Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jewish War On High Tech Opens Up

American Jewish investors led by Jonas Kron have decided that Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley are to white and goyim. Kron is leading a jihad on Apple to "diversify" their white male management, a non-problem if there ever was one.

Ars Technica by Cyrus Farivar January 6, 2014
Major Investors Push Apple Execs To Be More Diverse: “It’s All White Men” 
A little over a month before Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, two major investment groups say that they’re disappointed with the fact that the company has zero females and minorities at the top levels of the company.
However, that will change later this spring, when Angela Ahrendts will join as senior vice president and head of retail. Ahrendts is currently the CEO of Burberry.
“There is a general problem with diversity at the highest echelon of Apple,” said Jonas Kron, director of shareholder advocacy at Boston-based Trillium, in an interview with Bloomberg. “It’s all white men.”
Trillium, along with the Sustainability Group, have both raised the issue with Cupertino and said they would bring it to a vote at the February 28 meeting.
Still, this is a problem far beyond just Apple. According to a recent report by Catalyst, a nonprofit research group, just 17 percent of Fortune 500 board members were women, and only 15 percent hold the CEO spot.

Apple's response, clearly an attempt to appease but not succumb to hiring incompetant black and Hispanic executives, was to merely claim they would look for the best.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is now adding the following language to the charter: “The nominating committee is committed to actively seeking out highly qualified women and individuals from minority groups to include in the pool from which board nominees are chosen.”

Clearly Apple does not think women, blacks, or Hispanics will contribute much to Apple's success. The only black and Hispanic employees at Apple, like other Silicon Valley successes, are contract employees in cleaning, security, and catering.  As is should be.  Blacks and Hispanics just don't earn technical degrees and don't have the IQ to work at high flying tech companies.

The question is why are large Jewish investors harassing Apple when even Eric "My People" Holder won't bring similar action against tech companies for even lower level failure to hire blacks and Hispanics?  Are they seeking to force Apple completely off-shore?  Because before Apple will dilute its workforce they will move lock, stock, and barrel overseas, as they have been threatening over the H-1B issue.

An interesting clue is that Farivar is the unhappy child of immigrants from Iran.  Perhaps bringing down an American icon like Apple is part of his Third World sympathies, hatred of whites even though he is white, or orders from the Ayatollah.  Of course, from living in Oakland but technically white, he could be just the average self-hating white that is quite common in California.  Interestingly enough he is part of the Technorati that is ethnically cleansing Oakland of black people, all because of the spill-over of tech workers who can't afford San Francisco or the Peninsula.  Perhaps he is feeling guilty.  Nothing like white guilt to drive an attack on his race.

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