either illegally or by fraud. They have been living here since then, at least 4 years. Now these illegals usually claim that this is now their home, but not really so. They have extensive connections to their real home country and like to travel back and forth. It appears that the grandfather had a visa and probably had one previously, but violated the terms of the admission to the U.S. and got caught on this entry. Because the parents either entered illegally or had a visa and were misusing it to live in the U.S., they could not risk traveling with a U.S. citizen anchor baby, as if a traveler with a U.S. citizen child is traveling with a visitor visa, that is suspicious, and they would likely be identified and refused entry. So they thought that grandfather could travel with the child and claim that the grandchild had come to visit extended family, perhaps meet aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Perhaps he claimed to CBP that the parents had to travel back separately for some bogus reason or the child was in Guatemala because the parents had some financial setbacks or whatever and had to let grandparents take care of the child for a while. The reason is not important, but the lies illegals tell to game the system are predictable and their strategies to travel as they will as just as predictable.

But what usually happens when an illegal tries to enter the U.S. with a U.S. citizen child is that the custodian of the child is given two options, take the child back with them or release the child to someone waiting at the airport for the arrival of the child. Many times however the person waiting for the child is an illegal and does not respond to the inquiry from CBP for the child.

Previously, the legacy INS would do nothing if an illegal alien actually showed up for the child, as Immigration Inspectors at airports were prohibited from taking illegal aliens into custody who were already in the U.S. Now many times the illegal aliens did not know that and just refused to respond. Other times they would respond and that fact that they were illegal would then be evidence that the alien accompanying their child was inadmissible and abusing a non-immigrant visa and that alien accompanying the child would then be deported, but the child released to the illegal alien parents. This was not in the law, but just policy that the legacy INS had that encouraged illegal immigration.

Now this is exactly what happened with this child in question. In this case after telephone contact with CBP, the parents refused to appear to claim the child because they are illegal. Interestingly enough, the CBP spokesman implied that if they had appeared, the parents would have been arrested. Even more interesting is that, as usual, ICE has refused to go out and arrest those illegal aliens living on Long Island. As usual, more ICE fail. And do not be surprised by a very public reunion of this child after the Congressman's aide travels back with the child, and ICE, again, will make no effort to arrest the illegal alien parents.

But what did not happen was that a U.S. citizen was deported. The grandfather decided to take the child back to Guatemala. He had custody of the child and legally and voluntarily took the child back. The feds did not deport the child. But this is what happens when illegal aliens are allowed to set down roots in the U.S. and when the children of illegal aliens are given U.S. citizenship.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well, That Is Interesting

After years of controversy concerning Rifqa Bary, threats by her crazed Muslim parents, and flight to safety, Ohio police have determined that those who assisted her were committing a crime.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Police recommended charges against six of the people who helped a teenage Christian convert run away from her Muslim parents in Ohio in 2009, an investigation by The Associated Press has found.

But prosecutors in Ohio and Florida have declined to file charges against anyone who helped 16-year-old Rifqa Bary leave Columbus on a Greyhound bus and shelter her for two weeks in Orlando without notifying authorities went too far, according to police reports obtained by the AP through freedom of information requests.

The six include a Kansas City minister, a Columbus family friend, an Orlando pastor and his wife and two members of the pastor's church.

A lawyer for Rifqa, now an adult, says prosecutors made the right choice.

"They'd have a very difficult time with any of those charges, given that Rifqa would say she was in fear for her life, and so they acted in what they thought were in her best interests," said Kort Gatterdam, a Columbus attorney who has represented her in juvenile custody hearings.

The case of Rifqa Bary resonated nationally at a time of tense Muslim-Christian relations in the U.S. that included one pastor's threat to burn a copy of the Quran. One of Rifqa's primary supporters is a blogger who a year later led a campaign against the development of an Islamic center in New York City near ground zero.

Christians who supported Rifqa rallied outside the county courthouse during one hearing. Others said Rifqa was being manipulated by conservative Christians to flame anti-Muslim sentiments and they questioned her version of the events that led her to flee.

Rifqa, who lives out of state and isn't commenting, alleged she feared harm or even death from her father for converting to Christianity, a charge her parents adamantly denied — and which police could not corroborate — according to the documents reviewed by the AP. But documents did show evidence of deep family tension over her conversion, including a threat by the girl's mother that they might send her back to her native Sri Lanka.

One summer 2009 incident involving Rifqa's laptop, when her father confronted her about her Christian comments on Facebook, underscored the emotions of the case.

Mohamed Bary "picked up the laptop and he was about to beat me with it," Rifqa said in an interview with Columbus police and prosecutors. "And he said, 'Tell me the truth, I will kill you.'"

Mohamed Bary told Columbus and Florida police he was just trying to take the computer away.

"That's not my intention," he said, when asked if he planned to strike his daughter. "I wanted the laptop away and took it away from her."

Police who investigated Rifqa Bary's disappearance said it was alarming that adults helped an underage girl run away without alerting authorities.

"We're spending all sorts of time and effort and energy looking for a child who may be in danger, and had we had that information up front, we could have maybe gotten this thing resolved a lot quicker than we did," said Columbus detective Sgt. John Hurst.

When Rifqa ran away, she ended up at the nearby house of a school friend, where the friend's mother, Fanchon Nicole Hopson, let her stay briefly, then later moved her to a relative's home overnight to keep police from finding her, according to a Columbus police report obtained by the AP and interviews with Hurst.

Hopson told police she knew the girl was leaving but didn't know where she was going.

The day after Hopson took in Rifqa, Brian Williams, a Kansas City, Mo., pastor who had previously baptized Bary in Columbus, drove 11 hours to Columbus to take Bary to the Greyhound station, according to Hurst's investigation.

Hurst recommended Hopson and Williams be charged with interfering with a child's custody and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, both low-level felonies.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien declined to file charges in either case, basing his decision on "a combination of things," including difficulties re-interviewing Williams and Hopson.

Neither Williams nor Hopson returned phone and email messages and written letters seeking comment. In one interview with police, Williams, 26, told police, "We were just trying to make sure she was safe."

Hopson, 41, told police that she told Bary to call authorities. She also accused police of trying to create a case against her.

"There is no case to be built and I am a little bit aggravated," she told investigators.

Even more interesting, the Ohio police refused to press charges against her father for threats he made against others involved in the case, despite the fact that he is an illegal alien:

O'Brien also declined to file charges against Rifqa's father after one of Rifqa's court-ordered counselors said he'd threatened the counselor with comments made to another person. O'Brien said an investigation couldn't confirm the allegation.

As Rifqa prepared to leave Columbus, Facebook friends in Florida swung into action to help, records show.

On July 20, 2009, Blake Lorenz, the pastor of the Global Revolution Church in Orlando, and John Law, a church member, went to the Orlando bus station where Law used a false name to purchase a $191 bus ticket for Rifqa, paying cash and reserving it with the code name "Ezekiel," according to a charging affidavit prepared by Florida investigator David Lee, as well as interviews Lee conducted with Lorenz and Law.

Rifqa had met Lorenz' wife, Beverly Lorenz, through Facebook, and had sent her a message three days earlier asking for help.

Law told Florida investigators he felt that if there was someone in need and the issue was important to his pastor, "I'm going to help him."

Beverly Lorenz then gave the code word to Williams, who passed it on to Rifqa Bary, Lee's affidavit said.

After John Law and his wife, Wendy Law, picked Rifqa up at the Greyhound station, they took her to a Denny's restaurant, then dropped her off at the Lorenzes' house after midnight.

There, she found a bedroom that the Lorenzes had decorated for her, Rifqa told investigators.

Blake Lorenz said they acted out of fear the girl could be in danger.

"Bottom line is she's crying out for help, help me, save my life, I gotta get out of this community," he told Florida investigators. "And so we were like, well, we deal with helping people all the time in ministry, we'll help her."

Over the next few days, Blake Lorenz tried to find attorneys who would take the girl's case pro bono. He also called the Florida Department of Children but didn't provide Rifqa's name or location. Finally, on Aug. 5, Blake Lorenz reported Rifqa to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Orlando police took her into custody Aug. 7.

Orange and Osceola County State Attorney Lawson Lamar closed the case in Florida earlier this year, saying he couldn't establish the elements of the charges.

Reached for comment, John Law said he had things he could share about the case, but didn't comment further.

Shayan Elahi, an Orlando lawyer who has represented Rifqa's parents, said Lamar abused his prosecutor's discretion by not pressing charges.

Rifqa, who turned 18 last year, remains estranged from her parents and two brothers.

A Florida lawyer who represented the Lorenzes said Lamar's office did the right thing. Blake and Beverly Lorenz had a legitimate reason to believe Rifqa Bary was in fear of her life because she'd converted to Christianity, said Mat Staver, a lawyer and professor at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

Which leaves us with John Morton and the Obama Regime's administrative amnesty for potential crazed Muslim terrorists; Bary pere and mere are still roaming the United States openly and illegally.

Feel free to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations in Detroit or Homeland Security Investigations in Detroit and ask that Mohamed Bary be arrested and deported.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sound And Fury

Of the tens of thousands of employers in the United States, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has pledged to audit 1,000 businesses, looking for illegal aliens.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is launching a new round of worksite investigations, maintaining the pressure on businesses to make sure they are hiring only people who can legally work in the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Thursday it has notified 1,000 companies of upcoming audits of their I-9s, forms that new employees complete, and of the identification documents those employees provided to show they are eligible to work in the U.S.

"The inspections will touch on employers of all sizes and in every state in the nation - no one industry is being targeted nor is any one industry immune from scrutiny," ICE said in a statement. The agency declined to name the businesses to be inspected.

The latest round of audits will differ slightly from previous ones. Agents previously were told to audit a certain number each of small, medium and large businesses, said Dawn Lurie, who advises businesses on immigration compliance.But this time agents are being encouraged to investigate larger companies if that's where tips and leads are pointing them. A new Employment Compliance Inspection Center in the Washington suburb of Crystal City, Va., means they'll have more auditors and other resources for those larger investigations.

Audits are usually performed at the state in which a company is headquartered, but agents are being told they can audit other parts of the company if their records review shows there may be problems beyond the headquarters, Lurie said.

Lurie said the new focus for the audits is a sign that ICE is becoming more sophisticated in its worksite enforcement.

The Obama administration's worksite strategy differs from that of the Bush administration, which focused on high-profile raids that led to arrests of hundreds of workers at a single work site.

ICE still conducts raids, but they are smaller and less visible. The current administration also has been criticized for auditing mostly small businesses.

Lurie said she thinks the administration's audit tactic is having an effect.

"I do think businesses should be more frightened. Companies across the U.S. need to take compliance seriously. It's ridiculous to say you are not doing anything . we will wait until the federal government knocks at door," she said.

Companies can take small, inexpensive steps to help themselves, she said.

The administration has investigated records of such companies as Krispy Kreme and Abercrombie and Fitch. An immigration official has said such audits doubled in 2010 over 2008.

But critics say the administration's tactic isn't going far enough. At a recent House subcommittee hearing, Republican lawmakers suggested returning to raids and questioned whether more people not legally working could be detained and deported.

ICE assistant secretary Kumar Kibble told the House critics that the audits could not be assessed in a vacuum and are part of a larger enforcement strategy that helped bring about the record deportation of nearly 393,000 people last year, he said.

Kibble said that in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, ICE performed 2,746 worksite investigations, more than double the 1,191 two years earlier. It arrested 196 employers and fined employers nearly $7 million. That compares to fines of $675,209 in 2008.

Of course, this is all nonsense. ICE continues to recognize and support sanctuary cities such as San Francisco. I can guarantee with certainty that no hotel or restaurant in the City of San Francisco will be audited. Illegal aliens, with the support of ICE, have a sanctuary in San Francisco, as well as other cities in the Bay Area. San Francisco is filled with restaurants with a predominately illegal alien workforce and ICE will do nothing. They will also do nothing about the illegal aliens who dominate the workforce of San Francisco's hotel industry, even though those illegal aliens openly and flagrantly advertise their illegal status and openly strike their employers publicly. So arrogant are these illegals, that they allow themselves to arrested by the police for blocking the streets, but ICE does nothing.

The article claims that ICE uses all investigative methods to decide on their target. Why not call the ICE office in San Francisco and let them know that there employers of illegals in San Francisco:

Charles DeMore
Special Agent in Charge
630 Sansome Street, Room 890
San Francisco, CA 94111
Main (510) 267-3800
Fax (510) 267-3870

How The Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

And wants to solve the problem by administratively expediting more immigration. In the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Congress mandated that illegal aliens who apply for immigration benefits be barred from entering the U.S. as legal immigrants for 3, 5, or 10 years, as a penalty for their illegal presence. However, under the Bill Clintong, Jorge Bush, and Obama Regimes, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service and its successor, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, have been approving 75% of all applications for waiver of the bars to re-entry, effectively neutering the Act.

However that is not enough for the radical left. The minor hindrance that applying for a waiver of the bar and having the small risk of being held to the bar is too much. The 25% chance of a denial only discourages more illegals from taking advantage of the law. So the immigration bar and the radical left wants USCIS to centralize the adjudication of waivers in the name of efficiency, consistency and reduced processing times.

But what those words really mean is that denial rates are too high and it takes too long to approve an application. It is the same when they discuss the problems with asylum; differing approval rates, long waits and the hindering of claims by administrative hurdles. But what they don't mean is that approval rates should be normed to averaging out the result, much less norming out to a high level of denials, but consistently and quickly approving applications for waiver. Not surprising given that the MPI report was written by Doris Meissner, former Commissioner of the INS under Bill Clintong. Sabotaging the Act was her full time duty while Commissioner, and was notorious in the Service for various acts while Commissioner, including failing to fully implement expedited removal, remove aliens who became a public charge, and ended interior enforcement of immigration laws, effectively creating the sanctuary city movement by actively refusing to arrest illegals in any jurisdiction that declared any opposition to immigration enforcement.

But, the left is never satisfied. Even minor delays to immigration benefits for illegal aliens enrage her and the left. Requiring any alien to follow the law is a burden that she does not want placed on those aliens. And the program is to administratively overturn Acts of Congress, effectively creating an amnesty administratively. Bars to entry, quotas, etc., while created by Congress, are just to be ignored; all in the name of increasing the amount of immigration. It is lawlessness and an assault on the Constitution itself. If the Regime doesn't like the immigration policy set by Congress, they will just ignore it, waive it, end run it. Nothing will stop them from their goal, amnesty for all illegals, by hook or by crook.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Falling Down

Southland has given us a hate whitey episode. Failure Drill has a story line about an evil white murder shooting up a sweatshop filled with poor Mexican illegals. And of course we get the heroic black female cop who tricks the stupid white spree killer with a ringing cell phone, then gives him the El Presidente treatment. It is the liberal fantasy, evil white man murders minorities. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Minorities mostly murder whites.

Besides an obviously ludicrous method of shooting, one never shoots with both elbows bent, it is just a Hollywood creation to see whites spree killers murdering minorities. Most white spree or serial killers kill other whites. But those are few and far between, and are mostly postal workers. It is the same situation as the Gabriel Giffords shooting. When the news came out, leftists were salivating at the idea that it would be an evil white Christian heterosexual Republican. Instead it turned out to be an 9/11 truther, pothead, leftist, Jewish Satanist. That did not quite work out for the left, so we go back to the old canard of the crazed white racist. Well, in fact, fiction is always that, fiction, having no relation to reality.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gun Rights To Soon Get The Administrative Treatment

Just as the Obama Regime failed to get a legislative amnesty and then decided that it will manufacture its own administrative amnesty, gun rights will soon be getting the same lawless treatment. (h/t David Codrea)

WASHINGTON -- Faced with a Congress hostile to even slight restrictions of Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is exploring potential changes to gun laws that can be secured strictly through executive action, administration officials say.

The Department of Justice held the first in what is expected to be a series of meetings on Tuesday afternoon with a group of stakeholders in the ongoing gun-policy debates. Before the meeting, officials said part of the discussion was expected to center around the White House's options for shaping policy on its own or through its adjoining agencies and departments -- on issues ranging from beefing up background checks to encouraging better data-sharing.

Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are among a host of options that President Barack Obama and his advisers are considering. “The purpose of these discussions is to be a productive exchange of good ideas from folks across the spectrum,” one official said. “We think that’s a good place to start.”

Earlier in the day, House Democrats joined New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to offer another possible starting point, announcing legislation that would make fundamental changes to the nation’s gun background check system. Sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), a longtime gun control advocate, the bill mirrors one introduced last month by another New York Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer.

“Too often, any serious discussion about guns devolves into ideological arguments that have nothing to do with the real problem,” Bloomberg, a co-founder of the coalition Mayors Against Illegal Guns, told reporters at a press event outside the Capitol. “Our coalition strongly believes in the Second Amendment. We also know from experience that we can keep guns away from dangerous people without imposing burdens on law-abiding gun owners."

For gun control advocates, however, executive action remains a more promising -- albeit more limited -- vehicle for reform than Congress. On Monday, The Huffington Post first reported that the Justice Department was convening meetings with groups from across the ideological spectrum in an effort to chart potential policy changes to Second Amendment law.

The discussions were meant to build a broad coalition around the elements of reform Obama had outlined a day earlier in an op-ed for the Arizona Daily Star, including stronger state-to-state coordination, expedited background checks and greater enforcement of the laws already on the books, especially with regard to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Interestingly enough, Codrea appears to be a sellout on the immigration issue and the black/Hispanic support for both amnesty and gun control. He dishes out the Keith Oberdouche/Jay Nordlinger treatment to those he doesn't like. Perhaps he should realize that pandering to minorities will not save the 2nd Amendment from the President those same minorities voted for, 90+% for blacks and 60%+ for Hispanics. It appears that he will not be enjoying the administrative treatment headed for the 2nd Amendment, administered by the real racists in the Department of Justice and Eric Holder.