Friday, September 28, 2012

Arrest And Deport Anita Caragan

Florida is continuing to identify aliens, apparently mostly legal aliens, who are voting, and they are primarily Demoncrats.  (h/t Election Law Center)

Miami Herald September 28, 2012 by Daniel Chang and Sergio R. Bustos

Florida’s noncitizen voter-purge program roared back to life Wednesday when Gov. Rick Scott’s elections department produced a new list of 198 potentially ineligible voters — including 36 who might have cast ballots illegally.
The list, along with a stack of documentation, was sent to the independent county elections supervisors who are ultimately in charge of maintaining and purging voter rolls.

At the same time, state attorneys for each of the concerned counties could begin examining whether to bring criminal charges against any noncitizen who has voted.

The decision to push ahead with the controversial program just 41 days before Election Day in the nation’s biggest battleground state is already the subject of three separate federal lawsuits from a coalition of liberal-leaning groups as well as President Barack Obama’s Justice Department.

Demoncrats are apparently the real problem:

Republicans are the least likely to be identified as potential noncitizens on the list when compared to independents and Democrats.
And note this, aliens are identified by ethnicity or race, for whites, but black aliens who vote are identified as African-American:

Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanic whites or African Americans to be flagged, a Miami Herald analysis determined.

I think someone should go back to using black to describe blacks.

And it wasn't to hard to find these criminals:

But Anita Caragan of Panama City Beach, a U.S. resident who is not a citizen, told a Herald reporter that she has been voting “for a long, long time.” Records show the no-party-affiliation noncitizen has cast ballots in 10 Florida elections since 2000.

The 73-year-old Caragan, who moved to the United States in 1970 from the Philippines, said that when she was living in Norfolk, Va., more than 35 years ago, she renewed her driver’s license and registered to vote at the same time, without realizing it was illegal.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Except for illegally voting aliens.

And Caragan has no apologies:

Her husband — 82-year-old Emiliano, who also immigrated from the Philippines and served 21 years in the U.S. Navy — is a citizen but said he wasn’t aware his wife isn’t supposed to vote with just a green card. Both are planning to vote in November.

“Of course we’re going to vote,” he said. “We both have voter registration cards.”
Well, there is a solution for arrogant aliens, criminal prosecution and deportation.  Call ICE SVU here:

Alysa D. Erichs
Special Agent-in-Charge
11226 NW 20th ST
Miami, FL 33172
Main (305) 597-6000
Fax (305) 597-6227

She has a ready made case with a public confession of 18 USC 611, Alien Voting, to investigate and present to the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, whom can be contacted here:

Wifredo A. Ferrer
99 NE 4th Street
Miami, FL 33132
(305)530-7087  Fax

Janet Reno Napolitano Officially Recognizes Homosexual Marriage

The lesbian head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has officially instructed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) to stop deporting homosexuals married to Americans (again).

SFGate September 28, 2012 by Carolyn Lockhead

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano has officially clarified that the same-sex partners and spouses of U.S. citizens are eligible for relief under the Obama administration’s new policy of putting a lower priority on certain deportation cases.
The action was a response to a letter from Congress led by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, and Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat who for years has crusaded for immigration relief for same-sex couples. Heterosexual immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens are allowed to apply for immigration rights that are denied to same-sex couples under the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act...
Steve Ralls, spokesperson for Immigration Equality, a gay rights group, said this is “one of the very first times LGBT families have been recognized within federal immigration policies.”
The group’s executive director, Rachel B. Tiven, called the move a “huge step forward…Until now, LGBT families and their lawyers had nothing to rely on but an oral promise that prosecutorial discretion would include all families. Today, DHS has responded to Congress and made that promise real. The Administration’s written guidance will help families facing separation and the field officers who are reviewing their cases.”
A DHS memo in June 2011 first listed factors that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in the field should use when classifying certain removal cases as a “low priority” for removal, a policy known as “prosecutorial discretion.” The guidelines included family ties to a U.S. citizen. Obama officials said that they would include gays and lesbians in the family category. But there was no written policy. The Pelosi/Nadler letter asked the administration to put it in writing.
And not just those in an illegal and unrecognized homosexual marriage, but those just fornicating:

Napolitano has done so, including not only married spouses but “long-term, same-sex partners,” according to Napolitano’s letter.
There we have it, Janet Reno Napolitano just repealed an Act of Congress, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  A mere Cabinet Secretary has overturned the Constitution.  It seems that homosexuals by their very nature are enemies of the Constitution.

ICE SVU Busts Cheese Smuggling Ring

America now safe from Canadian cheddar!  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) is on the job.  20 million illegal aliens still living in the United States though.

The Star September 27, 2012 by Richard Brennan

The Niagara Regional Police Service has taken the wraps off an investigation into an international “large-scale” cheese smuggling ring allegedly involving past and present officers of the force.

The cross-border investigation has been going on since January involving investigators from the regional force, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s border enforcement security task force and Canada Border Services Agency.
Or more accurately, Canada is safe from American cheddar.

Three men, Constable Scott Heron, 39, former Niagara Regional police officer Casey Langelaan, 48, and Fort Erie resident Bernie Pollino, 44, were arrested Thursday and “charged in regard to a large-scale smuggling scheme to distribute cheese products and other food items into Canada,” said a statement issued by the regional police.
Does ICE SVU not have a real job to do rather than be worried about smuggling Monterey Jack to the Canuks?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

ICE SVU Off The Reservation

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU), officially but inaccurately known as Homeland Security Investigations, has taken another step away from its immigration law enforcement and customs law enforcement responsibilities.  Recently it took part in a Cops like sting on johns using prostitutes in Jessup, MD.

The Baltimore Sun September 26, 2012 Ian Duncan

Federal Agents Teamed Up With Local Police In Undercover Operation Targeting Men Soliciting Sex

Targeting human trafficking, federal agents participated in a joint operation with local law enforcement that led to the arrest of 23 men alleged to have solicited sex from undercover officers along U.S. 1 in Jessup.

The sting brought agents from Homeland Security Investigations, a division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, together with officers from local and state police departments. While local law enforcement goes after so-called johns to deter prostitution, their value to federal authorities is as a source of information for cases against human traffickers.
That statement is nonsense.  Other than possibly identifying the street walkers as possible aliens, johns provide nothing to an ICE SVU investigation.

"This enforcement action was an effort to further HSI criminal investigations," said William Winter, the homeland security agency's special agent in Baltimore. "HSI together with our local and state law enforcement partners are committed to protecting Maryland communities and continue to identify and dismantle the criminal organizations involved in these illicit activities."
Were any illegal alien prostitutes arrested?  No.  Were any of the johns illegal aliens?

Apparently not:

Nicole Navas, a spokeswoman for the HSI, said that the agency requested the operation in the hopes of furthering its investigations of human trafficking. While the arrests were on state charges and the men are not implicated in human trafficking, she said they will be interviewed by federal investigators to glean information that may help crack a prostitution ring.
A much more effective tactic would be to target the prostitutes themselves with a sting operation rather than their customers.

It is clear ICE SVU was just looking to pad its arrest statistics.  And apparently not arresting illegal aliens is the official policy:

While the HSI is a part of the ICE, its agents build criminal cases that have an international connection rather than chasing immigration violations. It is the lead federal law enforcement agency charged with tackling human trafficking. In 2011, the agency indicted 444 people on trafficking charges and convicted 271 nationwide.

Which is not that great.  It looks like they have only a 50% conviction rate.  It shows that the so-called criminal investigators of ICE SVU don't have great cases.

Give ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge Walter Winter a call and ask him to start arresting illegal aliens instead of American citizen johns:

40 South Gay Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Main (410) 962-2620
Fax (410) 962-3469

Monday, September 24, 2012

So It Begins

Law enforcement officials in Arizona made the first arrests under the State's Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, commonly and inaccurately referred to as SB 1070.  (A bill, is not a bill when it becomes law.)  As predicted, the illegal alien relatives and the racist ethnic greivance lobby were up in arms and U.S. Immigrationa and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) for the most part ignored the illegal aliens arrested.

First from the City of Phoenix:

Arizona Central September 21, 2012 by Daniel Gonzalez
Just days after police began enforcing the "show me your papers" provision of Senate Bill 1070, the Phoenix Police Department is facing an accusation that one of its officers used racial profiling to pull over a car with three Hispanic men who turned out to be in the country illegally.

It is the first allegation of racial profiling leveled against a local law-enforcement agency since a federal judge on Tuesday lifted an injunction allowing the controversial provision to go into effect. That decision followed more than two years of high-profile legal challenges from the U.S. Justice Department and from civil-rights and immigrant groups.

Phoenix police said Friday that they are investigating the incident, which occurred Tuesday, but said that after talking to the officer, they do not believe he did anything wrong.

Illegal alien groups quickly claimed racial profiling:

At a news conference on Friday, family members accused a Phoenix police officer of racially profiling Arturo Santiago Garcia-Gutierrez, 25, and two passengers on Tuesday just hours after the law went into effect.

Family members said Garcia-Gutierrez is from the state of Michoacan, Mexico, and has been living in Phoenix for about 11 years. They said he works as a cook at a restaurant and has never had a criminal record.

Sisters Alejandra Garcia-Gutierrez, 27, and Maria Isabel Garcia, 32, said their brother was on his way to the Desert Sky Mall in west Phoenix with two friends when the officer pulled them over at 7:04 p.m. near 24th and Jefferson streets.

When the three men refused to answer questions about their legal status, the officer drove them to the processing center of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Central Avenue and turned the three over to ICE agents.
And increduously the illegal aliens are claiming that the arresting officer admitted that he pulled the illegal aliens over because they looked Hispanic, which presumably means looks illegal.  Which is, by the way, correct.  But why would an officer admit an unlawful act to the subjects he was arresting?

"He told me, 'The only reason that the officer stopped me was because we looked Hispanic. If we looked Anglo they wouldn't have stopped us,' " Alejandra Garcia-Gutierrez said.

She said the officer asked her brother for his driver's license and when he said he didn't have one, he started asking "Are you legal or illegal?"
Interestingly, the tres amigos followed their instructions from the Treason Bar, which is to refuse to answer questions posed to them by police officers during a traffic stop.

She said her brother refused to answer any questions about his legal status.
However that did not help them at all.  Perhaps they should sue the Treason Bar for bad legal advice.

Thompson, the police spokesman, gave a different account. He said the officer pulled the vehicle over for making an improper turn. He said the driver did not have a driver's license and instead, when the officer asked him for another form of ID, he handed over a Mexican passport.
Hhhmmm, no driver's license, a Mexican passport, must be an illegal alien from Mexico.  And surprise, surprise, all three turned out to be illegal.

Thompson said the officer also noted that the driver did not speak English well. The combination of all of those factors gave the officer reasonable suspicion that the driver was in the country illegally, so he called ICE...

Thompson said the ICE agent interviewed all three on the phone and concluded they were in the country illegally and instructed the Phoenix police officer to bring them to ICE.

Thompson said the driver of the car was cited for a traffic infraction and driving without a license.
But facts don't matter to racist Mexican ethnic grievance lobby:

The Comites de Defensa del Barrio, an immigrant and Latino advocacy group, demanded Friday that the Phoenix Police Department investigate the incident.

"Racial profiling is something that is happening," said Salvador Reza, the director of the group.
Comrade Reza did not identify which race his fellow Mexicans were though.  Note that according to the Federal government there is no Hispanic race; Hispanics may be members of any race.

Then ICE SVU steps in:

Amber Cargile, a spokeswoman for ICE in Phoenix, issued a written statement confirming that the three were taken into custody by immigration officers.

She identified them as Garcia-Gutierrez, Martin Esteban-Jimenez and Jose Felipe Reyes. All three were issued notices to appear in front of an immigration judge, she said.

ICE, she said, uses "discretion on a case-by-case basis, taking enforcement action based on the merits of an individual's case and a comprehensive review of specific facts."
Garcia-Gutierrez is being held at a detention facility in Eloy pending the posting of a bond.
ICE did not give a reason which "merits" merited Garcia-Gutierrez was arrested and custody, but they did state why another of the tres amigos was held:

Esteban-Jimenez is also being held in Eloy. ICE determined that he had been voluntarily returned to Mexico twice in 2009.
Esteban-Jimenez was held because he was a repeatd immigration violator, one of ICE's priorities.  However that priority did not extend to the last of the tres amigos:

Reyes has been released on his own recognizance, she said. ICE determined that Reyes had been voluntarily returned to Mexico once in 2002.
So, at least the tres amigos were not released with no charges, but then we get to the arrests by Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

The Daily Courier September 21, 2012

PHOENIX (AP) - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says a federal agency refused to pick up two illegal immigrants detained by his officers.

The sheriff says this marks the first time in recent years that Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused such a request.

No surprises, the Obama Regime is on a jihad against America's Toughest Sheriff.  But quel suprise, the U.S. Border Patrol picked up the illegal aliens:

The Border Patrol took custody of the pair.
So, there we have it.  An irrational application by ICE of their supposed priorities in one case and an administrative amnesty in another case.  But at least the USBP is still in the immigration law enforcement business, for the moment.

War On Language And Enforcement

Another news item that exposes both the totalitarian nature of the radical left and their war on immigration law enforcement.  It appears that the press is incurious concerning the left's continued adherence to Communism's war on history and language as documented in the distopian novel 1984.

The Seattle Times August 28, 2012 by Manuel Valdes

Eleven congressmen sent letters urging a nonpartisan government watchdog to audit the U.S. Border Patrol's activities on the northern border, immigrant advocates said Tuesday.
The Democratic lawmakers want the U.S. Government Accountability Office to investigate if Border Patrol agents are violating civil rights, undermining immigrant communities and adversely affecting public safety.

Off to a nice start.  Let's look at the headline and first two paragraphs from the standpoint of Newspeak.

First the headline.  What does "audit" mean here?  In the tradition of "Freedom is Slavery" and "War is Peace," audit does not mean a forman review of an individual or organizations financial accounts, but closer to an investigation, a systematic examination or inquiry.  In one sense these Congressmen are interested in discovering the facts underlying U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) operations along our northern border. 

But the reality is more Orwellian, or as we shall say, Carollian, as in Alice in Wonderland, verdict first, trial later.  We know that the radical left has been on jihad against immigration enforcement, and in the northwest in particular, of late.  This blog has documented the war on immigration law enforcement in the northwest for some time, with the most recent example being the decision by a black U.S. Department of Agriculture official to claim that assisting the U.S. Border Patrol is violation of the civil rights of illegal aliens whom that official claims have a right to remain in the United States.  The Red left is upset that illegal aliens are being arrested and deported, and that is what they are concerned about.  And their purpose is not to audit the USBP, but to end immigration enforcement by the USBP.  Here "audit" does not mean "audit," it means "end arrests of illegal aliens in the northwest."

Next the first sentence.  We are told of "immigrant advocates."  Another Orwellian term.  In fact the apparently Mexican reporter regurgitates the phrase as instructed without any discernment.  But those advocates are not acting in favor of immigrants, but illegal aliens.  An example of the evolution in Newspeak that journalists perpetuate.  Illegal aliens becomes immigrants.  Part of the Red left's war on the English language.

Of course, this adaption of Newspeak, the perversion of language in the name of the Communist revolution that Orwell observed, has a purpose.  The normalization of illegal immigration.  And that is as much the purpose of this "audit" requested by these Democrats, in fact Stalinists by another name, as acutally finding out that the USBP arrests illegal aliens, whom, by the way, are predominately non-white.  Any "audit" will reveal that.  But there is no need for an audit.  We already know that most aliens arrested by the USBP are not only Hispanic, but specifically are Mexican nationals.  As Gomer Pyle says, "Surprise, surprise, surprise."

And we get to that in the next paragraph.  The Mexican reporter parrots the phrase "immigrant communities."  What community is that?  Why the illegal alien community.  Because that is the only community that has any concern with the USBP.  No other community, including legal aliens, has any fear.  Unless those legal aliens committed a deportable act, such as being convicted of a crime, or participating in alien smuggling, two of the most common reason "legal" aliens are deported.

Of course no article by a Mexican journalist is complete without factual errors as well, all in the name of the Red left's agenda of waging war on immigration enforcement.

"Reports suggests that Border Patrol agents may be targeting individuals on the basis of race or religion for extra scrutiny during border crossings...

News flash, the USBP does not conduct inspections of persons crossing the border at Ports-of Entry.  The USBP conducts patrols of the border and the rest of the United States mainly in search of violation of Title 8 of the United States Code which incorporates the administrative proceedings of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which regulates, among other things, aliens and their presence in the United States.  The Office of Field Operations of Customs and Border Protection and is responsible for inspecting and examining persons seeking entry to the United States.  And they question individuals, especially aliens, as to their admissiblity.

The Reds just can't get even basic facts correct.  However, it is not illegal to use race or religion as a basis for questioning.  But I am certain the article means ethnicity, as Hispanic is not a race, in fact, it for the most part means the language origin of an individual or their forebearers.  Hispanics come in a variety of races, including the much oppressed blacks of Mexico.

However, finding a Hispanic entering from Canada is a red flag, as there are few Hispanics, especially Mexicans in Canada.  And Canada is an entrypot for many illegal aliens, especially Mexicans and Koreans who enter Canada visa-free, but intend to proceed illegally to the United States.

However, back to our Mexican journalist's war on facts:

...and wrongfully stopping, interrogating, and arresting legal U.S. residents who are many miles from the border," the letter, sent July 31, states. "Border Patrol agents are also conducting operations outside places frequented by immigrant children and their families, including schools, churches and human services agencies."

The first issue is the quasi-Orwellianism here:  ...many miles from the border..."  The implication here is that the USBP is acting outside its authority.  It is slyly suggested that USBP authority is restricted to the border, which it is not.  Border Patrol Agents legal authority is not restricted by geography.  It can seek out and question aliens as to their right to remain in the United States throughout the United States.  But our Mexican journalist did not question this obvious error by the radical groups and their lawsuit.  He obviously deliberately let it get by without addressing the facts underpining USBP authority to act regardless of geography. 

Now it is true that USBP is not stationed everywhere and there is a Memorandum of Understanding between the USBP and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that generally restricts USBP activity in certain areas of immigration law enforcement to some geographic areas, but that does not apply to border states nor does it limit the authority granted by Congress to the USBP.  It is merely a division of labor between USBP and ICE.

Next we get the allegation that USBP are arresting " U.S. residents..."  Wow, that sounds shocking.  Even worse than questioning someone because of their "race" (ethnicity) or religion (radical Islamists). 

But in an Orwellian manner, it means nothing.  Surprise, surprise, even aliens lawfully admitted, which is what I presume they mean by "legal U.S. residents," can be arrested.  Such as for drug smuggling, alien smuggling, currency smuggling, visa fraud, aliens with criminal convictions, etc.  The USBP is not restricted to arresting what the article describes as "immigrants" by which they generally mean illegal aliens.  Many ostensibly legal aliens, generally meaning legal permanent residents, can and are arrested for both administrative immigration proceedings (deportation) and for criminal acts.  A green card does not give one immunity from arrest for criminal acts or for acts that can lead to deportation.  And the USBP is authorized by law to make those arrests.

Now to the purpose of the story.  Too many Mexicans are being arrested in the northwest.  First:

"Border Patrol agents are also conducting operations outside places frequented by immigrant children and their families, including schools, churches and human services agencies."

Well, nothing illegal about that.  Law enforcement should go to where the crimes occur.  That is the whole idea behind Compstat.  Law enforcement should allocate its resources where the crimes occur.  Hanging out in front of the Elks Club or the Whole Foods won't get you too many illegal aliens.  But surveilling the local mercado will certainly get a Border Patrol Agent an illegal alien or two, or three or more.  And that is their real objection.  They can't just be honest about that.  They need a little help from Newspeak.

And now the racial profiling accusation.  The USBP is, shockingly, arresting mainly people of one particular ethnicity.  Presumably Hispanics.  Presumably Mexicans.  That's profiling they object.
The letter asks the Government Accountability Office to develop comprehensive data on arrests within 100 miles of the northern border to account for race and ethnicity of people apprehended. They want the watchdog to determine if there are "statistically significant racial or ethnic disparities in the rate of apprehension."

Well, most illegal aliens are Hispanic and most are Mexican as well.  Surprise.  So the GAO will find out that the USBP mostly arrests Mexicans and Hispanics.  Well, we already know that. 

The purpose though of this "audit" to find out what we already know is the cry "racial profiling" and hope to further the end of immigration enforcement in the Northwest by using a little Orwell and a little bait and switch.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Iowa Cops Doing ICE HSI's Work

While U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) continues to do work unrelated to terrorism, immigration or customs laws, the State of Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations is doing the work ICE SVU should be doing; arresting aliens who vote.  (h/t Election Law Center)

Fox News September 20, 2012 Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation says three Council Bluffs residents have been charged with election misconduct.

Two Canadian nationals and a Mexican national were booked into the Pottawattamie County jail. The felony charges allege they registered to vote in Iowa and voted in at least one election.

The arrests followed an investigations by an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent who was assigned to work with Secretary of State Matt Schultz to root out voter fraud.

Charged are 52-year-old Albert Harte-Maxwell, 49-year-old Linda Harte-Maxwell, and 40-year-old Maria Ayon-Fernandez, all of Council Bluffs.

A criminal complaint says Albert Harte-Maxwell voted in the 2010 general election and 2011 city election and Linda Harte-Maxwell voted in the 2011 city election. Maria Ayon-Fernandez voted in the 2010 general election.
ICE SVU doesn't like arresting aliens, but claims that its work is investigating criminal aliens.  Call Gary Hartwig, the ICE SVU Special Agent-in-Charge in Chicago, and let him know that he is missing out on three good criminal cases of alien voters.  All the work has been already done, so you can't say they are too busy.  All they have to do is copy and paste from the indictment.

You can reach him at:

SAC Chicago
1 North Tower Lane, Suite 1600
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Main (630) 574-4600
Fax (630) 574-2889


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ICE HSI Still Not Arresting Illegal Aliens

In an unusual occurance, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations (ICE HSI) actually acted to enforce immigration laws.  It even arrested one illegal alien.  However, in the same incident it failed to arrest dozens of other illegal aliens.  (h/t Creeping Sharia)

Hays Post September 11, 2012

The owners of an Overland Park, Kan., hotel have been indicted on charges of knowingly hiring undocumented aliens who were paid less than other employees, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said today.

Munir Ahmad Chaudary, 51, and his wife, Rhonda R. Bridge, 40, both of Overland Park, are charged with the following crimes:

One count of conspiracy to harbor undocumented aliens for personal gain.

– Five counts of harboring undocumented aliens for personal gain.

– Four counts of wire fraud.

The government is seeking to forfeit the proceeds of the crimes including two hotels the couple owns: The Clarion Hotel at 7000 W. 108th St. in Overland Park, and the Clarion Hotel at 11828 NW Plaza Circle in Kansas City, Mo...
In addition to the charges against the owners, one of the employees is being charged.Syed Naqvy, 34, Overland Park, Kan., a desk clerk, is charged with one count of making a false statement to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and one count of failing to depart from the United States as ordered.

However, the actual illegal alien employees were not arrested and deported:

None of the other undocumented workers is being arrested, Grissom said. They have been interviewed by immigration officials, who will decide what to do about their immigration status after the case has been concluded, Grissom said.

“This prosecution is aimed at unscrupulous employers who are a driving force behind illegal immigration,” Grissom said.
Well, the driving force behind illegal immigration is ICE HSI.  When you allow illegal aliens to remain in the United States, illegal aliens will see that as encouragement to come and remain.  It is not so much the unscrupulous employers but government employees who refuse to perform their lawful duties that aid and abet illegal immigration.  If these illegals are allowed to remain, that in itself will show that it is not the employers but the government who is the driving force behind illegal immigration.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Immigration Work For ICE SVU

It has been now confirmed why the Obama Regime was so resistant to using Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases by various State election officials.  Florida has confirmed that to date 207 aliens have voted in Florida elections.  (h/t Election Law Center)

Supervisor Of Elections Clay County Florida Press Release
Florida’s Voter Eligibility Initiative Confirms 207 Non-Citizens On Voter Rolls Using SAVE Database, Around 8 Percent Of Voters Checked
TALLAHASSEE –The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program (SAVE) database as well as personal admissions from illegally registered voters have confirmed 207 non-citizens have been on Florida’s voter rolls. The confirmed names will be provided to county supervisors of elections shortly after supervisors complete their federal training on how to use the SAVE database, which they are expected to do this week.
“The Voter Eligibility Initiative is already proving to be a successful process to identify illegally registered voters on Florida’s voter rolls,” said Secretary of State Ken Detzner. “We want every Florida voter to be confident that their vote is protected and not hurt in any way by the illegal activity of others. We know that every vote counts, especially here in Florida where only 537 votes decided the presidential election in 2000.”

Voting by aliens is illegal and the confirmation by Clay County gives U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, currently seeking to become a national Special Victims Unit, the chance to actually enforce criminal sanctions against the both legal and illegal aliens who voted.

Give the Special Agents-in-Charge of the Miami and Tampa offices of ICE SVU a call:


11226 NW 20th ST
Miami, FL 33172
Main             (305) 597-6000      
Fax (305) 597-6227


Sue McCormick

SAC Tampa
2203 North Lois Avenue
Suite 600
Tampa, FL 33607
Main             (813) 357-7000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (813) 357-7000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      
Fax (813) 348-1877

It's Official: Hispanic Immigrants Need Welfare

Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, admitted the obvious that Hispanic immigrants don't contribute to the economy and are dependent on welfare.

The Examiner September 12, 2012 by Joel Gehrke
HUD Secretary: Without Tax Hikes, Latinos Will Go To The 'Back Of The Line'
Congress must raise taxes on the wealthy "because there just isn't enough to go around," Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute today. 
"Latino growth has meant that often they're at the back of the line for housing assistance or other things," Donovan said during CHCI's annual Public Policy Conference this morning at the Ronald Reagan Building in D.C. "And the fundamental problem here (in part) is, are we going to continue to invest in those things? And if we continue to cut the budget for Section 8 housing and public housing and a whole range of other things -- if we don't fix this fiscal cliff in a fair way that actually asks higher-income Americans to pay their fair share -- Latinos are going to have to continue to wait in the back of the line, because there just isn't enough to go around. 

Although not news, it is certainly shocking that a Democrat Cabinet Secretary would admit the obvious.  Hispanic immigrants come here not only for welfare, but as the poster-children for a confiscatory tax system.

Freedom Of Speech Under Attack

In recent news, the producer of the film Innocence of Muslims, Nakoula Besseley Nakoula, was "escorted" from his home by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies to a meeting with his federal probation officers. 

NBC News September 15, 2012
Suspected Anti-Islam Filmmaker Questioned By Federal Probation Officers
Updated at 10 a.m. ET: A man purported to be a filmmaker involved with the anti-Islam video sparking violent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa was escorted by deputies from his Cerritos, Calif., home shortly after midnight Saturday morning, reported.
Media and law enforcement had been staking out the home at the end of a cul de sac in the Southern California city for about 48 hours when Nakoula Besseley Nakoula emerged wearing a coat, hat, scarf and glasses.
L.A. County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to NBCLA that Nakoula, 55, was taken to the Cerritos sheriff’s station for interviewing by federal probation officers aimed at determining whether he violated the terms of his 5-year probation by uploading a video to the Internet.
"We are in an assist mode," he said.

Supposedly the interview with federal probation officers from Probation and Pretrial Services (PPS) was voluntary.

Whitmore added that Nakoula, who has denied involvement in the film in a phone call to his Coptic Christian bishop, agreed to the interview prior to the deputies arriving at his home, that the move was "entirely voluntary" and the man was "very cooperative."

But a midnight interview of a felon released back in 2010 in a local law enforcement agencies office is highly unusual.  

What is more unusual is that the overworked officers would have any concern about the issue at hand, a clear 1st Amendment activity.  Even though Nakoula was apparently prohibited from using aliases and using the internet, Probation and Pretrial Services would not have been concerned unless there was evidence that the subject was involved in criminal activity, such as back bilking banks or stealing identities.  

It is also clear that orders to effectively arrest Nakoula and interview him came from the highest levels and are only related to the content of the movie production itself.  No federal probation officer would be concerned in any other case about the content of an internet movie, unless it criticizes Islam.  

In fact most federal prisoners released on probation are not monitored at all and even if evidence of violations of parole conditions come to the attention of PPS, only serious violations are investigated and never at midnight. PPS officers are a 9-5 lot.  In any event, the usual process is to call in a probationer to the PPS office if there is an issue.  Only if the probationer fails to respond do PPS officers leave their desks.  And they have a rather large office in Los Angeles for probationers to come into; no need to use a sheriff's office.  It should be noted that the LA PPS office is one of the busiest in the nation.  PPS is overwhelmed with huge numbers of federal arrests and has no time to monitor parolees released from federal prison.  Unless they offend Muslims.

This is just more evidence of the growing Muslim dictatorship led by Barak Hussein Obama.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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They Don't Shoot Attackers

Many are shocked, again, that the recent attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi and the Embassy in Cairo, were not resisted by American personnel.  There is a good answer to that. 

For instance, many on the right are up in arms.  Local radio station KSFO was shocked that U.S. Marines did not shoot down the attackers in both cases and the American Thinker was also shocked.

American Thinker September 12, 2012 by Lee DeCovnick

What's Really Going On In Cairo And Benghazi Attacks?

Why didn't the US Marines use the necessary force to defend the Cairo and Benghazi diplomats? Something smells wrong about these narratives. Even after the Benghazi consulate came under "intense fire,"our Marines should have had the firepower and training to deal with the situation. Did the Obama State Department reduce the Marine forces to unacceptable levels? Were they ordered to stand down?
While many are concerned about the coordinated nature of the attacks and public demonstrations, it should not be a surprise to anyone that there was little or no resistance to the attacks.  Because it has always been Department of State (DOS) policy not to actively resist an attack on an American diplomatic mission.  The security philosphy of the is to counter attacks by architecture; walls, fences, hardened doors and windows.  Then if that does not work, move to non-lethal weapons, pretty much limited to tear gas;  And if that fails, then retreat to a secure room, supposedly entry proof and theoretically fire proof.

The reasoning behind this is that it is quite common for unarmed mobs of demonstrators organized specifically by hostile political groups, mostly Communist or Islamist, to over-run American diplomatic missions and act as cover for other attacks.  Frequently these attacks are coordinated with hostile local governments and intelligence agencies, the KGB in the bad old days, and the MOIS or others today.

For this reason, the security staff in Benghazi, probably pretty small, did not fight back when it was most opportune.  And such passivity is not in any manner required or the only option.  American missions abroad also have a signifcant armed presence. 

First there is the Regional Security Officer (RSO) and his staff of Assistant Regional Security Officers (ARSO) who are drawn from the cadre of Special Agents in the Diplomatic Security Service, part of the DOS.  They are armed and have the weapons to actively resist an attack or an attempt to over-run the mission by an organized mob.

The RSO and ARSOs also manage a detachment of Marine Security Guards (MSG), U.S. Marines specially selected for maturity, to execute security functions within the mission compound.  They man entry posts, patrol the grounds, and secure classified information.  They are not well armed, mostly the standard M-9 pistol and shotguns.  Usually they are not issued any M-16 variants or any heavier weapons. 

However, security outside the mission grounds are the responsibility of either contract security personnel hired at the direction of the RSO or by the host country.  These guards are notoriously unreliable and are mostly for show.  Their only significant duties are maintaining access to the gates and doors in the outer mission wall or fence for routine purposes, such as keeping the line of visitors in order.  They are usually only armed with pistols.  Consequently they offer little or no resistance to any attack, armed or not.

Of course governments, terrorist groups and intelligence agencies know this and consider an American diplomatic mission to be a soft and easy target.  Even before the attack on our Embassy in Tehran and after, it was DOS policy and has resulted in continuous attacks on our missions as well as the obvious deaths, loss of classified information and political humiliation.

Now, one does not want every demonstration in front of an American mission to result in the shooting of a few demonstrators pour encourage les autres.  It is bad PR.

However, the policy of rolling over and playing dead has not worked and the recent attacks in Benghazi and Cairo show that passivity does not work.  It is time to adopt a more aggressive security stance; first actually holding the host nation responsible for preventing attacks and demonstrations from nearing or breaching mission outer security.  Second, it is time to authorize an aggressive response by the mission security team, meaining the RSO staff and MSG detachment to aggressively resist any penetration of the outer perimeter of the mission grounds.  Once a hostile group, either armed or not, enter the grounds, aggressive use of non-lethal weapons, including tear gas, pepper spray, and less-than-lethal rounds such as rubber or plastic bullets, baton rounds, etc.

However, once it is clear that non/less lethal is not succeeding in preventing or repelling an attack, armed or not, as an unarmed mob has burned down American missions before, aggressive use of an armed response should be used.

After a few incidents, the objective lesson will be learned by the rent-a-mob types and it will force the intelligence agencies and terrorist groups to end the easy use of mobs to achieve or assist in their schemes. 

While I do not know how aggressively the staff at the Benghazi consulate resisted the mob and the coordinated attacks; there is a good chance that when it became apparent that the mob attack was escalating to an armed attack, the lack of security staff and sufficient armament was a factor in the eventual fire and deaths.  It is also not apparent that there was a secure fire-proof room there.  Unlikely since the staff was attempting to flee the mission compound when they were killed.  Reports are confusing, some stating that the deseased died of smoke inhalilation, others stating that they were killed by a rocket attack on a mission vehicle.

But in the end, a more aggressive response to the initial mob attack would have countered the attempt to burn down the mission, which was coordinated with the armed attack. 

"Weapons Free" should be the new watch words for American diplomatic missions.  It will save American lives, which are much more important than those of a third world rent-a-mob.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Treason Bar Already Planning More Kritarchy

The Treason Bar sees the writing on the wall and is already planning baseless legal challenges to any Romney Administration attack on the DREAM Act Amnesty.  Kritarchy is their answer and this blog has documented the Treason Bar's ongoing war on our Republican form of government.

Upset that uncertainty and a low level of applications for the DREAM Act Amnesty,the Treason Bar first whistles past the graveyard:

ILW September 6, 2012
Slow Pace Of DACA
Comment: Slow Pace Of DACA - The Pasadena Star-News reports that DACA applications are not being filed at the rate many expected. The primary concern is the lack of an appeals process in the event applications are rejected. Additionally, there are concerns over whether the program will continue to exist if President Obama does not get re-elected. We comment on both of these below. 

Then it verges into the fantasy stage, claiming that Mittens will end the program, which is not true, Mittens has not said nothing of the sort.

On the other hand, while Mr. Romney claims he would end DACA if elected, there are reasons to believe he would not act on that statement. It would be an exceedingly bad public relations move given the GOP's growing problem connecting with Hispanic voters. More importantly, it is hard to believe that a President Romney would begin his term of office with such a controversial move. Naturally, he will have limited political capital, and the huge looming fights over the budget and Obamacare will consume all of it (and then some). It is unlikely that something with very little upside like ending DACA would be given much more than lip service in the initial six months of a Romney administration. Now, even presuming that Mr. Romney decides that ending DACA is an expenditure of his political capital, he might well simply direct that any new DACA applications be rejected. In this event, such direction may well wait for the nomination and Senate confirmation of a new USCIS Director, and in the interim, the bureaucracy can be expected to churn out continuing DACA approvals. 

Then, after claiming that Mittens opposes the program, claims that he will continue the program.

However, for those who already have a DACA approval by then, we believe that not only will Mr. Romney respect their quasi-status, but he will even continue to renew their EADs in the years to come. We say this based on the track record of previous administrations and Congresses once EADs have already been granted.

Finally the truth comes out.  The Treason Bar is planning to overturn the election and appeal to the kritarchs that truly rule our lost Republic.

There is the final possibility that the courts might decide that they have some jurisdiction over the DACA process and may force some EAD continuance by themselves. In any event, furious litigation over this matter should be expected should Mr. Romney really decide that ending DACA is to be the keynote of the early stages of his administration.

Kritarchy, the last or first refuge of the radical left and led by the Treason Bar.  And it is quite possible for a radical court led by the wingnut John Roberts to continue the administrative amnesty.

ICE SVU Strikes Again

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations is charged with enforcing the immigration and customs laws of the United States.  However they don't like that responsiblity and two recent accounts in the press bring ICE HSI lawlessness into stark contrast.

The first is the continued attempt by ICE HSI to insert itself in the child pornography business that this blog has documented as ICE HSI's attempt to become the national Special Victims Unit (SVU).

The Statesman Journal September 6, 2012 by Capi Lynn

Two Salem residents have been arrested on federal child exploitation charges, and two child victims rescued, after a nationwide search for a “Jane Doe” suspected child pornographer by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Michelle Lee Freeman, 40, and her husband, Michael Serapis Freeman, 39, surrendered to Salem police on Tuesday after the couple learned that an acquaintance had identified Michelle in “Jane Doe” photos that had been provided to the media by ICE and shared by the public on social media sites. HSI special agents have positively identified Michelle as the suspect.

There is no interest here for ICE HSI; no customs or immigration violation, no alien perpetrators, no cause at all for ICE HSI to be involved.  No reason either for any Federal involvement.  It is the responsibility of the city of Salem to enforce Oregonian laws against child pornography.

In other news, ICE HSI, besides not investigating or obtaining indictments of aliens voting in Colorado or Florida, refused to arrest 10 illegal aliens who were publically arrested then released by Charlotte police:

USA Today September 5, 2012 by Alan Gomez

CHARLOTTE -- The 10 illegal immigrants arrested while protesting the Democratic National Convention will not be placed in deportation proceedings.

"ICE has taken no enforcement action against the Ride for Justice activists arrested Tuesday in Charlotte," ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in a statement Wednesday morning. "ICE is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes the removal of criminal aliens, recent border crossers and egregious immigration law violators, such as those who have been previously removed from the United States."

The 10 arrested were part of a cross-country bus tour that originated in Phoenix and ended in Charlotte over the weekend. Participants were trying to draw attention to harsh immigration laws in states like Arizona, Alabama and Georgia.

Of interest is that the illegal aliens were ostensibly protesting the record number of deportations claimed by the Obama Regime, which, in the typical Alinsky style is a Big Lie.

But there we have it, ICE is not doing the job it was created to do, enforce immigration and customs laws, but has instead assigned itself the enforcement of Federal child pornography laws usually enforced by the FBI, but in any event, the primary responsibility of State law enforcement agencies.