Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jewish War On People Of The Gun Continues

For some reason Jews don't like Americans, at least white, heterosexual, Americans, to own guns. One does not know why, other than straight out prejudice.  And it follows the Black War On People Of The Gun led by Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, and Trayvon Martin.  Unfortunately People of the Gun just don't get it.  Rather than identify their enemies, all they think of is appealing to those who want to kill them.

Everyday No Days Off January 18, 2014 
Harvey Weinstein Planning An NRA Takedown Movie With Meryl Streep 
51:21 is where the gun-talk starts.  I don’t get it… he’s says he wishes the jews had access to guns during the holocaust but then goes on to say we don’t need them in this country *me scratching my head*.  Alright guy… so how do you expect to prevent another holocaust type situation then in the future?  For an obviously brilliant guy, I can’t wrap my head around how he can be so dumb.

According to Weinstein Jews having guns is good, but the goyim should not be allowed firearms. No surprise as that is the position of Michael Bloomberg as well. When will People of the Gun learn that they need to get in on the immigration fight and the war on implicit whiteness?  White gun owners are the next target of the Jewish and black war on whites.  

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