Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Giantes' Illegal Alien Into Domestic Violence

Sergio Romo, the San Francisco Giantes wannabe illegal alien has a big Mexican problem, domestic violence.  And he thinks he has the person of color immunity from investigation.

SFGate October 22, 2014 by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross
Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo Hurls Heated Words At S.F. Police
Giants relief pitcher Sergio Romo had a few choice words for San Francisco police the other night, after the cops received a report that two men were trying to push a woman into an SUV on a downtown street.
According to police sources, officers were sent to Taylor and Post streets near Union Square about 2 a.m. Friday — hours after the Giants had clinched their World Series berth — to respond to a report that one of the men forcing the woman into the vehicle had her in a bear hug.
When police arrived, the woman — identified as Romo’s girlfriend — was being held back by her brother.
Romo and the brother’s girlfriend were there as well, said the police sources.
As the cops started to sort things out, Romo told them repeatedly that “you are making a mistake,” said the sources.

When cops hear that, you know that person is guilty.  No one who is innocent says the cops are making a mistake.  An innocent person just relies on the facts which will exonerate him or her. Making allegations of a "mistake" is what guilty people do in an attempt to distract from the issue at hand.

The cops eventually determined that the two couples had been having a good time on the town when Romo’s girlfriend spotted a text from his ex-girlfriend on his cell phone and became upset.
“Romo and the girlfriend’s brother were trying to calm her down and get her out of Dodge,” one cop told us.

He, of course, gave the cops the you can't touch me attitude.

Police moved to separate everyone and ordered Romo, 31, to sit on the curb.
When Romo tried to stand back up, one of the cops held him at the shoulder and said, “You need to relax,” the police sources said.
“No, no, you need to relax,” Romo reportedly said. “You don’t know how to handle high-pressure situations.”

Not very bright.  But enough to fool the cops, initially.

After interviewing everyone, the cops concluded that no crime had been committed and that the girlfriend was OK. Then they let everyone go on their way.
Subsequently, however, police found surveillance-camera footage that showed someone who looks like Romo carrying the distraught girlfriend in a bear hug.
As a result, “out of an abundance of caution,” according to police sources, the case has been sent to special investigations to make sure the two couples’ statements are accurate.

Big mouth Romo is now silent.  His Mexican bravado and machismo is now on hold during the domestic violence investigation:

Representatives of Romo and the Giants did not return calls seeking comment.

Given Mexican attitudes to women and wife-beating, his guilt is likely.

And, he has a history of this stuff, which is so surprise given Mexican crime rates.

On New Year’s Day 2013, Romo was cited at the Las Vegas airport after getting into a loud argument with a Transportation Security Administration agent at a checkpoint after apparently failing to provide proper identification.
Romo was cited but allowed to board his flight, and in the end, no charges were filed.

Too bad his parents weren't deported.

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