Sunday, June 29, 2014

Making America A Dictatorship

Xavier Becerra wants an Obama dictatorship, much like there is in Bercerra's homeland of Mexico. According to the Mexican Congressman if something is popular then American Presidents have dictatorial power.

The Daily Caller June 29, 2014 by Scott Greer
Chris Wallace Confronts Dem Congressman On Obama’s Executive Actions: ‘Is He Rewriting The Law?’
Things got heated on Fox News Sunday when host Chris Wallace forcefully demanded answers on the questionable executive actions of President Obama from California Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra.
In a segment that also featured Republican congressman Bob Goodlatte, Wallace discussed House Speaker John Boehner’s recent lawsuit against the Obama administration over the actions it has taken without Congressional approval.
After listing off specific actions the administration has taken without Congress — including deferred deportations and raising the minimum wage for federal contractors — Wallace turned to Becerra and asked, “What is the president’s legal authority to take all of these unilateral actions without going back to Congress?”
The California lawmaker responded that all of these actions met with popular approval and the American public wanted to see these things happen. “The list you showed are all things the American public wants to see.”
Becerra then tried to explain how the president decided to take action since Congress wasn’t doing “its job.” This prompted the Fox host to cut him off before he finished his statement to state that the Constitution does not grant power based on popularity.

There we have it.  The future of America with a "minority" majority of Mexicans and blacks, a dictatorship.  This is why the neo-Marxists want to replace the historic American people.

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