Thursday, March 17, 2011

Falling Down

Southland has given us a hate whitey episode. Failure Drill has a story line about an evil white murder shooting up a sweatshop filled with poor Mexican illegals. And of course we get the heroic black female cop who tricks the stupid white spree killer with a ringing cell phone, then gives him the El Presidente treatment. It is the liberal fantasy, evil white man murders minorities. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Minorities mostly murder whites.

Besides an obviously ludicrous method of shooting, one never shoots with both elbows bent, it is just a Hollywood creation to see whites spree killers murdering minorities. Most white spree or serial killers kill other whites. But those are few and far between, and are mostly postal workers. It is the same situation as the Gabriel Giffords shooting. When the news came out, leftists were salivating at the idea that it would be an evil white Christian heterosexual Republican. Instead it turned out to be an 9/11 truther, pothead, leftist, Jewish Satanist. That did not quite work out for the left, so we go back to the old canard of the crazed white racist. Well, in fact, fiction is always that, fiction, having no relation to reality.

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