Sunday, May 11, 2014

RINOs Plotting Betrayal

It appears that RINOs have a plan for betraying the base during the summer and destroying their own ability to take back the Senate and likely loosing the House.  The treason is of course led by a foreign born RINO.

First, Raul Labrador, RINO from an otherwise unoccupied part of the country, has proposed repealing the centerpiece of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 by ending temporary bars to legal immigration by aliens with a year or more of illegal presence in the United States.

The Washington Times May 8, 2014 by Seth McLaughlin
Republicans Look To Loosen Penalties On Illegal Immigrants
Republican Rep. Raul Labrador on Thursday offered a potential immigration deal to the White House, saying the GOP would agree to loosen penalties on illegal immigrants if President Obama would agree to increase visas for foreigners who work in high-tech fields.
Mr. Labrador suggested dropping the penalty period that bars illegal immigrants from reapplying to enter the U.S. legally after being deported, a period that now lasts for between three and 10 years, depending on how long they had first remained in the country illegally.

And Labrador has a deal with Democrats on this.  And as part of that deal Americans will get nothing, but Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg will get more cheap labor.

He said in return for dropping the bars, Democrats should agree to boost legal immigration by granting green cards to foreigners who graduate from American universities with advanced degrees in the fields of science, engineering, math or technology.
Democrats have said they support that change, and indeed this week the Department of Homeland Security took unilateral steps to try to make it easier to approve visas for some high-skilled foreign workers.

Notice how there is no deal.  In exchange for legalizing 25% of the illegal aliens in the United States, a RINO thinks a deal is even more immigration.  There is no real deal, such as ending chain migration.

In the second aspect of abject surrender, Mick Mulvaney, RINO from soon to be Democrat South Carolina if his amnesty project wins, advocates amnesty for the 20 million illegal aliens in lieu of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

US News & World Report May 8, 2014 by Lauren Fox
Republicans Believe Obama Will Stop Deportations Without Them
Some Republicans, like Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., says a unilateral action would undo a lot of trust he has personally acquired back home with the base.
“Everyone recognizes he doesn’t have authority,” says Mulvaney, R-S.C., who stands in contrast against other tea party members as an immigration reform advocate in the House.
Mulvaney has spent the last several months traveling through his district, holding Spanish-language town halls and pushing for reform. He says in his district, people are starting to come around. Driving through rural Darlington County Monday, Mulvaney remarked over the phone that if the president acts, it will undermine the good faith effort many Republicans have been trying to build back home.
In rural and agricultural pockets of the country, the economic and moral arguments for immigration reform are beginning to take hold. Farmers increasingly need workers to do jobs that many Americans aren’t willing to do. In churches, leaders in faith communities have started pushing their congregations to look at immigrants through a different lens and extend compassion instead of judgment. Mulvaney believes that in time, he has been able to convince even some of his most conservative constituents to agree that many of the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, deserve a second chance to get legal status.
“People are willing to accept the fact that the current system is broken. What you have is effectively amnesty anyway right now,” Mulvaney says.

So, the solution to the illegal and unconstitutional Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty is to surrender to Obama's threat and pass his legal amnesty. 

Thanks for nothing RINOs.


Thomas O. Meehan said...

This and the mass setting free of criminal aliens is a clear cause of impeachment proceedings against the President. Yet, it never get's mentioned.

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Spot on with this post. Shoot me an email when you find time - I have a quick question for you.


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