Friday, April 6, 2012

Confirmed: Shoot All The Bicyclists

The bicyclist who killed a pedestrian has been joking about the issue.  Also of interest the bicyclist is white and his victim an immigrant of color, but the Justice Brothers and Chinese For Affirmative Action are unconcerned.  It is almost as if the life of an immigrant of color, and a low-carbon footprint pedestrian, is not worth the same as a SWPL bicyclist.

SFGate April 6, 2012 by Ellen Huet

A bicyclist who could face vehicular manslaughter charges for plowing into a pedestrian in San Francisco's Castro district admitted in an online post that he sped into a crowded crosswalk, prosecutors believe.

The post's author writes of the pedestrian, "I really hope he makes it," and at the end dedicates his retelling of the incident to his "late helmet" that "died in heroic fashion today."

The pedestrian, Sutchi Hui, 71, of San Bruno, died at San Francisco General Hospital on Monday, four days after the collision.

The cyclist, Chris Bucchere, hit Hui at the intersection of Market and Castro streets just before 8 a.m. March 29, authorities said.

Bucchere, who was also hospitalized for injuries in the crash, apparently posted his thoughts on the accident at 5:16 p.m. the same day to the Mission Cycling AM Riders Google group.
But it is good to see that there is a limit in the left-wing press to immophilia, or is that aliophilia?  But in any event these bicyclists are a danger to society.  Time to get to a solution to these wanton amoral killers.

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