Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catch And Release Confirmed

As well as Shi'ite terrorists crossing from Mexico. (h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch) First, catch and release, even of possible terrorists:

HARLINGEN - A terrorist could be crossing the border right now.

Intelligence agents are focusing on that line between the U.S. and Mexico.

They are watching the people who come from India through the Valley.

The Indians say they're trying to escape persecution in their home country.

Political Science Professors across the country tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS there are several different groups in India.

Eighty percent of people who live there are Hindu, 12% are Muslim and just one percent are Sikhs.

Each group belongs to a different local and state political party, they all have violent struggles over their religious and political differences.

After being caught in the U.S. and taken to the detention center they are released many are taken to the Harlingen Bus Station.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS staked out the bus station to see, one night we saw a group of five Indian nationals, another night we saw a group of three, then a group of four. That's where CHANNEL 5 NEWS met Sandeep.

He tells us he's a political party worker from the province of Haryana, located halfway between Delhi and Punjab.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found a video on Youtube of a town in Haryana taken by a group called Video Volunteers.

Many of the people in the video were burned alive those who weren't able to flee the area.

As well as those involved in what is apparently child porn:

"They told me to come to the other party and I said no, I want to stay in my party. That's why they want to kill me," says Rakesh Kumar.

Border Patrol agents caught Rakesh Kumar coming into the country with a group of illegals from Central America. CHANNEL 5 NEWS talked to him at the Hidalgo County Jail.

He's facing pornography charges for bringing porn on a memory card. He's a Sikh from Punjab.

Prosecutors dropped all the charges against him.

Burhan Nomani represents illegals. He's an immigration lawyer in Houston.

Most of his clients are running from religious and political persecution.

The majority of those people are from the provinces of Punjab and Gujerat in India.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to professors from around the country who specialize in Indian studies. Some tell us the persecution is happening in small rural towns.

Others say Indians are leaving for economic reasons, not because they are persecuted.

60% of Indians earn less than a dollar a day.

Nomani meets the Indians after they end up in a federal detention center. He's represented more than 100 so far.

"I've seen them with broken arms, with burn marks, with cuts. I have seen videos my clients have brought me, people who were burned they put the gasoline on them and just burned them," he says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked for the numbers of Indian illegals detained in the last year from the U.S. Border Patrol.

During October and April of 2010, 730 Indians were caught. During the same time this year, more than 1100 have been captured. Nearly a 50 percent increase.

A CBP spokesman wouldn't tell us how the Indians are getting here. But the Indians would.

"The hotel people told us who to talk to to bring me here," says Sandeep.

Rakesh tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS a Guatemalan Taxi driver told him how to find a smuggler.

They got Visas at New Delhi Airport in India to get int Guatemala, smugglers drove and walked them into Mexico and then the United States.

Once in the U.S. they sometimes have friends come to pick them up. Others have to get outside help.

One businessman CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with says he picks up Indians from the bus depot almost every night after their lawyers or family call him.

He says he sees about 20 people a week, he helps them book trips out of the Valley and their immigration cases go with them.

The Indians exposed an entry into the United States that concerns Lawmakers.

And the Shi'ite terrorists:

They say radicals from terrorist countries are coming across the same way the indians did.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents say Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane is an Al Qaeda operative from Somalia.

He came into the U.S. through Brownsville to ask for Asylum.

Prosecutors charged him with lying on the asylum application and had him locked up for 10 years. He admitted to smuggling at least seven high level Al Qaeda terrorists into the U.S..

"After 9/11 it's always been a concern for us. They are going to use that as a route to get into the U.S.. It's harder to get in by airplane, to exploit it by land I think is a real possibility," says Congressman Michael McCaul from Austin.

Congressman McCaul says people like Dhkane are already in the U.S..

"The number of apprehensions of special interest aliens went up 37% last year. That's a pretty alarming statistic. We know groups like Hezbollah has a very heavy presence in Latin America and we have caught several operatives crossing into the U.S.," says McCaul.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked for specific information on who the Hezbollah operatives were and how they were caught. We were told that information was "law enforcement sensitive and couldn't be made public."

Sources deep undercover in Mexico tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS, Hezbollah operates safe houses all along the border. Their operatives are becoming part of the Shia Muslim communities along the Mexico side of the Border.

Professor Jeffrey Addicot is the director of the Terrorism Law Center at St. Mary's University in San Antonio.

He says right now there are terrorists living in the U.S. hiding in plain sight.

"We haven't had a 9/11 event that traced back to somebody coming across the southern border. Tragically that's what it's going to take in order for us to secure the border," he says.

Burhan Nomani says the government believes terrorists could easily walk among the legitimate asylum seekers. They won't be caught until they create chaos.

Despite that, the vast majority of Indians coming into the Valley are not terrorists. In fact, Immigration agents check backgrounds and connections of every detained person before they are released.

It appears that the Obama Regime is replicating the Bush Catch and Release policy. Interestingly enough it gives lie to the claim by John Morton that recent illegal entrants are held in custody and removed. Apparently not.

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