Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why Does National Review Want George Zimmerman Arrested?

Rich Lowry and Robert VerBruggen of NRO wants George Zimmerman arrested.  Not arrested for a crime, but because Lowry finds shooting of black teenage thugs to be distasteful.  And he wants to continue to get those dinner party invitations that only go to certain tame conservatives, like David Brooks.

NRO March 22, 2012 by Rich Lowry
Al Sharpton Is Right
The Sanford police appear to have made the wrong call in letting Zimmerman off. 

It seems that Lowry is unaware of the function of the police in American society.  The police make arrests based on evidence of culpability for a crime, not to punish someone for doing something that Lowry thinks is bad.  By bad he means taking an active interest in the safety and security of the neighborhood where Zimmerman lived and daring to piss off Al Sharpton.  Lowry's colleague Robert VerBruggen even called Zimmerman a vigilante and a cop-wannabe.

NRO March 21, 2012 by Robert VerBruggen 
Standing Your Ground And Vigilantism
The 28-year-old Zimmerman is a classic cop wannabe: Loving the thought of himself as a police officer, and witnessing a spate of break-ins in his neighborhood, he decided to patrol the streets in his SUV — carrying a gun (as he was licensed to do) and calling the cops 46 times over the course of a decade to report “suspicious” activity. On the night of February 26, a black teenager happened to catch Zimmerman’s eagle eye.

Well, taking an active interest in one's own and one's neighborhood's safety and security is more accurately public spiritedness not vigilantism.  It is clear that Lowry and VerBruggen would prefer that only gubmt men patrol our streets, but calling the police 46 times is a sign of a concerned American, concerned obviously about disproportionate black crime indeed, something Lowry and VerBruggen apparently don't share.

Of more import is that the police just don't go around arresting people.  The police must have something called probable cause that a crime has occurred before they can make an arrest.  There ain't no probable cause that a crime was committed in the shooting of Sanford's own teen-aged Oscar Grant.  Cops can go to jail for making an illegal arrest.  So both need a strong cup of STFU and quit playing wannabe race Stasi, because that is all it is.  Lowry and VerBruggen don't want to be called racists and George Zimmerman is going to be how those two prove they ain't racists.

Neither Lowry or VerBruggen were there and speculation that Zimmerman is a racist vigilante is irrelevant.  The only facts that matter are those concerning what happened during the confrontation itself.  And there is only one witness.  But given the general racist attitudes among blacks like Al Sharpton and those who name their children "Trayvon," there is a good chance that Martin just did not like whites or Hispanics and gleefully decided to teach "whitey" a lesson for daring to look at him or dare speak to him.  Lowry and VerBruggen can babble on about vigilantes and "cop wannabes," but someone has to do the work that the Sanford Police Department is not doing.  And why are both so concerned about this one dead black kid?  Many more blacks are killed every month by other blacks in Chicago or Detroit.  No concerns from either about those deaths.  Apparently discussing that important fact is for people not invited to Manhattan soirees.

And to be blunt, George Zimmerman has more balls than either Lowry or VerBruggen.  I don't think either would jump out of a car and confront someone who looks like this:

This country needs more people like George Zimmerman.  Willing to go in harms way.  Much like poor Tommy Atkins, George Zimmerman would not be allowed at a Lowry attended Manhattan dinner party.

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T. O . Meehan said...

Regrettably, even Pat Buchanan is going just shrugging at the lynch mob. At least that's the impression he gives on McGloughlin today.