Sunday, November 24, 2013

Is The Romance Over?

It appears that the romance between high tech and the racist neo-Marxists who make up the Democrat Party might be ending.  The most corrupt and racist former mayor of San Francisco, the one-time attorney for one of California's largest and most regulated corporations, Pacific Gas and Electric, Willie Brown, has lain down the gauntlet to Twitter, et. al. on a number of issues.  Given that it is Willie Brown, perhaps this is just an opening gambit on another extortion attempt directed at corporate America, a never ending bucket of cash for corrupt attorneys of color.

SFGate November 24, 2013
Techies Must Nip Growing Scorn In Bud
There's a war brewing in the streets of San Francisco, and a lot of people could get caught up in it if the tech world doesn't start changing its self-centered culture.
Every day in every way, from rising rents to rising prices at restaurants to its private buses, the tech world is becoming an object of scorn. It's only a matter of time before the techies' youthful lustre fades, and they're seen as just another extension of Wall Street.

And it would not be Willie Brown without the typical black scorn for white achievement.  Remember he is a lawyer and a politician, he never created anything, he just sucked off the teat of what white men built in California.

And when that happens, tenant advocates, community activists, labor unions and Occupy types are going to start asking why we're giving away the city to all these white-male-dominated businesses that don't even hire locals.

It also sounds like a threat.  Interesting in that Occupy San Francisco was lily-white.

At which point, the politicians will do what they always do - count votes. And by my last count, for all of their hype and money, tech types were still a decidedly small part of the vote. If they even vote at all.

What the tech world needs to do is nip this thorny plant in the bud. They need to come off their high cloud efforts to save Africa or wherever they take adventure vacations and start making things better for folks right here.

Of course Willie is worried.  The tech boom has brought an influx of white voters and they have for the benefit of all San Franciscans continued a process of ethnically cleansing San Francisco of blacks and Hispanics, absolutely the best thing to happen to the City in 20 years.

They need to start helping in Hunters Point and in Chinatown.
 Most of all, they need to start hiring locals.

Given San Francisco's low achieving schools, not likely.  

Well, not likely, though Willie mentions Chinatown, San Francisco's Red Mayor, Ed Lee, is decidedly pro-growth, as are most Chinese, who know at least where the money comes from.

And it could be that issue itself.  Twitter has no reason to pay Willie Brown anything and that might be why Willie is so angry.  He once was the center of corruption in San Francisco, but it appears that as blacks have been ethnically cleansed from San Francisco and replaced with whites and Chinese, so has the political class.  Once the domain of black and Hispanic radicals, they have been replaced with Chinese and white leftists with absolutely no care for blacks, especially since there are so few around to vote the straight Democrat Party ticket.

Of course, Willie was a big supporter of illegal immigration and the Chinese Invasion, so it is only poetic justice that Willie is a voice in the wilderness, ignored by all except the dying San Francisco Chronicle.  Willie's mau-mauing apparently just doesn't work.  Interesting in that Willie was at the cutting edge of the practice that Tom Wolfe so eloquently chronicled.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I for one welcome our new Chinese Overlords, at least they can bring jobs here.  And someone should point out to Willie that blacks aren't smart enough to pass the disguised IQ tests that Twitter, Apple, Google, etc. use to keep out the unproductive riffraff.

The major issue though is will the black disappointment in high tech spill over from San Francisco to the rest of the black leadership of the Democrat Party?  We know that high tech has been immune from attack by the civil rights establishment and the racist Eric Holder Justice Department despite having no blacks or Hispanics employed at all.  As it becomes more obvious that the tech industry has no want or need of blacks and Hispanics, will their shotgun marriage with the Democrat Party end?

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