Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enjoyed By Every Race

Except all races except white people. ESPN broadcast a public service announcement today during the Giants game hi-lighting Giants players from history. Of course the first three players were all black, Mays, McCovey and Bonds (no, not that Bonds). No individual white Giants players were shown except until the end of the PSA. The narrative of the PSA was that baseball, which has been berry, berry, good to me, is enjoyed by all races in San Francisco.

Obviously the creators of the PSA, probably some homosexuals from some PR firm, or homosexuals from New York where ESPN is located, had agenda about a rainbow flag and how we should all get along. However, watching the Giants team in the dugout and the fans in the stands seem to make it appear that baseball in the City is as white as a Netroots convention.

So, ESPN hates its predominately white viewers. This just proves that Michael Savage is correct when he calls organized sports entertainment just bread and circuses for the backwards baseball cap wearing white male designed to distract him from his disposition.

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