Thursday, February 20, 2014

Treason Bar Out To Kill Americans

The Treason Bar has announced its new program.  It will now wage war on the death penalty, particularly on death penalty sentences imposed on immigrants who killed Americans. February 13, 2014 by Jason Dzubow
"Refugee Status" as a Mitigating Factor in Death Penalty Cases
The first three factors seem like a bit of a stretch, but you can imagine some type of argument tying Mr. Tsarnaev's mental state to the trauma of being a refugee. Indeed, I would guess that there are at least two types of trauma that refugees suffer: The trauma of the events that led them to flee their country, and the trauma of the refugee/resettlement process itself. There are certainly examples of refugees who engage in self-destructive behavior (I've written about that issue here), but without something more--such as a diagnosed mental illness--I doubt refugee status alone would qualify Mr. Tsarnaev for mitigation under one of the first three factors listed above.

The fourth factor--the catch all--provides the most likely opportunity for Mr. Tsarnaev to demonstrate how his status as a refugee might mitigate his punishment. He could argue that he was young, isolated in a new country, heavily reliant on his older brother (who participated in the bombing and was later killed), and influenced by terrible events in his homeland. While I can believe that Mr. Tsarnaev's refugee status helped shape, and perhaps distort, his worldview, I have a much harder time accepting these problems as a mitigating factor here.

While Dzubow makes sure to check all the boxes that he doesn't think the claim will fly, it is clear that he is announcing to the Treason Bar that this should be the next issue for the Treason Bar; protecting the Muslim terrorists that Dzubow and the Treason Bar works so assiduously to bring to the United States.  But it is clear, Dzubow is announcing to the Treason Bar what should be their next project to help destroy America.  And even more clear Dzubow wants to see more white Americans killed by immigrants, especially by asylees like Tsarnaev, for whom Dzubow works so assiduously. 

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