Monday, April 18, 2011

The Fix Is In Or Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers

John Morton, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has met will groups representing illegal aliens and has apparently promised to reign in the Detroit office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), a component of ICE charged with finding and removing illegal aliens.

Detroit— A top official for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement met Friday with local immigration reform activists and community leaders about complaints agents are "racially profiling" residents.

Community activist Angela Reyes said ICE Director John Morton promised to do a case-by-case and systemic review of the agency's enforcement policies.

Why, because that office is doing their job, arresting illegals. That is obviously unacceptable to the illegal aliens and their representatives. And John Morton agrees.

He also agreed to review ICE's own internal policies and complete the review in 30 days," she said during a news conference following the meeting, which included community and interfaith groups. The meeting with Morton, held at the Dearborn office of ACCESS, was closed to the media.

Morton was not available for comment, but a local ICE spokesman said the meeting went well.

"ICE Director John Morton had a productive conversation with community groups in the Detroit area, and he looks forward to continuing this open dialogue to address any concerns," said Khaalid Walls.

Agrees that illegals should not be arrested and should have been allowed to go on their merry way. There is no reason that Morton should be meeting with those representing the very criminals his agency is charged with identifying, arresting and deporting.

But, like the politicians in the area, Morton believes that illegal immigrants are just part of the community and the President's constituency.

Also Friday, Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, called for an investigation into allegations of constitutional and civil rights abuses by ICE agents in the Detroit field office.

"The allegations of abuse and legal violations raised by the Alliance for Immigrants Rights & Reform Michigan and media reports should be of concern to all Americans," said Conyers in a news statement.

The outrage is directed against recent enforcement actions that happened to be near a school, as if illegal aliens have the right not to be questioned and arrested.

The city's Hispanic community has lodged complaints recently about what they call ICE's aggressive enforcement tactics and point to a several incidents, including one March 31 when ICE agents allegedly stalked Hispanic immigrants as they dropped their children off at Hope of Academy on North Campbell near Michigan Avenue.

Isn't aggressiveness and successful arrests what we want from ICE? That is their job. If you don't want ICE out arresting illegal aliens, why have ICE at all? Perhaps John Morton should seek work elsewhere. It is clear that the mission of ICE is not to his liking.

And it appears from Morton's acquiescence to the "community" groups is a foretaste of what will come down the road soon: a slap on the wrist for the Field Office Director for ERO, reprimands for the on scene supervisors and a public apology and promise that ICE will not arrest illegal aliens in or about the sanctuaries for criminals that schools apparently are now.

Public pronouncements from the representatives of illegal aliens apparently has a promise that further enforcement action will be restricted and contained.

Ryan Bates, the director of the Alliance for Immigrant Rights, said Friday that the experiences point to an "abusive pattern" by ICE agents who don't always follow their agency's policies. Bates and others discussed with Morton a list of demands they would like to see ICE meet regarding enforcement.

"We maintain our demand for accountability for those responsible for the pervasive pattern of abuse exhibited by the Detroit Field Office," Bates said. "We look forward to the result of the review. Director Morton said he wants to build trust. Trust starts with accountability."

And by "accountability" they mean abject surrender. Something very likely given ICE's "priorities."

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