Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doing ICE's Job

Just as Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County is arresting more illegal aliens than ICE, it appears that the Obama Regime has so shackled the Border Patrol that Texas has had to deploy the Rangers and Troopers to stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling, mimicking the supposed responsibility of the Border Patrol. (h/t Streetsweeper Chronicles)

Investigative Discovery's new series, Texas Drug Wars shows that the Obama Regime has capitulated on border security with only 129 miles of the southern border secure and left the responsibility for the rest of the border to the individual states.

TEXAS DRUG WARS takes us into the rarely seen world of the Texas Rangers and other elite units of the Texas Department of Public Safety as they battle against violent Mexican drug cartels at the Rio Grande border.

In this episode from Discovery Channel, the Texas Department of Public Safety is on the border of the Rio Grande to battle the worst criminal elements the state has ever seen -- the new, improved and infinitely more violent Mexican drug cartels.

As calls come in about various drug runs, the air assault teams and ground units deploy to track down the smugglers. This cat and mouse game can involve police in high-speed chases, air assaults and even death. Nighttime only brings more danger as criminals hide in pitch-black cornfields where only high-tech infrared lights aid police.

If it weren’t for these Texas lawmen, millions of dollars of drugs would leak into the American countryside and the profits that do head back home, just make these violent cartels a much more weaponized and dangerous enemy.

While the Rangers and Troopers have stepped up while the Obama Regime has dropped the ball, even the Rangers are not enough to stop the millions who cross every year easily over the Rio Grande. The immigration bar is complaining that Obama is anti-immigrant for failing to openly declare an amnesty for illegals, but the Regime is doing everything in its power to impose a surreptitious administrative amnesty.

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