Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naked Immigration

Despite the fact that the Chinese government and ruling Chinese Communist Party target the United States for all their wrath and envy, America is the land of opportunity, or flight, for China's naked officials. And, of course, all part of the above ground railroad, or airline, of illegal Chinese immigration to the United States.
Zhang Shuguang is a corrupt Chinese railroad bureaucrat. He runs a program that the Obama Regime and various communist run unions eye with envy. A "...$300 billion high-speed rail network covering 16,000 kilometers...and...state-of-the-art bullet trains..." And, like Russian oligarchs fleeing to the UK, the Chinese corruptocrats have their own preferred bolthole, the United States, more particilarly, California and the schools of the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley and Pennisula. Poorer illegal alien Chinese go to San Francisco and Lowell High School.
In terms of the money involved, Liu's case pales into insignificance in comparison with his protege - Chinese media estimate that Liu took up to 2.1 billion yuan in bribes. "The protege has outdone his master," as another Chinese proverb has it.
In a typical case of a "naked official", Zhang had already moved his wife, child and presumably a large portion of his ill-gotten gains to the United States some time ago. The term "naked official", coined by Chinese netizens, describes an official who gradually shifts his family and wealth overseas so he can flee the country at any time. It can be reasonably suspected that any naked official is a corrupt official. This is why the party ordered nationwide background checks to enure that "naked officials" did not take important posts. Regions like Shenzhen now demand all officials taking important posts to declare whether spouses or children have moved overseas.
How it usually happens is that wealthy Chinese now qualify for multiple entry B-1/B-2 visas, a tourist and business visa that allows the bearer the defacto ability to enter and leave the United States at will for the validity of the visa, usually ten years. Previously Red Chinese only received "one entry" visitor visas, restricted to either business, B-1, or tourism, B-2; visas with only six months validity. Basically, only groups of businessmen and the parents of legal immigrants were granted such visas. But since then, first the Bush Regime, then the Obama Regime, opened up China to the B-1/B-2 visa with ten year validity. Since then, illegal immigration from China has skyrocketed. Previously illegals from China had to pay snakeheads tens of thousands of dollars to be brought here, either up from Mexico or down from Canada, in the holds of cargo vessels or packed in shipping containers, or as a fraudulent hangerson in otherwise legitimate business groups. Expensive, dangerous, and liable to arrest.
But now, with the opening of the visitor's visa to China, various Chinese of all economic levels can easily enter the U.S. For corrupt bureaucrats, this was a windfall. They can use the visitor visas to send their wives and children to the U.S. where the children can easily enroll in public schools and their wives work illegally, or engage in various criminal enterprises to hide the ill-gotten gains from China. All due to treacherous politicians here and a culture of support of illegal immigration from local officials, like those in the Arizona education bureaucracy that are fighing a new law to identify illegal aliens in schools and shame ICE and DHS to enforcing the law against aliens unlawfully attending public schools. More than likely Zhang fils is safely ensconsed in a Silicon Valley public school, with, of course, Zhang pere paying no income or other taxes in California or the United States. And all official policy of the United States to ignore immigration enforcement, especially regarding students.

We are professional educators, not immigration agents. No act of the legislature will compel us to violate our professional ethics and standards by blurring that line. We cannot, therefore, comply with any law or regulation that asks us to participate in the criminalization of our students or community.
While Arizona teacher union thugs support illegal immigration, so does the San Francisco Unified School District as well, and is filled with illegal aliens from China, and even Chinese illegal aliens from Peru.

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