Sunday, February 23, 2014

Immigrants Bringing Cash For Votes To America

Third World voting habits are not conductive to a representative republic.  However Democrats and immigrants are profiting off Mexican voting patterns.  The Rio Grande Valley is the only stronghold of the Democrat Party in Texas.  The Valley is dominated by Democrats because that part of Texas is majority Hispanic and dominated by Mexican behavior patterns including poverty and corruption. And what little of the Democrat Party in Texas cannot survive except for vote buying in the Rio Grande Valley.  (h/t Election Law Center)

KRGV December 31, 2013
3 Charged In Federal Voter Fraud Case
McALLEN - Three Rio Grande Valley women are facing federal charges after they allegedly coerced voters during the 2012 primary and general elections.
Federal agents said the women, known as politiqueras, altered the vote count.
The FBI defines a politiquera as "a person who works for a candidate to encourage people to vote, to bring voters to the polls, to ensure that voters elect the appropriate candidate and to pay for their votes."
Diana Castaneda, Guadalupe Escamilla and Rebecca Gonzalez are accused of paying for votes while working for candidates in Donna.
Federal prosecutors claim Castaneda traded cash, food and rides to drug houses for votes. Escamilla is accused of giving money, food and cigarettes in exchange for votes. Gonzalez is accused of paying $5 to $10 per vote.
The federal indictments against the women say they worked for votes in Hidalgo County.
The problem, though, is Valley-wide, a CHANNEL 5 NEWS investigation revealed.
Mary Helen Flores said illegal votes sway elections. Flores runs a citizens' group against voter abuse. She started the group after the results of a race flipped on mail-in ballots.

Poverty and corruption are the purposes of the Democrat support for legal and illegal immigration as it benefits directly from both.

Mexican Colonists Looking For More Welfare

The cultural Marxists always deny that welfare is a magnet for immigrants, but the facts are otherwise and Obamacare is another example.  Millions in taxpayer dollars are even being spent by community organizers to find and assist immigrants, both legal and illegal, to navigate the Obamacare debacle.

NYT by Alexa Ura February 22, 2014
Trying To Help Thousands In Colonias Obtain Health Coverage
EDINBURG — Sitting at an old picnic table in front of a dilapidated house, María Díaz, a hotel housekeeper, tells stories of the rejection that comes with living in impoverished Texas colonias.
The trash on her street is not picked up regularly, so she is used to a wretched smell at night when her neighbors burn their garbage. There is no drainage system on her block, so Ms. Díaz, a 44-year-old single mother of four, is accustomed to heavy flooding on her street when it rains.
As she looks into buying private health insurance under the federal Affordable Care Act, which requires most people to obtain coverage in 2014, Ms. Díaz is facing a new type of rejection:. She probably does not make enough money to qualify for tax credits to afford coverage through the federal health insurance marketplace.
Thousands of residents of Texas’ colonias along the United States-Mexico border are in similar situations after falling into the “coverage gap” created when Texas’ Republican leadership declined to expand Medicaid eligibility for poor adults under the A.C.A., saying Medicaid was a broken system. Living in unincorporated subdivisions, where the uninsured rate is between 50 and 80 percent, colonia residents may be largely left with little hope of obtaining coverage.

The colonias are shameful.  Shameful in that we allow these areas mostly inhabited by illegal aliens to establish themselves here and recreate the poverty from whence they came only to benefit the Slave Power and the brown racists in their United Farm Workers t-shirts.  Importing poverty is the result of the current immigration policy of family reunification and the end of interior enforcement of immigration law.  Which gives us in the end Maria Diaz living in a slum at government expense all so a hotel owner can have a cheap maid.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eric Holder Fulfilling Analysis By Federale

Not to seem prideful, as pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but one must announce this not to be boastful, but to announce to the world that this blog is the Cassandra of our times.  I warned that the ultimate goal of the Obama Regime was to bring Muslim terrorists to the United States and engineer the circumstances that would lead to their release in the United States.  And it has come true.  Eric Holder has managed to engineer the release of a Somali terrorist into the United States.

NRO February 18, 2014 by John Yoo and Robert Delahunty
Only Under Holder
Chalk up yet one more legal fiasco to Attorney General Eric Holder. Apart from failing to enforce Obamacare, immigration, and the drug laws, the administration continues to endanger national security with its catch-and-release approach to terrorists. In a preview of the consequences of its plans to close Guantanamo Bay, the Obama Justice department (DOJ) is starting to apprehend terrorists abroad and free them at home.
The story begins with the 2011 arrest of Ali Mohamed Ali, who took part in the pirate attack on a Danish vessel, the CEC Future, off the northern coast of Somalia three years earlier. Ali acted as a translator for the pirates and communicated their demands to the vessel’s owner, Clipper Group...
Out of options, Holder began the sad comedy of errors by bringing Ali back to the United States. Consistent with Holder’s preferred policy of trying suspected terrorists in ordinary civil courts inside the United States, rather than before military commissions, federal prosecutors put Ali on trial in a federal district court in Washington, D.C. The most important charge against him was piracy, which on conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. Lesser charges included hostage taking.
Prosecutors compounded Holder’s basic mistake by failing last November to persuade the jury to convict Ali. Obama’s DOJ then brought its bungling to new heights by deciding to drop the remaining charges against Ali. Having gotten a read on the men across the table, Ali has called the administration and now raised it — by applying for permanent [Sic. There is no such thing as permanent asylum, only asylum. Ed.] asylum in the United States. The chances are excellent that Ali will remain inside the United States for a prolonged stay or even the rest of his life.

Here is what this blog predicted back in 2009:

Federale June 12, 2009

How They Plan To Do It

The strategy is related to the indictment of another Gitmo detainee in New York, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani. The scenerio will probably play out like this. A number of detainees will be indicted, but the goal will not to gain a conviction or perhaps to just gain a minor conviction. A reliable judge will then determine, as in the the case of the Kangaroo Taliban, David Hicks. In Hicks' case he was released immediately after sentencing because he was given credit for the time he was detained as a prisoner of war, albiet an unlawful combatant. 

It appears the Hicks pattern will be the master plan for Obama. Bring several detainees to the U.S., indict numerous detainees on either major charges and offer only a half-hearted prosecution hoping for dismissal by a reliably liberal judge and then not appeal that action. Or, indict on minor charges, hoping for a conviction, then allow the court to use time served at Gitmo as a part of any sentence.

Then, with the detainees in the U.S. with either dismissed charges or minor convictions, and no way of deporting them to their home countries, then, after six months of detention in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security, they must be released under precedent Supreme Court decision, the horrible St. Cyr decision.

And it has come to be fulfilled.  I warned you.  All I can say to Yoo and Delahunty is welcome to the party, pal.

Treason Bar Out To Kill Americans

The Treason Bar has announced its new program.  It will now wage war on the death penalty, particularly on death penalty sentences imposed on immigrants who killed Americans. February 13, 2014 by Jason Dzubow
"Refugee Status" as a Mitigating Factor in Death Penalty Cases
The first three factors seem like a bit of a stretch, but you can imagine some type of argument tying Mr. Tsarnaev's mental state to the trauma of being a refugee. Indeed, I would guess that there are at least two types of trauma that refugees suffer: The trauma of the events that led them to flee their country, and the trauma of the refugee/resettlement process itself. There are certainly examples of refugees who engage in self-destructive behavior (I've written about that issue here), but without something more--such as a diagnosed mental illness--I doubt refugee status alone would qualify Mr. Tsarnaev for mitigation under one of the first three factors listed above.

The fourth factor--the catch all--provides the most likely opportunity for Mr. Tsarnaev to demonstrate how his status as a refugee might mitigate his punishment. He could argue that he was young, isolated in a new country, heavily reliant on his older brother (who participated in the bombing and was later killed), and influenced by terrible events in his homeland. While I can believe that Mr. Tsarnaev's refugee status helped shape, and perhaps distort, his worldview, I have a much harder time accepting these problems as a mitigating factor here.

While Dzubow makes sure to check all the boxes that he doesn't think the claim will fly, it is clear that he is announcing to the Treason Bar that this should be the next issue for the Treason Bar; protecting the Muslim terrorists that Dzubow and the Treason Bar works so assiduously to bring to the United States.  But it is clear, Dzubow is announcing to the Treason Bar what should be their next project to help destroy America.  And even more clear Dzubow wants to see more white Americans killed by immigrants, especially by asylees like Tsarnaev, for whom Dzubow works so assiduously. 

Another Reason To End Immigration

A good reason to end immigration, especially from the Third World, is that those immigrants and their descendants do not understand the Constitution, its Amendments, and the principles of this nation. The most recent Exhibit #1 is the descendant of Chinese immigrants Erin Ching, a vicious Maoist attending Swarthmore College.  Recently she broadcast to the public that people with whom she disagrees should be silenced, just as rich peasants were silenced with a bullet by Mao Tse-tung.  (h/t College Insurrection)

Washington Examiner February 14, 2014 by Joel Geherke
College Student Thinks 'Diversity Of Opinion' Requires 'Not Tolerating' Conservative Views
A student at Swarthmore College thinks that in order to ensure that students are "hearing a diversity of opinion," the institution should "not be tolerating" the "conservative views" of a prominent alumnus.
The student made the comment in reference to a recent discussion between two Princeton professors, Robert George and Cornel West.
"The whole idea is that at a liberal arts college, we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion," the campus newspaper quotes Erin Ching, who graduates in 2016, as saying. "I don't think we should be tolerating [George's] conservative views because that dominant culture embeds these deep inequalities in our society."

Of course, this cultural Leninist plans to spend a summer in northern India fighting the patriarchy with bicycle repair.

Erin Ching (Seattle, Wash.)
For her Lang project, Ching plans to use her passion for bicycles, mechanical skills, and experience with community-based bicycle programs to implement a bicycle empowerment scheme that will aim to confront gender inequity in a northern Indian community. The program will provide young women with bicycles and mechanical skills as well as offer an enriching, educational experience to promote self-actualization. 

Hopefully U.S. Customs and Border Protection will not let her back in when she finishes her bobo vacation.  We certainly don't need immigrants and their progeny like this.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Petty Kritarchs Administering Their Own Amnesty

The "judges" of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) have been on a tear since the Obama Regime entered office, ever seeking their kritarchy over immigration law.  New statistics out show that the discipline that the Bush Administration exercised over the EOIR through the Attorney General and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) has ended as the Obama Regime assumed power. Something this blog has warned about and reported.

Yahoo News/Associated Press by Alicia Caldwell February 13, 2014 
Report: US Success In Immigration Court Drops 
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly half of immigrants facing deportation from the U.S. are now winning their cases before an immigration judge, their highest success rate in more than 20 years, according to a new analysis of court data published Thursday.
The U.S. government has been losing more deportation cases each year since 2009, according to the Transaction Records Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which collects and studies federal prosecution records. 
It does not say how many deportation cases Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose lawyers represent the government in immigration courts, successfully appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The government can appeal immigration court rulings to the Board of Immigration Appeals, part of the Justice Department. 
Since the start of the 2014 budget year in October, immigration judges ruled in favor of immigrants in about half of the 42,816 cases heard, TRAC reported. In 2013 the government won about 52 percent of cases.

It is clear that the failure of the Obama Regime to appeal deleterious rulings from the EOIR is emboldening the "judges" of the EOIR who have for long demanded promotion from executive branch administrative hearing officers of the Department of Justice to real judges of the judicial branch, with the power to set an immigration policy in opposition to that of Congress and the President.  This is an unconstitutional usurpation by a group of bureaucrats charged by law not with making policy or enforcing rights, but merely examining an administrative finding by the executive branch for compliance with the law.

It appears though that the usurpation by the bureaucrats of the EOIR is supported by the Obama Regime, because, as Leninists, they only think and act on what is good for the revolution at the moment.  They do not think on any other principles, which distinguishes the Obama Regime from the Jorge Bush Administration.  The Bush Administration which shared a xenophilia for illegal aliens with the Obama Regime, but the Bush Administration also had a sense of the Constitution and, more importantly, the prerogatives of executive branch and the authority of the President within the executive branch.  It made efforts at times to control the bureaucracy, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, such as when the bureaucrats in the Civil Rights Division waged a guerilla war on the Administrations enforcement priorities and when the State Department bureaucrats openly defied the President on assignments of personnel to staff diplomatic posts in Iraq. However, the Bush Administration was able to bring the EOIR under control by executive action to streamline the appeals process within the BIA.  The administration gave marching orders and the BIA reigned in the EOIR, further discouraging outrageous decisions by individual "judges" and causing a political uprising by the immigration judge union that went nowhere quickly.  The Bush Administration wanted to speak with one voice on immigration and did not let the bureaucrats create their own power center.

It appears that the Obama Regime is intent on just that, an independent power source in the bureaucracy dedicated to amnesty.  A serious threat that any reform minded future administration will have to expend political capital to reign in.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cultural Marxists Eyeing High-Tech

The radical left has turned its all seeing eye on high-tech.  Despite the millions that Apple, Google, and the rest of Silicon Valley turn over to Obama, the cultural Marxists are never satisfied. Obviously because there is nothing new about these "cultural" Marxists that separates them from just plain Marxists.  Political power is the exercise of State power.  And a hatred of all things white.  It appears that the Marxists who populate San Francisco just plain hate white people and their high IQs that result in them getting hired in Silicon Valley, consequently making high salaries.  And the cultural Marxists think it is "a white thing."  And a little envy from a white girl reporterette who got a useless liberal arts degree from an overpriced college and is quite envious of the younger, richer, white people with technical degrees.

SF Gate February 8, 2014 by Heather Knight
Where Tech Buses Roam, Affluence Follows
Which came first, the Google bus stop, the two-bedroom apartment for $10,500 a month, or the new place that sells organic fruit juice and nut milk for $12 per serving?
All of the above exist on Valencia Street within blocks of each other, and a freelance journalist living half a world away has shown that they have interesting connections.
Chris Walker, 29, lives in Mumbai, India, with his girlfriend, who works in international development. He recently used San Francisco city government's open data programs to map the bus stops of those controversial private shuttles that carry tech workers to their offices on the Peninsula and in Silicon Valley.
While many neighborhoods around San Francisco contain Walker's "clusters of affluence" - from the Castro to South of Market to North Beach and more - the Mission is ground zero.

But the white dominated cultural Marxists like Knight don't like the influx of white people with jobs.

Not everybody's convinced. At Cafe La Boheme, a 41-year-old cafe on 24th Street near Mission, some of the regulars are a bit disgruntled. Antony Spencer, 76, lives in the Haight but frequents the neighborhood where his Brazilian bands used to rehearse. He played the agogo bells.
He said the modern-day Mission is marked by a lot more white people, a lot more wealthy people, more "upscale-y" cars and fewer spontaneous gatherings on the street.
"Before, the neighborhood had a lot more community - you had the sense people knew each other," he said. "There used to be a time when everybody sitting around coffee shops was talking or reading. Now look around."

What Knight and Comrade Spencer don't tell you is that the "spontaneous" gatherings that they speak of were generally Hispanic gang crime.  This blogger knows of a "spontaneous gathering" in the Mission where a fellow white grad student was beaten to death at an ATM machine in the heart of the Mission in the early 90s.

Note also how the very white Heather Knight and the also very white Anthony Spencer make it seem that he is nothing but a revolutionary person-of-color by emphasizing that despite no connections to the Mission, he does something very of color-ish in a Brazilian band by playing some obscure instrument that most white people have never heard of.  It is, of course, nothing more than blame whitey for a non-existent problem, in fact, blaming whitey for improving a neighborhood that was nasty, brutish, and ever so very dangerous.

This is not the first time whitey was blamed for improving the Mission District.  Back in the nineties, during the first high-tech boom, the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project was in full swing. Purportedly a reaction of people of color to whites moving into the Mission, which itself was once an Irish neighborhood, it was just another cultural Marxist reaction to educated and employed white people and the claim that immigrants of color had squatters rights on certain parts of San Francisco.

That project failed with the collapse of and the rest of the Clinton boom-times.  But it looks like it is the end of people-of-color, Asians excepted, in San Francisco.  Just a matter of supply and demand.  The Silicon Valley does not build apartments anymore, except for the elite of Silicon Valley, home ownership is unobtainable because greenbelts have ended home development in the Peninsula. There is no where else to go for high-tech workers except San Francisco and the increasingly retro-hip areas of Oakland, which is happily resulting in the ethnic cleansing of Oakland as well.  In the end, the white hipsters of Twitter, Google, and Apple want an urban experience, but without the negatives such as being beaten to death at an ATM with a baseball bat.  That is sort of a white hipster thing.  They like unthreatening people-of-color like Obama, not the real black people.

But it appears that San Francisco's new Chinese overlords are having none of this nonsense.  Expect the Non-Asian Minority Eradication Program to continue.  Google buses are the symbol of whites taking back San Francisco.  Next thing you know they will be electing a Republican Mayor.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now That Justin Bieber Is Back Here, Time To Deport Him

More information is out about Justin Bieber and his drug use.  He and his entourage was smoking so much marijuana that the pilot and co-pilot were forced to wear oxygen masks.

NBC February 5, 2014 By Richard Esposito, Tom Winter, Jeff Rossen And Monica Alba
Exclusive Inside Story on Bieber's 'Pot' Plane
Justin Bieber and his father were “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant as their private jet flew from Canada to New Jersey on Friday, forcing her to take refuge in the cockpit, according to an official report obtained exclusively by NBC News.
According to multiple law enforcement sources, the leased, luxurious Gulfstream IV on which the 19-year-old Canadian pop star, his father and an entourage of 10 friends traveled was so full of marijuana smoke that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks.
“The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana,” says the official report of the incident.
“The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.”

Furthermore, Bieber admitted his drug use and should have been immediately refused entry and sent back to Canada.

 According to officials, when the plane landed at Teterboro, a suburban airport that caters to the rich and famous and their private aircraft, it was met by DEA and Customs and Border Protection agents and police. There was still marijuana smoke inside the cabin, according to the report.
Officials decided to question Bieber separately from the other passengers, said the report, because “in past examinations, Bieber had become argumentative and abusive when together with his security team.”
When interviewed at Teterboro, Bieber admitted smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, but stated that he did not have any additional marijuana.

First, the failure of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to refuse entry to Bieber and his entourage was a serious crime.  It is clear that the Port Director for CBP at the New York/Newark Port-of-Entry (POE) failed to execute his duties and it is also abundentally clear that his failure to take action was based on the fact that Bieber was wealthy.  No other arriving alien who reeked of marijuana would have been admitted; that alien would have been refused entry and forced to return from whence he came.

Second, the information from this NBC report clearly shows that Bieber and his Canadian entourage are illegal drug users and hence not only excludable, as this blog reported, but deportable as well.  

Members of the public can report the Port Director of the New York/Newark POE to the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) for investigation of his failure to see that laws of the United States were faithfully executed by the Port Director and employees under his supervision. And it is certain that the inspecting CBP Officers contacted the Port Director and were instructed to back off of Bieber and take no action against him.  

The DHS OIG can be contacted here:

Online: Allegation Form (Recommended)
Call: 1-800-323-8603 toll free
Fax: 202-254-4297
U.S. Mail:
DHS Office of Inspector General/MAIL STOP 0305
Attention: Office of Investigations – Hotline
245 Murray Lane SW
Washington, DC 20528-0305

Once can also contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement here or at (866) 347-2423, and report Bieber as an alien deportable for drug use.

One can also contact John Boehner and ask him to begin impeachment proceedings against the CBP Port Director.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some Honesty From ICE

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), the part of ICE responsible for removing illegal aliens from the United States, has officially released their statistics and with remarkable honesty that give lie to the Regime's claim that there are a record number of deportations.  And ICE ERO admits that it is using U.S. Border Patrol arrests to pad its accomplishments, which, no matter how one counts, the number of deportations are collapsing.

FY 2013 ICE Immigration Removals
In executing these responsibilities, ICE has prioritized its limited resources on the identification and removal of criminal aliens and those apprehended at the border while attempting to unlawfully enter the United States. This report provides an overview of ICE Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 civil immigration enforcement and removal operations:
In FY 2013:
ICE conducted a total of 368,644 removals.
ICE conducted 133,551 removals of individuals apprehended in the interior of the U.S.

This is shockingly low.  Only 133,551 aliens were identified as deportable, arrested, and removed from the United States.  This gives lie to the claim that ICE repeats with regularly that it is only budgeted to remove approximately 400,000 aliens.  However, ICE was only able to remove 133,551 of the budgeted 400,000.

Then we get to the shocking honesty:

ICE conducted 235,093 removals of individuals apprehended along our borders while attempting to unlawfully enter the U.S. 

ICE here admits that it was processing for deportation 235,093 illegal aliens arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) that normally would have been removed by the USBP.  So, ICE here is admitting that it wasted millions of dollars deporting illegal aliens who would have been removed at a lower cost by the USBP, instead of spending those funds in the interior of the United States seeking out and arresting illegal aliens.

ICE states explicitly that of that 235,093 arrested at the border, 151,834 were just illegal aliens, and the rest were criminal aliens attempting to re-enter the United States:

Of the 151,834 removals of individuals without a criminal conviction, 84 percent, or 128,398, were apprehended at the border while attempting to unlawfully enter the U.S. 

Furthermore, ICE tells us that racial profiling will accurately identify the illegal alien population in the United States:

The leading countries of origin for those removed were Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

We can be thankful that ICE has publicly admitted that its whole enforcement strategy is a fraud, wasting million of dollars duplicating work already performed by the USBP.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Immigration Court As Overburdened As Before The Amnesty

It appears that the immigration court amnesty that the Obama Regime has instituted is still not working out as planned, well, at least not as claimed.  The Regime claimed that dismissing cases wholesale would take the overwhelming burden of tens of thousands of aliens with cases off the immigration courts, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).  However, the policy continues to fail and the backlog in immigration courts is growing.  But perhaps that is the plan.

WaPo by Eli Saslow February 2, 2014
In A Crowded Immigration Court, Seven Minutes To Decide A Family’s Future
His courtroom rarely came to order, and by now the judge had decided it was a waste of time to try. Interpreters explained legalese in three languages. Adults squeezed into crowded seats while children crouched in the center aisle. A court official stood near the doorway and worried about the building’s fire code. “Por favor,” he said in halting Spanish, as another family tried to enter. “No mas.”
Judge Lawrence Burman sat quietly in front of the chaos, adjusting his reading glasses and sifting through a stack of files on his bench. He had 26 cases listed on his morning docket in Arlington Immigration Court — 26 decisions to make before lunchtime about the complicated future of undocumented immigrants in the United States...
In Burman’s courtroom, the urgent number on this January morning was smaller but just as daunting. He had an average of seven minutes per case.
While Congress and the White House make promises about the future of undocumented immigrants, this is the place where decisions must be made — day after day, case after case, in one of the 57 overwhelmed immigration courts across the country. Here, on the second floor of a high rise in Crystal City, tissue boxes are stacked near the courtroom entrance and attorneys push rolling file cabinets, because a briefcase is no longer sufficient to hold caseloads that have tripled in the past decade...
Tough: That was his job. Tough was hearing 1,500 cases per year while federal judges decided 440. It was sharing one law clerk with other immigration judges while each federal judge had four clerks of his own. It was being scheduled to sit on the bench for 36 hours a week...

So, part of the explicit reasoning for wholesale dismissal of immigration cases has completely failed. The real reason there is a backlog though is that the Regime has failed to implement or expand expedited removal, the process by which the Department of Homeland Security removes aliens without referral of aliens to the EOIR, expeditiously removing the alien without hearings or appeals. And expedited removal would have eliminated the particular case in the WaPo story, the case of Mario Iraheta, a longtime illegal resident of the United States.  There was no need for Iraheta to either remain in jail, have a bond hearing, or even had a hearing in the EOIR.  He has no claim to lawful presence, and admits that.  There is no immigrant visa available to him nor any available legal authority to adjust status in the United States.  His detention and hearing before the EOIR are a waste of time and money.  He should have been removed from the United States, along with his presumably illegal alien wife.  However, in the case of Iraheta, his time in jail was his own choice.  He could have acceded to removal, but instead he chose to spend the time before he is eventually deported.  But in the end, the Regime itself is responsible for the continuing crisis in the EOIR. But that is not to excuse Congress, which also has failed in granting the right to a hearing before the EOIR to illegal aliens with little or no claim to relief from deportation.

The real solution to the crisis in the EOIR is that too many illegal aliens have access to judicial or quasi-judicial review.  A solution would be to expand expedited removal to all aliens unlawfully present in the United States.  Only aliens previously admitted for legal permanent residency, e.g. green card holder, and not subsequently already deported, should have access to the EOIR and judicial review.  All aliens in the following groups should be subject to expedited removal:  aliens unlawfully present with or without any previous non-immigrant status; aliens present in a non-immigrant status but determined by a DHS component (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to be illegal, with the only review by a third level component manager.  Aliens claiming U.S. citizenship, asylum, previously admitted but not deported as refugees, and aliens claiming protection under the Convention Against Torture, should have only an administrative review from the component to Board of Immigration Appeals, with no judicial review or limit judicial review to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, or a newly created court, the U.S. Court of Appeals For Immigration Review, then to the Supreme Court.  A single court for immigration appeals is necessary to keep the immigration law and policy uniform throughout the country, as the various Circuit Courts of Appeals are notorious for implementing their own immigration policies. The overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens have no cognizable claim on refugee status, asylum or relief under the Convention Against Torture.  Correspondingly, the same illegal aliens are in the United States after overstaying a non-immigrant visa or entered without inspection. Their illegal status is crystal clear and can and should be removed without any quasi-judicial hearing as the essential facts of unlawful presence can easily be determiend; alienage and lawful presence.  Alienage is obvious and few aliens make a false claim to U.S. citizenship given that there are serious criminal penalties for such claims and most claims in immigration court are not based on that fact, but a claim to administrative relief.  Furthermore, few aliens in removal proceedings claim they are lawfully present, as most enter without inspection or have already long overstayed admission as a non-immigrant visa holder. There are not facts in dispute in the overwhelming number of claims before the EOIR and those cases should be removed so the judges can concentrate on those issues with a dispute involving either facts or the law, which is what the EOIR was created for, not slow rolling the deportation process for the admitted illegal alien.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Suddenly States Can Make Immigration Policy

Not a few short years ago, the cultural Marxists were the upset that Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were running their own immigration policy and decrying the interference by the States, specifically Arizona, in Federal immigration policy.  Note that it was policy they were concerned about, as Sheriff Joe was just assisting in enforcing Federal immigration law.

However, now the cultural Marxists are crowing that the States are now setting their own immigration policies.

WaPo by Reid Wilson January 21, 2014
States Take Action On Immigration As Congress Stalls
Immigrants coming to the United States increasingly face a distinctive choice: Live in Red America, where laws clamping down on services to those in the country illegally are winning support, or Blue America, where life is a little easier for them.
Comprehensive immigration reform languishes amid partisan sniping on Capitol Hill. But Republicans and Democrats in 45 state legislatures around the country have taken decisive action in the last year to revise their own laws relating to immigration, and how their states treat illegal immigrants.
“We are still waiting for the federal government to fix the immigration system,” said Washington State Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (D), the co-chair of the National Conference of State Legislatures’ immigration task force. “States are doing the best we can with the tools we have available to us. State legislators face fiscal challenges in education, health and law enforcement. To do nothing is not an option.”
Despite the congressional inaction, both Republicans and Democrats have taken steps in response to the federal government. Republican-controlled states acted to tighten immigration laws in response to a 2012 Supreme Court decision that struck down some law enforcement elements of Arizona’s controversial Senate Bill 1070. A handful of Democratic-controlled states acted after the Department of Homeland Security said it would offer a temporary reprieve, and permission to work, to low-priority illegal immigrants.

Now, one must point out that no State, except Utah, has actually passed an "immigration" law.  Utah, of course, could not implement its plan to start issuing work permits to illegal aliens.  It was clearly beyond the authority of Utah to regulate immigration.

But, unlike Arizona's efforts to assist in enforcing Federal immigration law, the cultural Marxists at the State level openly proclaimed that their support for illegal aliens and sought to thwart the enforcement of Federal immigration law.  Putting themselves in the position of acting unlawfully and outside the Constitution.  Cultural Marxists are the nullification movement of the 21st Century, but this time not defending the citizens of the several States against tyrannical encroachment on the traditional liberties and sovereignty of the States and their peoples, but on behalf of aliens not citizens of either the respective States or of the nation.  The cultural Marxists take this action on behalf of aliens not authorized or entitle to be in the State or the nation.

This is in contrast to their arguments a short time ago that immigration law was a sole Federal jurisdiction and that national immigration policy, rather than the law, took precedence over State law supporting actual Federal law.  The cultural Marxists cheered the Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals decision overturning the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act signed into law in 2010.  Of course, cultural Marxists are never intellectually consistent, as they are Marxists, the end justifies any means, including lying to the Supreme Court.

Degenerates Flocking To Obama's America

Though not new, degenerates are increasingly entering the United States either fraudulently or illegally to gain asylum in the United States based on their criminal behavior and mental illness in their home country.  Particularly, homosexuals and others with sex related mental illness, such as sexual mutilation practitioners, are streaming to the United States while white Christian home-schoolers are being deported.

First, mental illness is now grounds for asylum.  Interestingly enough it is because of backward behavior by black Muslims in Africa.

Courthouse News January 21, 2014 by Dan McCue

(CN) - A bipolar man who says he was repeatedly tortured in Tanzania, where mental illness is regarded as demon possession, may qualify for U.S. asylum, the 4th Circuit ruled.
     Homeland Security had tried to deport Tumaini Temu back to Tanzania in 2010, four years after his temporary visa expired. In his application for asylum, withholding of removal and relief under the Convention Against Torture, Temu claimed that his mental illness put him in a persecuted social group in his home country.
     Though an immigration judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals denied Temu's application, a divided three-judge panel of the Richmond, Va.-based federal appeals court reversed Thursday.
     It is uncontested, according to the ruling, that the young man suffered a mental breakdown and was forced to withdraw during his final year at the University of Dar es Salaam after learning that his mother had been killed in an automobile accident.

Now Temu will never contribute to society here.  He will be a ward of the taxpayer for scores of years and will inevitably become a danger to others.  And there will be future victims of his mental illness, just as other immigrant groups are murdering their way across America, like the Hmong. Note that despite being unemployed in Tanzania and having dropped out of a university, he was still issued a tourist visa by the Department of State.

Then we move on to another group of mentally ill aliens homosexuals and those who sexually mutiliate themselves, often describe as transsexuals.  However, sex is determined by genetics, so until you can change your chromosomes, you can't change your sex.  But one can mutilate oneself which in ancient times was common, but those were called eunuchs.  Which brings us to the flood of homosexuals from all over the world to America.

SFGate February 1, 2014 by Kevin Fagan
Gay Refugees Find Shelter After Fleeing Hate In Homelands
In America, Carine can hold Gertrude's hand and not be beaten. It's amazing to them both.
On Market Street in San Francisco, they can push their baby in a stroller and not be spit upon for being witches or demons of sin - as lesbians are back in their home villages in Cameroon.
In that West African country, being convicted of homosexuality brings years of prison, just as it does in Uganda, Afghanistan and 74 other nations. That's why Carine and Gertrude have fled to America, as have an increasing number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people each year from countries including this month's Winter Olympics host, Russia.
They are the lucky ones who got away, but their freedom is not sealed. Not yet.
Gertrude, 34, made it out of Cameroon in July and was granted asylum in the United States in December. Carine, 30, managed to escape to San Francisco in November with their 1-year-old daughter, Eldine - but although Carine won asylum Tuesday, the baby's future is uncertain.

Now, this is unusual.  In asylum law, if one gains approval, the approval includes any dependents. The only explanation is that their "daughter," which could not have been conceived except for the participation of a male of the species, is not the actual daughter of either.  Can someone say fraud here?

Cameroon is where Gertrude was raped and pounded into a coma several years ago by a band of men who guessed she was a lesbian. It's where a relative who was furious upon discovering the couple's homosexuality threatened to put Eldine up for adoption, and while pummeling Carine dropped the baby on her head, causing damage that doctors are still assessing.

Then they claim that they cannot go back, but are still keeping their surnames secret.

"None of us can go back, for so many reasons," said Carine, who like Gertrude did not want her last name used out of fear that government officials or antigay activists in Cameroon will target their families. "But I do not believe that will happen. I believe in God, I know we are not demons for our homosexuality, and I know we are lucky."

Strange, especially since they claim everyone there knows they are homosexuals and one appeared in a movie about her homosexuality.

After Gertrude was one of a cast of characters featured in a documentary about being part of the secretive LBGT community in Cameroon, she began receiving death threats and opted to stay in America in July while she was in the country promoting the film in L.A. Her girlfriend Carine remained in Cameroon with their daughter Princess and was forced to go into hiding for their safety until they were able to make it to San Francisco in November. 

So, Gertrude appears in a documentary about homosexuality in Cameroon.  So, until that event, she was having no problems.  They supposedly problems occured, then she gets a tourist visa to come to the United States, then decides to stay here.  If she was so afraid, why did she not request refugee status at the American embassy instead of falsely claiming she was coming here to do publicity about a documentary?  Clearly this was all planned from the start, as is usual with homosexuals who claim asylum.  They know their refugee claims will be denied by the Department of State, so they come to San Francisco, where the Federal courts are approving every asylum application regardless of logic and evidence of fraud.

Furthermore, it appears that Carine and their attorney were engaged in alien smuggling.

Carine and Eldine finally managed to sneak out with the help of refugee advocates and Kruze and her asylum legal colleagues. The airline flights that brought them and Gertrude to San Francisco were arranged by the same circle of supporters.
"This baby cannot go back to Cameroon," Kruze said. "The death threats that Gertrude and Carine were getting also targeted her, some of them calling her the seed of the devil. It would be incredibly cruel to send her back there."

And, more are coming.

She and Carine are among a rising tide of LGBT immigrants fleeing oppression for life in the U.S. Advocates say the number has grown from a couple of hundred cases a year two decades ago to nearly 3,000.
Their plight is gaining more attention with the approaching Winter Olympics in Russia, which outlawed gay pride events in June and banned speaking out in defense of gay causes. Since then, the number of requests from LGBT people in Russia for U.S. asylum or refugee status has gone from dozens to hundreds, advocates say.

Note also that there is no use of the usually unbiquitous "homophobia."  No one mentions either that it is people of color supposedly oppressing homosexuals.  Talk about the bigotry of low expectations.

In January, Nigeria made it illegal for LGBT people to hold meetings or create clubs, punishable by 14 years in prison. Uganda's parliament passed a law mandating life behind bars for homosexuality.
Iran and Yemen are among seven countries that have the death penalty for homosexuality, and gay rights advocates predict Uganda could join their ranks in coming years.
"These things against homosexuality are a matter of country, tradition and religion," said Luzau Balowa, who was tortured, stabbed and jailed for his LGBT and AIDS activism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he was born. "Can it ever change for gay people in countries like Congo, or at least any time soon? No - they don't have a chance there."

And they are all living on welfare:

Though both of the women have been granted asylum, they are still waiting on Princess' status. The family are currently staying in a shelter in the Tenderloin, using resources from their lawyer and other community members to get by until they can find employment. 

Despite the fact that they can legally be employed, these two homosexuals are refusing to work. Work is available.  San Francisco has a large illegal alien population, many of who work, and in fact the City of San Francisco operates a day labor center for illegal aliens. Why aren't Gertrude and Carine down there each day?  Because white heterosexual American citizens are paying for their lifestyle choices.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

ICE SVU Bitching Itself Out Also To The NFL

And not arresting illegal aliens, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU), also know as ICE Homeland Security Investigations, is concerned about the mythical and unicorn like "trafficked" alien prostitutes. Especially interesting in that there are hundreds of thousands of alien prostitutes in the United States, but they are overwhelmingly working voluntarily. And by bitching itself out, I mean in the prison sense where an inmate sells himself to another inmate for sexual favors and plays the "female" in a relationship, as there is no benefit to ICE SVU by cracking down on counterfeit National Football League (NFL) merchandise.

First, the myth:

Reason January 26, 2014 by Maggie McNeill 
The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers 
Together, these two factors may be the origin of one of the stranger (yet more persistent) myths of our time: the idea that some Lost Tribe of Gypsy Harlots, tens of thousands strong, wanders about the world from mega-event to mega-event, unimpeded by the usual logistics of transport and lodging which should make the migration of such a large group a daunting task indeed.
The legend seems to have first appeared in conjunction with the 2004 Olympics in Athens. That’s telling because, though the rebranding of sex work as "sex trafficking" was already underway in prohibitionist circles in the late 1990s, the moral panic seems to have begun in earnest in January of 2004. In the months before the Olympics Athenian officials went through the usual cleansing procedure, raiding brothels for largely bogus violations of zoning restrictions. A Greek sex workers’ union complained that by making it difficult to work in legal brothels the city would increase illegal prostitution, and this was twisted by European prohibitionists into "Athens is encouraging sex tourism." 
By the end of the year, the growing “anti-trafficking” movement was using bad stats to claim that “sex trafficking increased by 95 percent during the Olympics.” Within a few months, anti-sex worker groups made the bizarre prediction that approximately 40,000 women would be “trafficked” into Germany for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Of course, nothing of the kind happened. Despite increased police actions (including raids on 71 brothels), the German authorities only came up with five cases of exploitation they believed to be linked to the event. The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, which closely investigated the myth in its 2011 report “What’s the Cost of a Rumour?”, was unable to find a credible source for the “40,000” figure; it seems to have simply been made up. But it has doggedly persisted since then, accompanying virtually every major sporting event including the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2012 Olympics in London. Despite massive police crackdowns (costing about £500,000 in London), no significant increase in prostitution (coerced or otherwise) has ever been found during these large events. 
By 2008, the myth reached the United States, where it became attached to the Super Bowl (taking the place, perhaps, of the fading but equally spurious claim that domestic violence skyrockets on the day of the game). The story in Phoenix that year largely took the form of police statements that they had “received…warnings about an increase in prostitution and [were] prepared for it,” but by the following year police and other officials in Tampa had turned the rumor into a campaign…which bagged exactly one quarry, a 14-year-old pimped by two rather clueless individuals on Craigslist under the heading “Super Bowl Special” (a detail regularly repeated as part of the prohibitionist catechism since then). 
The Florida Department of Children and Families supposedly "rescued" 24 other people (though this is unsubstantiated). But that number pales beside the grandiosity of the claims that "'tens of thousands of people'—most of them young girls—[were] sold into the sex trade during Miami’s Super Bowl in 2010." Miami was the first instance of the full-blown circus-like hype which has characterized the buildup to the game in subsequent years, where members of “anti-trafficking” groups descend in droves upon the host city to “raise awareness” and “rescue victims”.

Of course, though, ICE SVU is on the case, but not to arrest the alien prostitutes and deport them, but reward them eventually with green cards as crime victims.

Fox News January 29, 2014 by Cristina Corbin 
$20M And Counting: Feds Tackle Counterfeit Goods Ahead Of Super Bowl 
The feds have already set a Super Bowl record -- by seizing some $20 million worth of phony gear smuggled in from all over the world as Sunday's game approaches.
Fake tickets good enough to gain entry to MetLife Stadium, knock-off jerseys and even sex workers descending on the biggest event in American sports are all on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security. The agency has set up a 24-hour operation at JFK airport, where they are confiscating loads of unlicensed Super Bowl paraphernalia in advance of Sunday's game, has learned. 
"We have seized upwards of $20 million worth of counterfeit merchandise, most of which is related to the Super Bowl," said Special Agent in Charge James T. Hayes of Homeland Security in New York.  "We've executed 11 arrests so far and expect to make more in the coming days."  
Hayes said investigators have confiscated "thousands of pieces" of illegal merchandise, sent mostly from Asian countries like China. The fraudulent items include hats, jerseys and T-shirts made to look like they are officially endorsed by the National Football League for this year's Super Bowl game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos as MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Of course, ICE SVU is still looking for mythical trafficked prostitutes as well.

DHS  is also investigating cases of alleged human trafficking in which women and minors are crossing state lines to work as prostitutes during game weekend. Mendie said DHS has already identified suspects and plans to execute arrests "in the next few days." 
"We are seeing an influx of people being trafficked to the area," Mendie said. "This is always a problem that we constantly work to eradicate." 
Hayes said DHS has reached out to at least 20 hotels in the New York City area about how to identify "signs of a person being trafficked or held against their will."

However, Special Agent in Charge James T. Hayes lets the cat out of the bag, admitting that there are no unicorns, ehr, trafficked prostitutes:

Hayes said most cases involve women over 18 and under who are foreign nationals -- sometimes unaware of U.S. law and often from countries "where law enforcement isn’t trusted."

Clearly, if they are over 18, and "unaware of U.S. law" that does not make them trafficked, it makes them women who have freely chosen "the life."  Perhaps Hayes should start doing his job of arresting illegal aliens.  The State of New York has 625,000 illegal aliens.  There is plenty of real work for Hayes to do rather than chase after unicorns.

Deport Justin Beiber? Not Necessary

At least it was not necessary until today.  But there is another solution for the Justin Beiber problem and it is, or was, the most immediate solution to this problem.  That solution is based on the fact that Beiber is not a legal permanent resident (LPR) of the United States.  Apparently he is in the United States on the O non-immigrant visa, a visa for musicians, artists, actors, scientists, and others of outstanding international level ability.  The solution is to refuse entry to Beiber the next time he applies to enter the United States in his non-immigrant status, in immigration law lingo, exclude him and refuse his application for admission.

As an alien in the United States on a non-immigrant visa, Bieber is excludable at entry to the United States each time he seeks to enter for a particular musical engagement.  Of note the O non-immigrant visa is for temporary visits of specific duration and specific purposes, such him giving a concert.  It is not a visa that allows him to enter to live in the United States.  As a Canadian though he does not need a visa to enter for general business purposes or tourism.

However, the standard for refusing Beiber entry is much lower than that of an LPR.  In fact, Beiber's multiple arrests for drugs and other public information about his drug use makes his entry to the United States illegal. The Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended, section 212(a) spells out charges of inadmissibility, and one of those charges is 212(a)(1)(A)(iv) that precludes drug addicts or users from entering the United States.

Sec. 212. [8 U.S.C. 1182]
(a) Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission.-Except as otherwise provided in this Act, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:
(1) Health-related grounds.-
(A) In general.-Any alien-
(iv) who is determined (in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services) to be a drug abuser or addict, is inadmissible.

No conviction is necessary for this exclusion charge to be used the next time Beiber attempts to enter the United States.  His previous public admissions, his confession to police in Florida, or other public information is sufficient.

However, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently, just today, inspected Justin Beiber and admitted him as a non-immigrant, either on his O visa or without a visa, as Canadians don't need a tourist visa.

CNN February 1, 2014 By Susan Candiotti, Shimon Prokupecz and Chelsea J. Carter  
Source: Justin Bieber Granted Re-Entry Into The United States After Plane Search 
Teterboro, New Jersey (CNN) -- Pop star Justin Bieber was granted re-entry Friday into the United States following a search of his private airplane by federal officials who said they detected an odor of marijuana after it landed in New Jersey, a law enforcement official told CNN. 
The plane carrying Bieber and others -- presumably his entourage -- was clearing customs after touching down at Teterboro Airport when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers said they detected the odor, law enforcement sources said... 
Bieber's interview was described by another law enforcement source as one that is carried out for anyone entering the United States, and that it can take 10 minutes or 10 hours. The interview is routinely conducted to ensure people entering the country are in compliance with U.S. law, the source said. 
Bieber was interviewed for several hours before being cleared to enter the United States. 
The plane sat on the airport tarmac for at least four hours, and CNN saw law enforcement officers getting off the plane.

Now the odor of marijuana should have been enough to refuse his entry.  However, it is clear that the Obama Regime ordered that he not be refused.  But given his series of arrests and drug use, he should have been refused given that he lacks the good moral character to be a visitor to the United States, and needs a waiver of the grounds of inadmissibility given his drug use.  But enforcement of this provision of immigration law is unlikely from President Choom Gang.