Sunday, September 18, 2011

Islam Is Islam, And That Is That

Words of wisdom from Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey. Spencer Ackerman and Joe Lieberman seem to disagree. They think there are peaceful manifestations of Islam. Well, there are Muslims who don't practice their religion to varying degrees, but Islam is Islam; vile, warlike, dangerous, hateful, and bigoted against whites, Christians and Western Civilization.

However there has been much ado about recent FBI training that exposes Islam for what it is, Islam. The Danger Blog in particular is waging jihad against some who agree with Islamic scholars and political leaders like Erdogan who accept Islam for what it is; A warlike religion opposed to Christendom. And doing so violently.

Unlike DHS which views the threat to America as coming from white, Christian, heterosexual, gun owning veterans, the FBI has been ignoring PC and providing accurate information about Islam to its agents. That, of course, is unacceptable to the left, as Islam is a religion of peace.

And, in accordance with the Obama Alynski playbook, they single out a single person for demonization, William Gawthrop, for daring to disagree with the Religion of Peace meme. More fascinating though is that apparently FBI training is supposed to be vetted by Muslim scholars before use.

It is unclear what vetting process the FBI used to approve these briefings; if any Muslim scholars contributed to them; and what criteria Quantico uses to determine Islamic expertise. “The development of effective training is a constantly evolving process,” says FBI spokesman Allen. “Sometimes the training is adapted for long-term use. This particular training segment was delivered a single time and not used since.”

Well, the FBI does not use Mafia attorneys to vet its organized crime training either. And wisely so, because just as so-called Italian-American groups denied the existence of the Mafia, and communist front groups denied that there was Soviet subversion in the U.S., Islamists deny that there is any radicalization problem among American Muslims, but Major Nidal Hassan, the Times Square Bomber, Najibullah Zazi, and the Arkansas Recruiter Shooter are just a few of the local Muslims that became radicalized by becoming more devout. The FBI training is not as Ackerman claims playing into the hand of Al Queda, but accurately describing the process of radicalization and its connection to the very nature of Islam. The more Muslim a Muslim, the more danger that Muslim presents to America.

It is noted though that Ackerman and Lieberman are ignoring the obvious, the Muslim scholar Erdogan is quite certain that his Islam is the same as that of Hassan Al Banna, and Nidal Hassan.


Crusader said...

Good for anyone in law enforcement who looks at facts, and not PC doctrine. It is beyond ridiculous to consider libertarians or fundamentalist Christians as more dangerous to national security. There are too many people in government who are simply dangerously naive.

Federale said...