Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Asian" Uncle Tom

Emil Guillermo is on of the San Francisco Chronicle's professional Asians, but of note he is descendant of Filipino immigrant parents, not real Asians.  He's got two basic issues, whites bad, everyone else OK.  And he is a one trick pony.  He thinks whites are irredeemably racist against everyone, including real Asians.  But that dog don't hunt, or, more accurately is a one trick pony.  His trick is the murder 30 years ago of Vincent Chin.  A 30 year old murder, and star reporter Emil Guillermo is riding that murder to this day.

City [Not So] Brights: Emil Guillermo June 27, 2012
Vincent Chin’s Murderer Still Sorry, But 30 Years Of Freedom Haven’t Changed His View Of The Crime

After 30 years, the killer of Asian American icon Vincent Chin told me in an exclusive interview that the murder known as a hate crime, wasn’t about race, nor does he ever even remember hitting Chin with a baseball bat.
Incredible as that sounds, there is one thing Ronald Ebens is clear about.
Ebens, who was convicted of second degree murder but spent no time in prison for the act, is sorry for the beating death of Vincent Chin on June 19, 1982, in Detroit–even though for many Asian Americans, he can’t say sorry enough.
For years, Ebens has been allowed to live his life quietly as a free man.
With the arrival of the 30th anniversary this month–and after writing about the case for years–I felt the need to hear Ebens express his sorrow, so that I could put the case behind me.

Of course Guillermo's purpose was not to "put the case behind him."  It was to dredge up a sad, isolated incident for his political agenda.  And his agenda is Hating Whitey.  At the same time Guillermo is meticulously ignoring the ongoing Black war not only on Whites but on Asians, in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the United States and the world.  No mention of the Knock Out Game in St. Louis, no mention of the murders of Asians by Blacks in San Francisco and the East Bay.  Nothing.  It is as if Asian victims of Black crime did not exist.  And they don't for him.  Nothing so inconvenient is noticed or remarked upon as that does not serve his political agenda.

Which is all the more of interest, because he treats his fellow "Asians" like an Uncle Tom would, he throws them under the bus.

City Brights:  Emil Guillermo June 1, 2012
Emil May Rhyme With Schlemiel, But In Affirmative Action Fight Are Asian Americans The New Jews?

The idea has actually been kicking around for a few years but has resurfaced in the preliminary stages leading up to the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing later this year in Fisher v. University of Texas, the latest threat to affirmative action.
In Fisher, the white plaintiff is challenging how Texas seeks out blacks and Latinos for college admissions. But in at least two amicus briefs filed this week, the secret weapon to fight UT’s policies has been the purported harm caused not just to whites but Asian Americans.
One brief, filed jointly by an Asian American advocacy group, 80-20, and the Brandeis Center, says that the Asian American experience is similar to the anti-Semitism Jews faced in college admissions in the past. The tack (anti-Asian American = anti-Semitism) is effective in making people feel the emotional side of the issue.
But rehashing data from the past and comparing them to recent Asian American admissions stats (primarily from Daniel Golden’s book of 2006, The Price of Admission) is really a red herring (pickled, or otherwise).  Historically, Jews were subjected to real quotas in college admissions. No such quotas exist now; in fact, current affirmative action law in force today already outlaws quotas.

No "quotas" here, but bad things do happen to good, read here, real "Asians."

That’s not to say bad things don’t happen to good Asian American applicants. In the zero sum game that is college admissions, some Asian Americans, despite good grades and high test scores, still don’t get in...
Is the harm to Asian Americans really a harm at all when someone doesn’t get into the Ivy League school of their choice?
Does one suffer irreparable damage when one must go to, say, Washington University at St. Louis instead of Harvard?
Is it really Harvard or bust?
The truth is when bad things happen to good Asian American students, they still end up in great schools, with solid paths to successful careers.
They don’t end up tragically in the Tenderloin of life bemoaning their underappreciated 4.0 GPA and stellar high school resume. No one ends up playing violin for spare change at subway stops.
Meanwhile, for some remarkable black and Latino candidates, affirmative action often represents a once in a lifetime opportunity. The resulting good to society is apparent by the real societal benefit of affirmative action throughout the years: a rising black and Latino middle class.
It’s an unfortunate fact that the admission of what one school deems is a qualified applicant will displace another.

But that is just a few eggs in Stalin's omelet.  A few real Asians, meaning East Asians, rather than Filipinos who qualify for affirmative action, will pay the price.

For real "Asians" are just a pawn here:

Still, this latest threat to affirmative action, with Asian Americans as a wedge among people of color, just feels different, as if maybe the divide and conquer strategy may work this time.

Meaning protecting affirmative action for low IQ Filipinos and their Black and Hispanic fellow failures who have no choice but Harvard or the Tenderloin.  Which in itself is quite amazing since real "Asians" can do quite OK without going to Harvard, but if a Black, Hispanic, or Filipino don't get in, they will be crushed by the trauma and end up on the streets selling their bodies or crack.  Which says a lot about Black, Hispanics, and Filipinos.  They really aren't up to real academic work at elite institutions as Guillermo seems to admit.  They need that affirmative action to a place they would not qualify for without it, but will fail if they get sent to Cal State East Bay.  Why is it that Blacks, Filipinos, and Hispanics fail at 4th rate State universities?

But in the end it is all about evil Whitey though.  Guillermo is disappointed that real "Asians" are nothing more than a wedge against his dear and needed affirmative action.  Otherwise how would he have gotten a job at the SFGate?

OK, She's Hot, But Extraordinary?

Not quite.  Hot blondes are a dime a dozen.  Do we really need to give green cards to them?

Yahoo/Reuters  June 29, 2012 by Sarah McBride
U.S. "Genius" Visa Attracts Entrepreneurs And Playmates
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shera Bechard, the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Playboy Enterprises founder Hugh Hefner, would not be an obvious candidate for the special visas that the U.S. government reserves for "individuals with extraordinary ability."
Playboy magazine named Bechard Miss November in 2010, and she also started an online photo-sharing craze called "Frisky Friday." Neither seems quite on the level of an "internationally recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize," which the government cites as a possible qualification.
But Los Angeles immigration lawyer Chris Wright argued that Bechard's accomplishments earned her a slot. The government ultimately agreed.
That kind of success has put Wright on the map as the go-to visa fixer for both Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It also highlights the use of so-called genius visas known as O-1s and EB-1s, which have largely escaped political controversy and are now the immigration solution of choice for many entrepreneurs.

But then she isn't from some third world hell hole.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Got Game

This blog identified the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty at its conception and writing on the inestimable VDare this writer identified the proper solution for the problem, impeachment (Many thanks to the invalubable editing by Peter Brimelow.  Some writers need a great editor.  Many thanks Peter). 

It appears that beside originating the now common term of Administrative Amnesty (I just heard Steven Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies use the term this morning while interviewed on the Brian Sussman Show on KSFO.)

But even more influential people are reading my blog, VDare, or under the influence of my ideas.  (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Think Progress June 26, 2012 by Comrade Igor Volsky

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) floated the possibility of impeaching President Obama over the administration’s recent decisions on immigration, during an appearance on Bill Bennett’s radio show on Tuesday.

Responding to a question about the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to pull back “on a program known as 287(g) — which allows the feds to deputize local officials to make immigration-based arrests” — following the Supreme Court’s ruling invalidating substantial sections of Arizona’s SB 1070, Kyl said the president must be held accountable:
BENNETT: How do you make the feds cooperate [with state immigration efforts]?

KYL: Well, that’s the executive’s job and there are only a couple of ways to do it… If the president insists on continuing to ignore parts of the law that he doesn’t like, and simply not enforce that law, the primary remedy for that is political. And you have it two ways: one is oversight through the Congress to demonstrate what they’re doing wrong and there are some potential criminal charges there for dereliction of duty. Although, I haven’t looked that up yet. And the other part of it is people need to react through the ballot box to turn out of office those people who are not doing their duty. Now if it’s bad enough and if shenanigans involved in it, then of course impeachment is always a possibility. But I don’t think at this point anybody is talking about that.

Not to shock anyone, this is not the time for impeachment, it was a year ago, or three years ago when I first identified the Administrative Amnesty. But with the election just a few months away, that is where we should fight this battle. At least as to regards to Barak Hussein Obama.

However, Janet Reno Napolitano and John Morton are a different story. The House should move full speed ahead with impeachment proceedings against those two. The hearings would be instructive to the public during the election and it would highlight the separation of the two from regular Americans; her an elite lesbian, he a self-hating white man. Neither with any defense. They openly and flagrantly are defying Federal law, their oaths of office, and the Constitution. Let's put the Regime on the defensive. And hold some House Demoncrats and Senators feet to the fire.

It is good to see though that one has impact on the political process and current events. Thanks for reading my blog Senator Kyle. Or at least reading VDare, or someone in your office is reading VDare. But don't let anyone know. You could get the John Derbyshire treatment.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Muslims Unhappy About Buddhist "Jihad"

The Religion of Hate is getting a little push-back in Sri Lanka of all places.  Though it is not that surprising.  Buddhists, especially Buddhist monks, are not all that peaceful.  Just look at the history of Siam, the Khmer kingdoms, China, Tibet, Korea, and Japan.  Not to criticize, but that is what people do.  No hiding man's sinful nature.  But the great purveyors of religious conquest don't like a taste of the same.

The Diplomat Blog June 26, 2012 by Joseph Hammond

Colombo’s suburb of Dehiwala is probably best known for housing the Colombo Zoo. But late last month, it became the site of a wild protest at a small mosque, a protest that has many Muslim leaders in Sri Lanka worried.

On the morning of May 30, police officials reportedly informed the leader of the Dehiwala branch of the Association of Muslim Youth of Seylan that an illegal demonstration was likely to take place at the group’s mosque. Sheikh Ramsy was instructed to cancel madrassa lessons.

True to the warning, by midday, some 200 demonstrators led by several dozen Buddhist monks allegedly converged on the small Islamic center and began throwing stones and rotten meat over the gate at the mosque. Fortunately, most projectiles landed harmlessly in front of the mosque. Protestors shouted slogans demanding the closure of the mosque, claiming it was performing daily animal sacrifices, a charge the mosque denies.
Muslims are 10% of the population of Ceylon, but you would never know that from the Pearl of the Indian Ocean's public policy.  Muslims are disenfranchized, not because they are not allowed to vote and practice their religion, but that Sri Lankans are well aware of their indiginous religious and cultural heritage.  Diversity is not a public virtue there, but upholding the Buddhist nature of their nation is.  And they take that very seriously, as does the religious heirarchy of Buddhism there.  They don't stand for Muslim protelizing, intimidation, terrorism or dhimmitude.  Usually the rule if a population of Muslims is over 1% you got a real problem, but not in Sri Lanka.  The Noble Eightfold Path apparently includes standing up for one's culture, country and religion. 

A lesson to be learned.  But what we will get is another influx of Muslim refugees like these guys.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Importing Corruption

Mexican immigrants continue to remake the United States in an image of their home country.  Even while serving in the very forces assigned to protect the border from illegal immigration and drugs from Mexico.

Yahoo!/AP  June 24, 2012 by Elliot Spagat
Border Patrol Agents Set For Corruption Trial

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Raul Villarreal was long a public face of the Border Patrol, frequently appearing on television news as an agency spokesman and acting as a dangerous human smuggler in a public service announcement intended to warn Mexicans about the dangers of entering the United States illegally.
Prosecutors contend now that he knew the smuggler's role well because he really was one.
Raul and his older brother and fellow former agent, Fidel, are accused of smuggling hundreds of migrants in Border Patrol vehicles. Federal prosecutors say the brothers were tipped they were under investigation in June 2006, prompting them to flee to Mexico...
The family came to the United States from the central Mexican state of Jalisco in 1984, when the brothers were teenagers. Raul knew no English as a 14-year-old but quickly became fluent. He volunteered to read to children at libraries and collected food for the homeless, joining the Border Patrol in 1995 after earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from San Diego State University.

The story is well known to those who deal with border corruption.  The overwhelming majority of corrupt employees of Department of Homeland Security are Hispanic, many of those immigrants.  Just another cost of immigration.  The only thing unusual about the Villarreal brothers is that they are going to trial.  Most quickly plea guilty and are generally slapped on the wrist.  Unlike Border Patrol Agents who are aggressive and make arrests, they are generally persecuted for daring to stand up to the drug and alien smugglers.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Illegal Alien Who Would't Obey The Law

Another illegal alien made the news today.  And she promises to do her best to destroy the United States and our Republican form of government.

Claudia Garate was an illegal alien from Chile who came to the United States to work illegally.  As is common, she and her employers did not have a good relationship.  She was underpaid but living where she wanted to be.  Apparently working 9-5 in Chile is worse than being a virtual slave in the United States.

SFGate June 21, 2012 by Carla Marinucci

It took almost two decades, but Chilean immigrant Claudia Garate-House - whose story of abuse as a young domestic worker made her a symbol of the fledgling movement of undocumented immigrants rights - walked into her future Wednesday with her head held high.
She took the oath to become a U.S. citizen at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, a long way from her days as a young immigrant, alone in this country, when she emerged publicly in 1993 to demand justice for her mistreatment - only to be deported by immigration authorities...

Moments after becoming an American - a desire so intense that Garate-House returned to California several times, crossing the border by foot and by car, even dodging bullets - she did something equally momentous.

She did this:

She registered to vote.

Because she supports illegal immigration:

On the heels of President Obama's executive order Friday that will halt deportation of an estimated 1.4 million undocumented young immigrants, Garate-House, 43, said it was one reason she is "determined" to have a voice in the 2012 election.

And she came here to work illegally at a job that she later used as the rationale for her claim for residency:

In 1993, she became a vanguard of a then-emerging immigrant civil rights movement after she came forward with her story, which some officials described as virtual slavery. She told state labor officials that she was hired from a rural Chilean village at 19 to work as a nanny for a professional couple in Rohnert Park.

What followed, she told officials, was round-the-clock cooking, cleaning, feeding the couple's baby several times a night - and serving the lady of the house breakfast in bed.
And she was held in virtual slavery, but the legal process eventually dealt judiciously with her claims.

Her rebellion at such treatment became the focus of a Hearst-owned San Francisco Examiner series on immigrant abuse, prompted "anti-enslavement" legislation and brought her before the U.N. Human Rights Commission and the national television audience of "Oprah" to tell her story.

She paid the price for the move: She was awarded $2,000 for nearly two years of work for the couple and deported after her employers turned her identification over to immigration officials.
Interestingly her oldest daughter is 21, which means that she became pregnant in approximately 1991.  It seems she either was impregnated by her employer or actually escaped before 1993 and found her husband.  Interesting.

It also appears that her intent in taking the domestic servant position illegally was to eventually get a free education in the United States:

While Garate-House said she accepted her first job in California with the hope of obtaining higher education in the United States, Obama's order would not have affected her because she didn't meet the policy's criteria.
But this illegal immigrant did not just once, but many times enter the United States:

After she was deported, she said, she repeatedly crossed the U.S. border under the most dangerous circumstances "because of all the possibilities that this country provides - all the opportunities."

And despite being here since 1993 and supposedly passing a citizenship test, she does not know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence:

"It's in the Constitution," she said. "The pursuit of happiness."

Obviously U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service citizenship test is a bit too easy.  To say nothing that an immigrant from a third-world country appears to not understand or not adhere to the fundamental principals of our Republic.  There is a separation of powers between the legislative and the executive.  Unlike the rest of the world, the Chief Executive of the United States cannot impose his will on the Legislative Branch by legislating by proclamation.  Something she does not appreciate.

It begs the question, why is she here in the first place.  If she is in such love with illegal aliens why did she not go to Mexico where most illegal aliens come from.  She has a strange obession with things not American for someone who claims to love America.  She appears to want to remake America in the image of the third world, one without rights, without separation of powers, without a Republic.  Clearly we will not keep this Republic that our Founders bequethed to us if we keep letting in people like this.

And why is Mittens so enamoured with illegal aliens like her.  She is voting for our domestic Marxist party.  Why does Mittens want more people here who have no intent of supporting not just the Republican Party but are fundamentally opposed to our form of governance?

Do Mittens' Advisors Know Anything About Immigration Law

Mittens released his immigration policy.  Besides its idiocy policy wise, the campaign's advisors seem to know nothing about immigration law:

Mitt Romney's Strategy For Bipartisan & Long-Term Immigration Reform June 21, 2012

Cut Red Tape That Is Keeping Immediate Families Apart

Currently, legal immigrants in America often have to wait years to be with husbands, wives, and minor children. As president, Mitt Romney will ensure that husbands, wives, and their minor children are brought together on a timely basis.

•Mitt Romney will speed the processing of applications by eliminating the red tape that is keeping immediate families apart.

•Mitt Romney will work with Congress to give legal permanent residents the same priority as citizens when applying to bring husbands, wives, and minor children to the United States.

•Mitt Romney will reallocate green cards to family of citizens and legal permanent residents.
First of all there is no delay of any consequence for spouses and minor children of American citizens.  The processing time for immediate family immigrant visas is about 6 months.  In any event most of those who are applying for spouses and children are doing so based on adjustment of status in the United States, with many of those beneficiaries in the United States illegally or who fraudulently enter with non-immigrant visas with the intent to adjust status when the sponsor obtains citizenship.  The usual story is that a legal permanent resident (LPR) applies for a spouse or child either overseas or in the U.S. illegally.  As an LPR there are significant delays and country limits.  However once that LPR naturalizes, an immediate visa becomes available.  So the only delay is because the now U.S. citizen was once an LPR.  There is no "red tape" that delays an immigrant visa application.  There are minimal requirements and fraud prevention efforts but those have little or no impact, especially since most fraudulent marriages or fraudulent applications by persons who are not children are approved.

Second, how will Romney, without Congress, reallocate green cards to "family" of citizens and LPRs while he is expanding immigration based on supposed high skilled immigrants?

Grow Our Economy By Growing Legal Immigration

The United States is currently excluding too many workers who will start businesses, create jobs, foster innovation, and help grow our economy.

Attract More Highly Skilled Immigrants:
•High-skill immigrants start companies, create jobs, and drive innovation at an especially high rate. The United States is also projected to face a shortage of 230,000 science and technology workers by 2018. At the same time, we have set the caps on high-skill visas so low that, for some countries, an entire year’s quota has been filled in an hour. Mitt Romney will ask Congress to raise the caps on visas for highly skilled immigrants.

•Many country caps—or limits on immigrants from specific countries—are so low, that America is losing some of the best and brightest to our international competitors. Mitt Romney will work with Congress to raise the country caps.

•America should keep the best and the brightest here in the United States. Every foreign student who obtains an advanced degree in math, science, or engineering at a U.S. university should be granted permanent residency.

Will Romeny be issuing his own executive orders creating immigrant visas to be reallocated to family based immigration?  Or is he implying that all the new immigrant visas will be taken from the adult parents, adult siblings and adult children of U.S. citizens and LPRs?  That is the only reservoir of immigrant visas.  He will certainly need legislation for that.

Furthermore, Romeny claims that he will create a military service only DREAM Act:

Military Service

Mitt Romney believes that young illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children should have the chance to become permanent residents, and eventually citizens, by serving honorably in the United States military.

However, under current law once an alien enters military service, that alien is automatically eligible for citizenship.  There is no intervening legal permanent residence status.  So Mittens can't just create a new class of LPRs through military service without Congress.

Mittens also seems to not know what the problem is.  He talks much about the border:

Secure Our Borders & Discourage Illegal Immigration

According to the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, Border Patrol lacks control of over half of our southwest border. And some estimates indicate that over 40% of illegal immigrants in America entered the country legally, but then overstayed their visas.

•Mitt Romney will complete a high-tech fence to enhance border security.

•Mitt Romney will ensure that we have the officers on the ground we need to gain control of the border.

•A Romney Administration will work to develop an efficient, effective system of exit verification to ensure people do not overstay their visas.

•Mitt Romney will develop an effective, mandatory employment verification system that will enable employers to be sure that those they hire are eligible to work. This will discourage illegal immigrants from coming to America to seek jobs.

•Mitt Romney will foster a legal immigration system that works. This will offer an alternative to those who would otherwise enter illegally. For instance, reforming our current temporary worker program will offer employers who need such staff a legal option to find employees.

But there is nothing about interior enforcement.  Exit verification is nice, but unless there are officers doing the exit verification as part of a departure control program, not just some record system administered remotely as currently proposed, and arresting and formally deporting the visa overstayers, the practice of exit verification is pointless.
Furthermore, the high-tech fence is a boondoggle for contractors.  Only a physical fence, a barrier to both persons and vehicles, is effective and aids control of the border. 
There is nothing about the failure of DHS and ICE to implement an effective interior enforcement strategy.  It appears there will be no increase in deportations and no repeal of the Obama Regime DREAM Act amnesty, which will only continue the magnet of illegal immigration.
The only positive aspect of the plan is E-Verify, but without interior enforcement, illegal employees will only go off the books.  Now because there is no work-place enforcement strategy, illegal aliens work openly with Tax Payer Identification Numbers, expired authorized Social Security Numbers, fraudulent Social Security Numbers, or stolen Social Security Numbers.  While E-Verify will discourage some of the higher end employers, many will be shifted to off the books contractors or cash and will remain unless arrested and removed.
There is also nothing in Mittens' plan for reforming the broken deportation system, fully implementing Expedited Removal much less expanding it to all aliens other than LPRs, or anything about the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.
So, what we have is increased legal immigration, amnesty for DREAMsters, and expedited visas for family members.
The rest is empty rhetoric, sly suggestions on decreased chain migration, or empty hints at enforcement.  Thin gruel indeed for patriots.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eric Holder And The BIA Escalating Attack On DOMA

America's own Andrey Januarevich Vyshinsky, Eric Holder, and his minions at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) are manuevering for an amnesty for homosexuals to mirror the Department of Homeland Security's amnesty for illegal aliens under age 31.  The BIA recently remanded to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) applications for legal permanent residence by several homosexuals who are making a claim based on homosexual marriages.  The BIA wants to know if the marriages themselves are legal under State law and are valid marriages.

MetroWeekly June 19, 2012 by Chris Geidner

In one of the BIA decisions, for example, the BIA states:

Although the Board lacks jurisdiction to consider the constitutional arguments raised by the petitioner, we do find it appropriate, in light of the Attorney General's decision in Matter of Dorman, 25 I&N Dec. 485 (A.G. 2011), to remand this matter to the Director to address in the first instance the following issues:

1) Whether the petitioner and the beneficiary have a valid marriage under the laws of California; and

2) Whether, absent the requirements of section 3 of DOMA, the marriage of the petitioner and the beneficiary would qualify the beneficiary to be considered a "spouse" under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Similar language appears in all four decisions, which are appeals from cases that originated in California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. The New York-based visa case and Florida-based request-to-reopen-removal-proceedings case involve marriages entered into in Connecticut, the California-based visa case involves a marriage entered into in Canada (and that is where the couple resides currently), and the Pennsylvania-based case involves a California marriage.

Talking with Lavi Soloway, who founded Stop the Deportations to address this issue and says he is the attorney in the involved cases, he tells Metro Weekly, "They are unusual remands. They are an effort by the Board of Immigration Appeals to have the immigration service answer additional questions which, strictly speaking, should not be necessary since the denials were based solely on the fact that the couples were of the same sex and therefore barred by Section 3 of DOMA.
The homosexuals claim that this is in preparation for a SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, which is not even on their docket yet.

"The BIA is essentially forcing the immigration service to undertake full adjudication and to produce a complete fact-finding for each couple to determine the bona fides of the marriage, rather than simply deny them perfunctorily because they're gay or lesbian couples," he continued. "Once U.S. [Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is within the Department of Homeland Security] has done all that fact-finding, they're essentially setting the stage for being able to approve the petitions in a post-DOMA universe. They're providing everything that one would need to know to approve those petitions if the Defense of Marriage Act did not exist ... and that's not typically the role of the Board of Immigration Appeals."
But in reality, it is in preparation for more unconstititutional executive orders from the Obama Regime.  Just as they implemented DREAM Act legislation that has been repeated rejected by Congress, the Regime intends to implement homosexual marriage by executive order without a SCOTUS ruling or legislation.  You heard it here first, just as you heard of the Obama Regime Admininstrative Amnesty here first.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How The Obama Regime DREAM Act Amnesty Will Expand

Overlooked in the Obama Regime assault on the Constitution during the recent announcement of a DREAM Act amnesty for illegal aliens age 30 and under is the recent decision by the Nineth Circus Court of Schlemiels that laid the basis for a group of illegal aliens not benefiting from the earlier Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty to claim rights under that earlier amnesty.

Previously the Obama Regime announced a priority list of aliens eligible for deferred action, including work authorization.  Those aliens were any alien not a security risk and not having a felony conviction or two or more misdemeanor convictions.  However the administration of this amnesty was haphazard and seeing that there was a certain lack of uniform administration of this amnesty, a clique from the Treason Bar decided to demand said amnesty from the government.  They took their claim for access to the amnesty program to the Nineth Circus who immediately accepted the premise that the aliens had a case under the equal protection clause and various legal standards, one being that the government cannot administer a benefit to a select members of a group, but must administer that benefit equally.  One claim was equal protection, the other based on due process.  The Obama Regime claimed to be blindsided, but the result was predictable.  It is clear cut law that a benefit must be administered equally, not just to an administratively selected group, especially if there is no statutory basis for the program, of which the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty is one that is lawless in all the implications of that word.

Now that the Regime has announced an expansion of their Administrative Amnesty, an amnesty supposedly restricted to the 30 and under crowd, just what will be the reaction of the Treason Bar?  Will they remain silent while the rest of their clients are deported or don't get employment authorization?

Of course not.  The next step, and in seeming coordination with the Treason Bar which was barely a week ago complaining that the Regime's amnesty meant nothing for their clientele, will be a judicially imposed amnesty based on equal protection and due process claims.  And they will be correct.  There is no legal basis for the Regime's DREAM Act amnesty.  There is nothing in law that allows the President to give employment authorization to illegal aliens under age 30 but withold it to illegal aliens age 31, 41, 51 or 61.  There is nothing in the law authorizing it for aliens who have a GED or high school diploma earned in the United States.  What would be the legal basis to withhold it from aliens with a HS diploma or GED from outside the United States?  Or to withold it from those without either?  There is plenty of room for an activist judiciary to find those distinctions without basis in law and to be covered by equal protection and due process rights that have been long ago extended to illegal aliens.

So it is clear that the DREAM Act formal amnesty is only a first step.  Lawless though it be, don't look for the courts to stop it as some Republicans are claiming they will be doing.  The only way to stop this is either impeachment or use of the power of the purse, which in some areas the Republicans were attempting before the recent amnesty on other issues like the Morton Memos, but without the support of the tanned one who has been nothing but hostile to immigration law enforcement.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Wicked Witch Is Dead

Well, not a witch, but good riddance to bad rubbish anyway.  Rodney King, vile human being and leader of a life of crime even after he won the LAPDog lottery, is deader than a door nail.  How he could afford a house in Rialto with a pool is beyond me.  He spent all his lottery winnings years ago.   The real tragedy of that incident was that two honorable men went to prison even after they were found innocent by a jury of their peers.  Stacey Koon and Lawrence Powell were victims of the same evil that is oppressing George Zimmerman;  Republicans who cannot stand up to the Justice Brothers.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Expands

Given that Republicans have not stood up to the first and continuing manifestations of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty first identfied by this blog, the lawless Regime, a regime in every sense of the word as the rule of law has been abscent from this Regime from the begining, the Regime has expanded its amnesty in two important areas.

First, the Regime has re-instituted "catch-and-release" on the U.S. borders and at Ports-of-Entry (POE). But it is more than just "catch-and-release."  Previously under Jorge Bush "catch-and-release" was the policy by which illegal aliens were arrested and processed, but released with hearing dates before the Executive Office for Immigration Review, commonly called immigration courts, and, of course, most of those aliens were never heard from again.  Their cases were then assigned to the legacy INS Office of Detention and Deportation, later U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations, to become additional statistics of no-shows and absconders added to their backlog of millions of illegals to be found and arrested.

The Washington Times June 14, 2012 by Stephan Dinan

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency charged with guarding the U.S. borders, has written a secret draft policy that would let its agents catch and release low-priority illegal immigrants rather than bring them in for processing and prosecution.
The policy, which has not been signed off on, would be the latest move by the Obama administration to set new priorities for the nation’s immigration services, and would bring CBP in line with other Homeland Security Department agencies that already use such “prosecutorial discretion.”

The policy was detailed in an internal memo obtained by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith and reviewed by The Washington Times, which confirmed the document.

According to the memo, the draft policy “provides circumstances when to pursue enforcement actions … and includes detailed discussion of several factors CBP personnel should consider when exercising discretion.”

However it is not just a return to "catch-and-release."  Now U.S. Border Patrol agents will no longer process the aliens caught, but just release them into the United States with out any removal proceedings at all.

That policy, which lets the agency decline to prosecute or deport some illegal immigrants, has received mixed reviews. Crackdown supporters say it’s too lenient, while the immigrant advocates say it’s not applied fairly.

The new draft policy detailed in the memo would apply similar rules to CBP, and the chief effect could be to give Border Patrol agents discretion not to turn over illegal immigrants for prosecution.

CBP generally operates at official points of entry and along and near the U.S. borders, with authority stretching as much as 100 miles away from an international boundary. ICE is responsible for the interior, and for most deportations.

Furthermore, the policy will be extended to illegal aliens discovered at Ports-of-Entry.  Those aliens with fraudulent documents, stolen documents, fraudulently obtained documents and those without documents will be released into the United States.

The draft policy also might help those trying to enter the country legally at a port of entry who may have some red flags with past immigration violations. The new guidelines could let officers look past some minor problems.

The memo said factors agents and officers could consider would include “the alien’s immigration and criminal history; claims of family, business or property ownership, ties to the community and educational background; likelihood that the alien will be granted temporary or permanent status or other relief from removal; an alien’s age and health (both physical and mental), as well as the age and health (both physical and mental) of alien’s immediate relatives; whether the alien is in the U.S. military or is the dependent of such a service member; and the alien’s length or presence in the United States and the circumstances of his/her arrival in the United States.”
This represents a radical expansion of the amnesty, once just for illegal aliens already in the United States, but now for aliens not yet here.  Now aliens will be encouraged to come the the United States by any means knowing that if they are not an already identified terrorist or have a felony conviction, they will be released into the United States.

The Regime has also announced that it is expanding the Administrative Amnesty to all illegal aliens brought to the United States at or under the age of 16 and will grant them work authorization.

Yahoo! News by Liz Goodwin June 15, 2012

The White House will halt the deportation of as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits, in a sweeping new initiative announced by the Department of Homeland Security.
People under 30 who entered the country illegaly or overstayed their visas when they were under the age of 16 will be immune from deportation if they have not committed a significant misdemeanor or felony and have graduated from a U.S. high school or joined the military. They can apply for a renewable two-year work permit that won't provide a path to citizenship but will allow them to work legally in the country.
The question is will the Republicans take up the challenge and immediately impeach Janet Reno Napolitano and begin impeachment proceedings against Barak Hussein Obama?  They failed to challenge the first manifestations of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and consequently the Regime has continuously expanded the amnesty.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NRO Tries To Square The Circle Of Civil Rights

And fails miserably.  National Review Online is shocked, shocked they say, to find that civil rights laws, specifically public accomodation laws are violating the First Amendment.  However NRO thinks that the First Amendment covers only religious freedom, not freedom of association and speech.

NRO by Ian Tuttle June 14, 2012

When 43 Catholic dioceses, schools, and institutions filed suit against the Obama administration to block the HHS mandate, they reiterated for all Americans the importance of preserving “our first, most cherished liberty”: religious liberty, as guaranteed in the First Amendment. But while national attention lingers on that specific clash, fresh assaults on religious liberty carry on elsewhere.

The latest battleground is New Mexico. In 2008, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission found Elane Photography, an Albuquerque photography studio co-owned by Elaine Huguenin and her husband, Jonathan, guilty of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for refusing to photograph Vanessa Willock’s same-sex “commitment ceremony.” The court ordered the business to pay $6,600 in attorney’s fees...

But isn’t a photography studio’s product different in kind from the products of, say, a burger joint or a shoe store? Neither the commission nor the court believed so. While the studio “does exercise some degree of control over the photographs it is hired to take,” the court wrote, “this control does not transform the photographs into a message from Elane Photography.” The court labeled the business, instead, “a mere conduit for another’s expression,” thereby denying it any free-speech protections available under the First Amendment.

Well, no, a photography studio is as much a public accomodation regulated by the State as a burger joint or a shoe store.  And NRO's current error, they initially opposed such civil rights legislation dealing with public accomodation, is that their first position was correct.  And the inevitable logic of public accomodation would end up with religious beliefs violated by the Federal and State governments.  NRO thought that by sacrificing access to lunch counters and freedom of association would leave Americans with the remainder of the First Amendment.  They seemed to think that there was a hierarchy of freedoms in the First Amendment.  That some freedoms protected in the First Amendment were more important than others.  They have just learned otherwise.

Well the neo-cons at NRO are finding that that by abandoning Segregationists they were not accomodated, so to speak, by the Marxist, who continued their centuries old war on religion as well as other freedoms.  Who'd a thunk?  One cannot accomodate Marxists.  They are like the origional bad Terminator, they never stop.  They will keep coming until they kill us.  Sacrificing Segregationists did not save freedom, it only delayed it for a few days.  Religious freedom was always one of their targets.

It is time NRO realized that.  There is no accomodation with the Marxists.  There is no sacrifice that will satiate them.  They will keep coming until they kill you and your progeny.  Lesson learned.

Visa Express Is Back

It's official.  Visa Express, the expedited visa program for Saudis that gave us the Glorious 19, as the Muslim world, the Department of State (DOS), and Democrats like Ward Churchill refer to the September 11 hijackers, is back.

The DOS has no shame in its game of electing a new people.  It is advertising its commitment to terrorism and illegal immigration by advertising to the world that it has re-entered the 9/10 Weltanschuung where terrorism is just freedom of speech and illegal immigration is good for America.

The Daily Caller June 13, 2012 by Daniel Halper

A new video released by the State Department is trying to encourage tourists from around the world to visit America.

"Visit America," a caption reads. "It's easier than you think." As tranquil music plays in the background, scenes of American landmarks are displayed onscreen. Another caption states, "Discover America. More than 65 million visitors do each year."

The only voice in the video is that of President Obama. "We've got the best product to sell," Obama says in a clip taken from a January speech at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. "We've got the most entertaining destinations in the world."

A State Department slogan of sorts later flashes on screen, "Department of State: Promoting Security, Welcoming the World."
What the DOS and ABC do not tell us is that of that 65 million people, a large portion will never leave, especially the so-called middle-class visitors from India, Brazil and China.  About half of illegal aliens in the United States came on non-immigrant visas.  And remember the Glorious 19 got the easy visa program.  So ten years after 9/11 the DOS has reopened America to terrorism.

ICE HSI Continues To Ignore Its Responsibilities

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) continues to ignore its responsibilities and continues to duplicate the law enforcement activity of local police departments.  In its most recent case HSI participated in the arrest of a school teacher for possessing child porn on his home computer.  Instead of tracking down illegal alien voters and presenting such cases to the various responsible United States Attorney's Offices, HSI is ignoring illegal alien voters, who will probably be voting for Barak Hussein Obama, in favor of duplicating the activity of local police departments.

4 NBC Washington June 13, 2012

A Fairfax County teacher has been arrested at his school and charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Robert C. Fenn, 26, of Herndon, Va., has been suspended from his job as a first-year special education teacher at Poplar Tree Elementary School in Chantilly. He taught kindergarten through third grade, NBC4's Chris Gordon reports.

Fenn is accused of possessing images on his home computer. No Poplar Tree students were shown in the pictures, said a police spokesperson, and school computers were not used.

Fenn was arrested after a week-long joint investigation by the Fairfax County Police Department and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security agents.

Authorities searched Fenn's home Tuesday and retrieved computers and other materials.

Homeland Security was involved because online images can be transmitted internationally.
No, HSI was involved because it wants to ignore its responsibilities to enforce immigration laws and help re-elect Barak Hussein Obama.  And while child porn could be exported, it is highly unlikely, nor of much importance.  What is important is illegal alien MS 13 gangbangers like Edwin Ramos killing Americans.  What is important is aliens voting for Barak Hussein Obama.  Robert Fenn's crime was of no concern to HSI.  There is no terrorism nexis, no alien nexis, no customs nexis.  Fenn was only arrested so that the Obama Regime can continue its Administrative Amnesty and elect a new people.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Illegal Alien Gangbanger Sentenced

Illegal alien gangbanger Edwin Ramos, as vile a human being as has ever existed, and darling of the Democrat Party because he is an oppressed illegal alien Dream Act poster child, has been sentenced to a joke of a punishment.  Three life terms plus a hundred or so years. 

SF Examiner June 11, 2012 by Mike Aldax
The 25-year-old MS-13 gang member on Monday refused to take responsibility for killing Anthony Bologna, 48, and sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, as he was sentenced to three life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. The father and two of his sons were driving home from a picnic June 22, 2008, in the Excelsior district when they were murdered.
Of course he is already planning his future career as a vexious litigant, already planning his appeals. 
He plans to appeal the verdicts.
And thanks to the rabid racist Kamela Harris, former District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, the death penalty was not on the table.
But interested patriots can contact Melinda Haag, United States Attorney for the Northern District of California, to pursue charges with the death penalty on the table.  That might wipe the smirk of Ramos's face.  Maybe ICE HSI can put off their child porn obsession for a minute and prosecute a murder case.

Haag can be contacted here:

450 Golden Gate Avenue
Box 36055
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 436-7200

Also drop Mittens a note to see if he has any concern about illegal alien killers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

One Of The Reasons There Are 11-20 Million Illegal Aliens

That is U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) has decided to ignore immigration law enforcement to concentrate on child pornography investigations.  Not that child porn should not be investigated, but even the miserly 8 arrests HSI has trumpeted recently, none of those cases were exclusive to HSI.  In fact, as usual in such cases, a local law enforcement agency was the lead, as it should be.  Child pornography is a crime traditionally investigated and prosecuted at a local level.

ABC News June 8, 2012 by Jack Cloherty

“Thanks to international cooperation and first class forensic analysis by Homeland Security Special agents here in Boston, along with our Massachusetts State Police partners, an individual arrest in Milford has led to a network of child pornographers that has spanned the globe,” said Bruce M. Foucart, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations, Boston. “An individual photo discovered on Mr. Diduca’s computer has led to 33 arrests and 138 children being saved worldwide. Eight of those arrested live in the United States.”

In fact ICE HSI piggy backs its child porn cases off work that most commonly originates with a local law enforcement agency or from Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces funded by the Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and led by the FBI, which provides managers and agents to the ICAC task forces composed primarily of local agency detectives and officers. It is also little known that most child porn cases are brought to various law enforcement agencies by a Hollywood funded private company that scourers the internet for copyright violations for the film and music industry.  As a public service while searching the internet for illegally downloaded films and music, it also searches for child porn sources and peer-to-peer sharers of child porn, then alerts local law enforcement and the ICACs to child porn users.  Big Brother is out there, but he is Hollywood funded. 

Which tells one much, it is primarily a local crime best suited to investigation and prosecution at the local level.  And such investigations are unrelated to ICE's supposed mission, homeland security.  Investigators assigned to support child porn investigations are unavailable to track and arrest alien terrorists, alien gang members, or any other supposed priority of ICE.  In fact child porn investigations have one imperative at ICE, to keep HSI Special Agents away from illegal aliens, illegal alien criminals, work-site enforcement, benefit fraud investigations, and alien terrorists; away from anything remotely related to immigration law enforcement.  Not only does the management of ICE object to their immigration law enforcement responsibilities, but they have their own bureaucratic objective to rebuild the legacy U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Office of Investigations. ICE HSI wants nothing to do with immigration enforcement and child porn is the manner in which they are avoiding it like the plague.  Kind of strange for an agency who's very name starts with immigration and ends with enforcement.  And in the above case, the most significant examples of child porn discovered were images created by Americans in the United States.  So there is not even a customs connection for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Arrest The World's Ugliest Woman

The world's ugliest woman recently called Harvard Law School and threatened to sue said ivy covered institution because Alan Dershowitz criticized her criminal activity in the George Zimmerman case.

Strangely enough NRO had the link.  I wonder if the pansy-in-charge there approved that link.  I think the link is an advertisement from Newsmax, so perhaps Rich Lowry needed the money more than preserving his relationship with Al Sharpton.

Newsmax June 5, 2012 by Alan Dershowitz

Alan M. Dershowitz’s Perspective: State Attorney Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case, recently called the Dean of Harvard Law School to complain about my criticism of some of her actions.

She was transferred to the Office of Communications and proceeded to engage in a 40-minute rant, during which she threatened to sue Harvard Law School, to try to get me disciplined by the Bar Association and to file charges against me for libel and slander.

She said that because I work for Harvard and am identified as a professor she had the right to sue Harvard.

When the communications official explained to her that I have a right to express my opinion as “a matter of academic freedom,” and that Harvard has no control over what I say, she did not seem to understand.

She persisted in her nonstop whining, claiming that she is prohibited from responding to my attacks by the rules of professional responsibility — without mentioning that she has repeatedly held her own press conferences and made public statements throughout her career.

Her beef was that I criticized her for filing a misleading affidavit that willfully omitted all information about the injuries Zimmerman had sustained during the “struggle” it described. She denied that she had any obligation to include in the affidavit truthful material that was favorable to the defense.

She insisted that she is entitled to submit what, in effect, were half truths in an affidavit of probable cause, so long as she subsequently provides the defense with exculpatory evidence.

She should go back to law school, where she will learn that it is never appropriate to submit an affidavit that contains a half truth, because a half truth is regarded by the law as a lie, and anyone who submits an affidavit swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Before she submitted the probable cause affidavit, Corey was fully aware that Zimmerman had sustained serious injuries to the front and back of his head. The affidavit said that her investigators “reviewed” reports, statements and “photographs” that purportedly “detail[ed] the following.”

It then went on to describe “the struggle,” but it deliberately omitted all references to Zimmerman’s injuries which were clearly visible in the photographs she and her investigators reviewed.
Omitting facts in a report or affidavit are in fact crimes.  They are the same as making a false statement in the Federal system and are in this case punishable as violations of Title 18 United States Code Sections 1001 and 1519 Creation of a False Record, as well as civil rights violations, 18 USC 242, Violation of Rights Under Color of Law.  Just look at this case from California, Charles Jackson, a Special Agent with the Federal Protective Service (FPS), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, filed a false and misleading report concerning involvement of other FPS officer in a crime.  He was prosecuted for writing a report that misled the United States Attorney's Office.  It is time that Angela Corey and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents that prepared the false and misleading affidavit be criminally prosecuted.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Cards For Strippers

Not content with green cards for prostitutes and fake victims of wife beating, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is on a campaign to expand their green cards for social undesireables.  Since there are not enough prostitutes and fake victims, ICE wants to extend the "victim" amnesty to strippers.

Yahoo/AP June 1, 2012 by Russell Contreras
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Strippers and owners of topless clubs are scheduled to meet next week in New Mexico with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials who hope to bring more awareness to sex trafficking, a growing problem some call "virtual slavery."
The special conference slated for Tuesday at the Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque is aimed at educating around 125 people in the adult entertainment industry about the dangers of sex trafficking and how to report it if they see it.

With the help of a female Homeland Security Investigations agent working in southern New Mexico, the arm of ICE is seeking to reach out to people who may be working alongside victims of sex trafficking without even knowing it.  [Did ICE use unlawful sex discrimination to assign a female agent to this case?  Ed.]

ACE National, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group that represents strip clubs and other adult entertainment establishments, is hosting the event as part of organization's nationwide push to help dancers and club owners identify sex trafficking and rescue victims.

ACE National's executive director, Angelina Spencer, said the group has trained 2,000 people nationwide, and club owners have an important interest in keeping any ties to sex trafficking out of their industry.

According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, sex trafficking involves prostitution and other adult services that are induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under 18 years old. Often victims are drawn into sex trafficking by kidnappings, promises of a better job in another country, or being sold into the trade by family members...

Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, said the federal agency is in a big push to educate the public about sex trafficking.

"A lot people don't know that if you agree to a certain job involving sex and someone has to go across state lines for that job, that's sex trafficking," Abar said. "We're going to start being aggressive about going after sex traffickers, and people in this industry need to know what the laws are and how to spot trafficking."
And by education, ICE means that it wants illegal alien strippers to come forward and make a false allegations of coercion or force and then be rewarded with a green card.  That is the point of this program.  It is not education, it is part of the Regime's Administrative Amnesty.  This will obviously attract more illegals to the adult entertainment industry, and, like Bill Clinton's recent photograph with porn stars, it is the norming of sex industry with an immigration twist.  What ICE should be doing is raiding brothels and strip clubs, arresting the illegal aliens who work there, not educating them about their alleged victim status.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gun Nuts Double Down On Illegals And Guns

At least some gun nuts, specifically The Truth About Guns (TTAG) blog.  According to TTAG the 2nd Amendment is under assault not from Eric Holder and Barak Hussein Obama but by conservatives who cheered a recent 10th  Circuit ruling that illegal aliens don't enjoy the right to vote...erh...right to contribute to campaigns..ehrr...right to keep and bear arms.

TTAG June 3, 2012
I have a feeling this piece is going to win me very few friends among the Armed Intelligentsia, but as I have said before, I am a completely no-compromise kind of guy when it comes to civil rights. And I fully agrees with L. Neil Smith when he says the freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right — subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility. This is why it really offends my izzat to see conservatives rejoicing in court rulings that deny people their right to keep and bear arms, and mocking the antis for not joining in the celebration . . .

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has re-recognized that American citizens have individual rights under the 2nd Amendment, concealed carry legislation is in all States but Illinois, and several States have Constitutional carry, TTAG thinks that gun rights are retrogressing because without illegals voting...ehrr...keeping and bearing arms, the whole structure of rights under the 2nd Amendment are under threat.  

It never occurs to TTAG that illegals are outside the Constitutional and legal system.  It does not occur to TTAG that even our Founding Fathers supported restrictions on gun rights for felons and the mentally ill.  It does not occur that our Founders also opposed homosexual marriage, abortion, and polygamy.  It does not occur to TTAG that persons outside the commonweal did not hold rights in the community; slaves and Indians.  Even women did not hold the same rights as men, but the 2nd Amendment was stronger then than now.  But it is clear from our Founding Fathers that it was certainly acceptable that not all persons could exercise all rights.  And consequently Americans  exercised more 2nd Amendment rights when those rights were created 200 years ago than today.  The threat to the 2nd Amendment did not come from restricting certain rights to white male citizens but from the time when  certain other rights were expanded.  At that same time restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights expanded, whether it was restrictions on open carry in Dodge City, the Sullivan Law, or gun bans in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts, other rights were expanded to groups not previously enjoying 2nd Amendment rights.  The 2nd Amendment was a victim of the idea of rights for outside groups, including illegal aliens.  We got welfare for illegal aliens at the same time gun bans were passed in Chicago.  And those gun bans lasted for years.  But now as barriers to exercising 2nd Amendment rights are falling, some gun nuts claim that 2nd Amendment rights are threatened if illegals don't get those rights.  

It is irrational to claim that illegal aliens are the canary in the coal mine when restrictions on said 2nd Amendment rights are falling every day.

But in the end, if illegals can keep and bear arms, what is the rational to restrict other rights?  To serve on juries, to vote, and to hold elected office?  If they have the most fundamental right in this country, then they have those lesser rights like voting.