Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Is Why Brazilians Don't Get Visas

The Treason Lobby (Travel Agents Office) and Demoncrat politicians are complaining that not enough Brazilians, among others, are being issued tourist visas:

(Reuters) - The complicated U.S. visa system hurts tourism and must be reformed if the United States wants to attract lucrative tourism from countries like China, India and Brazil, travel industry officials said on Thursday.

The U.S. Travel Association announced a plan to help reform the visa process which it said could create 1.3 million U.S. jobs and add $859 billion to the U.S. economy by 2020 through increased overseas tourism.

"The challenge we have is the unnecessary, burdensome U.S. visa system," said USTA president Roger Dow. "It's really self-imposed barriers that we put on ourselves as a country that have caused us to lose international travel and that have stymied international growth."

Travellers have criticized the United States for long waits to get a visa and for a lack of access in some countries to U.S. consular offices. Some potential tourists have to travel across their country just for an interview for a visa.

Figures released by USTA show that while travel is the largest U.S. industry export sector, the United States has failed to keep pace with other parts of the world -- such as Western Europe -- as a travel destination in the past decade.

Looking specifically at growing economies like China, India and Brazil, global long-haul travel grew 140 percent from 2000 to 2010 and is projected to double again over the next decade.

But only a fraction of that travel -- and the billions of dollars in revenue it creates -- went to the United States.

In 2010 more than half the Brazilians travelling overseas went to Europe while 29 percent went to the United States. Nearly three times as many Chinese -- who spend the most on average while overseas -- chose Europe over the United States.

Top reasons for not visiting the United States were the visa process and strict security measures, the association said, referring to 2010 travellers' surveys.

The U.S. visa process from beginning to end can take as long as 145 days in Brazil and 120 days in China, a USTA report said. In contrast, Britain takes an average of 12 days to process visas in Brazil and 11 days in China.


While the United States is the most frequently cited "dream destination" for Chinese tourists, France had 18 percent more Chinese visitors last year, a USTA report said. It said France's visa application process is more efficient.

"These are some of the fastest growing economies in the world," said Dow. "Shouldn't we be getting those people coming to the United States?"

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat who chairs a subcommittee focused on export promotion and competitiveness, said the travel industry was important to help President Barack Obama meet his stated goal of doubling exports by 2014.

"We see it as part of our economic recovery. I see this as a way to get jobs in our country," Klobuchar said.

"Since 9/11 we have lost 20 percent of the international tourism market," she said. "Obviously after 9/11 there were changes that had to be made to our security measures. Now we've made those changes and we have to look at how can we make this more efficient, still keeping the security in place."

Klobuchar supported the recommendations of the U.S. Travel Association report which urged the State Department to hire more consular officers and reduce visa interview wait times to 10 days or less. It also proposed expanding the number of countries in the visa waiver program, which allows citizens of 36 nations to travel for up to 90 days without a visa.

What is unmentioned in the article is that Brazilians, among others like the Chinese, only use tourist visas in order to enter the United States. They usually don't end up leaving. A tourist visa is what they use to get here and live illegally. Now a tourist would not be concerned about delays in or the actual issuance of a visa. The only person to be concerned is an intending illegal immigrant, of which Brazil continues to supply more and more illegal aliens.

Just check this out:

(06-12) 17:35 PDT TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Mexico (AP) --

Mexican police on Sunday discovered 210 dehydrated mainly Central and South American migrants crammed into a truck near the country's southern border, an immigration official said.

The migrants were found when the truck was searched at a highway checkpoint, said the immigration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk on the record.

Police detained the truck's driver and his assistant, both of whom will be transferred to a maximum-security prison, the official said.

The migrants were mainly from Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, but also from India. They were packed so tightly into the truck that they had to remain standing, official said.

The official said the migrants had not eaten in 24 hours and were being given food and water. They are being held at a Chiapas federal police station awaiting deportation.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants cross Mexico's southern border on their way to the United States. They are often smuggled in brutal conditions, packed tightly inside tractor trailers on long journeys. They are subject to robbery and kidnapping along the way.

Loa, a 23-year-old from El Salvador, was among the migrants detained Sunday. He was prohibited by immigration authorities from giving his last name.

Visibly haggard, Loa was buying a meat-filled sandwich passed to him through prison bars from a street vendor.

"It was very hot and we had no water," he told The Associated Press about his trek, which began Friday. His plan had been to reach Los Angeles.

The United Nations estimates that smuggling migrants into the United States is a $6.6 billion business annually. That doesn't include another $1 billion paid by thousands of non-Mexicans to cross from Guatemala into Mexico and then travel north toward the U.S. border, according to a 2010 U.N. report on transnational crime.

In May, 513 people were apprehended in two trailers in Chiapas, bordering Guatemala. They represented a cargo worth at least $3.5 million. Another trailer filled with 219 people was discovered in January.

William, 43, one of the 210 migrants picked up Sunday, said he paid $3,000 to smugglers to truck him from Guatemala to the United States to work. He knew that once he was caught there would be no refund.

"There's no work back home," said William, who would not reveal his last name.

The truck was traveling on a highway bordering Veracruz state when it was stopped by authorities.

And this:

A Brazilian national who lives in Shrewsbury is accused of running an illegal scheme to smuggle fellow countrymen to the United States, sometimes charging in excess of $10,000 to help them obtain seasonal work visas through two Massachusetts landscaping companies.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz’s office has charged Marcio Freitas, a 44-year-old married father of three, with conspiracy to commit visa fraud starting in 2003, when he allegedly began asking his employer, Hester Landscape of Northborough, to petition the US consulate in Brazil for temporary visas, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in US District Court in Worcester yesterday.

Now, those coming to spend their tourist dollars at Mount Rushmore and the beach don't pay smugglers to bring them in, only those who want to live here illegally do that. And not issuing them tourist visas is a good way to keep them out.


Anonymous said...

the same for yankees that need visa to visit Brazil they must to go to brazilian embassy with many documents to get one if they get one (that isnt easy`) after they arrived in Brazilians airports brazilian federal police take pictures of only north american travelers (humilation)after that yankees maybe can enter in Brazil !while europeans,south americans and new zealands can enter in Brazil with waive visa!

Anonymous said...

Federale said...

That is because Brazilians have a typical inferiority complex regarding the United States. The only Americans who go to Brazil are tourists. There are no illegal alien Americans in Brazil, except for criminals, whom Brazil welcomes. Brazil is the choice destination for criminals from the west because Brazil refuses to deport them.

Oh, and work on your English moron.

And the reason Brazil sends so many illegal aliens to America? Because Brazil is a hopelessly impoverished AIDS ridden country with no future.

And the Germans will crush Brazil again in the World Cup.