Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Foreign Student Crime Wave

Garage hopping is what it is called by foreign students who enter the United States, then engage in crime after they arrive.  Stealing from law abiding Americans is the new sport of foreign exchange students.

NYT May 7, 2014 by Jack Healy
An Open Garage, A Dead Exchange Student, And A New Debate On Self-Defense
MISSOULA, Mont. — Teenagers call it garage hopping. The goal was to sneak into an open garage, steal some beer or other items and slip away into the night. It was dumb and clearly illegal. It was not supposed to be deadly.
Around midnight on April 27, a 17-year-old exchange student from Germany named Diren Dede left the host home where he played Xbox and drained cans of Sprite to set off with a friend through his dark hillside neighborhood. They passed a home whose garage door hung partially open. Using a cellphone for light, Mr. Dede headed in.

Interestingly, Dede is not German, but Turkish.

The son of Turkish immigrants, he often talked about straddling two cultures, and would listen to German hip-hop and Turkish pop music on his phone.

And he was burglarizing Americans with another exchange student from Equador.

They did not see who was in the garage until it was all over, Mr. Ryan said. The friend accompanying Mr. Dede that night, an exchange student from Ecuador, stayed outside the home.

And the host parents of the criminals blames the victim:

Mr. Dede’s host parents, Mr. Smith and Kate Walker, who say they have never locked their doors and have never been burglarized, have spent the last week grieving for a 17-year-old who had begun to feel like a family member. They said they could not fathom why anyone would feel compelled to open fire.

“Whatever happened to turning the lights on and yelling, ‘Hey kids, go home’?” Mr. Smith said.

Ms. Walker added, “Or closing the garage door?”

Time to remove Third Worlders from the foreign exchange program. And insist that host families not allow their exchange students to engage in crime.

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