Monday, December 8, 2014

Corrupt Hispanic Officials Protecting Each Other From Criminal Prosecution

Hispanic corruption knows no bounds.  It extends even into those Hispanics who make it onto the bench and into the District Attorney's Office.  The Lower Rio Grande Valley  has the worst offenders, and the most Hispanics.  There is a correlation between Hispanics and official corruption and misconduct.

TribTown December 4, 2014 by Associated Press
DWI Charge Against South Texas Appeals Judge Dismissed; Prosecutor Cites Lack Of Evidence
McALLEN, Texas — The case against a South Texas judge charged with drunk driving has been dismissed.
Hidalgo County officials said Wednesday there is not enough evidence to prosecute 13th Court of Appeals Justice Nora Longoria. Judge Rolando Cantu dismissed the case against her last week.
District Attorney Rene Guerra tells the McAllen Monitor that Longoria didn't appear to have slurred speech in a recording at the jail. There isn't a recording of the traffic stop.
A McAllen police officer arrested Longoria in July. Police say she refused to let officers handcuff her or to provide breath and blood tests. They say Longoria told officers they would have to drag her to the patrol car.
Longoria is represented by Democratic state Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa of McAllen. Hinojosa didn't return the newspaper's requests for comment.

However, there is no lack of evidence, only racial solidarity among corrupt Mexican immigrants and their descendants:

NY Daily News December 6, 2014 by Meg Wagner
Police Release Dashcam Video Of Texas Judge Stumbling Through Sobriety Test Month After Court Drops Her DUI Charges
Court of Appeals Judge Nora Longoria was allegedly begged for leniency during her DUI arrest in July. Last month, the District Attorney’s office said it lacked enough evidence to prosecute and another judge threw out the case. The DA said it never got the dashcam video, which showed Longoria stumble through her failed sobriety test.
A month after a Texas court threw out a DUI case against a judge because it lacked strong evidence, police released dashcam video of her arrest that showed her stumble through a sobriety test.
The new video, recorded during a July traffic stop in McAllen, showed Nora Longoria struggling to walk a straight line, Action 4 News reported. She teetered and lost her balance several times during her failed sobriety test, the video showed.
But Hidalgo County Court at Law No. 8 Judge Rolando Cantu threw out the case last month, marking "other" for the reasoning.
Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra said her office never received the dashcam tape from McAllen police.

It appears there is a conspiracy among Hispanic officials to pervert the course of justice.  Now, the proprietor of JammieWearingFools says this is all about Democrats protecting each other, which is what Democrats do, but the more obvious commonality is their last names and national origin.

Convenient for one Democrat to represent another.
These Texas Democrats sure do love to get drunk.

No, it's the corruption and drunkeness that Hispanics bring to the United States.  It's part of their culture.  Perhaps we should reconsider birth right citizenship.

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