Thursday, February 28, 2013

David Aguilar Establishes No-Go Zones For CBP

David Aguilar, the Mexican Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, recently joined John Morton in establishing his own amnesty for illegal aliens.  He established No-Go Zones for Border Patrol Agents and Customs and Border Protection Officers, essentially amnestying illegal aliens who frequent a whole series of institutions, including some institutions that illegal aliens are prohibited from attending.  From the Treason Bar: February 22, 2013
News: CBP Issues Memo on Enforcement Actions at Community Establishments
The presence of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Agents conducting enforcement activities at or near schools, places of worship, and certain other community locations has been a sensitive issue. Accordingly, careful consideration and planning must be undertaken, as outlined herein, in relation to enforcement actions conducted at or near these establishments.
The following establishments should be considered to be within the context of this policy:
  • schools, including pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, vocational or trade schools, and colleges and universities;
  • places of worship, including places where funerals, weddings, or other public religious ceremonies are taking place;
  • community centers; and
  • hospitals.

Of course, Aguilar has no authority to restrict the enforcement of the laws of the United States, nor does he have the authority to make create a medieval inspired sanctuary for law breakers.  Especially since attendance by aliens at all schools in the United States is specifically prohibited unless that alien is in a classification authorized to attend schools, such as legal permanent residents, asylees, refugees, and aliens admitted in the non-immigrant classification F-1.  More egregiously, Aguilar establishes his sanctuary at many institutions that are specifically engaged in alien smuggling and visa fraud, such as fly-by-night trade schools and unaccredited colleges like Tri-Valley University, Herguan University, and the University of Northern Virginia.  We also know that hospitals are magnets for illegal aliens seeking free medical care.  The Border Patrol staking out Parkland Hospital in Dallas itself would cause thousands of illegal aliens to flee the country.  

Add in community centers and Aguilar just about eliminated the ability of CBP to enforce immigration law in the United States.  Obviously this is a coordination with ICE and the Obama Regime to end immigration enforcement inside the United States.

Aguilar states that there are exceptions to this order, but given the high level of approval necessary for any action near these institutions, Officers and Agents know not to waste their time seeking exceptions. 

When CBP enforcement actions or investigative activities are likely to lead to an apprehension at or near such locations, written approval by the Chief Patrol Agent, Director of Field Operations, Director of Air and Marine Operations or the Internal Affairs Special Agent in Charge is required. The Deputy to these offices may approve the inspection of records, preliminary investigative activities, and similar activities at these locations where apprehensions are not likely to be made.

It is clear that this is an overt hands-off order as part of the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Alien Unwittingly Arrested By ICE SVU

A possible alien has been unwittingly arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit.  Sex crimes take up much of once was ICE Homeland Security Investigations, a government agency assigned to investigate customs and immigration law breaking.  But in the last two years, ICE HSI has transitioned to a national sex crimes agency, ICE SVU.  

Times-Picayunne February 22, 2013 by Paul Purpura
Buras Man Wanted In Massachusetts Booked With Sexually Abusing A 6-Year-Old Girl
For the second time this month, an alleged sexual predator from a northern state has been arrested in Plaquemines Parish. Detectives on Sunday arrested Juan Ramon Pedraza, 61, at his home in Buras after the mother of a 6-year-old girl reported he touched the girl's genitals, according to the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office.
Detectives learned that Pedraza has been on the run from Massachusetts following his 2005 arrest there for possessing child pornography. Authorities believe Pedraza has been in Plaquemines Parish since 2005...
Detectives booked Pedraza with sexual battery, molestation of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile and being a fugitive from Massachusetts. Additional charges are pending, as the investigation continues into the images that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents found in the laptop, Becnel said.

We don't know if Juan Ramon Pedraza, also known as the Rat, is an alien or not, nor if he is illegal or not, but we know that ICE SVU considers his citizenship to be incidental to its main purpose, sex crimes.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

In this case, despite an American passport of convenience, the heart is in Arabia.  In another case not of dual loyalty, as Saadiq Long is loyal only to Qatar and Islam, not America.

The Military Times February 23, 2013 by Ken Miller/AP
Muslim USAF Veteran Again Barred From Flight
OKLAHOMA CITY — A Muslim U.S. Air Force veteran who had trouble entering the country last year to visit his terminally ill mother was barred again Saturday from trying to return home to Qatar, the second time this month that he’s been prohibited from boarding a flight in Oklahoma City because his name appears on a government no-fly list.
Saadiq Long, an American citizen, told The Associated Press that he attempted to board a Delta Airlines flight at Will Rogers World Airport but was denied a boarding pass after the ticket agent contacted Delta officials. After that, Transportation Security Administration agents arrived.

It appears this second attempt to fly was deliberately staged to gain sympathy from a press sympathetic to Muslim radicals and immigrants.  But in the end, Long thinks Qatar is home.  Also note the headline, it does not read American Barred from Flight, but Muslim Barred from Flight.  Telling.  Clearly one does not need to wonder why he ever left Qatar if it is his "home?"  But clearly the best passport of convenience was one of his strategies in waging jihad against Christendom.  But again we see that terrorism is an immigration problem, not a military or foreign policy problem.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Evidence Of The Collapse of Deportations

Deportations originating in the States of Michigan and Ohio have collapsed.  Not surprising given the collapse nation wide as reported.  There is an increase in the number of criminal aliens deported, but that does not make up for the huge decrease in the number of other illegal aliens deported.  Just part of the Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty.  

And note the comrades in the press fronting for the Regime by emphasizing the increase in the number of criminal aliens deported.

Dayton Daily News February 15, 2013 by Cornelius Frolik
Deportations Of Criminal Offenders Reached A Record High In 2012
Authorities last year removed the fewest number of illegal immigrants from Ohio and Michigan since 2007, but deportations of criminal offenders reached a record high, officials said.
In fiscal year 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 5,872 individuals from the Buckeye State and its northern neighbor. Deportations were down nearly 20 percent from the previous year. ICE combines data for Ohio and Michigan.

Similar news came from the Northwest not too long ago as reported by this blog.  Here a 22% decline in deportations was reported.  It seems that the real goal of the "smart" enforcement policies of the Regime is to decrease deportations by at least 20%.  Not an arrest quota, but a non-arrest quota.

Contact the Daily News' editorial staff here concerning the misleading headline.  Hold them accountable.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Deportations Collapsing

The consequences of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty in all its manifestations is coming home to roost.  Deportations have collapsed, not only of illegal aliens, but criminal aliens as well, and that collapse is being hidden from the public by manipulation of U. S. Border Patrol arrests, as was predicted by this blog.  (h/t Immigration Reform Blog)

First, the back story.  With numbers of deportations falling, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) was tasked with increasing its quota of deportations in the second half of the fiscal year 2012.  ICE ERO is the other half of ICE, the other half was once known as Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) but has since become the sex police or Special Victims Unit (SVU), concentrating on rousting American Johns, child porn aficionados and other sex related crimes, with a few drug cases poached from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

ICE ERO is staffed by Immigration Enforcement Agents (IEAs) and Deportation Officers (DOs).  Their responsibility is two fold, manage the aliens in removal proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and search out and find aliens who have failed to leave after deportation (absconders) and search out and find criminal aliens, most of whom are in jails or prison.  ERO maintains to major teams, Fugitive Operations Teams, commonly called Fug Ops, and Criminal Alien Program teams, called CAP teams.  Fug Ops works criminals released by Federal, State and local agencies at the completion of their sentences, aliens ordered removed or who agreed to leave voluntarily but did not, and those who re-entered the United States after a previous removal.  Technically, the term used is not deportation but removal.  CAP teams scour prisons and jails for currently held aliens and maintains custody of the alien, theoretically, until the alien is removed.

Now the money shot from the usual baby waiving liberal media:

USA Today February 17, 2013 by Brad Heath 
Immigration Tactics Aimed At Boosting Deportations 
WASHINGTON — U.S. immigration officials laid out plans last year that would ratchet up expulsions of immigrants convicted of minor crimes as part of an urgent push to make sure the government would not fall short of its criminal deportation targets, new records obtained by USA TODAY show. Among those new tactics — detailed in interviews and internal e-mails — were trolling state driver's license records for information about foreign-born applicants, dispatching U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to traffic safety checkpoints conducted by police departments, and processing more illegal immigrants who had been booked into jails for low-level offenses. Records show ICE officials in Washington approved some of those steps. 
The push came after senior ICE officials in Washington warned its regional enforcement chiefs that criminal deportations had fallen from the year before and instructed them to get the numbers back up. "The only performance measure that will count this fiscal year is the criminal alien removal target," David Venturella, who then supervised ICE's field offices, said in April in an e-mail to agents in Atlanta.

Of course, no immigration story is complete without lies from the left, and in this case we get lies from the Treason Bar as well:

President Obama's administration has made deporting convicted criminals a central feature of its immigration policy, while also saying it would halt some efforts to remove low-priority immigrants who pose little risk to public safety. Immigration advocates who have largely supported the administration said ICE's urgent effort to boost deportations last year suggested the agency had veered from that approach. 
"If this is what ICE is currently doing, it's very problematic," said Gregory Chen, the director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Chen said such tactics contradict immigration officials' public pledges to streamline enforcement by focusing on dangerous criminals and show that the agency instead sought to "increase its criminal alien numbers by pursuing people with minor offenses like traffic violations."

What we have is not the Regime straying from its administrative amnesty, but a Regime caught up in it's Big Lie; that it is enforcing immigration is a smart and targeted manner.  The Regime decided early on to administratively amnesty all illegal aliens except criminal aliens.  It had a problem, there are not just that many criminal aliens here.  Most criminal aliens, meaning an alien who has been arrested for or convicted of a crime.  Most are not even illegal aliens, but legal permanent residents (LPRs) who have been either convicted of a crime.  The radical left though wants amnesty for all aliens, including criminally convicted LPRs.  The Regime is having difficulty managing its radical base and maintaining the big lie for the public of smart and criminally targeted immigration enforcement.  As a Supervisory Deportation Officer told me recently, fugitives are much harder to find than regular illegal aliens, as fugitives have the experience and motivation to stay hidden, while other classifications of illegal aliens mostly just want to live a normal life of either work or welfare dependency.  Those illegals are much easier to find.  They hide in plain sight.  They go to workplaces, have an address on file with the IRS or Social Security, or have regular contact with the welfare state where they must maintain a real address.  Those illegal aliens are very easy to find.  You can't swing a dead cat in California without hitting an illegal alien.  But an alien with criminal experience or who has been ordered deported knows someone is looking for them and behaves accordingly.  

Therefore the low hanging fruit has already been harvested.  Consequently the numbers of criminal aliens has been declining and ERO must go after the fruit higher up the tree, such as working traffic check points.

But in any event, reading the documents attached to the USA Today story tells us that ERO was desperate to find only criminals.  Two comments stand out; one being the admonition throughout the documents from higher level management to leave regular illegal aliens alone:  The emphasis on arrest of criminal aliens only.  

The second comment was even more telling, showing the Big Lie of the Treason Bar and its claim that Obama is deporting too many non-criminal aliens:  

The only individuals arrested during this joint effort would be criminal aliens, fugitives and re- entries. It could even be handled in the same manner as the Operation Cross Check cases: non- criminal11in-absentia11 cases, where the removal order was issued prior to 2008, would not be targeted.

That is an interesting little gem, it not only gives lie to the Treason Bar Big Lie, but also exposes an ongoing amnesty for previously ordered deported illegal aliens.  Those illegal aliens ordered deported prior to 2008 are no longer arrested and removed.  So much for the priority of alien fugitives.

The second part of this Big Lie from the Regime is that to cover the above failure of the emphasis on criminal aliens, ICE ERO had to come up with thousands of other illegal alien numbers.  So they just borrowed numbers from U.S. Border Patrol arrests that were never previously counted as deportations or removals.

NumbersUSA February 12, 2013 
How the Obama Administration Inflates Deportation Statistics 
For the last few years, the Obama Administration has claimed that it's deporting a record number of illegal aliens. But, the Administration is adding numbers to its overall deportation statistics that have not been historically included in the total number of annual deportations. Here's a look at how the Obama Administration has artificially inflated the number of deportations.
  • Removal numbers have traditionally consisted of legal immigrants who have committed crimes, those who overstay visas, or illegal aliens caught inside the country.
  • The immigration statistics yearbook states that removals are the compulsory and confirmed movement of an inadmissible or deportable alien out of the United States based on an order of removal.
  • An alien who is removed has administrative or criminal consequences placed on subsequent reentry owing to the fact of the removal.
  • In the past, removal numbers did not include “returns,” who are Mexican nationals caught illegally crossing the border by the Border Patrol and returned.
  • According to the yearbook, returns are the confirmed movement of an inadmissible or deportable alien out of the United States not based on an order of removal.
  • Most of the voluntary returns are of Mexican nationals who have been apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol and are returned to Mexico.
  • The Obama administration has started counting certain “returns” as “removals” in order to artificially inflate the numbers and create a “record level” of deportations.Specifically, those caught by the Border Patrol who are shuttled to a different town along the border before they are returned are being dishonestly counted as deportations. This has falsely increased the number of total removals by more than 100,000 for the past two years.
  • In fact, if we count removals and returns together historically, then the Obama administration numbers are not close to “record-setting.” In the 1990s, the totals of returns and removals were well over one million. For example, according to the yearbook of immigration statistics, in 1996, removals and returns numbered more than 1.6 million, up from more than 1.3 million in 1995.
There we have it.  The Regime is following the communist tactic of lying big and lying bold to cover its ongoing amnesty and collapse in deportations.  No records here.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do We Need Immigrants This Dumb?

And this evil?  Apparently immigrants are exploiting each other.  And as the debate rages over skilled and unskilled immigration levels, few are talking about the impact of family based immigration, which makes up 85% of immigration to the United States, and even fewer are dealing with the issue of wage stagnation and the impact of legal and illegal immigration.

However, the impact on wages and government expenditures of legal and illegal immigration is profound.  But even less debated is the quality of the immigrants who are coming to the United States.  Nothing more describes the problem of low quality immigrants than a lesson from the sanctuary city of San Francisco.

SFGate February 13, 2013 by John Cote
SF Restaurant Pays Back Wages, Fines
(02-13) 14:54 PST San Francisco -- San Francisco officials have secured $525,000 in back wages and penalties from the owners of a Chinatown restaurant accused of forcing employees to work 11-hour days, six days a week for less than $4 an hour, with at least one doing double duty as a maid at the owners' Telegraph Hill home, court documents show.
The settlement with the owners of Dick Lee Pastry Inc. is the single largest payment the city has received as it tries to protect workers from wage theft, a national problem in which employees, often recent immigrants with limited English, are paid below minimum wage and forced to work long hours without overtime...
"We want to make sure that we're sending a message that we're serious about fighting wage theft and policing unfair competition," said City Attorney Dennis Herrera, whose office sued Dick Lee Pastry and its owners, Peter Yu and Ada Chiu, in July 2011 after the couple allegedly tried to thwart enforcement by the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, which oversees compliance with the city's labor laws.

Of course, Yu and Chiu are descendants of immigrants if not immigrants themselves.  They are also Chinese and had no problems with exploiting their fellow Chinese countrymen.

Of course we don't know how Yu and Chiu arrived here, perhaps they were paper sons as well, illegal themselves, anchor babies, we just don't know.

Herrera's office accused Dick Lee Pastry, which operates a restaurant at 716 Jackson St. with an all-you-can-eat buffet, dim sum and pastries, of forcing employees to work between 11 and 14 hours a day, six days a week, for $1,100 a month. That's less than $4 an hour. The city's minimum wage when the case was filed was $9.92 an hour. It's now $10.55 an hour.

And then we have the exploited immigrant:

One employee, who asked to remain anonymous because she feared being "blacklisted" and unable to work at another business in Chinatown, said she knew nothing about minimum wage or overtime laws when she got the job in 2005, shortly after immigrating from the Taishan region in southeast China.
"I did everything; whatever the boss asked me to do," the woman said through a Cantonese interpreter. City officials say she is owed the most from the settlement - $89,000 from about five years of back wages.
"They only gave me three hours on my paycheck, but I worked 9 (a.m.) to 9 (p.m.) - 11 hours because I got an hour for lunch," she said.
The woman said she quit in 2010 after her bosses wouldn't let her take more than two weeks off to deal with a child care issue involving her young son.

She did not know about minimum wage, overtime or just about anything.  Even in China there are minimum wage and overtime laws.  They aren't much enforced, but there is much social discord because of the corruption and Communist Party control of Chinese labor unions and government officials.  But most Chinese aren't stupid.  They know about it.  

Then how did this woman fail to learn anything since moving here in 2005?  Obviously she could not be bothered to learn English.  But she apparently missed all the pro-labor propaganda distributed by the U.S. Department of Labor, the State of California, and the City and County of San Francisco, all in Chinese, as well.

Is this woman one of the so-called entrepreneur class that Marco Rubio and Walter Russell Mead want?  More likely the unskilled immigration that both want to increase as well.  We don't know though how this woman got here.  Legal or illegal, we don't know.  However it is much more likely she came here legally as part of our family oriented immigration system.  A system supported by the slave power because it brings in low IQ immigrants like our nearly too stupid to survive example.

In the end she quit, but note the lack of mention of husband, but mention of a child.  And you know who paid for all that medical care and food stamps...Legal or illegal, she gets free healthcare, advertised in Chinese, and, since she has an anchor baby she gets the rest of the welfare system as well, WIC, food stamps, section 8.

But what need does this country have of someone so stupid she basically worked as a slave voluntarily for 5 years.  Remember her explanation for the horrid situation: "I did everything; whatever the boss asked me to do..."

And this Scrooge like employer did not stop with exploiting one immigrant:

Another employee, who said she bused tables, handed out leaflets to solicit customers and was a house cleaner at the owners' home at night, said through an interpreter that she was fired the day city labor inspectors came to the restaurant.

Another immigrant who is going to build a new business where Americans can't according to the Wall Street Journal?  I don't think so

Even worse though is that immigration has also brought the citizens and taxpayers of the City and County of San Francisco another expense.  The expense of chasing after all the immigrants who are exploiting other immigrants.

All these investigations by the City Attorney and the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement are not free.  The taxpayers spend mucho dinero on protecting immigrants from their kith and kin.

San Francisco is among the leaders in cracking down on the practice, collecting $7 million in back pay and interest for workers and $456,000 in penalties and costs since the city's minimum-wage law took effect in 2004, not including cases referred to state investigators or private attorneys.
The enforcements (sic) have come against businesses ranging from a car wash that had a city contract, to a pizza joint, as well as restaurants in Chinatown.

Hhhmmm, methinks I know that car wash...but one digresses. 

In the end, immigration is a burden, whether it is low IQ immigrants dependent on welfare or exploited by other more entrepreneurial immigrants who want to recreate the virtual slave labor of China right here in America.  Neither group is contributing to this country, but burdening Americans with dealing with the problems their mere presence creates, as well as the more direct costs of maintaining their lifestyles with free medical care or food stamps. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gun Nuts Really Need To Get In The Immigration Fight

Three minority proponents of illegal immigration are in the news again.  Well known Chicago communist and illegal alien booster Luis GutiĆ©rrez announced recently that he will expand the attack on the Second Amendment by going after handguns.

And in California illegal alien boosters and descendants of immigrants of color Jimmy Gomez and Phil Ting are introducing legislation to require all gun owners to obtain liability insurance in order to own a firearm.

LAT February 6, 2013
2 Lawmakers Would Require California Gun Owners To Buy Insurance
Gun owners in California would have to buy liability insurance to cover any damage caused by their firearms under legislation proposed Tuesday by two state lawmakers.
AB 231 was introduced by Democratic Assemblymen Jimmy Gomez of Echo Park and Phil Ting of San Francisco in the wake of the killing of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

If one wants to protect one's rights under the Second Amendment, one by necessity must support ending immigration from Third World countries.  Immigrants of color and their descendants support gun control.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hugh Hewitt's Latest Amnesty Rant

Hugh Hewitt can't address the facts and reality of the immigration issue.  To him it is pandering to the radical left and differentiating himself from the unwashed Republican masses who dared support Proposition 187, which Hewitt brags to no end that he opposed.

However he knows in his heart of heart that immigration is a losing issue for conservatives and Republicans.  So desperate is he is that now he has decided to upend the Constitution and equal protection of the laws in an effort to link school choice reform and immigration.  (Sorry, no link.  Hewitt never transcribes his real stupid stuff.)

His latest inanity is that any upcoming amnesty, what he calls regularization, should include special provisions for the amnestied minor illegal aliens and any American citizen minor children of adult illegal aliens providing vouchers for any private or charter school.  It is a special welfare program just for minors who are illegal aliens and for the American citizen children of illegal aliens.

And what about regular American citizens?  Well, like most RINOs who support affirmative action, Hewitt appears not to care about hard working Americans and their children.  They won't be getting these special vouchers, 14th Amendment be damned.  Apparently Federal authority in the immigration area also give the Federal government the authority to discriminate in the provision of education benefits.  Note that this so-called Professor of Constitutional Law apparently thinks that some citizens are more equal than others.  And some non-citizens are more equal than citizens.  Something not surprising from one of the RINOs most contemptuous and disdainful of white, middle class Americans.  It probably stems from Hewitt's contempt and hatred of his white, middle class competitors in the afternoon drive slot in Los Angeles area talk radio.  His major competition is the John And Ken Show on KFI AM 64 whom Hewitt derisively refers to as "pot bangers," as the John And Ken Show is aggressive in dealing with public issues and holding politicians accountable.  Of course it is the pot bangers like John and Ken, as well as Rush, who defeated the Bush Amnesty, which now Hewitt says he opposed, but, in reality, he supported until such support became untenable given his radio audience.

But today Hewitt is supporting amnesty again, even without a piece of legislation to read, but is so desperate he will try and hook conservatives and real Republicans into it with anything, including special school choice just for illegal aliens and American citizens with illegal alien parents.