Sunday, April 17, 2011

Illegals From Brazil Insignificant?

Not quite. Some think that Brazil does not export significant numbers of illegal aliens to the United States. In fact, despite their relatively small numbers, the number of illegal and legal immigrants from Brazil is increasing exponentially each year. The criticism is that Brazilians are lazy in comparison to Salvadorans, Mexicans, Indians, and Koreans.

Well, Salvadorans are not known in California for working hard, except at crime. Salvadorans are the ones to beat in crime in LA. They aggressively displaced Mexican and Black gangbangers from the LA basin and expanded to the East Coast, running an open and unmolested criminal empire, safe from harassment from ICE, DEA, and FBI.

While Koreans work long hours at liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants, but don't work the demanding labor that Mexicans provide. While they are heavily welfare dependent, they do work hard in the illegal labor market.

Which brings us to Brazilians.

On the demand side, there isn’t a whole lot of demand for Brazilian immigrants in the rest of the world (other than as supermodels and soccer players) because most Brazilians don’t care all that much about education and don’t have a particularly strong work ethic. The idea of, say, working 14 hours per day owning a liquor store in South Central L.A. seemed like a good idea to a surprising number of South Koreans, but to very, very few Brazilians. The idea of working 14 hours per day as an intern in a Topeka hospital seems like a great idea to a lot of smart Indians, but smart, hardworking Brazilians don’t face all that much competition at home, so why leave?

Moreover, Brazil has its own technology/industrial center in the south (Embraer makes jetliners, for example), so bright, ambitious Brazilians can find work in their own country in their own language. If you want to live in a well-organized European-style city, a Brazilian can move to Curitiba or other places in the south of Brazil.

Finally, there’s the Rio factor. Does any city have a more spectacular setting? I recall sitting in a sidewalk cafe on the beach in Rio and looking four blocks inland where rock climbers were dangling 500 feet above traffic on a Yosemite-style cliff.

However, there are other large communities of Brazilians in the U.S. Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area besides the huge numbers in Massachusetts and other parts of the East Coast.

They have adopted the pizza restaurant business in San Francisco itself, and provide large amounts of illegal alien labor in the less demanding areas of the service industry, such as newspaper delivery in the un-unionized papers of the East Bay.

They have also, despite the fact that homosexuality is legal in Brazil, and quite open in places like Rio, developed a well oiled machine of political asylum based on homosexuality, transvestism and trans-sexuality.

Obviously, Brazilians, like Indonesians, provide fewer illegals than other countries. The main reason is that Brazil is further away than El Salvador and Mexico. That is the obvious. The less obvious is that Salvadorans have been exploiting the political asylum system for many years, since the 80s when they came as Communists and were not properly excluded from that system. Also, the more legal immigrants here, the more the legal immigrants here, the more illegals. The legals provide the infrastructure for their illegal brethren.

Furthermore, Indonesia is even further removed from the U.S. Inability to enter the U.S. by land is the major impediment to illegal immigration. Few countries are further removed than Indonesia. But, despite that, the Indonesian illegal community is actually quite large in the San Francisco area. Especially among the Indonesian Chinese Christian sub-community. Quite a few are coming illegally, then obtaining legal status through asylum. Interestingly enough they actually have a valid claim, as opposed to homosexuals and lesbians from Brazil, where the new President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, is widely believed to be a lesbian and homosexuality is both legal and widely practiced, especially in Rio. Interestingly enough, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Office, especially in the San Francisco District where Asylum Officers approve without any review said Brazilian applications, not even addressing the issue of change of residence from the less hospital areas to open and accepting areas like Rio. Even worse, Asylum Officers make no effort to even review claims of homosexual applicants. Most just make some generic claim of hostility or disapproval from society. Not quite the standard for asylum where one must be the actual victim of oppression, imprisonment and other legal liability. For Brazilian homosexuals, mere statements of disapproval from society suffice in the San Francisco District Asylum Office.

But, back to our lesbian President of Brazil, just take a look. Quite obvious. But, I digress.

While Brazilians and Indonesians, and Kenyans for that matter provide fewer illegals than Mexico, El Salvador, and India, but the reason there are so few is not because they are lazy, they certainly are compared to Mexicans, but because they are so far away and have so few others here to provide the support that illegals use. Indian illegals have increased 125% since 2000, increasing in proportion to legal Indian immigrants. The usual pattern.

So, just because a country provides fewer illegals than Mexico, or fewer in proportion than El Salvador, it does not mean that the numbers are insignificant or that Brazilians are lazier than Mexicans. Brazilians are quite adept at exploiting the welfare system. Though they are certainly lazier than Mexicans. But certainly not lazier than Salvadorans. That is not the reason there are fewer, it is just that getting from Brazil is more difficult.

And you don't have to be a hard worker to immigrate illegally, especially since the welfare benefits are quite generous to the new arrival. Hell, if our only problem was Mexicans providing stoop labor, then we would not have a real issue. It is the millions of immigrants, both legal and legal, regardless of how hard they work, who dominate our welfare system.


Christian Rosa said...

Work fewer than 14 hours a day means lazy? I would say no accepting to be a robot is more appropriated. Or maybe non hard-working, the europeans work at maximum 7 hours a day which is exactly the half. I am Brazillian and a bit concerned on illegals in US. I think other Brazillians (from lower economic levels) believe in US they can automatically increase their economic and social status in US easier than staying by here (in Brazil).

Anonymous said...

El Salvador and Brazil
Iv studied latin American history in university and you simply cannot compare these immigrant groups, first of all, trying to justify this "lazy brazilian" by belittling and pin it to Salvadorians is a cowardly act of frustration by your part. Salvadorian immigrants and lazyness does not reflect what statistics show. According to the Hispanic PEW, Salvadorian immigrants are THEE only group of immigrants overall in the United States who have a high rate of participation in the labor force, in the work force they are heavily concentrated in the construction area, higher than that of the overall population in the U.S. The gang crime problem in the ghettos does not reflect all Salvadorians just like the rampant gang crimes in the favelas does not reflect all brazilians either. Most importantly, El Salvador's histroy and Brazil's history is nothing alike. El Salvador went through a horrific civil war backed by the superpowers U.S.A and Russian, instantly turning El Salvador to the final Cold War battle ground between these two world superpowers in the beltic war, making El Salvador the site of the most terrible atrocities in the western hemisphere, forcing Salvadorians to exodus escape and flee these dystopian atmosphere and search for alternatives in the U.S. Now Brazil in the other hand has not had a war in recent times, and you cant compare riots in favelas in Brazil to 12 years of brutal war in El Salvador. Its the U.S's choice to give Salvadorians TPS, American politicians are interested to have Salvadorians in the U.S, otherwise they would of had taken TPS away from El Salvador citizens. The U.S has chosen Four countries of the world to be part of the growth partnership, and which latin American country was the only one to get chosen? EL SALVADOR. Despite its political and social problems, El Salvador stands beside the U.S.A as a friend and supported the U.S by sending Salvadorian Troops to Iraq Afghanistan and other countries, the only latin American country to do so. Thus the U.S has numerously praised El Salvador and its citizens, holding them in high regard. Recent Studies also show that Salvadorians are in the top people in the world to have positive views of the United States and its American citizens. I doubt Salvadorian Americans are communist. So why is the U.S interested in investing, compromising and giving Salvadorians more special treatment than brazilians? Well because U.S-Brazil relationship is nothing compared to U.S-El Salvador relationship which has a history. That is why the biggest U.S embassy in the world was first located in El Salvador, and that is why El Salvador is a U.S southcom military base. Brazilians who are in the U.S are those who can afford it, which are the white wealthy ones, where as the majority poor colored or black brazilians who live in the underclass favelas marginalized due to disgusting and sad racial class divisions creating crime and overwhelming prostitution are reasons why the U.S is not interested in brazilian immigrants. Stereotypes of brazilians such as lazyness, crime, violence and prostitution are further emphasized and vivified when in the news you see brazilian rioters,prostitutes suing the U.S government for being run over by American secret service car or news about brazilian men killing women, cutting them up and cooking human meat to sell man flesh burgers in the streets, or stories about brazilian men and women being sued over doing cheap unsanitary scat pornography, smearing their own feces for money or doing illegal bestiality or child porn instead of finding a decent job. The U.S does not want to compromise itself with those brazilian people, only with the Brazilian goverment and rich Brazilians to see what can be exploited in Brazil.