Sunday, April 14, 2013

War on Whites Continues

A white Port Canaveral Police Department sergeant, Ron King (I guess they are treating him like a king, Rodney King) has been fired for bringing a target to target practice. Here it is.  It appears more like the Grim Reaper than any ghetto rat from Florida.

The Chief Executive Officer of Port Canaveral fired King and issued an apology to the well known criminal's family.

Tampa Bay Times April 14, 2013
Port Canaveral Officer Fired Over TrayvonMartin Target
A Port Canaveral police sergeant was fired Friday after an internal investigation showed he offered other officers a target resembling Trayvon Martin to use for shooting practice.
Sgt. Ron King, a firearms instructor and two-year member of the force, offered the target of a hoodie-wearing figure at the range near Cocoa during the first week of April, Rosalind Harvey, a port spokeswoman, said Saturday...
Port Canaveral Interim Chief Executive Officer John Walsh apologized publicly to Martin's family Saturday and called King's behavior unacceptable, insensitive and unprofessional.
"Whether (King's) act is one of hatred or stupidity, neither one is tolerable," Walsh said...
Benjamin Crump, an attorney representing Martin's parents, issued a statement condemning the target.
"Using a dead child's image as target practice is reprehensible," Crump said.
The target, which features a bull's eye over his heart, a package of Skittles in his pocket and a beverage can in his right hand, is sold online.

Crump, of course, is lying.  There is no image of Martin, nor was Martin was not a child when he was killed while trying to kill George Zimmerman.  There is not package of Skittles portrayed in the image.  In fact those seeking to find Martin in the image are doing just that, seeking to find Trayvon in the image.

It is no more than an example of gallows humor.

Worse though is the reaction of the gun nuts.  Everyday, No Days Off, a gun rights blog, buys into not only the myth of Trayvon Martin as an innocent child, but that the shooting was not justified.  In fact, Trayvon was the aggressor and the shooting justified.  They are also selling out the 1st Amendment.  Trayvon was out hunting a white man who disrespected him by daring to challenge his presence on private property.

The gun nuts here are again not only selling out self-defense and private property rights, they are selling out the victims of black violence in the hopes that they will be the last victims of black violence.  That if they buy into the Trayvon story, Barak Hussein Obama and the civil rights crowd will let them keep their guns.  That ain't going to happen.

Gun nuts like to talk a lot about liberty, but they are running like cowards from the likes of Crump and Al Sharpton.  If gun nuts aren't willing to support the 1st Amendment, why should anyone help them support the 2nd?

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