Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Complete, Total, Massive ICE Fail, Or Business As Usual

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that finding, removing, and prosecuting previously deported illegal aliens is one of their priorities. That is what they say. Actually, they don't care one bit about illegal aliens, much less previously deported illegal aliens. And another Houston police officer is dead because of useless ICE agents like samuri77, who posts comments on this blog about how great ICE is. (h/t Angry White Dude)

HOUSTON - HPD Seargent Joslyn Johnson knows what it's like to lose someone extremely close to her.

Johnson lost her husband - Houston police officer Rodney Johnson at the hands of an illegal. Back in 2006 officer Johnson was shot and killed while arresting a Mexican national on a traffic stop.

Johnson says, "it brought back all the emotions and all the similarities it's just so heartbreaking to keep seeing somebody have to keep going through that."

The weekend death of Officer Kevin Will has opened old wounds for Johnson. Prosecutors say the man responsible for hitting and killing the 38 year old cop was also illegal .

He's 26-year-old Johoan Rodriguez. He's charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, evading arrest, and possession of cocaine.

Investigators say officer Will was investigating an accident on north loop east early Sunday morning. That's when police say Rodriguez - three times the legal limit of drunk - ran through a road block. Prosecutors say officer Will was struck and killed...However, Will was able to save another person from Rodriguez's car.

FOX 26 News obtained federal court recorders dating back to 2005. They show Rodriguez was deported once but claimed he was from Houston and even had a Texas drivers license. He eventually pleaded guilty to entering the country illegally and paid a $10 fine. It's not clear if he was once again deported.

The death of officer Will has reignited the immigration debate in Houston. Members of the police officers' union say enough has not been done to address the problem in a place they a sanctuary city. Ray Hunt is vice president of the HPOU.

Hunt says, "people just want to keep kicking that can down the street but we keep having person after person killed at the hands of illegals and at some point we have to say enough is enough."

The illegal alien even had a MySpace page where he bragged about his illegal alien status and criminal activity.

Sources say Rodriguez has been in and out of the country since a small child. His MySpace page reflects a man cops call disturbed. He refers to women as the b word and gives instructions on how to get rid of a gun used in a crime.

In the meantime, officer Will's family asked for privacy. The officer leaves behind two young children and a wife who's six months pregnant. Johnson has this advice.

"She has to carry on because she can't just lay down and die she has to fight - that's what I been doing since my husband died," says Johnson.

So, how do you feel samuri77? How many more dead police officers, ICE agents, and Border Patrol Agents before you start doing your job? I'd ask you to send samuri77 a message, but he blocks his blogger profile.

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