Friday, August 30, 2013

Deportations Dropping

The numbers on the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty are in for the upcoming end of Fiscal Year 2013 and deportations of illegal aliens from the interior of the United States are in free fall.  Instead of the lie of record number of deportations, the reality will be that removals across the board, interior removals, total removals, and removal of criminal aliens, are collapsing.

Center For Immigration Studies July 27, 2013 by Jessica Vaughan
More Evidence of Enforcement Stagnation
A new report tracking the number of ICE detainers issued confirms that interior immigration enforcement has declined significantly in recent months. This report corroborates my previous analysis of another set of ICE statistics that revealed a considerable deterioration in interior enforcement since 2011.
According to the data provided to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a government watchdog project of Syracuse University, this fiscal year ICE is issuing 19 percent fewer detainers than last year. Detainers are formal requests from ICE to another law enforcement agency, usually a local jail, not to release an alien who is in their custody after arrest so that ICE can begin the removal process. Since ICE now limits its interior enforcement to removing only those aliens who have been convicted of other crimes, detainers are a key indicator of interior enforcement activity.
TRAC reports that in the first four months of FY 2013, ICE issued an average of 18,427 detainers per month. In the first four months of FY 2012, ICE issued an average of 22,832 detainers per month.
The total number of detainers issued by ICE in 2012 was 273,982. So far in 2013, ICE has issued 73,709 detainers. At that pace, ICE is on track to issue 220,027 detainers this year; that is, ICE is on track to remove nearly 54,000 fewer criminal aliens than last year. Not very reassuring.

And in conclusion:

As of March 2013, total removals were down 40 percent, removals of criminals were down 36 percent, and interior removals were down 50 percent since May 2011.

This is the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty as it manifests itself in the world of immigration law enforcement.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's Worse Than You Thought

Another expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has hit the news.  The Regime has announced further restrictions on the arrest, detention, and removal of illegal aliens, this time based on if they have issue legally present in the United States.

Washington Times August 23, 2013 by Stephan Dinan 
New Obama Policy Warns Agents Not To Detain Illegal Immigrant Parents 
The Obama administration issued a new policy Friday that says immigration agents should try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children. The move adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport. 
In a nine-page memo, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said agents should use “prosecutorial discretion” to try to avoid detaining parents and, if parents are detained, agents should make sure they have the ability to visit with their children or participate in family court proceedings.

However, it is worse than what the Times reports.  Firstly, it violates the Privacy Act of 1974 by making private information about minors and arrested illegal aliens available outside actors without a legal relationship to the detained alien or the minor in question to so-called advocacy groups and secondly grants such advocacy groups official access to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO) supervisory personnel, effectively inserting radical leftwing groups into ERO management of the removal (deportation) process.

ICE August 23, 2013 
ICE Policy Directive 11064.1 Facilitating Parental Interests in the Course of Civil Immigration Enforcement Activities 
5.1 Field Points of Contact for Parental Rights ("Field POCs") 
2) Each Field POC shall receive and address public inquiries related to the parental rights or family ties of detained alien parents or legal guardians of minor children.  Careful consideration should be given to cases involving parents or legal guardians who are primary caretakers, those who have a direct interest in family court or child welfare proceedings, and those who minor children are USCs or LPRs.  Inquiries may be received from detained or non-detained aliens, their family members, attorneys or representatives, advocacy groups, state [sic] and local family courts, and/or child welfare services, among others.

The extensive list of persons able to either act, contact ERO, or receive information about a non-detained minor or parental alien in custody is illegally broad.  Generally, only a spouse or representative attorney or other representative with a Form G-28, Notice of Entry As Attorney Or Accredited Representative, may receive information or present inquiries to ERO about a detained alien.  Otherwise to discuss or release any information about an alien is illegal.

The most pernicious aspect though is that it gives official recognition to so-called advocacy groups, which are in the whole radical racist groups with a political agenda.  These groups are in no way acting in the best interests 0f any given alien or their minor children, but in the groups own political interests. This gives these radical communist cultural Marxist groups a wedge to enter into the ERO management chain, imposing their ideology and advocacy for illegal immigration within the removal process and ERO management structure.  It essentially gives these radical groups veto power over individual custody and deportation decisions.

Worse though, the instructions to the field expand the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty by authorizing the return of previously deported illegal aliens to participate in legal processes involving their minor children.

5.7  Facilitation of Return 
1)  If a lawfully removed alien...provides to ICE verifiable evidence indicating that he or she has a hearing or hearings related to his or her termination of parental or legal guardianship rights before a family court or child welfare authority in the United States, and the court or child welfare authority has determined that the removed parent or legal guardian must be present, rather than participating via other means, ICE may...facilitate the return of the alien to the United States by grant of parole for the sole purpose of participation in the termination of parental rights proceedings.

While initially appearing restrictive, it is inevitable that this will expand to any deported parent in the name of family reunification.  It will also add to the huge caseload of absconded illegal aliens as these illegal aliens paroled into the United States will inevitably fail to voluntarily return after they are paroled into the United States.  Clearly this policy is designed to increase the amount of illegal aliens in the United States for the upcoming expansion of the Administrative Amnesty.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Detroit Of The West Is Well Named

Oakland, the Detroit of the West, once the very symbol of a muscular and growing California at a time when comparison to Detroit was a compliment, is on the knife edge of history.  Once a symbol of growth and prosperity, then it sank to the very depths of despair.  The city that gave us Rocky Road ice cream became the symbol of the failure of the counter-culture, the seething genesis of the Black Panthers and armed rebellion against white law enforcement.  Over the bodies of white police officers like John Frey, Oakland traveled its own rocky road to decline, eventually dying as Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham, and the Detroit of the Midwest died, of spontaneous blackness.  

Nothing illustrates that more than the nonchalance that black gangsters and black residents have in the Detroit of the West regarding open gun violence on the streets.

More interestingly, the overwhelmingly white and homosexual readers of the overwhelmingly white and homosexual San Francisco Chronicle were treated to in many ways a predictable but also enlightening overview of Oakland's continued decline.

San Francisco Chronicle by Jill Tucker
Even Odds
But as he got closer, he saw the name on the banner. He saw the face on the picture.
Late the night before, his friend and classmate Olajuwon "Tutu" Clayborn had been shot and killed on the steps of his family's home, just 200 feet from the school.
The two teens had been talking and laughing in the library the Friday before. Like Thomas, Olajuwon was 17, an athlete and a member of the honor roll.
Like Thomas, he was a senior set to graduate and go to college.
And like Thomas, he was a young black man in Oakland who seemed to have beaten the odds. Instead, an apparent dispute over a girl had left him dead. The shooter, police believed, was another Castlemont student, another young black man, who had since disappeared. Thomas didn't care what had caused Olajuwon's killing. "I don't even want to know," he said. "He's not here. That's the big fact."
He added his name to the banner on the wall and another event to his crowded year-end calendar. A funeral.

Ostensibly a story by an education reporter about students, but it is really the story of Oakland and how organized blackness destroyed a city built by whites from a Royal Spanish land grant to Don Luis Maria Peralta.

Olajuwon's homicide in May was Oakland's 34th of 2013; by the first week of August, there were 23 more.
Shootings and homicides are common in the neighborhood where Olajuwon was raised by his single mother.
Olajuwon's 27-year-old brother has been shot three different times.
Olajuwon's mom sent him to school in Berkeley, away from the negative influences of his neighborhood, but still he had wavered at times. He wasn't always the best student in Berkeley, where he attended the comprehensive high school freshman and sophomore years and then Berkeley Technology Academy, a continuation school, his junior year.

Black boys in Oakland are disproportionately fatherless. They are more likely than other youth to be poor, in need of consistent health care and living in violent flatland neighborhoods with at least twice the ratio of liquor stores as their hillside peers' neighborhoods, according to the Alameda County Health Department.
Homicide is by far the leading cause of death for African American males ages 15 to 34 in Oakland, as it is nationwide.
Scott thought Olajuwon would beat those odds. He checked in with him regularly to make sure he had everything in place to get to graduation day.

Despite millions of dollars provided by white taxpayers and intervention directed specifically to black males by the Oakland School District, not much has changed.

In 2010, it became the first school district in the United States to create a department dedicated to altering the fortunes of black boys.
Through its African American Male Achievement Office, the district has created classes and programs specifically for these young men. Their aim: to help them navigate their lives in and out of school by providing teachers who understand them, mentors who can guide them, disciplinary alternatives to suspension and strategies to make good decisions.
The office's goals are ambitious: double black boys' graduation rate; eliminate the achievement gap between black males and white or Asian peers; reduce suspension and absentee rates; and cut incarceration rates in half. There are three years left in a five-year plan to get there. Success, if it comes, will cost at least $2 million per year, with most of that funding from foundations and grants.
The effort has drawn vocal support from the Obama administration, but some of its actions have spurred controversy, including the hiring of noncertified teachers and the sponsorship of a charter school populated solely by black boys.
Junious Williams of the Urban Strategies Council, an Oakland nonprofit that partnered with the district to launch the initiative in 2010, says such an approach was long overdue.
"I think the scope (of previous efforts) has not been nearly sufficient when we analyze how long we've let these problems linger," he said. "What is most significant is you now have one of the major public institutions in the community ... having courageous conversations about race."

Black youth remain their own victims despite the attention paid to them:

It had not been easy. Nothing was in East Oakland. For a young black man like Thomas, just surviving the crime and poverty that permeated his daily life was an achievement.
In this city, boys of his race are more likely to miss school; be suspended; graduate late, if at all; or be incarcerated than their white, Asian or Latino peers.
Over the past 10 years, the number of African American men killed on the streets of Oakland nearly matched the number who graduated from its high schools ready to attend a state university.

Of course, nothing can over come this.  Not special academies, not tutoring, not counseling, nothing.

At least for the black people there.  But there is a solution, once from across the bay, the San Francisco Solution.  A solution that whites and homosexuals have been using for the last 10 years in the city by the bay.  Ethnic cleansing by increased property values.

SF Examiner by Joshua Sabatini June 6, 2013
Breed Decries Shrinking S.F. Black Population
San Francisco must stop calling itself "diverse" until The City once again has a thriving population of black residents, Supervisor London Breed said Wednesday while discussing that community's 36 percent shrinkage during the last two decades.
"This City is doing something wrong when it comes to African-Americans," said the supervisor, who is [a very light skinned] black.

She, of course, blames Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter for the ethnic cleansing.  Which is true, in that white tech workers went to college, did not shoot each other, and generally avoid stupid and violent behavior.

Breed said it is important to start holding companies accountable about hiring practices.
"For example, recruiting from historically African-American colleges with a regards to a lot of tech jobs that are in our city, which are mostly held by white guys," Breed said. "I have no problem with white guys. I just have a problem with the lack of diversity in the tech industry when it's booming in our city."
"We have to do more and it's not always about The City allocating resources. It's about holding companies accountable," she added.

While it is really about income and crime.

The committee also discussed data suggesting that the median income of black households in San Francisco is $30,840, whereas it exceeds $50,000 for all other racial groups. And while black residents comprise 6.3 percent of The City's population, The City's jail population of 1,541 was 56 percent black last year.

But back to Oakland.  The very white, the very San Francisco liberal, the very with it Jill Tucker, decides that the problem is again white people, not blacks and their behavior.

First, the Trayvon Martin disciplinary system.  No suspensions for black thugs wannbes.

New teachers like Robinson were hired to mix academics and social skills, college preparation and cultural awareness, with an emphasis on proper behavior and understanding how to survive on the streets. Their students learned to tie a tie, toured local universities, and paid for behavioral offenses with push-ups or private conversations rather than suspensions.

And then the usual appeals to slavery as the problem.

Staring at the page in front of him, 16-year-old sophomore Marcell Stargetti began to read aloud. The text was from "The Making of a Slave," a speech by early 19th century slave owner Willie Lynch.
The 301-year-old words rattled around the suddenly quiet classroom, bouncing off the walls featuring images of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa, and motivational posters promoting "hope," "positive people" and "peace."
"I have a foolproof method for controlling your black slaves," Lynch had written. "I guarantee every one of you that, if installed correctly, it will control the slaves for at least 300 years."
His scheme: pit slaves against each other - the light-skinned slaves against dark-skinned slaves; female versus male; old versus young.
Robinson held up his hand.
"What does Lynch mean?" he asked.

What it means, of course, is what the Panthers said, black-on-black crime is just a manifestation of The Man manipulating blacks to The Man's advantage.  The fault dear Olajuwon, lies not in yourself, but in others that you are underlings.

Clearly all the talk about responsibility and discipline is for the benefit of the intrepid reporter and for her to regurgitate for her effeminate San Francisco readership.

Then we get to the reality.  Someone channels their inner Huey Newton.  The correlary here is that whenever rappers say cops, they mean whites, and rappers and blacks want to shoot cops, meaning whites.

Barry Williams was rarely absent from Robinson's class.
The sophomore was hard to miss - an athletic teen with an easy smile, as likely to goof around with classmates as he was to share his serious side.
One day, sitting in a circle with the other students, a setup reserved for serious talks, Barry spoke up.
"I hate white people," he said. "Does that make me a bad person?"
The usually easygoing boy let his frustration out.
"The thing I don't like about being a black male is being labeled the second they see me," he said.
When he enters a store, the owners "talk so quickly, like they're afraid of me.
" 'You ain't shit' - that's what they're basically saying."

Well, no Barry, it's not because they think you are shit, it's because they know you and your compatriots for what you are; violent, dangerous, predatory, and thieving.  And that is why you are an underling.  Until you realize that and change all will remain the same.

However, despite the grim news of spontaneous blackness and racism, Oakland is moving white, much like DC.  Gentrification is alive and well in Oakland.  Not just Temescal and Uptown where the hipsters are, but even notorious West Oakland, where whites who built beautiful Victorians were driven out in the 60s and 70s, but have returned with a vengeance, with techies spilling over from San Francisco where housing prices are out of control.  It looks like despite the rantings of the radical left, $12 sandwiches may just save Otown from spontaneous blackness.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Attack Of The Lawyers

The unlamented departure of John Morton, who fronted the Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty and attack on the Constitution, has been marked by what again is a lawless regime of lawyers.  This may appear surprising if one did not know that Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was also an attorney and he was not know for his adherence to any legal principle, but only to the exercise of power by a small minority over what he once dreamed would be the world. Nikolai Lenin as he was later known was the prototype for the budding dictatorship nascent in the current regime, but extends back as far as our own Progressives who rejected both the Fall and Crucifixion, thinking they could order the affairs of mankind with a managerial elite.  One might think that the modern current of attorneys were just misguided, but given the war the current Regime has been waging on the Constitution and its support from the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), the only reasonable conclusion is that the parade of lawyers in the Department of Homeland Security is Leninist in nature.

Which leads us back to John Morton and his proposed replacement by the Regime, John Sandwig, an Arizona attorney the protege of the Arizona attorney Janet Reno Napolitano.  

Center for Immigration Studies August 13, 2013 by David North
A New Immigration Policy Maker — John Sandweg, Acting Head of ICE
John Sandweg, 38, an Arizona lawyer and Napolitano insider, was recently named acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, following the resignation of John Morton whose extensive use of prosecutorial discretion led to heavy criticism.
Sandweg's record would suggest that he will not seek to turn around the Morton legacy at the unit that handles interior enforcement of the immigration law and the department's detention operations.

CIS' main concern appears to be the "acting" issue.  And it is not without some, but in the end, little importance.  "Acting" officials have predominated in the Regime because of confirmation problems arising out of the low quality and dangerous nature of Obama's nominations.

Sandweg also joins a growing list of "actings" in the front offices of Department of Homeland Security. The secretary is scheduled to leave next month and no one has been nominated to replace her; there is no confirmed deputy secretary (although there is an acting one); and the head of Customs and Border Protection (which includes both the Border Patrol and the ports of entry) is the deputy commissioner acting as the commissioner. The inspector-general is an acting, as are a batch of assistant secretaries.
This may, a month from now, leave Alejandro Mayorkas, head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as the only major immigration decision-maker in the department without an "acting" in his title. He, in turn, has been nominated by the president to be the DHS deputy secretary, and is facing a rough confirmation process, as we have previously reported.

This blog's long expressed concern though is the insidious infiltration of immigration law enforcement by attorneys to the detriment of actual enforcement of immigration law.  The parade of Leninist attorneys through the Department of Homeland Security began with Tom Ridge and has not ended, with attorneys infiltrating all levels to the apparent end that DHS, including its components such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, will become a giant law firms, rather than a large, aggressive, and successful law enforcement agency.  Immigration law enforcement is being killed by lawyers and at the top, of course, is the lawyer Barack Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catch And Release Back With A Vengeance

The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty continues with a return of Catch And Release, with a minor twist.  Previously under other administrations, illegal aliens were routinely arrested and processed, then released with a Form I-862, Notice To Appear, which they subsequently ignored and failed to appear for the removal hearing.  The aliens in question then became absconders, subject to arrest and removal from the United States.  Now those who failed to appear are entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), a Federal law enforcement database used by all local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies in their duties.  Absconders are now routinely arrested and turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations or to the U.S. Border Patrol.

However, the radical left objected to the inclusion of removal records in NCIC because such records resulted in increased arrest of illegal aliens.  The Obama Regime has found a way to thwart that policy.  The Regime decided to stop arresting and processing illegal aliens in the United States.

The New York Times  August 19, 2013 by Fernanda Santos
Carwash Managers Held in Immigration Raids
PHOENIX — Federal agents arrested 11 managers and supervisors of a local car-washing chain on immigration fraud and other charges in weekend raids that brought in more than 200 people, setting off fear among immigrants already on edge by years of relentless enforcement in a state at the core of the debate over illegal immigration.

But few of the hundreds of illegal aliens smuggled into the country to work at the car washes were arrested and processed.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) also know as Homeland Security Investigations, was investigating other crimes, such as tax law violations, under the jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service.

From the investigation’s start two years ago, they said, they had their eyes trained on the people in charge, whom they accused of running a scheme that also included identity theft and financial improprieties, in part for evading taxes on wages paid to the unauthorized workers.

Note that the investigation of this obvious crime took two years to investigate.  Given the manpower dedicated to this long-term investigation, thousands of illegal aliens could have been arrested and deported by ICE SVU by aggressive work-site enforcement targeting the illegal aliens themselves, and the crimes the illegal aliens commit, such as identity fraud, tax fraud, and false statements on Federal documents.

ICE SVU, in violation of the law, non-feasance, failed to execute its duties, and released illegal aliens they had detained, even those who committed violations of Federal identify theft laws, such as Title 18 United States Code Section 1028A, and false statements on Department of Homeland Security USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification.

In all, the agents rounded up 223 people, most of them in the United States illegally. Of those, 179 were released after questioning, under a policy that gives priority to the deportation of people with criminal records or a repeated history of immigration violations. Thirty immigrants fit this profile and were placed on a path to deportation, according to federal officials.

Even worse, ICE SVU announced to the illegal alien population of Phoenix, to the illegal alien population of the United States, to the population of Mexico that wants to come to the United States and live illegally, and to the population of the world who want to come to the United States to live illegally, that ICE SVU did not have the intention of arresting illegal aliens.

But officials said workers on the carwash floor were never the investigators’ target.
“I want to make clear for the community that this was not an immigration-enforcement operation,” Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said outside one of the carwashes, in central Phoenix. “This was a criminal investigation.”

A wasteful criminal investigation that resulted in few arrests.  Criminal investigations that this blog has exposed as wasteful and unproductive, as well as designed to allow illegal aliens to remain in the United States.  One can also make the argument that ICE SVU is aiding and abetting illegal aliens in their effort to remain in the United States, in violation of Title 8 United States Code Section 1324.  Certainly a high crime and misdemeanor, subject to impeachment for not only Barack Hussein Obama, but the also his subordinate officials who are executing this violation of Federal law, such as Special Agent-in-Charge Matthew Allen, of ICE SVU's Phoenix office, who can be contacted at:

400 North 5th Street
11th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Main (602) 514-7363
Fax (602) 514-7790

One can also contact the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General at (520) 229-6420 / Fax: (520) 742-7192 to report ICE SVU's criminal actions.

Latest up on VDare.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Asylum Fraud Is The New Immigrant Visa

Recent events on the border have confirmed that the Obama Regime Asylum Amnesty is the new method to immigrate to the United States.  (h/t author W. R. Flynn)

Breitbart August 11, 2013 by Lee Stranahan
Sudden Flood Of Asylum Requests At U.S./Mexico Border
At the Otay crossing near the San Diego border last Monday, about 200 people coming from Mexico gained entry to the United States all using the same key phrase; they claimed they had a 'credible fear' of drug cartels. According to KSAZ FoxPheonix:
So many were doing this that they had to close down the processing center and move the overflow by vans to another station.
"They are being told if they come across the border, when they come up to the border and they say certain words, they  will be allowed into the country," said a person who did not want to be identified on camera.  "We are being overwhelmed."
This apparent new shift in tactics to enter the United States comes at a time when the Associated Press is reporting a spike in the number of asylum requests in the past few years:
According draft testimony for USCIS Associate Director Joseph Langlois that was to be submitted for a congressional hearing on asylum requests last month, USCIS received more than 19,119 asylum requests through the end of May. The agency anticipates receiving more than 28,600 by the end of the fiscal year.
According to the testimony, during the 2009 budget year the agency received just 5,369 such requests.
However, this new phenomenon is out of all proportion, even with this spike. To put those numbers in perspective with the 200 people making asylum requests on one day at one border crossing, 200 people a day equals 73,000 people a year -- close to three times the total number received all year, at all border crossings.

This blog had a dust up National Review Online's Jay Nordlinger over the trends in asylum fraud from Mexico.  And it has only gotten worse since 2011. It is clear that the Regime plans to flood the country with illegal aliens by hook or by crook

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Plan B Is Not Just An Abortificant

Well, not just an abortificant to kill babies, but an abortificant for the United States.  Plan B has been run up the flag, it is the culmination of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  If John Boehner doesn't cave, then Obama is planning to amnesty by executive order every illegal alien in the United States.

National Journal August 8, 2013 by Fawn Johnson
Immigration 'Plan B' Focuses on White House
Immigration-reform activists aren't supposed to talk publicly about a Plan B. They can't, or won't, answer questions from the media about what they will do if no bill passes this year to legalize the undocumented population. But as August wears on and there is no clear sense of what the House will do on immigration, some are starting to speak out.
"There are groups that are for immigration reform no matter what. Then there are groups like us, grassroots.... We have the other track," said Adelina Nicholls, the executive director of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. "The other track is Barack Obama."
The idea behind the "other track" is to freeze the current undocumented population in place through an administrative order, give them work permits, and hope for a better deal under the next president, with the hope that he or she is a Democrat. It's a significant gamble, but some advocates—particularly those outside of the Washington legislative bartering system—argue that it's better than what they stand to see under the legislation being discussed now.
Many advocates have been discussing Plan B quietly for months, but they have kept a disciplined public message solely focused on supporting a comprehensive immigration bill in Congress. Even if they are uncomfortable with some of the bill's provisions (like, say, excluding anyone who has been convicted of petty theft from legalization), advocates don't want to appear fractured before a group of politicians who are wary about voting for anything that gives unauthorized immigrants legal status. As soon as reluctant lawmakers smell dissension in the ranks, they flee.
The Obama administration is different. It has already flexed its muscle and shown that it is willing to exert authority to stop the deportation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth through its deferred-action program announced last year. The immigrant community argues that there is no reason that this administrative authority cannot expand further to include other "low priority" candidates for deportation—i.e., parents of "Dreamers" or parents of children who are citizens because they were born here, people who are employed, people who are caregivers, and so on.
The same advocates who now are pushing Congress for an immigration overhaul were pushing the administration then for the deferred action program for undocumented youths who were brought to the country as children. Once it finally happened, it worked like a charm. To date, the Homeland Security Department has approved some 365,000 applications.

The communists Cultural Marxists claim there is a legal basis for the amnesty.

The same legal reasoning for not seeking deportation for unauthorized immigrants—there is no safety-related reason to do so—applies to other noncriminal aliens, immigration analysts argue.

And since John Boehner did nothing during the first Administrative Amnesty, the political reasoning is nothing more that they did it once, therefore the precedent has been set.

Politically, all President Obama needs is proof that Congress can't get the job done. That could happen in a matter of months with the Republican-led House still unsure of how it will deal with the undocumented population. 

Legality to them is what they get away with.  Just as Nicolai Bukharin failed to support the Left Opposition to counterbalance Stalin, consequently setting the precedent for Bukharin's own purge, the failure of the RINOs to impeach Obama over the Administrative Amnesty has allowed the precedent to be set and used again.  This is nothing more than a Constitutional coup d'etat.  Impeachment is the only answer.