Friday, July 1, 2011

ICE: Missing in Action XIII

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has failed again in attending to its self-proclaimed priorities of targeting crime and fraud by aliens. This time a completely fraudulent asylum claim was approved and the applicant was able to obtain legal permanent residency and American citizenship as a result of that application and the applicant went on to be intimately involved in drug dealing and money laundering.

In an application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal dated I)eccmber 30, 2004, the complainant provided the United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service with factual information about herself, her background and her experiences in her home country of Guinea. This information was in the form of a written statement attached to her application, and was submitted as a basis for her request for asylum. In her application, she certified under penalty of perjury that her written statement was true. In substance, the complainant's statement claimed that she and her husband had been persecuted and harassed by the dictatorial regime that was then in power in Guinea. Among other things, the complainant stated that the home that she shared with her husband was destroyed by police and soldiers acting on behalf of the regime, and that she and her husband were beaten by them. When her husband attempted to return to what was left of their home the next day, she stated that he was again beaten, arrested and imprisoned by police and soldiers. She stated that she also was beaten when she attempted to come to her husband's aid. In her statement, she attributed the beatings to the couple's opposition to the regime. She stated that during her husband's incarceration, he was tortured, deprived of medical treatment and eventually died as a result of his maltreatment. FoIlowing his death, according to her, she began to denounce the regime and finally fled the country in fear of her life, entering the United States in January 2004 to seek refuge (she has told prosecutors that she used a fraudulent visa). She repeated these facts orally during the course of her asylum application process.

In interviews in connection with the investigation of this case, the complainant admitted that the above factual information, which she provided in connection with her asylum application, was false. She stated that she fabricated the statement with the assistance of a male who provided her with a cassette recording of the facts contained in the statement that she eventually submitted. She memorized these facts by listening to the recording repeatedly. In several interviews with prosecutors, she reiterated these falsehoods when questioned about her history and background, and stated that she did so in order to remain consistent with the statement that she had submitted as part of her application. Additionally, in two separate interviews with assistant district attorneys assigned to the case, the complainant stated that she had been the victim of a gang rape in the past in her native country and provided details of the attack. During both of these interviews, the victim cried and appeared to be markedly distraught when recounting the incident. In subsequent interviews, she admitted that the gang rape had never occurred. Instead, she stated that she had lied about its occurrence and fabricated the details, and that this false incident was part of the narrative that she had been directed to memorize as part of her asylum application process. Presently, the complainant states that she would testify that she was raped in the past in her native country but in an incident different than the one that she described during initial interviews.

The alien in question is, of course, the accuser of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She and apparently her husband, obtained asylum in the normal manner, by fraud. And this alien did not stop with her contempt for the United States, our immigration laws, and to USCIS and ICE. She immediately launched a career in drug dealing and money laundering after arriving. And it appears that while ICE and John Morton were not doing their job, the New York City Department of Corrections was doing their's by closely monitoring the telephone conversations of an illegal alien drug dealer.

French political heavyweight Dominique Strauss-Kahn will walk out of a Manhattan courthouse without bail Friday as sources say the sexual assault case against him is collapsing.

The 62-year-old Frenchman will be freed from his house arrest in a pricey lower Manhattan apartment, and his $1 million cash bail and $5 million bond returned under a deal with prosecutors, according to Bloomberg News.

The prosecution of Strauss-Kahn is in jeopardy of falling apart because the hotel maid who accused him was caught in a web of lies, sources said.

The Bronx chambermaid's credibility crumbled as investigators linked her to a network of crooks and found that she had multiple bank accounts stuffed with a total of almost $100,000 in dirty cash, sources said Thursday night.

Prosecutors now believe there was little truth in anything the native of Guinea native told them since the NYPD yanked the one-time contender for the French presidency off a plane at Kennedy Airport on May 14, the sources said.

A horde of media joined the simply curious outside the courthouse where Strauss-Kahn was due at 11:30 a.m.

"I hope he will not be guilty for the image of France," said French tourist Jean Mark Beauchet, 62. "It changed the political scenario in France. He would have won the election."

A phalanx of photographers lined either side of the courthouse entrance awaiting Strauss-Kahn, who will make the short ride to court from the Tribeca townhouse where he was held under armed guard.

Strauss-Kahn has reason for optimism: There even appears to be a smoking gun exposing his accuser.

Less than a day after Strauss-Kahn's arrest, the woman had a telephone conversation with an incarcerated "high-end, profitable drug dealer," said one source with knowledge of the imperiled case.

During the jailhouse chat, the maid discussed how she could cash in by accusing the political and financial titan. The damning talk was caught on tape.

"The DA's office has concluded she materially misled the grand jury," said a source close to the case. "The case has gone to hell. It's a wreck."

A perjury charge against the accuser is a possibility - but what actually happened in the hotel room may forver remain a he-said-she-said, the sources said.

Prosecutors were expected Friday to give the judge a letter outlining "four to five" different examples of credibility issues on the maid's part, a law-enforcement source said.

"The end is going to be soon - whether it's this week or next week, the case is not sustainable," the source said.

Prosecutors still believe Strauss-Kahn and the accuser had a sexual encounter - possibly even one of a forcible nature, a police source said. But the maid's shattered credibility makes even a misdemeanor charge against him seem like a tough sell.

The stunning revelation, first reported Thursday by the New York Times, is a major blow to the NYPD and first-term Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. DA's office.

It will also inevitably fuel pre-existing speculation that Strauss-Kahn was set up by political enemies - claims prosecutors have previously said are without merit.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, the department's top spokesman, declined comment. A spokesman for the DA's office also refused comment.

The well-placed source said the NYPD rushed to judgment after it learned Strauss-Kahn, 62, was headed to the airport to catch a Paris-bound flight after allegedly fondling the maid at his $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel hotel near Times Square. France does not have an extradition policy with the United States.

"They jumped the gun here because he was getting on a plane," the source said. "That is the explanation."

From the moment the criminal charges made headlines, Strauss-Kahn's legal team beat the bushes, sources said. They learned that she told investigators that her application for asylum included a previous rape - but the papers held no such claim, another cop source said.

The defense team also learned she was paying hundreds of bucks a month for several phone bills, but told authorities she had only one phone, that source said.

In late May, Strauss-Kahn's lawyers sent a letter to prosecutors saying they had evidence that shot holes in the case. Prosecutors fired back telling them to turn over the goods, the sources said.

Prosecutors have scoffed at the notion Strauss-Kahn's defense team spoon-fed them info about the maid's shady background, sources said.

Defense lawyers "knew by the second or third day she was not who she claimed to be," one source said.

The maid had a jailhouse chat with a man who had been busted with more than 400 pounds of marijuana, the sources said. He and a handful of others had made several cash deposits - adding up to about $100,000 - into "sophisticated bank accounts" set up for the maid.

The maid has told authorities she knew little about the big-money deposits, the sources said.

"She's complicit in those activities," the source said. "She's a rainmaker. She's in with a crew that makes illegal money."

There we have it, aliens free to engage in longstanding conspiracies to deal drugs and launder their drug profits, all under the nose of John Morton and ICE.

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