Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neo-Cons Double Down On Illegal Immigration

Roger Simon, neo-con extraodinaire from La-La land has decided that a republican form of representative government is unacceptable to him and other of our lairds and masters. Apparently the decisions by our representatives acting collectively in an Act of Congress is irrelevant when it comes to the entente cordiale between the neo-con ultra-rich and their illegal alien peons:

PJMedia November 29, 2011 Roger L. Simon

Sowell lost me right there. What “American people” is he talking about? As a forty-year resident of Southern California, I can attest… indeed would even swear on the proverbial dead grandmother… that the vast majority of the middle and upper middle classes of my state — Democrat, Republican, or independent — have been knowingly employing illegal aliens for decades. They may have felt guilty or ambivalent about it, but they voluntarily used illegal aliens to build their houses, pick their fruit, mow their lawns, wash their laundry, babysit their kids, etc., etc.

Until relatively recently, when the economy went sour, everyone I knew employed illegal aliens one time or another, except for those who planned on running for office. (And many of them, as it has turned out, did too.)

So Sowell is asking us to believe in some mythological “American people.” In the real world it was something else again. There was an entente cordiale between the illegal aliens and those that employed them. It was all a big wink.

Just as the Obama Regime has nothing but contempt for the Constitution, so does Simon and his fellow criminals. Laws are for the petty folk, those yokels who can't afford servants. Americans express their collective decision making power through our national legislature, created by the Constitution. That is the American people expressing themselves. We are not a myth. I wonder what Simon would say if some said the "Jewish people" were a myth? He would blow a gasket. I bet if someone said "Hispanic people" were a myth, he would blow a gasket. As a matter of fact he endorses the existence of the "Latino people:"

And this is without even going near another obvious truth — that a Republican proposal to deport eleven million illegal aliens would throw the entire Latino vote to Obama, virtually reassuring his reelection.

So, not only does Simon have contempt for the American people and our Constitution, but he is a racist, allowing for "Latino" people and vote, but not for American people, by which he clearly means white law abiding Christian hard working lower and middle class people.

Oh, and would someone point out to this moron that the "Latino" vote is already in Obama's pocket?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leftist Reporters And Chekists Unite

To lie about Alabama's immigration law and the Constitution. In another attack on Alabama's immigration law, a Politico "reporter" conspires with Tom Perez and Tony West of the Department of Justice to spread lies about the law.

First the Chinese reporter, Tim Mak, who has just a little of teh ghey about him, not that there is anything wrong with that...

Politico November 28, 2011 Tim Mak

Two top Justice Department officials traveled to Alabama on Monday to gather information on the impact of the state’s controversial immigration law and said they are concerned the toughest-in-the-nation crackdown has run afoul of federal rights.

“The more we hear, the more we are concerned about the impact of Alabama’s immigration law on a wide range of federal rights,” said Tom Perez, who heads the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general, at a press conference in Birmingham, Ala.

But first, what is with Politico's style book? Who abbreviates the States with three letter and a period? WTF? Why isn't Politico using the standard Post Office abbreviations?

But back to the lies:

As written, the laws’ provisions allow police officers to arrest anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant during routine traffic stops, make it a crime to transport an illegal immigrant and require schools to report on the immigration status of its students.

In fact, there is nothing in the law that allows Alabama law enforcement officers, which, Tim Mak, includes Troopers from the Department of Public Saftey, Highway Patrol, sheriff's deputies, and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation Special Agents, not just "police officers." The law states that persons who are found to be driving without a driver's license are no longer permitted to be cited and released with a notice to appear before a magistrate, but are required to be taken into custody and brought before a magistrate. Previously those who found to be driving without a license were given what is commonly called a ticket and sent on their way. This was good for illegal aliens, who could give any name and address and not have to worry about appearing or paying the citation. Now illegals are out of luck in Sweet Home Alabama. And that is Politico's, Mak's, West's, and Perez' concern.

Law enforcement officers may also now make probable cause arrests of persons for being aliens unlawfully present. Now I am cetain that Mak knows nothing about Alabama's law and he also knows nothing about criminal law. Law enforcement is not permited to make any arrest based on mere "suspicion." Law enforcement officers must have either probable cause or a warrant to make an arrest. Nothing the Alabama H.R. 56 says anything different. But Mak and Politico have an agenda and that is a deliberate campaign of lies about the law designed to frighten Americans and present them with some sort of Cheka arresting people willy nilly. Of course, what the radical left projects on its enemies is most often the truth about them. And not surprising coming from a most likely Chinese immigrant well aquainted with the MSS.

UPDATE: Mak is from Vancouver, Canada, a Chinese colony for the most part, and not very loyal to Canada or America. (Muchos gracias for the correction from VDare editors.)

Now establishing probable cause for driving without a license is quite easy to establish, being an alien unlawfully present a little harder. But since establishing probable cause in the driving w/o offense, it has become the dagger aimed at the heart of illegal aliens in Alabama and that is why Politico and Mak are on the warpath against this minor change in Alabama law. And also the section of the law most clearly in the pervue of a State. It does not touch on immigration directly, but does get an illegal alien in the Secure Communities net, as it is now a mandatory arrest offense, not a cite and release infraction. That is why Mak and Politico are lying about it.

Now to the Checkists at the DOJ. Perez has been a common theme here, but West is a less visible Checkist. But he is just as much a petty tyrant and a liar.

Tony West, who is leading the federal government’s legal case, said that the Alabama laws fail the same test as similar strict immigration regulations in Arizona, South Carolina and Utah.

“They fail to recognize the primacy of the federal government to regulate immigration, and they all attempt to replace Congressionally-enacted immigration laws and federal policies with state immigration laws,” said West.

West added that the patchwork approach to immigration policy only drew resources from the federal government’s priority of targeting dangerous and criminal illegal immigrants.

“A state by state approach, with each state adopting its own version of immigration regulation, a version that is inconsistent with other states and at odds with the federal government - that only makes our immigration problem worse,” he said. “It makes it harder for us to focus limited resources on federal immigration priorities, like criminal aliens who pose a threat to national security or public safety.”

The lie is that Alabama H.R. 56 is at odds with Federal law. Nothing in the Alabama statute, or the Arizona statute, are at odds with Federal law. Both support and work with Federal law, as opposed to the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, itself an open assault on the Constitution where the Regime is thwarting Acts of Congress. What the Regime objects to is the assistance the State of Alabama is giving to the discovery and arrest of illegal aliens, most of whom will come to DHS' attention because of Secure Communities. Once arrested and processed for driving without a license, the illegal aliens become a political liability for the Regime. What they fear is the illegl aliens that are released that end up as serial killers, DUI killers, or terrorists. In fact it is not the States that are replacing "Congressionally-enacted immigration laws" but the Regime that is replacing said laws with a policy that usurps those laws. So, it is the same story, what the left accuses others of, is in fact what they are guilty of.

Nothing To See Here

At least not a hate crime. A criminal of color ran down a white man on Thanksgiving day. Of course the press says nothing about the racist nature of this crime. The press is harping on the fact that the victim is a part-time firefighter, which is itself a code for white man as there are not many firefighters, especially those who do wildfire fighting, who are of color.

San Francisco Chronicle November 28, 2011 Michael Cabanatuan

San Francisco police released a videotape Sunday of the man who deliberately ran over a state firefighter at a Geary Boulevard gas station on Thanksgiving Day...

The seasonal firefighter for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, whose name was not released, suffered life threatening injuries when he was intentionally struck by a car at 2:45 a.m. Nov. 24 on Ninth Avenue and Geary Boulevard, police said.

The victim and suspect had gotten into a fight inside a restaurant at 11th Avenue and Geary Boulevard just before the incident, police said. The two were eventually separated, and both left the restaurant. The victim walked to a gas station at 11th Ave., and the suspect was seen getting into a black Mazda CX sport utility vehicle with 12-spoke sports rims, driving into the gas station and intentionally running over the victim, police said. He then fled the scene...

The suspect was described as a mixed race or Latino male, 18 to 24 years old, with short black hair and a manicured beard.

Thomas Perez is apparently unconcerned about this hate crime. One wonders why...Not really. We know why Perez and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is unconcerned about crimes directed against white people. For one he is too busy investigating the State of Alabama for assisting in arresting illegal aliens.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nail In The Coffin

Of the conspiracy theory in the shooting of Jose Guerena. In what was to be a hit piece on the Pima County Sheriff's Office instead puts to rest the myth that Guerena was some innocent mistakenly killed.

Yahoo News AP November 27, 2011 Amanda Lee Myers

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Jose Guerena Ortiz was sleeping after an exhausting 12-hour night shift at a copper mine. His wife, Vanessa, had begun breakfast. Their 4-year-old son, Joel, asked to watch cartoons.

An ordinary morning was unfolding in the middle-class Tucson neighborhood — until an armored vehicle pulled into the family's driveway and men wearing heavy body armor and helmets climbed out, weapons ready.

Quite a dramatic intro the Guerena shooting. But the real fireworks follow:

They were a sheriff's department SWAT team who had come to execute a search warrant. But Vanessa Guerena insisted she had no idea, when she heard a "boom" and saw a dark-suited man pass by a window, that it was police outside her home. She shook her husband awake and told him someone was firing a gun outside.

A dark-suited man...are we talking a Man in Black here? We don't know, but what we do know is that the police officers and sheriff's deputies at Guerena household that day were not "dark-suited." They were wearing standard tactical uniform for law enforcement in the area, a light olive drab, closer to a light or medium green. Nothing of that uniform says "dark-suited."

Also of interest is the "boom." What boom. Go to the video. The closest thing to a "boom" is the sound the ram made on the Guerena front door. A noise that was preceeded by a siren from a police car, an announcement from the SWAT team that it was the "Police" with a "Search Warrant." None of that sounds like a "boom." But what it does sound like is the last nail in the coffin of the Guerena myth.

But just in case that was enough, here the nail in the coffin of Guerena "model citizen" myth:

A shotgun found in the home was reported stolen in Tucson in 2008.

In the affidavit, sheriff's Detective Alex Tisch laid out the case against Guerena's family. It details two instances of drug seizures, one in April 2009 in which Jose Guerena was found in a home with other people who had just dropped off 1,000 pounds of marijuana at a separate residence, and another in October 2009 in which a man who had met with Guerena's brother was found with drugs and weapons.

How does an innocent man become involved in two drug seizures. Hardly the behavior of a upstanding former Marine and hard working family man.

It looks like Jose Guerena is just another Erik Scott. Remember kids, drugs kill and the life lost might be your own.

Mixed Messages?

One could say this a WTF moment. But it is part of a quote from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services bureaucrat. The mixed message being that some parts of the U.S. government deport illegal aliens, other parts give them benefits. Specifically John Kramer, District Director, Phoenix District Office, Phoenix, AZ, does not like deporting illegals. He finds deporting illegals distasteful.

The Arizona Republic November 28, 2011 Daniel Gonzalez (no suprises here)

A new federal office in Phoenix provides green cards and similar services without the presence of immigration-enforcement operations, eliminating what officials say had been an uncomfortable atmosphere for legal immigrants.

The Department of Homeland Security has been slowly opening such stand-alone immigration offices since 2003, when the former Immigration and Naturalization Service was dissolved. The services and enforcement duties of the former INS were divided into separate agencies, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency now responsible for processing immigration applications for green cards and naturalization, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency responsible for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants.

Because of the divergent missions, housing the two agencies in the same building creates an awkward atmosphere and sends a "mixed message," said John Kramar, a CIS district director...

"There will be no confusion in this location," said Kramar, standing outside the 50,000-square-foot immigration office.

The benefits of the new office go beyond separating immigration services from immigration enforcement.

More evidence of the attitude of USCIS to enforcement and fraud detection. They want to give out benefits, not protect America. Of course there are no real benefits to separating immigration services. What it does is discourage immigration enforcement. In fact, much fraud exists in immigration benefits, and separating benefits from enforcement discourages USCIS officers from finding and reporting fraud. It also gives a free pass to illegal aliens and fraud perpetrators who in the legacy INS days were quickly arrested when they attempted to obtain immigration benefits. Adjudicators of immigration benefits only had to make a quick telephone call to other officers in the same building to come and arrest illegals and frausters.

Now, under the new Regime, there is no downside to fraud. If you get denied, no worries because there is no enforcement or arrests at USCIS offices.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Illegal Aliens Challenge The Obama Regime

The charade of the Obama Regime enforcement strategy and administrative amnesty for illegal aliens is again being challenged. But not by RINOs, who apparently have come to terms with it. It is again being challenged by the radical left. But perhaps challenge is too strong a word. More accurately it is part of the kabuki theater between the Regime and the left opposition. Not that the Regime will be putting an ice ax in the heads of its left wing opponents. But it is managing the crisis much like Stalin, giving it cover to move further left, implementing and expanding the amnesty.

But back to the story. Two Mexican illegal aliens purposely had themselves arrested. They turned themselves in to a Border Patrol station in Alabama. At first one would think that these two clowns are the perfect immigrant to deport, not too bright. But there is a method to their madness.

The Washington Examiner November 26, 2011 Jay Reeves

Two men visiting Alabama to protest the state's tough new law on illegal immigration walked into a U.S. Border Patrol office and said they were in the country illegally, resulting in their arrest. They remain in federal custody more than two weeks later awaiting deportation proceedings.

And abject embarrassment from the Border Patrol for arresting two illegals.

Border Patrol officials said they were only doing their job in arresting Isaac Barrera, 20, and Jonathan Perez, 24, Mexican men who lived in California before coming to Alabama to demonstrate against the state law.

"We'd be violating the law if we didn't," said Randall Baldwin, an assistant chief in the New Orleans office.

But activists are trying to use the cases of Barrera and Perez to highlight what they say are unjust immigration practices at the federal level as demonstrations and lawsuits continue over the state's controversial crackdown.

And yes they are. Two potential beneficiaries of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, these two DREAMsters are the perfect candidate for the administrative amnesty. Young, been here years, probably high school graduates. Like Rosa Parks sitting on a bus, these two are a deliberate challenge to the Obama Regime, which will have to decide whether to go left and release them, or make an example of them for the upcoming Presidential contest. We will learn much about the regime when that decision is made. Most likely they will soon be released. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Amateurs Allowed

Again, people who know nothing about immigration should be allowed to comment, much less opine on the facts behind immigration policy. This is proved once again by Andrew McCarthy's endorsement of the Gingrich Amnesty, very much the same as the current Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

National Review Online November 23, 2011

All he said was, “Let’s be humane in enforcing the law.” That was my reaction last night when Newt Gingrich argued that the federal government should refrain from deporting illegal immigrants who had been in the U.S. for many years if the effect would be the break up of a family.

I did not take him to be proposing a new law conferring amnesty. To do what the former Speaker proposed would require no change in U.S. law. All you’d need is the sensible application of prosecutorial discretion.

A successful immigration enforcement policy, easily implemented under current law, would secure the borders; use the capability we have to track aliens who enter on visas to ensure that they don’t overstay; and target our finite law enforcement resources at (a) illegal immigrants who violate federal or state criminal laws (i.e., other than the laws against illegal entry), and (b) employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and therefore provide the incentive that induces them to come. (An even better policy would deny illegal immigrants various social welfare benefits, but some of that would involve changes in the law so I put it to the side for present purposes.)

On the face of it, this is nothing more than the Obama Amnesty. Like Gingrich and McCarthy, the Obama Regime amnesty consists of a sole emphasis on criminal aliens and a half-hearted employer sanctions policy, and like the Obama amnesty, a concentration on the employer, allowing the illegally employed alien to remain. There is certainly nothing in this that will attrit the population of illegal aliens, since the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens don't have criminal convictions, but they do commit many crimes, such as identity theft, which Mssrs. Gingrich and McCarthy studiously ignore.

But enough of the McCarthy-Gingrich Administrative Amnesty, on to the amazing ignorance of McCarthy. Like many current and former Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs), McCarthy thinks he is brilliant and all-knowing.

However, he seems to think that the Department of Justice prosecutes illegal aliens. Well, they do when they are charged with criminal offenses, but illegal aliens are generally "prosecuted" by the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Counsel in each district office. No illegal aliens are ordered removed or deported by AUSAs or the Department of Justice. Generally, the DOJ's sole responsibility in immigration enforcement is the representation of DHS before Federal courts when aliens appeal decisions by ICE, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). While the BIA and EOIR are DOJ agencies, they do not "prosecute" aliens, they are the administrative appeal system for aliens. ICE remains the "prosecuting" agency representing the government. The only involvement of the DOJ in "prosecuting" aliens, is the decision making to prosecute for criminal offenses, such as Re-entry After Deportation or Identity Theft. The number of those prosecutions is in the few thousand, compared to the hundreds of thousands of aliens in removal proceedings "prosecuted" by ICE.

McCarthy appears not to understand that. He thinks the Attorney General and the DOJ should be more generous to illegal aliens:

Obviously, if an alien has been here illegally for a number of years but has been essentially law-abiding (again, ignoring the fact that it is illegal for him to reside and work in the U.S.), and if his deportation would have the effect of ripping apart an intact, law-abding family, you don’t bring that case. Such a case is not worth the Justice Department’s time when there are plenty of more serious criminals, including more serious immigration offenders, to pursue.

This is not a radical concept. The Obama administration currently exercises its discretion by not only refraining from any meaningful enforcement of the immigration laws but also preventing states (e.g., Arizona) from enforcing the laws. In stark contrast, the Speaker indicated that a Gingrich administration would enforce the law against illegal aliens — it would arrest and deport many of them. I’m betting that he’d also direct his Attorney General to drop the Obama Justice Department suit against Arizona. And Newt was quick to point out last night that he was talking about a humane enforcement policy. He was not proposing that the illegal aliens who were not prosecuted be given citizenship. They just wouldn’t get prosecuted as long as they didn’t make a nuisance of themselves.

McCarthy also needs to be reminded that it is DHS, and its Secretary, that removes illegal aliens, not the Attorney General. Any direction for leniency would be directed from there. He also contradicts himself, stating that Gingrich would not "prosecute," e.g. deport any illegal alien who "didn't make a nuisance of themselves." But then claims that Gingrich would be deporting many more illegal aliens than Obama. Hardly likely as most illegal aliens "don't make nuisances of themselves." Well, other than being illegal, driving down wages, taking jobs from the poorest of Americans, etc. Few are involved in major crime, except tax evasion and identity theft. But murder, rape, robbery, and burglary are not mere "nuisances," they are serious crimes. Use of "nuisances" to describe criminal aliens tells us that neither Gingrich or McCarthy are serious about immigration law enforcement. Of course the criminal class of aliens needs the larger community of illegal aliens to hide among, like the guerrilla who swims in the sea of a sympathetic population. Unless the general population of illegal aliens are removed, the "nuisances" will be able to remain.

But it tells us that even "smart guys" like McCarthy can't even get important facts concerning who removes aliens, the DOJ or DHS, correct. Which explains his endorsement of the Gingrich Amnesty, the same as the Obama Amnesty.

Also of interest is that McCarthy and Gingrich implicitly accept the Obama Regime claim that 400,000 is the maximum number of illegal aliens that can be removed annually. That is incorrect, even under the current DHS budget, they could easily expand that number by 400,000. But without E-Verify, which Gingrich and McCarthy studiously ignore, there will be no end of the jobs magnet. Half-hearted civil suits against employers like Chipotle are ineffective without the arrest of the illegal alien employees. There certainly is nothing in Gingrich's or McCarthy's "humane" enforcement that includes work-site raids, especially since if that is their only crime, they get a free pass. Even more of interest, the illegals get to remain under the Gingrich Amnesty, so what is the point of any enforcement action against employers? No explanation from McCarthy or Gingrich.

Chinese Immigrants Confirm They Don't Love America

They are just purchasing residency and citizenship as a convenience, as a bolt-hole in an emergency, and access to welfare and other benefits.

Bloomberg Business Week November 22, 2011

Education for the kids, clean air, and rule of law are luring wealthy families to emigrate

Self-made millionaire Li Weijie runs his own ski and golf resort outside Beijing and considers himself a patriot: A lifesize statue of Mao Zedong on a four-meter base towers over the entrance to his resort. What would Chairman Mao say if he knew Li was the proud holder of a Canadian residency card? “I wanted access to the education system and health care of a developed country,” says Li, 43, whose other businesses include one of Beijing’s largest private taxi companies, two
car dealerships, and a real estate company. Li now has a $6 million house on Vancouver’s Westside, known for its rich Chinese. His wife tools around Vancouver in a black Maybach while his 20-year-old son drives a dark gray Maserati to classes at the University of British Columbia. His wife and son live in Canada full-time...

In the U.S. so far this year almost 3,000 Chinese citizens have applied for investor visas, up from 270 in 2007. That’s 78 percent of the total applicant pool for this type of visa, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The U.S. investor visa, also known as the EB-5, requires a minimum investment of $500,000 by the applicant in a commercial project in the U.S. that employs at least 10 Americans within two years. If the Chinese applicants can’t generate those jobs, they and their family may have to leave the U.S...

Buying Maybachs and Maserattis aren't helping our economy much. And it is unlikely they will be deported given that they are not a "priority" for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It appears that residency or citizenship are just for convenience. No loyalty or love of an adopted country, just a bolt-hole in an emergency:

For the most part, China’s richest aren’t permanently fleeing their country, as some Russian oligarchs have. About 80 percent of the wealthy Chinese emigrating don’t plan on giving up their passports, according to an October survey by the Bank of China and Shanghai-based Hurun Report, which publishes an annual ranking of China’s richest people. Instead, the most common model is that of Li Weijie: Wife and child get foreign passports and live abroad, husband gets a residency permit but spends most of his time in China. “If you think of emigrating like Russians, it is because they are afraid and so are leaving their country,” says Hurun’s founder, Rupert Hoogewerf. “This is not true of the wealthy Chinese at all. They still have their businesses in China and most of their assets are in yuan...”

Moving a family abroad and obtaining foreign residency cards could also prove useful in case of sudden legal or policy shifts that hurt entrepreneurs, or if social unrest reaches a boiling point...

It must be noted, that those with residency in the United States must actually live here, not commute or use a green card as an escape mechanism. Residency and citizenship here are supposed to be something more than a bolt-hole.

And, they are tax cheats and criminals in China, as reported, and can be expected to continue their cheating ways in the United States as well. As well as remain unassimilated.

A serious issue for both the Chinese applicants and their prospective host countries is the origin of their wealth. To ensure that those with criminal backgrounds aren’t let in, and to make sure they’re truly affluent, officials of the U.S., Canada, and other countries want thorough documentation of their assets. That can be difficult. “Wealthy Chinese almost all have a history of evading taxes,” says Gao Tong, who emigrated to Boston six years ago and is now setting up his own immigration services company called Harmonia Capital USA, with his brother, a wealthy Shanghai businessman. “They fear getting caught if they have to report their income globally.”
Some middlemen collude with clients to forge documents, say Well Trend executives,
since many émigrés don’t have papers to prove the origin of their finances, or they may have gotten rich through illicit means. “There are more than a few bad apples,” says Victor Lum, a vice-president at Well Trend and a former Canadian visa official. “USCIS takes allegations regarding EB-5 program malfeasance very seriously,” USCIS spokesman Christopher Bentley wrote in an e-mail...

And a clear statement of patriotism to their adopted country:

And while rich Chinese still crave Canadian or U.S. degrees for their children, they may see less reason to emigrate. “When I first went to Canada, I thought China was very backward and it would take 50 years for us to catch up,” says Li. “After 10 years, we can all see that China will absolutely surpass the rest of the world.”

And Hugh Hewitt and the WSJ think these people will grow the economy out of the recession. They are only in it for themselves. Such greedy crooks are not going to be building much here if they really want to go back to China.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Uselessness Of REAL ID

The radical left has chosen a new target, one on their radar screens for a while, the REAL ID Act. The Act, which besides regulating the materials and appearance of State issued identification cards and driver's licenses, also regulates who may obtain those IDs. Many States have failed to adhere to the requirements of the program, many for ostensibly libertarian or States Rights principles. But the left is on the warpath against the Act because it interfers with the ability of illegal aliens to live, work and receive welfare in the U.S.

Of course they don't always cop to that motivation, they usually find some sob-story and use that.

USA Today November 22, 2011

Strict federal rules aimed at keeping terrorists off planes are blocking some Americans from renewing their driver's licenses or getting other state-issued IDs.

The consequences can be staggering. Without an ID, people cannot change jobs, drive legally, collect Social Security or Medicare, get through airport security or open a bank account.

It's "a persistent problem across the country," says Chris Calabrese at the American Civil Liberties Union.

The problems stem from the Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2006 in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, when terrorists used easily obtained driver's licenses to carry out their plans.

The law says that by 2013, only IDs from states that require applicants to present proof of citizenship or legal residency will be accepted to board an airplane or enter a federal building. In most states that have begun to comply, that proof means a birth certificate or immigration papers.

The ACLU and others predicted that the law's documentation requirements would be a burden to many Americans, and the issue becomes more pressing as the deadline nears. Sometimes birth certificates are incomplete, inaccurate, missing or were never recorded.

When corrections officer Charles Lust, 46, of West Palm Beach, Fla., tried to renew his driver's license in February 2010, he was shocked to discover his birth certificate said his name was Bell. A court, establishing paternity when he was 14, changed his name from Lust, his mother's name, to Bell, his father's name.

After his license expired, he couldn't open a bank account, cash a check or change jobs. He had to make special arrangements to pick up his kids from school because the school requires ID.

Bonnie Cohen, a paralegal at the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County who helped Lust, says her office has handled more than a dozen similar cases this year, most of them elderly minorities born in rural parts of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Their records were lost or damaged in natural disasters, birth certificates were never issued or they were issued with errors, and some people were raised under a different name than what's on the birth certificate.

While the stories about elderly people with ID problems are probably true, the problem appears to be small and easily overcome. Any person over the age of 65, the retirement age, already has satisfactorily proved to the Social Security Administration their identity. But in any event, records destroyed in natural disasters can be recreated by administrative action or the order of a local court in most States. But reading the story closely, one sees that while some had difficulties obtaining identification, in the end, all got the identification they needed.

And in the case of Lust, the whole story makes no sense. He was hired for a law enforcement position by a State or locality. He has government issued credentials and passed fingerprinting and a background check. Didn't he present a birth certificate as part of that. Something stinks there. But in any event, the problem was solved. And as time progresses the number of persons without identification will decrease. The only likely significant number of persons without identification will be the homeless mentally ill.

But back to the Act. It was, as usual, badly crafted and not solving the problem of aliens and fraudulently obtained identification.

First, the law could have been better written. The problem were aliens obtaining State identification, much of it with fraudulent information. A simpler course, and more Constitutionally based, would have been for Congress to prohibit the issuing of identification by States or their political subdivision to any alien other than an alien lawfully admitted or paroled and authorized employment in the U.S. No alien not authorized employment needs any identification other than their treaty compliant passport. This is especially important for making it more difficult for aliens admitted legally, but overstaying their period of admission. Temporary visitors such as tourists or business visitors do not need State issued identification or driver's licenses. Only those here in catagories that include employment authorization need such things as driver's licenses. Another obvious restriction would be that no alien may be issued identification for a period longer than that of their admission to the United States. Another part of the law would be making it a criminal offense for a State to violate the law, especially for supervisors, managers, and State Constitutional officers to order any subordinate to violate the law. Also needed is a prohibition on aliens possessing State issued identification. What must be stopped is States using identification to create their own process to assist illegl aliens to remain in the U.S. such as some States do; Washington, New Mexico, and Utah.

There would be no other burdensome requirements on the States other than they not issue any identification to aliens without verifying with the Federal government the lawful presence and employment authorization of the alien applying for a State document. That is currently a quickly completed review of computerized databases and presents no burden to the State issuing authority.

But instead the Republicans in Congress created a Rube Goldberg scheme that is costing States billions and still not prohibiting illegal aliens from obtaining State issued identification. So, it is time to repeal REAL ID, but replace it with much simpler and Constitutional legislation.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aliens Voting In New Mexico

Not those in Roswell, not those from outer space, but those most likely from Mexico. Aliens, both legal and illegal, are voting and ICE, as usual, is doing nothing about it. (h/t Election Law Center) November 18, 2011

SANTA FE (KRQE) - More than 100 noncitizens may have registered to vote over the last eight years, and of those 19 may have actually cast ballots, according to a report released Thursday by the Secretary of State's office.

Earlier this year, Republican Secretary of State Dianna Durán said she found 37 cases of foreign nationals, including illegal immigrants, who may have cast ballots in New Mexico. That came as she was verifying registrations for people without Social Security numbers who received New Mexico driver's licenses.

"The public record provides critical evidence that noncitizens with and without driver's licenses have registered to vote and that noncitizens have voted in New Mexico elections," Durán told News 13 in March.

A few months later, Durán said she identified 64,000 possible cases of possible voter fraud. She forwarded those to the Department of Public Safety for review.

Another reason for voter ID laws.

Race Hustling Hate Filled Illegal Alien Boosters Wrong About Alabama Law

It ain't racist. It ain't directed against illegal aliens of color. It is race neutral. Just ask an Ubermensch from Deutschland. (h/t Council of Conservative Citizens)

Washington Post November 18, 2011

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — A German manager with Mercedes-Benz is free after being arrested for not having a driver’s license with him under Alabama’s new law targeting illegal immigrants, authorities said Friday, in an otherwise routine case that drew the attention of Gov. Robert Bentley.

And since the German visitor was legal, the problem was quickly solved.

Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman Felyicia Jerald said the man is from Germany and was visiting Alabama on business. The company’s first U.S. assembly plant is located just east of Tuscaloosa.

“This was an unfortunate situation, but the incident was resolved when our colleague ... was able to provide his driver’s license and other documents to Tuscaloosa police,” Jerald said.

The only people who have anything to fear are illegal aliens. Read and weap ACLU and La Raza. The law is directed against illegals, not people of color.

Blacks Do Have A Reason To Be Worried About Spanish

Because Spanish speaking Hispanic immigrants are killing blacks. Unfortunately the usually spot-on brilliant Steve Sailer says otherwise: November 20, 2011

In general, African-Americans don't like Spanish. They find being forced to study it is just a reminder of their demographic displacement as the biggest minority group. And blacks don't like people speaking Spanish around them. It makes them uneasy it makes them feel less street-smart. The strangers could be conspiring out loud in Spanish to jump them and they wouldn't be able to tell.

Maybe this isn't a realistic fear, but that's how a lot of lower class blacks feel.

In fact it is a deadly and real occasion when Hispanics target blacks for death and ethnic cleansing.

Two examples from The City of Angels come to mind courtesy of this blog, the two decade ongoing ethnic cleansing directed against blacks in the City of Azusa:

“The Azusa 13 gang waged a campaign of hate during a two-decade crime spree in which African-Americans were harassed and attacked,” said United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. “We hope that this federal case will signal the end of this racist behavior and will help vindicate all of the victims who have suffered over the years.”

And the Hawaiian Gardens ethnic cleansing:

However, the real threat to Americans, black and white, comes from Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants who are lawless, violent, and racist. And ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal immigration enforcement, did nothing over a number of years, starting with George H.W. Bush, and continuing through Clinton, George W. Bush, and, now, with the Obama Regime.Ethnic cleansing is not an uncommon crime committed by Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants. Many once white or black areas of southern California are now dominated by illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico. Hawaiian Guardens was not unusual. As a matter of fact, the alleged gang responsible, Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang is not really a gang, but a loose association of like minded Mexicans who hate all who are not Mexican, and specifically blacks, but whites are victims as well, but mostly as taxpayers who fund the welfare and law enforcement that deal with the Mexican influx. But it has been more deadly for blacks, who live closer to Mexicans. Whites either keep Mexicans out by using property price, or move out once Mexicans move in, because they know what will happen next.The tragedy is that black leaders, like Maxime Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing about this ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide that was going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere. They spend too much time attacking the mythological KKK or the very real Korean grocers as threats to blacks, while blacks were being killed by their fellow people of color, and, as this story showed, really killed and really run out of neighborhoods.

In both, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under both Republican and Demoncrat administrations were unconcerned and took no actions over a period of years.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Amnesty For Criminal Aliens

Despite claims that the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty does not include criminal aliens, in fact, criminal aliens, in one way or another, will benefit.

A story from New York is an example. An illegal alien, here an unknown amount of time, was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and her current boyfriend. He has since been released, but in a desultory manner, placed in removal proceedings. Clearly this criminal alien, released into the community, but still in removal proceedings is not a high priority for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

ERO is required by law to hold criminal aliens, but Congress, including the current allegedly Republican Congress, the same one that has still yet to defund Obamacare, has not appropriated monies necessary to hold all criminal aliens. We don't know if this is the case in the current controversy, but we also know that the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has in the past been extended to criminals, for example Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval or Edwin Ramos, among other less violent criminals, such as student visa fraudsters.

The question is whether our current illegal alien criminal in Long Island will meet ICE's "priorities" for removal:

II. Criteria for Review

The following removal cases are enforcement priorities for the Department of Homeland Security and should generally be pursued in an accelerated manner before EOIR. These cases involve an alien-

• who is a suspected terrorist or national security risk;
• who has a conviction for -
• a felony or multiple misdemeanors,
• illegal entry, re-entry, or immigration fraud, or
• a misdemeanor violation involving-
• violence, threats, or assault,
• sexual abuse or exploitation,
• driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
• flight from the scene of an accident,
• drug distribution or trafficking, or
• other significant threat to public safety;
• who is a gang member, human rights violator, or other clear threat to public safety;
• who entered the country illegally or violated the terms of their admission within the last three years;
• who has previously been removed from the country;
• who has been found by an immigration officer or immigration judge to have committed immigration fraud; or
• who otherwise has an egregious record of immigration violations.

A cursory review would tell us that someone with a two year time in the State pen would be a candidate for custody and removal. However, it appears that our violent Don Juan has been released. This tells us that he might have won the Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval Criminal Amnesty. And since criminal aliens are also supposed to be held in custody, the likelihood of a criminal amnesty in this case is highly likely. No custody means ICE ERO isn't serious about this criminal alien. Just as it isn't interested in the fraud aspect of the UNV and Tri-Valley University criminals.

Oh, as an aside, ICE is backing off on other fraudulent universities, such as Northwestern Polytechnic University, throughout the U.S. after complaints from the Indian Ambassador and influence peddling by Hillary Rodham Clintong. Which violates one of the alleged priorities of ICE, immigration fraud.

So, it does not look good for these American victims of illegal alien crime. They could be the next murder victim of illegal aliens, as in the case of Santana Gaona.

Chinese Politicians Seeking To Replace Americans

The Red Chinese immigrants are at it again. They just don't like Americans, even Chinese-Americans. The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and the Chinese politicians who dominate San Francisco don't like the idea of allowing a Chinese-Canadian H-1B temporary worker to return to Canada.

Yeu-Ming Sin was sponsored for an H-1B non-immigrant specialty worker visa to teach Cantonese language special education. Itself a tragedy, as why are we allowing in alien, both legal and illegal, children who are retarded? In fact, it is illegal to allow such persons in at all. They are or will become a public charge, and that is not allowed by the Immigration and Nationality Act.

But back to our disloyal Chinese, and we use the term loosely, American, politicians, our new Chinese overlords. Elected members of the board want to keep her, but the SFUSD will not sponsor her for legal permanent residency and her nine years on the H-1B non-immigrant visa are up. And obviously elect another people.

San Francisco Chronicle November 20, 2011

A San Francisco special education teacher facing deportation in two weeks when her work visa expires implored district officials Friday to take up her case before immigration officials force her to return to her home in Canada.

Yuen-Ming Sin came to the school district in 2003 under an H-1B visa as a bilingual speech pathologist to help serve the large population of Cantonese-speaking students because no qualified local applicants could be found.

But after setting down roots in the community with her husband, raising her daughter here and becoming a trusted teacher to 1,000 San Francisco special needs children, her time is up.

Sin's case exemplifies a problem facing many Bay Area districts that took in teachers from other countries several years ago to fill teacher shortages in math, special education and other hard-to-fill positions.

Now, as their visas expire, some of those teachers don't want to leave.

"I love what I do," Sin said at a press conference Friday. "Helping parents navigate through the system to access needed services is rewarding to me."

Sin noted that she is a highly skilled teacher working in a field that still suffers from a shortage of qualified workers.

Which is, in fact, a lie, which shockingly the Chron reports.

Sin's initial three-year visa in 2003 was extended to six years and then in 2009 she applied for a permanent resident green card, which recently was denied by immigration officials.

District officials, while sympathetic, said they wouldn't formally intervene because they couldn't meet the federal requirement of proving that no U.S. citizen was available to fill the position held by Sin. In fact, the district currently has U.S. applicants with the qualifications to fill Sin's job, said district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe.

Interestingly Sin herself asks that question, but refuses to accept the answer.

"Am I taking ... a qualified U.S. citizen's job?" Sin asked.

Well, yes you are. But as a Chinese, she does not accept that the law applies to her. She is of the belief that as a Chinese immigrant, Americans should submit to her will. Even the obviously Chinese American applicants for her position, as I am certain there are no bi-lingual, but plenty of bi-sexual, Cantonese speaking white, black, or Hispanic, special education teachers available.

Of course, the local Red Chinese politicians are up in arms about this affront to the people of the Middle Kingdom. Sin is a victim of dem racis' white crackas.

At the press conference, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu urged the school district to take the "very simple step" of asking immigration authorities to let her stay.

He called Sin a victim of the country's broken immigration policies.

And Chiu is alone, another one wants to continue the replacement of his constituents with more imported Chinese wage slaves and future voters:

School board Vice President Norman Yee, who attended the press conference, said he's been researching the issue for a couple of months and would work with President Hydra Mendoza to create a district policy regarding work visas, outlining when and whether the district would intervene in immigration cases like Sin's.

"This is as complicated as it gets," Yee said.

Clearly teaching positions according to Yee must be apportioned out among immigrants and not Americans. That is the way to replace them with more recent and more loyal Chinese.

Of course, this is more than another example of the fraud of the H-1B temporary worker program. It is nothing more than replacement for Americans with nothing temporary about it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Reason To End Immigration

Yunte Huang. An ungrateful bastard if there ever was one. He's a professor of English and his major academic achievement, besides an affirmative action appointment to a professorship, is a book about Charlie Chan. And like the other communist academics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he has nothing but drooling contempt for Americans, especially Southerners. Even worse he is one of the lying hordes that fled China after Tienanmen Massacre. Undoubtedly this fraudulent asylum applicant has traveled back to China quite often.

You see, Comrade Huang, thinks that taking any action against illegal aliens is evil, racist, and un-Christian. As if he would know anything about Christianity. He might have been an anthropology major the exploitative way he manipulated Alabamans when he first arrived. He treated churches as object of his voyeuristic slumming with the po' white trash who seek refuge in God and guns. So, instead of being able to see the big city, he had to content himself with laughing at the white people who are now paying the salary of his useless academic sinecure.

The New York Times November 20, 2011

Somewhere along the way, you spot a stranger by the roadside, carrying a Bible, looking lost. As a good Christian, you pull over and offer him a ride. In the car, you introduce him to your family, making sure your kids know their manners. You chat with the stranger. Chances are, he’s from somewhere else, maybe even another country. You drop him off near where he’s going; or, God willing, he’ll come, on your invitation, to your church for the service. If the latter, it will make your day, having welcomed a stranger into the benevolent fold of the Lord.

That stranger could have been me, 20 years ago, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Fresh out of college in Beijing, I had left my home country in the wake of the Tiananmen massacre. Landing in the sleepy college town, I was disappointed that Times Square was nowhere to be seen. I started going to churches, and without a car, I had to rely on good Samaritans for rides on Sunday. A newbie not yet brazen enough, I always carried a Bible, which seemed to work better than a hitchhiker’s thumb. When kindhearted folks — men in immaculate suits and women in puffy, flowery dresses — stopped for me and asked what church I was going to, I would invariably say, “Yours.”

And, of course, besides being evil, he is stupid as well. Apparently he does not know that to make an arrest in Alabama, an officer of the law must have probable cause that a particular crime has been committed. According to this moron Alabama law enforcement is rounding up people who "look" illegal.

If the same scene is played again today, you, the good Samaritan, could be in trouble. According to an Alabama law that went into effect on Sept. 1, it is a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride. In reality, I was kosher as far as my immigration status was concerned. And even if I were not, you might walk away scot-free because you didn’t know I was illegal. But after Gov. Robert J. Bentley ...signed the immigration law in June, you probably wouldn’t stop for a stranger like me, kosher or not. And that’s one of the problems with the law — its mean spirit.

So, because it is now a crime to knowingly transport an illegal alien, also a Federal crime for many years, hitch-hikers will not be given rides in Alabama. Since knowledge of illegality is required, why would this have any impact on God-fearing Christians giving Chinese hatemongers a ride so they can laugh at the Christians behind their back is beyond me. Like most idiots commenting on immigration and law enforcement issues, this is typical. There is no liability without knowledge and the officer arresting someone has to have probable cause to act. Huang admits knowing about the knowledge part, yet continues on his racist diatribe against whites solely because he supports illegal immigration. And wants nothing done about it.

But he does want to slander a whole State with no evidence:

Before xenophobia began to cast a different spell on the South, the folks were courteous, warmhearted, always ready to help out a stranger, as my hitchhiking amply proved. Even in my closest brush with the law during those years, I walked away with a profound admiration for the kind of hospitality characteristic of the South.

Wow, those evil racist Southerners who where burning crosses and lynching people of color were pretty nice back then before they got the bug in their ear about the costs of illegal immigration.

Just wait Professor Huang when they get the bug in their ear about the cost of legal immigrants like you. Too bad we did not leave this loser to be crushed under a Red tank. But that was probably not likely, he clearly was a Red who has just adopted race as the replacement for the working class after his arrival in the U.S. But it does tell one that legal immigration ain't a good idea, especially in the case of this ungrateful jackass.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Double Team

The treason bar and the Obama Regime are at it again. The treason bar is as mad as a wet hen at what they dishonestly call the Deporter-in-Chief, Barak Hussein Obama, for the fictional increase in deportations. As shown, Fiscal Year 2011 deportations were not a record, but a fiction, 19,000 less than claimed. In fact, removals are on a downward spiral, and for a good reason. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations has fully implemented the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

But that is not enough for the treason bar, and they are the vanguard of the Regime's Administrative Amnesty. They have a maximalist policy and are leading the Regime by the nose, apparently voluntarily, in a kabuki theater of the absurd.

ILW Blog By Roger Algase

The New York Times, in a November 12 article by Julia Preston ("Deportations under new US policy are inconsistent") has confirmed what many immigration lawyers already suspect, namely that many ICE officers are ignoring the June 17 John Morton "prosecutorial discretion" memo (see also Greg Siskind's blogging in the November 16 ID). However, it is difficult to see how ICE officers could follow the Morton memo and still reach what, by all indications, continues to be the White House's target of nearly 400,000 deportations per year.

The NYT article sets up a false dicotomy on the Regime's Amnesty, claiming that one deportation is instructive when even the article highlights the fact that most illegal aliens are gaining amnesty from ICE ERO.

And that is supported by other ERO failures:

In Alabama, 13 illegal aliens were arrested by local police for blocking traffic while protesting a law authorizing State officials to arrest and hand over to ICE ERO illegal aliens.

The Washington Post November 17, 2011

A spokesman for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency hasn’t lodged a detainer against any of the protesters.


SF Weekley November 17, 2011

Minhaz Kahn -- the UC-Riverside alumnus who last week had to show immigration officers that he bought a one-way ticket back to his native Bangladesh -- learned Tuesday that he doesn't have to return home just yet. He will be able to stay in the country for another three months.

Kahn credited the media, which might have helped his case after we wrote about his situation last week. "My case officer said he had seen my article online in the SF Weekly," Kahn said. "He took my [ankle] bracelet off, and now I just have to do month-to-month check-ins."

In fact the dishonest complaints from the treason bar are fiction, and clearly the typical Alynskyite tactic used by communists:

The Los Angeles Times November 18, 2011

Reporting from Washington— The Obama administration will review immigration cases in Baltimore and Denver with an eye toward freezing deportations of illegal residents who have no criminal records and expanding the program nationwide.

The elderly, children who have been in the country more than five years, students who came to the U.S. under the age of 16 and are enrolled in a college degree program, and victims of domestic violence are among those whose deportations could be put on hold under the test program, which begins Dec. 4 and could be broadened in January.

So, there we have it. Roll out in December and nation wide implementation in January. And Rick Perry is babbling about a part-time Congress. Well, Congress should be working full-time to impeach Obama.

As an aside, professional contact with ERO has confirmed that the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has been fully adopted by ERO at the Field Office management level. So all the complainers like the treason bar and communists at the New Republic are all wet.

The New Republic November 18, 2011

It is welcome news that the administration finally intends to fulfill the promise of its memo, but its plan hardly addresses the fundamental problem, which is not a lack of education or training. The problem is contempt. A substantial portion of America’s immigration officers in this country scorn their superiors, bash their headquarters, and are defying the president’s prerogative to set executive branch policy. This must be met not with training, but with accountability. Until the administration addresses that core problem, it can run training seminars to its heart’s content—but little is likely to change.

The Amnesty is being fully implemented. Heros like Chris Crane are, however, speaking truth to power. There is nothing but contempt for the Regime and its scourge of lawyers who have never put handcuffs on anyone, except their boyfriends/girlfriends. Chertoff, Meyers, Reno, Bersin, all lawyers and none have ever made an arrest.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Muslim Terrorism: An Immigration Problem

Immigration is the font of so-called domestic terrorism. Almost all of those arrested for terrorism in the United States since 2009 were aliens of some sort or another:

Rice University November 15, 2011

Sixty percent of people arrested for Islamic terrorist activities between January 2009 and April 2011 were American citizens, according to a new report from Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy. The study of 104 people who were arrested included U.S. and non-U.S. citizens living in America or abroad...

"Providing policymakers this data can allow for a factual discussion and diminish rhetoric," Neuhaus Schaan said. "Consequently, policy can be crafted to address current and future needs in the face of change and adaptation by those determined to bring harm to the United States."

Other key findings from the report include:

Of the 104 people arrested for Islamic extremist activities between January 2009 and April 2011, half were born in the U.S., 22 percent were naturalized citizens and 7 percent were dual citizens.

Of the 104, 5 percent entered the U.S. on a visa. Sixty-three percent of converts had a known prior criminal record.

Of the 14 American converts with a prior criminal history, at least 55 percent had converted to Islam in prison.

Ninety-two 92 percent were male. Sixty-four percent were 30 years old or younger.

Sixty-six percent had traveled or were in the process of traveling to the Middle East, Somalia, South Asia or the Balkans.

Of the 104, 70 percent had an association or were attempting an association with an internationally recognized terrorist organization; al-Qaida and its associated branches were cited most.

Of the 29 persons with no known association to a group, 11 had been active on terrorist-related chat rooms and websites.

Overall, 38 percent had been involved in this Internet activity.

Only 10 of the 104 are what the authors would consider "lone wolves"; most in the cohort had ties to others in the group or to an organization.

However, despite the misleading headline, the Muslim terrorism problem is an alien and immigration problem:

Information on birthplaces and conversion to Islam was available for 77 of the 104 people arrested. The data revealed that 60 percent of the group was born outside the U.S. Of the 31 U.S.-born persons where religion of origin could be determined , 14 were born into Muslim families and 17 converted to Islam.

And it is most likely that those born into a Muslim family in the United States are the descendants of immigrants. That makes at a minimum 60 of the 104 terrorists were born outside the United States or are presumably first generation Americans. This tells us that ending Muslim immigration will severely reduce Muslim terrorism in the United States. It is that easy. It also tells us that our naturalization process is not weeding out terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, or those prone to become terrorists. So much for the much vaunted "background checks" that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services does.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Racial Disparity In Criminal Proscutions

Apparently accidentally killing a white person is only misdemeanor prosecutable in California, but accidentally killing a black person is a felony. Yet again, the criminal justice system in California is stacked against whites. Minorities are pretty much free to kill a white person with impunity.

San Francisco Chronicle November 15, 2011

A bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian when he ran a red light along San Francisco's waterfront has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, authorities said today.

Randolph Ang, 23, of San Francisco collided with 68-year-old Dionette Cherney at Mission Street and the Embarcadero about 8:30 a.m. July 15, prosecutors said.

Cherney, who was visiting from Washington, D.C., died of head injuries at a hospital Aug. 11.

Cherney was crossing the Embarcadero in a crosswalk with the green light at Mission when she was hit by Ang, who was traveling north, police said.

Ang remained at the scene and was interviewed by police. There was no evidence he was drunk or on drugs, prosecutors said.

Ang was charged with only a misdemeanor because investigators determined that he had not acted with criminal intent or gross negligence, said Stephanie Ong Stillman, a spokeswoman for District Attorney George Gascón.

Ang faces a maximum sentence of a year in jail if convicted.

However, if you are a white male police officer and you accidentally kill a criminal suspect, without criminal intent or gross negligence, you will be charged with multiple felonies.

Perhaps one should ask Stephanie Ong Stillman about racial disparity? Perhaps racial solidarity among the Chinese is of import in this case?

As an aside, does the Chron still employ editors? Fatal what? Shouldn't the headline include something like "accident" or "crash?"

Now Its Amnesty For Hezbollah Spies

The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty for illegal aliens continues. The winner this time is Nada Prouty, marriage fraudster, Hezbollah spy, and illegal alien.

CBS News November 14, 2011

Ex-CIA Officer's Story Takes Dramatic Turn

(CBS News) NEW YORK - A former CIA officer, once disgraced as a traitor, now finds the federal government coming to her rescue. Nada Prouty was vilified in the media as a terrorist, and lost her citizenship.

But now, the director of the CIA, the attorney general, and the secretary of Homeland Security are intervening in her case...

Prouty's missions as an FBI agent and a CIA officer read like a history of the war on terror. She investigated the bombing of the USS Cole, and an attack on Americans in Saudi Arabia. She took part in armed raids in Iraq and helped develop intelligence that led to Saddam Hussein. It was a stellar career until Prouty's name came up in an FBI investigation.

In 2004, the FBI looked into whether the Lebanese owner of a restaurant was sending money to terrorists. Turned out, he was Prouty's brother-in-law. During the investigation, the FBI found Prouty had a secret: Not terrorism, but citizenship. Twenty years before, as a Lebanese immigrant in a U.S. college, Prouty arranged a sham marriage to become a citizen. Prosecutors went after her for that. They never presented any evidence she was connected to terrorists. But in press releases, they dragged her name into the terror investigation - and even once used the word "espionage."

As usual, the CBS report is mostly lies and mistakes. First, Prouty arranged a fake marriage to obtain legal permanent residency, not citizenship. Legal permanent residency must proceed citizenship. This is just more evidence that most who report or comment on immigration know absolutely nothing about the issue. It is much like some morons who comment on police shootings.

But the rest is lies and mendacity. Prouty pled guilty to unlawfully accessing the FBI's case management system in an effort to obtain information about a terrorist investigation, not just marriage fraud.

But that was not enough for the communist former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta:

After the "60 Minutes" story Prouty got word that Leon Panetta, then the CIA director, was making her a legal resident alien.

Well, he can't do that directly, but he did take action to help her regain legal permanent residency. It is not clear how that happened though. Prouty, once she was denaturalized, became an instant illegal alien. She had no status. Her only option was to do one of two things:

1: Provide information about past or future terrorist organizations or activity, or...

2: Do the usual shuck and jive performed by espionage suspects, threaten to reveal more classified information during the trial, or remain silent and plead guilty in exchange for lenient treatment.

The result of should have been an S visa, the visa for criminal and terrorist snitches:

Types of S Visas

There are two types of S visas, the S-5 and the S-6. You may qualify to receive an S-5 visa if you:

possess reliable information regarding a crime or the pending commission of a crime;

you are willing to share this information with law enforcement or testify in court;


your presence is necessary to secure a successful investigation and/or prosecution of the case.

You are eligible for an S-6 visa if you:

possess reliable information regarding a terrorist organization or terrorist plot;

you are willing to share this information with law enforcement or testify in court;


you are eligible to receive an award from the State Department for providing the information.

The S visa provides for legal presence and employment authorization. One may then adjust to legal permanent residency, but those convicted of crimes or who committed immigration violations or fraud may not adjust status to legal permanent residency or be naturalized.

The issue is that Prouty was involved in terrorism if she qualified for the S-6 visa. So that is in fact an admission that she was involved in terrorism. So CBS was wrong.

The other option being that she was involved in criminal activity and snitched on others to get the S-5 visa. So she was either a regular criminal or involved in terrorism. Take your choice. She is guilty as sin. She is no innocent.

However, Prouty's history of fraud and her criminal conviction should make her ineligible for either legal permanent residency and citizenship. At least in a normal law abiding commonweal. But this is the Obama Regime, where the law and the Constitution are not neither guiding principles or mandates. They are suggestions at best, to be twisted, perverted, and ignored at worst. And it is the worst.

So, the second choice is the most likely reason, aside from the Regime's lawlessness, that accounts for Prouty not being deported. She threatened to reveal all to whomever, most likely Iran, if she was deported. And the Regime gave her what she wants, an eventual return of the citizenship she fraudulently obtained.

Prouty told CBS News she's applied for full citizenship.

And, in another journalistic total fail, there is no such thing as "full" citizenship. You are either a citizen or not. It is like the morons who refer to "legal" citizenship. Do you think there is such a thing as "illegal" American citizenship?

Stupidity and mendacity. The scourge of this Republic.