Monday, April 16, 2012

Plan B

Now that the paucity of the evidence for the widely touted claim that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin is out and widely analyzed, the radical left is retreating to their prepared, go-to, defensive position:  The whole plan all along in the Zimmerman indictment was to deliberately throw the investigation and by doing so cause black people to riot, reinforcing the position of the Republican Party of Florida, and, presumably, Mittens as well.

A leftist law blog posted an examination of the Zimmerman Affidavit in support of probable cause that Murder in the 2nd occured and the reaction of leftist readers was that it was all a conspiracy to manipulate blacks into rioting.  The article will not be addressed other than it is in agreement with most in that the affidavit was junk law and junk law enforcement.  The comments are interesting though for their conspiracy theories and obviously racist attitude about blacks; that blacks so lack self-control they will riot at the drop of a hat.

empywheel  April 14, 2012

orionATL on April 14, 2012 at 10:53 am said:

thanks, bmaz.

i found it very interesting to follow the analysis of a defense lawyer thru a charge para by para.

my suspicion is and has been that any prosecution of zimmerman will have been set up to fail due to the “realities” of a grotesqely right-wing political establishment in florida.

see this article, for example:


KWillow on April 14, 2012 at 1:49 pm said:

Is the repug-appoited attorney setting the case up for a fail? Do the repugs want a “Not Guilty” verdict, which could lead to riots the way the Rodney King verdict did? Repugs seem to really, really love it when minorities riot or even speak in an angry way. It reassures the bigots that they’re correct in their bigotry. And it makes for great Live TV.


sd on April 14, 2012 at 5:05 pm said:


I think the case of Trayvon Martin is about much more than just racial prejudice.

It is resonating with Americans of all stripes because clearly some are above the law while most of us ordinary folks are not – and we’re stuck paying the taxes too. Zimmerman was above, and Martin below – and that was further sanctioned by the cops who essentially backed Zimmerman.

Stay tuned for riots.  The left wants and expects them.  All part of the conspiracy by the Stupid Party.  LOL.  Why then did McCain leave Jeremiah Wright out of the campaign?

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Dedicated_Dad said...


Do these idiots not know that Jorge Zimmerman was a HISPANIC DEMOCRAT?!

Everywhere else I've seen leftards commenting, they've claimed that the cops wanted Zimmerman arrested but they DA refused. I'm still not clear on where they got this "cops wanted..." meme - I do not watch lap-dog media so I have no idea what lies they're telling today...

I DO know that the original police report, under the "offense" heading listed "homicide" -- but as most reasonably intelligent people know, this means one person killed another (as opposed to death by natural causes or other means)

In any case, they're missing the fact that the cops no doubt had a hardon for Jorge... See, he'd conducted a one-man crusade to get justice for a homeless man who'd been brutally assaulted by a cop's son and the Sanford PD had swept the whole thing under the rug despite video - from multiple angles - of the assault being freely available online.

As a result of Jorge Zimmerman's crusade, 4 cops are under investigation INCLUDING THE FIRST TWO ON THE SCENE OF HIS SHOOTING!

Tell me: What are the odds that two cops who may lose their jobs because of Jorge Zimmerman squealing on their attempts to cover up for another cop's sone would go out of their way to help cover up a murder for him?

What are the odds that ANYONE on the Sanford PD would do the same?




The DA declined to charge because all the evidence and testimony supported his claim of self-defense. He even passed a "voice stress analysis" which is shown to be more accurate than a polygraph in determining if someone is lying.

This "special prosecutor" bimbo snatched the case from the Grand Jury because she knew damn well that they wouldn't indict him either.

In order to postpone the inevitable rioting, she forced the charges.

At first I believed the "murder 2" charge was a ploy to get the jury to say "manslaughter" but it appears that's not an option.

In any case, I don't doubt for one minute that she'd HAPPILY see Jorge Zimmerman executed despite his innocence if it would help her political career!

I'm still pretty well convinced that the jury will be warned that their names and addresses might "accidentally" be leaked, so they'd better be very careful to come to the "right" (read:DESIRED!) Verdict!

I believe the choices at this point - thanks to Barry (if I had a son...) Soetoro and Eric ("My People") Holder (among others - race-pimps Al&Jessie, please call your office!) are:
(1)Jorge Zimmerman gets railroaded
(2)Every city in our Republic will burn.

I WISH I could be in charge - I'd call out the National Guard and give them orders to shoot all rioters/looters on sight.

No way in hell they should bend over for such extortion...