Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Learning The Lesson

People of the Gun are at it again.  Seeking succor from where they won't get it.  First, they thought homosexuals would reciprocate if People of the Gun supported homosexual marriage, then homosexuals will support the Second Amendment.  Of course, nothing like that is happening.  Then, in an inability to learn a lesson, People of the Gun doubled down on blacks and other people of color supporting the Second Amendment. Result, major fail.

The Truth About Guns by Robert Farago January 9, 2014
Black Folk Don’t Join the NRA
We’ve been saying that the NRA needs to reach out to minorities since we first hit the net. Maybe not all the people in this video, but the point remains. That doesn’t mean that the NRA should “moderate,” “sugar coat” or “compromise” its pro-Second Amendment stance. But it should do more to get African Americans, Hispanics and the LGBT community to join the NRA. Colion Noir is an excellent spokesman, but America’s largest gun rights group needs on-the-ground activists to get it done. Specifically, it needs to do what it can to get minorities to jump through all the hurdles needed to keep and bear arms. Gun owner first, NRA member second. If that’s even possible.

Just how is that working out for you?  Not well.  Watch the video:

Basically black people in the video brag they buy their guns illegally and National Rifle Association (NRA) members are just out to hunt down black people.  Of course, what is really happening, and Farago does not realize this, or does, and just does not want to deal with it, is displacement.  Black people are attributing to white people what they themselves are thinking and feeling.  They want to hunt down and kill white people.  Given the knock-out game and crime like the Knoxville Horror, the depths of the depravity black people are capable of is frightening.  And Farago wants the Second Amendment held hostage to their whims?

Farago, who studiously avoided supporting George Zimmerman who used his firearm lawfully for self-defense, hopes that blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals will support the Second Amendment.  Well, no, that is a white thing as they say.  Blacks might like their illegal guns, but as much as they like their illegal guns, they hate and fear white people with guns, and that is their motivation, hatred.  Just ask a victim of the Knock-out Game or the victims of the Knoxville Horror.  Too bad that Farago didn't check out the results of the 2012 election; blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals showed their view on the Second Amendment then.  In reality, People of the Gun need to get in the immigration fight, as Gun Owners Of America has.  That is where the Second Amendment will be won or lost.

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