Saturday, February 25, 2012

First, Shoot All The Lawyers, Then Shoot All The Bicyclists

Arrogant communist bicyclists are killing people and, though demanding the right of way from motorists, are not giving the right of way to pedestrians.

SFGate February 25, 2012 by C. W. Nevius

Local residents sometimes sit at the corner of Waller and Steiner streets and place bets on the bicyclists as they approach the stop sign. They're not guessing how many will stop.

They're hoping to see one.

"I would say 95 percent of them don't stop," said Bruce Marshall, a 30-year resident of the Lower Haight. "As a pedestrian I used to be concerned with cars, but now I'm worried about bikes..."

"I have literally taken to jay-walking because it is safer than being in the crosswalk," said Susan Beckstead, who has owned a home near the intersection since 1978.

Worse, when she yelps, "Watch out!" when riders nearly hit her, the response is often, "F- you. Mind your own business."

Clearly these two groups are on a collision course. We don't want to see another incident like the bicyclist who struck a tourist in the crosswalk at Embarcadero and Mission in July. The 68-year-old woman eventually died of her injuries.

Kit Hodge, deputy director of the city's 12,000-member Bicycle Coalition, has a long history of promoting bicycle/pedestrian safety in New York and Chicago.

"Our focus has been pedestrian safety through education," Hodge said. "Our message is that pedestrians always have the right of way."

That's a great concept, but it often doesn't translate to daily commutes. Beckstead and Marshall live on "the wiggle," the zigzag route through the Lower Haight that is used by thousands of riders every day to avoid hills on the way to and from Market Street and Golden Gate Park.

Clearly the education ain't working. Aversion therapy would work better. Or just do what Brazilians do.

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