Friday, January 27, 2012

More State Department And ICE Fail

The Department of State (DOS) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) colluded recently to issue a visitor's visa, B-1 or B-2 Non-immigrant visa to Seyed Mojtaba Atarodi, an Iranian computer researcher and academic, closely tied to the Iranian nuclear program. He provides the computer technology necessary to control the nuclear weapons and weapons delivery systems for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since being issued a visa by DOS, with the approval of ICE's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Visa Security Officers (VSO) stationed at American dipolmatic posts overseas, Atarodi entered the United States and promply conspired to purchase computer technology prohibited for export to Iran.

AP/Yahoo By Douglas Birch And Paul Elias

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has arrested and charged an Iranian semiconductor scientist with violating U.S. export laws by buying high-tech U.S. lab equipment, a development likely to further worsen Iranian-U.S. tensions...

But a Sharif University spokesman said he has been charged with buying instruments from the United States. The university official spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the potential repercussions of the case.

Even more of interest, this is not the first Iranian intelligence agent that DOS and ICE have approved visas for:

Describing the problems faced by Iranian scientists visiting the U.S., Hojabri cited an incident in 2006 when more than 50 researchers, executives and engineers from Iran headed for a forum on disaster management in Santa Clara, Calif., were detained and expelled after their arrival because their visas were revoked. The event was organized by a Sharif University alumni group.

And as usual, ICE is playing catch-up to FBI leadership:

Bloomberg By Karen Gullo January 26, 2012

Agents from the Commerce Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security were “uncompromising and meticulous,” Kohn said in a phone interview today.

The question is why is DOS and ICE creating more work for the FBI and Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security? Why is DOS and ICE assisting the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security with their nuclear warfare programs? Inquiring minds want to know. Perhaps this is why ICE is too busy to arrest illegal aliens who demonstrate in front of ICE offices? They are too busy assisting Iran's nuclear program.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. You realize it was ICE, and not FBI or Commerce, who arrested ATARODI, right? Also, what is your evidence that ATARODI is connected to Iran's nuclear program as you propose in your blog? You obviously have an axe to grind with ICE, but you need to get your facts straight.

Federale said...

That is not what the press reported. In any event, obviously your so-called "Visa Security Officers" and "ICE Representatives" aren't doing much.

Creating work for yourself is not your job, stopping crime before it happens is.

So get on the fucking ball or get a real job, stupid ass mother fucker.