Monday, June 17, 2013

Yet Again, Why There Are 20 Million Illegal Aliens In the United States

There are more than 20 million illegal aliens in the United States.  One of the reasons why is this.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU), formerly know as Homeland Security Investigations, is now spending its resources searching for long lost Nazi documents.  In news today, ICE SVU has apparently been spending time searching for Alfred Rosenberg's stolen diaries.

MailOnline June 9, 2013
Missing Diary Of Hitler Confidant Which 'Sheds New Light On The Third Reich' Is Discovered In New York 70 Years After Disappearing At The Nuremberg Trials
A long-lost diary belonging to a confidant of Adolf Hitler has been recovered, it was revealed today.
The 400 pages belonged to Alfred Rosenberg, a high-ranking Nazi who played a central role in the extermination of millions of Jews and others during World War Two...
The recovery is expected to be announced this week at a news conference in Delaware held jointly by officials from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Justice and Holocaust museum...
A Nuremberg prosecutor, Robert Kempner, was long suspected by U.S. officials of smuggling the diary back to the United States...
When Kempner died in 1993 at age 93, legal disputes about his papers raged for nearly a decade between his children, his former secretary, a local debris removal contractor and the Holocaust museum.

All very interesting, and the diary will be of historic import.  But if the documents were smuggled into the United States back in the late 1940s, why is the Federal government involved.

The children agreed to give their father's papers to the Holocaust museum, but when officials arrived to retrieve them from his home in 1999, they discovered that many thousands of pages were missing.
After the 1999 incident, the FBI opened a criminal investigation into the missing documents. No charges were filed in the case.

Interestingly, what crime was the FBI investigating?  The statute of limitations has long since run on any possible crime.  Like any evidence seized by the government, the ownership remains with the Rosenberg heirs in any event, not the U.S. Holocaust Museum, at the end of the trial.

Early this year, the Holocaust museum and an agent from Homeland Security Investigation tried to locate the missing diary pages. They tracked the diary to Richardson, who was living near Buffalo.

And why, since the FBI quite wisely decided that it had no case to make since the government was not taking possession of the documents, was ICE SVU involved?

It would have been a better use of Department of Homeland Security resources to assign that agent to arresting illegal aliens than to track down documents more relevant to a historian and archivist than to any interest by the so-called Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Furthermore, the Jewish World Review claims that the ICE SVU agents had a warrant of some sort.

Jewish World Review June 17, 2013 by John P. Martin
Hitler Insider's Missing Diary Found
Henry Mayer, a senior adviser on archives at the museum, said a breakthrough came when a German reporter told him that Kempner's one-time secretary, Margot Lipton, had given the diary to a friend "for safekeeping" before her death.
On April 5, agents bearing a warrant found it at that friend's house in Amherst.
Morton, who announced the discovery with U.S. Attorney Charles Oberly III, declined to name the man or say if anyone faced criminal charges. He said the man voluntarily turned over the document.
Officials displayed a half-dozen or so yellowed pages from the diary at the news conference in the Wilmington office of Homeland Security Investigations, the lead agency in the seizure. The materials eventually will be given to Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.
Morton and Mayer credited a list of law enforcement agencies and agents for staying on the case over the years, including police in Lansdowne and New York, HSI and the Wilmington-based prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Hall.

I can't imagine a Federal Magistrate or District Court Judge would issue a search warrant for an item stolen from the possession of the U.S. government in 1948.  Especially since there is no apparent criminal prosecution.  Much less that the diary was immediately turned over to a private party, the U.S. Holocaust Museum.  Clearly there was no intention of any criminal prosecution, which, by the way, makes the affidavit of the ICE SVU agent in support of the search warrant, false.  The same crime that Eric Holder committed when he claimed that James Rosen was a suspect who might flee, then claimed he never considered prosecuting journalists for such crimes.

But in any event, this is just more evidence that the Federal agency assigned to enforce immigration and customs laws is involved in issues far removed from its charge.

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