Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Center For Immigration Studies Confirms The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty

The Center for Immigration Services (CIS) has confirmed the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and exposed the Regime and Barack Hussein Obama as the liars they are.

Center for Immigration Services October 29, 2013 by Jessica Vaughan
Deportation Numbers Unwrapped
A key talking point for proponents of amnesty for illegal aliens is that the Obama administration has made historic improvements to border security and immigration enforcement, leading to “record” numbers of deportations that surpass the performance of earlier administrations. In December 2012, John Morton, then-director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), announced that his agency had removed nearly 410,000 illegal aliens that year. Major news outlets, pro-amnesty lawmakers, and other Obama administration allies heralded this apparent milestone as evidence that the border and illegal immigration were now under control.

This chart tells it all:

And here are some of the facts behind the decline in over 50,000 removals:

Key Findings:
  • The number of deportations resulting from interior enforcement by ICE declined by 19 percent from 2011 to 2012, and is on track to decline another 22 percent in 2013.
  • In 2012, the year the Obama administration claimed to break enforcement records, more than one-half of removals attributed to ICE were the result of Border Patrol arrests that would never have been counted as a removal in prior years. In 2008, under the Bush administration, only one-third of removals were from Border Patrol arrests.
  • Total deportations in 2011, the latest year for which complete numbers are available, numbered 715,495 – the lowest level since 1973. The highest number of deportations on record was in 2000, under the Clinton administration, when 1,864,343 aliens were deported.
  • When claiming record levels of enforcement, the Obama administration appears to count only removals, which are just one form of deportation, and only a partial measure of enforcement. Beginning in 2011, a shift of some of the routine Border Patrol case load to ICE enabled the administration to count an artificially high number of removals.
  • Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the division of ICE that is responsible for work site enforcement, combating transnational gangs, overstay enforcement, anti-smuggling and trafficking activity, and busting document and identity theft rings, now contributes very little to immigration enforcement. In 2013 HSI has produced only four percent of ICE deportations, making just a few thousand arrests per year throughout the entire country.
  • ICE is doing less enforcement with more resources. Despite reporting more encounters in 2013 than 2012, ICE agents pursued deportation of 20 percent fewer aliens this year than last.
  • Enforcement activity declined in every ICE field office from 2011 to 2013, with the biggest declines in the Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Washington DC/Virginia, and Houston field offices.
  • Criminal alien arrests declined by 11 percent from 2012 to 2013, despite the completion of the Secure Communities program, which generates more referrals of arrested aliens than ever before. ICE agents took a pass on hundreds of thousands of aliens who were arrested by local authorities in those years.
  • ICE is carrying a case load of 1.8 million aliens who are either in removal proceedings or have already been ordered removed. Less than two percent are in detention, which is the only proven way to ensure departure.
  • As of the end of July 2013 there were 872,000 aliens – nearly half of ICE’s total docket – who had been ordered removed but who had not left the country.

The story of the Obama Regime enforcement strategy is to do less with more.  Something this blog warned the nation about, especially about HSI.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chinese Takeover Of San Francisco Continues Apace

San Francisco is a beautiful city ruined by its inhabitants; militant homosexuals, hipster leftists, and a ubiquitous Neo-Marxist political machine run by millionaire leftists like Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi.  Also contributing is the continued influx of actual Communists, real Party members, but this time not the Communist Party USA members, as exemplified by another immigrant to America and San Francisco, Harry Bridges, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members. San Francisco has long suffered from the scourge of illegal immigration from Red China, such as radical Mayor Ed Lee, son of an illegal immigrant, and the welfare dependent long ensconced here. But there is a new twist the new illegal immigrants from Red China; corrupt Party officials and the nouveau riche beneficiaries of the de-industrialization of America. 

SF Gate October 29, 2013 by Anna Marie Erwert
Chinese Investor Activity In San Francisco Real Estate Reaching Fever Pitch
Chinese investors have been showing record breaking interest in San Francisco real estate, according to measures of activity of Chinese property investors on, the No. 1 Chinese international property portal...
The website, which measures searches, search results, page views and inquiries of Chinese investors in relation to property for sale internationally, rates the USA as the most popular country for Chinese investors. Chinese buyers spent US$30 billion on international property in 2012. Of that, US$9.08 billion was invested in the USA. Indeed,  The National Association of Realtors ranks Chinese buyers as the second largest group of investors, after Canadians, accounting for 11% of overseas buyers purchasing homes in the US. This percentage shows a decent jump from  the last major real estate boom the US enjoyed, 200, when Chinese purchases accounted for 5% of overseas transactions.
Among the United States, California is the most popular. More than half the homes sold to foreign buyers in California go to Chinese nationals, estimates CNN Money. In San Francisco proper, Chinese investor property hunting climbed 84%, month-over-month from July to August 2013– it was also 456% higher than it was this January.  And the favorite SF neighborhood? Think iconic San Francisco: “Nob Hill is the San Francisco neighborhood of the moment, for Chinese investors. So far in 2013, it has received more searches by name than any other.”

While it is not in and off itself evidence of illegal immigration, but for most Chinese, purchase of property is the first step in illegal immigration.

Note that in the survey of Chinese purchasers very few are interested in the financial aspects of their investment.  Two out of four reasons given are directly related to illegal immigration and the most popular reason is indirectly related to illegal immigration.

Juwai surveys website users on their reasons for choosing one location over another. Among the large population of Chinese searching for homes in SF,  the top reported reasons for investing in San Francisco real estate are:
1. Lifestyle (51%),
2. To purchase a place for children’s education (23%)
3. Investment (19%)
4. Immigration (7%).

Investment is obvious to anyone, San Francisco's real estate market is hot, spurred on by severe restrictions on building in the city and rent control, consequently prices on residential real estate are beyond the reach of most residents.  Only the Feinstein level rich can afford to buy here, and Chinese wealthy from corruption and rapid industrialization are prime customers.

However, their motivation is not directly related to the hot market, but to creating a bolt-hole for when the balloon goes up in Red China; either a neo-Maoist revival in oppression or a genuine revolution caused by Party oppression.

Immigration is an obvious reason to purchase real estate in San Francisco, but legal Chinese immigrants mostly come from the poorer spectrum of the Chinese population, as legal immigration is mostly limited to those with relatives already in the United States.  Most immigrants are very poor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services already waives the application fees for 30% of all immigrants, with the USCIS office in San Francisco leading the way on the waiver of immigration fees.  The Chinese, of course, make up the bulk of immigrants to the San Francisco area.

The other reasons for investment, lifestyle and children's immigration, are the most obvious sources of illegal immigration.  The newly rich in China are unlikely to have a legal means of immigration, apart from buying an EB-5 visa from Terry McAuliffe and Alejandro Mayorkas.  Generally, there is no legal option for China's nouveau riche to get an immigrant visa, only tourist visas.  And here is where the real estate investing comes in.  

American diplomatic posts in China are handing out tourist and business visas like candy.  By lifestyle the Chinese respondents to the survey mean that they like living in San Francisco, which with its natural air-conditioning is unlike the polluted mess of most of China.  However, a tourist visa is not for purchasing property to live in the United States, it is for stays to see the sights, visit family, and take photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge.  One does not need a million dollar condo or multi-million dollar house for that.  Even for a vacation home.  It is however a method of living in the United States illegally.  Obtain the tourist visa, buy a home, stay the allotted time of six months at admission, then at the end of six months, take a quick trip back to China, turn around and arrive for another six month stay.  This is quite illegal, but a common use by Chinese of the "tourist" visa.

The other motivation for Chinese real estate purchasers is to establish residency in a city like San Francisco, then have their children enter on a similar tourist visa, then remain illegally so they can attend San Francisco's schools.  Most of San Francisco's public schools are horrible, but there are a small number of elementary, middle, and high schools that are world class, as those without large numbers of black or Hispanic children have well behaved white and Asian students who are quite diligent and bring up San Francisco's horrible scores on standardized tests.

But beside pricing out the vast majority of San Francisco residents, the Chinese real estate boom is a symptom of massive Chinese illegal immigration, and something American taxpayers and workers are paying for directly due to China's most favored nation trading status and the de-industrialization caused by Chinese wage levels.  Another reason to thank Steve Jobs, not only did he conspire against his own technogeeks, but outsourced Apple's manufacturing to Red China and drove its Chinese workers to death.

ICE SVU Assisting Immigration Fraud

My latest up on VDare.  ICE SVU is actively supporting illegal immigration.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Next Step In The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty

While RINOs are all in for an amnesty, they hesitate because an amnesty will mean a split in the Republican Party, consequentially there is no denouement on the issue.  However, the Regime is being prodded by the radical left to expand its ongoing Administrative Amnesty, and given the past behavior of the Regime, it does not have to be prodded too hard.  All it took for them to implement the first part of the Administrative Amnesty was a minor proposal by the Treason Bar.

The Washington Time October 24, 2013 by Stephen Dinan
Immigration Advocates Grow Impatient With Obama To Take Action
President Obama faces an increasingly tough tightrope on immigration, with advocacy groups demanding he take the lead on the issue but Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill saying the more involved he gets, the less likely a deal becomes.
Immigrant rights activists, who for years targeted Congress and congressional Republicans in particular, have turned some of their fire on Mr. Obama, arguing that he needs to show more leadership in working with Capitol Hill to strike a deal and in doing what he can unilaterally to stop deportations.

And by leadership they mean expanding the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

That has left immigrant rights advocates arguing that Mr. Obama can take unilateral action.
They want him to expand his 2012 nondeportation order, which grants tentative legal status to young illegal immigrants, to include most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the country.
“Our position is that President Obama can actually do something today, right now,” Ms. Franco told The Washington Times.
She said if Mr. Obama took that step, it would force Republicans to confront the issue and could advance the debate.
Mr. Obama has said that while his nondeportation policy for young illegal immigrants was legal, he doubts he has the authority to do a blanket policy for all illegal immigrants. But the activists dispute that.
“It’s very clear that there is a legal way to do this. It’s a question of will he do it politically,” Ms. Franco said. “That’s why we’ve issued this call for nonviolent civil disobedience, focused on ICE, and being willing to name the president as partially responsible.”

The so-called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was not legal.  It extended benefits to illegal aliens for which there was no provision of law for those aliens to receive.  Furthermore, there is no Constitutional authority for the President to not enforce the laws of the United States, which just before the DACA amnesty, Barack Hussein Obama admitted.  Lying is in the nature of cultural Marxists and Islamist sympathizers like Obama however. 

His current denial that he does not have any authority to expand his Administrative Amnesty fail to ring true, especially given his previous denial, which was shortly followed by a blatantly defying the law and the Constitution. 

The Regime's policy though was one well thought out, at least politically.  Well, at least the only minimal realization that there would be no political consequences for the amnesty from the RINOs led by John Boehner and Marco Rubio.  

Given the failure of the RINOs in the budget and national debt issue, one should expect shortly a major expansion of the Administrative Amnesty.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Colonization Of San Francisco By China's Underclass

The nature of immigration to the United States has again be accidentally exposed by the cultural Marxist press.  Evictions in San Francisco are up caused by the tech boom.  Despite the old-school Marxist rent control laws in San Francisco, the poor are obviously being driven out.  The techies have contributed to lowering San Francisco's crime rate by driving the once large black population out of the city.

However, the tech boom has exposed another aspect of San Francisco, the long running colonization of San Francisco by China's underclass.  Jin-shan, the Golden Mountain, has long been a destination of Chinese immigrants.  Before the welfare state, it was where the previous Chinese wave of immigration arrived, made its money, then moved on to the suburbs.

But there slowly developed an ugly underbelly of immigration.  That class of immigrants who could not make it.  Now the City and County of San Francisco, and its tax-payers, as well as those of America, are increasingly stuck with the failures.

SF Gate October 26, 2013 by Kevin Fagan
Tech Boom Forcing Longtime S.F. Family Out Of Home
The underside of the tech-fueled housing boom sweeping San Francisco burst noisily to the surface Wednesday when hundreds of protesters blocked the doorway to a weather-beaten building near Nob Hill to resist the eviction of an elderly Chinese American couple and their disabled daughter...
The eight-unit complex at the corner of Jackson and Larkin streets had been emptied over the past year of all occupants except for the Lee family, which has lived in their two-bedroom apartment for 34 years.
Poon Heung Lee, an 80-year-old retired hotel housekeeper, said he can't find anything to equal the $778 he pays monthly for his rent-controlled home, so his intention was to rebuff sheriff's deputies if they showed up to carry out the vacate order due to be served Wednesday.
A crowd of more than 200 housing-rights activists and community leaders spent the morning and early afternoon chanting and waving signs in the normally quiet neighborhood, promising to be arrested if necessary to block the eviction.
"I have no idea where we can live if we have to leave here," Lee said, speaking in Cantonese through an interpreter as he stood in his apartment with his 74-year-old wife, Gum Gee Lee. "We're hoping not to sleep in the street."
The couple's 48-year-old mentally disabled daughter, Shiuman Lee, lives with them. According to, the average rent in San Francisco for a two-bedroom apartment is $3,206 - more than the Lees, who mostly live on Social Security checks, could afford.

Despite living in the United States for over 34 years, they have no English language skills and are living on Social Security.  This is the face of unskilled immigration.  This is a problem that can be avoided as Singapore does.  Non-skilled workers are only temporary there, here they are permanent, permanent wards of the State.

Swiss Again Lead The Way

The Swiss People's Party is again leading the way against the election of a new people in Switzerland.

The Local October 24, 2013 by Agency France Presse
Voters Narrowly Back Immigration Quotas: Poll
Fifty-two percent of voters backed the "Stop Mass Immigration" proposal, while 40 percent are against it, pollsters Isopublic said on Thursday.
The margin of error was 4.2 percent.
The quota plan was crafted by the right-wing populist Swiss People's Party (SVP) — the largest in parliament.
The SVP claims that Switzerland has lost control of its own immigration rules, with disastrous results for the economy and society such as undercutting local workers, driving up rents and land prices, and overburdening the health and education systems.

The Swiss establishment oppose the referendum.

The Swiss government and parliament have both rejected the plan, arguing that foreign workers have long been crucial to the economy of one of the world's wealthiest nations.
But under Switzerland's system of direct democracy, voters have the final say on a host of issues.
Some 1.9 million of the eight million people currently living in Switzerland are non-Swiss — 3.3 percent more than in 2012, according to official data.

Does this remind one of something?

ICE SVU Fighting Coupon Fraud

In its long run away from immigration law enforcement, and another argument for no more amnesties, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) has decided to concentrate its investigative powers on another crime unrelated to immigration or customs law enforcement.  This time counterfeit store coupons.

Los Angeles Times October 24, 2013 by Kate Mather
Anaheim Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Thousands Of Fake Kohl's Coupons
An Anaheim man pleaded guilty Thursday to producing and selling tens of thousands of fake Kohl's coupons in a months-long scheme that netted him about $93,000, federal officials said.
Boi Quoc Vo, 30, pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in counterfeit documentation under a plea agreement, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and fines of as much as $250,000, or twice the gain or loss from the ruse, whichever amount is greater.
“It’s common to encounter intellectual property cases related to phony products, but this is the first time we’ve come across a scheme locally involving counterfeit store coupons,” Claude Arnold, special agent in charge for ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations division in Los Angeles, said in a statement.

Of course, it could be that Vo is an alien, but more likely already a naturalized citizen and consequently effectively immune from deportation.  But given the 2 million illegal aliens in the Lost Angeles area and the millions of dollars in welfare that go to illegal aliens in Los Angeles County alone, much less the rest of the metro area, ICE SVU it would be more cost effective for ICE SVU to start sweeping neighborhoods for illegals or raiding where the illegals work.