Saturday, March 29, 2014

Black Democrat Gunrunner Blames Racism

In the no surprises department the vile black democrat gunrunner Keith Jackson, arrested with San Francisco's Naked Official Leland Yee has blamed racism for his corruption, gunrunning and murder-for-hire.

SFGate by Nanette Asimov March 27, 2014
Keith Jackson, Former S.F. Education Official, Accused In Murder-For-Hire Scheme
(03-26) 18:18 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Keith Jackson, accused by the FBI on Wednesday of being involved in a murder-for-hire scheme and a gun- and drug-trafficking conspiracy, was San Francisco's top elected educator during the late 1990s...
Jackson called the inquiry a racially motivated attack. Jackson is black.

In an interesting aside, Jackson and his corrupt practices are in conflict with black Muslims who accuse him of not paying bribes to the Nation of Islam to allow the building new housing in Hunter's Point for white people, where the construction is exposing black children to asbestos from a building project in the historically black neighborhood.

Jackson last made news in 2009 while working as a representative of Lennar Corp., which some in the black community have accused of exposing children to toxic dust during its development of the Hunters Point Shipyard.
Jackson took out a restraining order against one of his harshest critics, a Nation of Islam minister who barred him from leaving a community meeting, Jackson told SF Weekly at the time. He said the minister called him an "Uncle Tom" for representing the developers and asked how he could "kill the babies."

It is always something with black people, usually a crime of some sort.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

San Francisco's Own Naked Official Arrested

Chinese Naked Officials are corrupt bureaucrats and Communist Party senior members in the People's Republic of China who amass millions of dollars but then flee to the West or specifically to the United States, when exposed or when they cross a fellow naked official with more power than they, as there are no officials who are not corrupt in China.  Chinese immigrants to the Golden Mountain have brought that corrupt behavior with them, and San Francisco is cursed by their presence.  But in a modern trend, the corrupt officials combine it with anti-white racism and Third World colonialism.  Chinese officialdom is historically and notoriously corrupt and Chinese immigrant politicians in the United States follow the example of their home country, such as the notorious Yan Song or a myriad of other corrupt mandarins in Chinese history.  It is said the destructive Yellow River was China's sorrow, but corrupt officials were its true sorrow.

Following in that tradition, China's diaspora in California follow the example of Chinese officials like He Shen,  Leland Yee, California State Senator and immigrant from China, who was poised to become California's Secretary of State, where he would undoubtedly aid other immigrants, legal and illegal, to illegally vote in California elections, was arrested for corruption and illegal gun dealing.

SFGate by Henry K. Lee, Marisa Lagos and Bob Egelko
California State Sen. Yee Arrested In Corruption Case
State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on public corruption charges Wednesday after authorities said he solicited money from undercover FBI agents for his current campaign to be secretary of state, promising to use his role in Sacramento to help the federal moles in return for the cash.
Yee, a Democrat who represents half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County and made gun control a signature issue, participated in multiple explicit discussions with an undercover agents about facilitating a gun-trafficking deal in exchange for campaign donations, the FBI said.
Yee was one of 26 people charged after a five-year racketeering, gun running, narcotics and money-laundering investigation that also targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, a notorious former San Francisco gangster, officials said, and Keith Jackson, a 49-year-old former San Francisco school board member.

Jackson, black, and also a Democrat, was an interesting aspect of the case, as it appears that the writers for Sons of Anarchy (SOA), a television show about a white motorcycle gang dealing in illegal guns, were using Lee and his co-conspirators for their inspiration; Chinese gangs, black politicos, and east coast mobsters all make their appearance in SOA scripts.

Jackson acted as a consultant to Chow's organization, authorities said, and brokered the campaign contributions to Yee. He is also accused, along with his son, Brandon Jackson, and another man, of conspiring to commit a murder-for-hire scheme initiated by an undercover agent.
Jackson and his son also sold guns and ballistic vests to an undercover FBI agent who posed as an East Coast member of La Cosa Nostra, authorities said. The agent was so successful in infiltrating the group that he was inducted as a consultant to the organization in March 2012, Pascua wrote.

The most interesting character is another Chinese immigrant, Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, born Kwok Cheung, aka Raymond Kwok Cheung Chow, a notorious Chinatown gangster who remained in the United States after several felony convictions, but was never deported, though released by the Federal government to walk the streets despite never finishing his 25 year sentence in one conviction.

Note the Certificate of Honor, which was a presentation from the Mayor of the City of San Francisco, Ed Lee, son of an illegal alien from China and shepherded through the City Council by another child of Chinese immigrants, Fiona Ma.

Chow was also closely connected to Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Chow was subsequently convicted of gun charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison. In 2003, however, he was released after he cut a deal with the government to testify against a high-ranking associate. And in recent years, Chow has insisted that he had turned his life around, touting his connections to - and awards handed out by - San Francisco politicians.
On his Facebook page, Chow proudly displayed a certificate of honor given to him by Mayor Lee that honored him "for his tenacity and willingness to give back to the community and working 'in the trenches' as a change agent." In a letter, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein recognized him for the same award.

Assisting illegal aliens was one of Yee's obsessions, not only sponsoring legislation for in-state tuition for illegal aliens, assisting the illegals to remain in the United States, but also he sought to enable them to vote by allowing online voter registration.

He has promised to "increase government transparency, support small businesses, reform campaign financing and protect the most vulnerable." He has portrayed himself as a vanguard on issues of political reform, and last year pushed legislation that launched California online voter registration.

Chow was also closely connected with San Francisco's homosexual community, receiving accolades from the notorious Tom Ammiano, a homosexual supremacist and the closeted former San Francisco Mayor and current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Also in 2012, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, bestowed a "change agent" award upon Chow, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee gave Chow an award recognizing his "willingness to give back to the community."
Of course, Ammiano lies about the connection, apparently giving out awards to felons escapes the notice of him and his staff.

SacBee March 26, 2014

"We celebrate your tenacity and your exceptional service as a valued member of our community," the certificate from Ammiano says. "Your efforts to turn your life around and help others to do the same have been an inspiration to us all."

And pictured on Shrimp Boy's Facebook page, Gavin Newsom.

The failure of the Bush, Clinton, and Obama Regimes to deport Chow was the result of serious political influence being exercised on Chow's behalf by racist, corrupt, and deviant politicians.

It is also interesting in that Yee was a radical racist who targeted whites for discrimination through affirmative action and sought to disarm California's white population through gun bans.

In an interesting aside, another corrupt San Francisco politician was able to avoid arrest and removal from office for corruption by playing the race card, which will undoubtedly be Yee and Chow's go-to strategy.

SFGate by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross,  March 26, 2014
Racism Charges Roil Ethics Debate Over PUC Official
SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Francisco Ethics Commission resolution calling for Public Utilities Commission Deputy General Manager Juliet Ellis to be fired over her admitted conflict of interest for awarding a $200,000 contract to a nonprofit she also headed has died amid an avalanche of racism accusations.
"I had no idea who she was [e.g. a very light skinned black. ed.], had never met her (and) didn't know her race," said Commissioner Peter Keane, the resolution's stunned sponsor, who is also the city's onetime assistant public defender and a longtime progressive voice in San Francisco politics.
Keane tossed in the towel Monday after a parade of testimonials on Ellis' behalf by mostly African American friends and colleagues - including her boss, PUC General Manager Harlan Kelly, and Oakland City Administrator Fred Blackwell.
But some also leveled accusations of racism and hidden agendas. Among the flame-throwers were San Francisco NAACP President Rev. Amos Brown, Bayview trucker and activist Charlie Walker, and CNN commentator Van Jones, founder of the Green for All nonprofit that was awarded the since-canceled contract. The nonprofit promotes green jobs for minorities.

Time for Yee to play the race card.  It should work.  It also kept Shrimp Boy from being deported.  Just ask Dianne Feinstein.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ICE SVU: Robocop Wannabees Not Arresting Illegal Aliens

The never-ending saga of ICE SVU, ostensibly U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, but in reality ICE Special Victims Unit, as the nation's sex crimes unit, has finally jumped the shark.  In an odd and strangely sinister campaign, ICE SVU is now also announcing itself as the national Officer Friendly of child sexual abuse and child sex crimes.  Strange indeed for a government agency that is supposed to be enforcing immigration and customs laws. March 25, 2014
ICE Launches National Cyber Safety Campaign To Help Protect Kids From Online Sexual Predators
MISSION VIEJO, Calif. – Determined to curb the escalating number of children falling prey to sexual predators online, representatives from federal and local law enforcement, along with a leading children's advocacy organization, announced Tuesday the launch of Project iGuardian, a first-of-its-kind national cyber safety campaign spearheaded by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

In a desperate manuver to avoid arresting illegal aliens, ICE SVU agents will be visiting schools, not to arrest aliens illegally attending public schools, but to play dress-up as Robocop, Men-in-Black, and jackbooted government thug while enforcing State laws against counterfeit coupons.

As part of Project iGuardian, HSI special agents together with their law enforcement partners, will visit schools and youth groups across the country to provide children and parents with hands-on tips on how to avoid falling victim to online sexual predators. Using super hero-style characters and trading cards developed expressly for the initiative, the law enforcement personnel will remind young computer users to "think before you click." The presentations are age-appropriate, adapted for audiences ranging from grade school students to youths in their early teens.
In companion briefings tailored for adults, Project iGuardian presenters will discuss resources parents can use to protect their children from cyber predators and monitor kids' online activity. Much of the material included in the presentations was originally developed by NCMEC, which provides Internet safety and prevention resources for families and professionals who work with children, through its NetSmartz Workshop.

This is obviously part of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, diverting immigration enforcement resources from their primary mission, arresting and deporting illegal aliens, so as to enable as many illegal aliens to remain.  It is part of the Regime's "review" of deportation policies. Clearly it is the most important part of the review, the re-assignment of agents to work other than immigration enforcement.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chinese Don't Like Bananas

No, not the fruit, the deracinated Chinese emigrants who come back to the homeland.  In two stories both official China and popular China have concerns about Chinese-Americans who just don't fit it. While official China's concerns are obvious, the other China's reaction is interesting as well.  And it is all about Gary Locke, first Chinese-American ambassador to China.  And he was not chosen for his Americanism, but his closeness to China and support for illegal immigration via tourist visas.

First, official China.

NYT February 28, 2014 By Michael Forsythe 
A Parting Shot at U.S. Ambassador, Inspired by Mao 
The departing United States ambassador, Gary F. Locke, gave a farewell news conference in Beijing on Thursday, at which he praised the deepening economic ties between the world’s two biggest economies and urged China and Japan to cool down escalating tensions over a territorial dispute. 
His carefully chosen words were not well received by the state-run China News Service. Following Mr. Locke’s remarks, it published a scathing review of his tenure modeled after a famous August 1949 essay by Mao Zedong, “Farewell, Leighton Stuart,’’ slamming the last American ambassador under the collapsing Nationalist government in Nanjing. 
“Farewell, Gary Locke’’ departs from the almost wonkish critique of United States foreign policy offered up by Mao, opting instead for an extended comparison of Mr. Locke, a Chinese-American, to a banana.

“Gary Locke is a U.S.-born, third-generation Chinese-American, and his being a banana — ‘yellow skin and white heart’ — became an advantage for Obama’s foreign policy,’’ opened the commentary, written by a person identified as Wang Ping. (Many Asian-Americans consider “banana” an offensive term.)

The irony.  Racist Chinese don't like anyone who is different.  More ironic is that the choice of Gary Locke was an attempt by the Obama Regime to kowtow to China and signal Obama's consent to China's renewed imperial ambitions.  It was also a swipe at white America, announcing the rise of Asian-American politicians who would assist with Obama's dismantling of America as a world military power.  The Obama Regime has opened China to its ambition to militarily dominate Asia by the Regime's slashing of the military budget, just as the Regime has opened up the world to radical Islam by embracing both Sunni and Shi'a radicals; supporting the clerical regime in Iran, overthrowing Mubarak, and funding Islamists in Syria.  It appears that Chinese have read Obama well though, like Putin, they took the "reset" button and used it to their advantage.  Of course, that was Obama's plan all along, it is just that the Chinese, and Putin, just though Obama was a fool, and did not realize that Gary Locke was both the message and the messenger.  Sending a Chinese-American to China was to be a reset.  However, Locke was much too white for the Chinese despite his leftism and contempt for white America.  He was insufficiently Chinese and apparently not a Chinese speaker, like Mayor Ed Lee, a true toady of Red China.  

However, Locke did not just work out in China.  His and the Regime's subservience to Red China was apparently insufficient, or the Chinese just expected more and faster from the Regime, overestimating the ability of the Regime to quietly consent to China's rise.  The Reds apparently went one step to far.

Which brings us to the popular reaction to Asian-Americans or Chinese Americans in China. Apparently it perplexes the Chinese.  Which is no surprise.  The standard for Americans in China is white.  Just as it is all over the world.  Just as Africans have nothing but contempt for black Americans, the Chinese prefer their Americans white.

MailOnline March 21, 2014 by David Martosko 
Beijing Hotel Workers Already 'Fed Up' With Obama Entourage In 3400-Square-Foot, $8,350-Per-Night Suite Inconveniencing 'Pretty Much Everyone' – And The First Lady's Mother Is 'Barking At The Staff' 
Government security forces from both China and the U.S. started Thursday to screen everyone who entered the building, including paying guests, setting up checkpoints that resemble those at airline concourse entrances. 
The Secret Service's monopoly on the hotel's highest floors has meant the Westin had to boot guests with previous reservations out of their executive-level rooms. 
Secret Service agents are also monopolizing hotel elevators long before the Obamas need them, added the staffer, who identified himself as a member of the concierge staff and spoke English during a phone call on Friday. 
'Many of them are Asian, too, or Americans who are Asian, so you know our guests don't understand.'

The Mail claims that Asian-American Secret Service agents were specifically assigned to this trip, which is highly unusual, as the agents who travel with Michelle Obama are the agents on her permanent protective detail, or at least supposed to be.  However, such an occurrence is not beyond the Regime, who has obviously assigned black agents to Barack Obama's permanent detail.  

But, as usual, this has backfired on the Regime, as the Chinese just don't see Asians or Chinese as Americans. White is the standard for American for the Chinese.  There is no reset button for this.  Race is real, very real in China.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

Events Are Coming To A Head

In a series of stories in the press, the Obama Regime appears to be planning for an all encompassing Administrative Amnesty.  

First, the Regime, ostentatiously acting under pressure but in reality manufactured in an Alinskyite manner, has announced another review of immigration enforcement with an obvious end game of ending interior enforcement.

As part of the plan to roll the apparently still resisting rump caucus of Republicans, Senator Chuck Schumer has laid down the gauntlet, surrender or Obama will implement an amnesty on his own.  (h/t Ace of Spades)

Facebook Senator Chuck Schumer March 14, 2014
Chuck Schumer
It's crystal clear where the issue of immigration reform is headed, and Republicans have only two choices to make. They can either help pass comprehensive reform which will greatly reduce the flow of illegal immigrants, grow our economy by bringing in needed workers in high tech and agriculture areas, and provide a hard-earned path to eventual citizenship for the 11 million in the shadows, or they can sit idly by and watch the President greatly curtail deportations while 11 million continue to live in limbo here in America. The choice is clear; a reform bill has the support of liberals, moderates, and conservatives and all we need is the courage of the Republican leadership to make the right and obvious choice. 

Obviously the tactic is designed to panic what is left of the patriots in the Republican Party. However, the Regime is prepping the battlefield.

To wit, a new nomination for the vacant position of Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The nominee is a useless former legacy U.S. Customs Service (USCS) official uninterested in and ignorant of immigration law enforcement.  (h/t Debbie Schlussel)

HuffPo March 14, 2014 by Associated Press
Thomas S. Winkowski To Lead Customs And Border Protection
WASHINGTON -- A government agency responsible for securing the border and facilitating trade and travel is getting a new acting commissioner.
Customs and Border Protection will be led by Thomas S. Winkowski. He is set to become the acting commissioner on March 30 and will also serve as CBP's senior executive.
Winkowski has worked in the federal government for 37 years, beginning with the Customs Service in 1975. He joined CBP when it was established in 2003.
Winkowski has served as acting chief operating officer, overseeing the agency's day-to-day operations. He has been acting deputy commissioner for CBP and, from 2007 to 2011, was assistant commissioner for CBP's Office of Field Operations.

Schlussel reported that Winkowski was a former Border Patrol Agent, but that is not correct. However, he is a career USCS employee, who started as a Customs Inspector some 30 years ago.

The import of this is that the legacy USCS and the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) were the two agencies charged with protecting the border, but were always in competition and conflict, despite having separate missions, customs law enforcement and immigration law enforcement.  However, since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the replacement of the legacy USCS and legacy INS with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) the competition has not changed, not so much between CBP and ICE, but with each agency, as both agencies have dual customs and immigration enforcement missions, CBP at the border and ICE in the interior.

The result under the Obama Regime has been decreasing the enforcement of immigration laws at both the border and at the interior.  And a new head of ICE, a head with over 30 years customs law enforcement, is part of the plan to end interior immigration enforcement, as threatened by Obama and Schumer.

And as an example of the kind of enforcement to expect from ICE, we again have ICE Special Victims Unit announcing its enforcement priorities:  

ICE News Releases March 13, 2014
HSI, Detroit Tigers Warn Fans About Fake Tickets, Merchandise Ahead Of Home Opener 
DETROIT – As Detroit Tigers fans prepare for the March 31 home opener, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) warned the public Thursday to beware of counterfeit merchandise and tickets.
Fake jerseys, ball caps, t-shirts, jackets and other souvenirs are among the counterfeit merchandise and clothing typically sold at and around these events. Additionally, authorities have seen an increase in the sale of counterfeit tickets being sold to these events. Large sporting events are prime targets for counterfeiters, many of whom travel the country with the sole intention of scamming innocent sports fans. According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, businesses worldwide lose an estimated $600 – 700 billion annually due to counterfeiting.
"Major sports events like the home opener can create a ripe environment for criminal groups to exploit the enthusiasm of fans by marketing counterfeit goods and tickets," said Marlon Miller, special agent in charge of HSI Detroit. "We want the community to enjoy their experience and not have to worry about being victimized by these scammers. By looking out for some basic red flags, fans can act as the first line of defense against these types of schemes."

It could not be more plain, the end of immigration law enforcement is coming.  The question is what will John Boehner do about it?

Monday, March 10, 2014

How It Is Going To Play Out

The lawlessness of the Obama Regime knows no bounds.  The recent diktat documented by VDare's Brenda Walker from the Obama's black Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, on the use of deadly force by U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) Agents is symptomatic but not the full story.  It purpose is to aid and abet drug smuggling and the entry of illegal aliens into the United States.  That is fairly obvious and backed up by another event soon to be in the news:  Another group of illegal aliens from Mexico will arrive at a Port-of-Entry (POE), demand amnesty, and will receive it from the Regime.  However, it will take a year or two before the Regime is able to implement the new deadly force policy for the USBP.  There will be resistance, and it won't be pretty. Of course, the new have the collateral purpose of seeing more dead white Border Patrol Agents.  Something Obama and Johnson hope to see.

This is not new, the USBP some years ago adopted a no pursuit policy after pressure from the illegal alien lobby following the deaths of five Americans who where struck by a smuggler who was fleeing from the USBP back in 1992. 

LA Times by Sebastian Rotella And Patrick J. Mcdonnell  June 3, 1992
5 Killed As Truck Fleeing Border Agents Crashes : Accident: Vehicle With 13 Immigrants Plows Into A Car And Hits Students. High-Speed Chase Is Criticized.
TEMECULA, Calif. — A Chevrolet Suburban fleeing Border Patrol agents crashed at high speed into a passing car outside a high school Tuesday, killing four students and a father driving his son to school and injuring the 13 occupants of the camper.
The accident occurred just after 7:30 a.m. as horrified students arrived for classes at Temecula Valley High School. Wreckage and bodies were strewn across a busy intersection in this fast-growing, semirural community in southern Riverside County, renewing controversy over Border Patrol policy on high-speed chases.

After the Temecula crash, the USBP pursuit policy was severely restricted to basically a policy of no pursuits.  However that has not stopped illegal alien smugglers from fleeing the USBP and local police, which still results in many deaths annually.  

First, the Regime's policy and the response from the National Border Patrol Council, the representative organization of Border Patrol Agents:

The Washington Times by Katie Pavlich March 10, 2014
Washington Bureaucrats Issue New Policies Limiting Use of Deadly Force by Border Agents on the Ground
Restricting agents in their use of force, whether it is against rock or vehicular assaults, will only result in more criminals attacking Border Patrol agents. Criminals will know if agents are prohibited from using deadly force against rock or vehicle assaults, they will quickly employ those means against agents. This is evidenced by the Border Patrol’s previous pursuit policy that was overly restrictive. The vast majority of smugglers would fail to yield and evade agents, since they were well aware of the policy’s restrictions and that there were little to no consequences for fleeing

Consequentally, the policy will result in more rock throwing at BPAs and more attempts to run down BPAs with smuggler vehicles.  The end result will be more dead BPAs, illegal aliens, members of the public, and illegal aliens.  Such will result in the radical left demanding more restrictions until the Regime institutes a policy of prohibiting traffic stops, pursuing aliens on foot, or, for that matter, making any arrest where the alien flees or resists.

Which is precisely the purpose of this new policy, to cause a cascade of events that will enable it to open the borders to any illegal alien who wants to enter.

One might consider this claim preposterous, but the second Obama Regime immigration story suggests otherwise.

CNN By Michael Martinez and Jaqueline Hurtado March 9, 2014
Border Showdown: Families Will Demand U.S. Entry To Reunite With Relatives
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Juana Vidal yearns to reunite with her undocumented immigrant son and his family, but she fears the stakes involved.
Her son, Elesban Vidal, his wife and their two daughters will join as many as 125 families that will try to cross the California-Mexico border on Monday and demand that U.S. officials allow them back in the country to join with their U.S. relatives through a humanitarian visa or asylum.
Most, if not all, of the 125 families had earlier lived in the United States as undocumented immigrants, including some who were earlier deported.

And the entry without documents by these previously deported illegal aliens will be permitted by the Regime, just has it did in previous incidents.

The alliance's other two efforts to reunite families involved nine young adults and 30 young adults -- all of them who once lived in the United States as undocumented immigrants but had left the country for one reason or another, including through deportation.
Those two groups used the current political coinage of "Dreamers" to describe themselves -- that is, young immigrants in the United States without documentation. Dreamer is a moniker taken after an acronym of immigration reform legislation.
"The first run had nine Dreamers, second round had 30 and this time we are including families and parents in this round," Nolasco said.
In the first two rounds, U.S. immigration officials detained all the participants and then released them, the alliance said. The majority obtained approval to stay temporarily in the United States and are awaiting for their day before an immigration judge, who will determine their fate.

The illegal aliens were paroled into the United States in violation of the law and were allowed to remain indefinitely with an Employment Authorization Document that eventually permitted the illegal aliens to work and receive welfare benefits courtesy of the mainly white taxpayers of the United States.

Obviously, the first two time the Regime allowed groups of illegal aliens to enter the United States involved in these manufactured public relations stunts encouraged other illegal aliens to attempt a similar stunt.  Rewarding illegal immigrants will and was designed to encourage more such behavior and to establish a precedent.  Future claims by illegal aliens to either prevent deportation or permit return after deportation will be used in court filings and will be eventually expanded to illegal aliens not previously deported, such as relatives of persons who have never been in the United States before, of which there is almost an unlimited number.

But like the restrictions on USBP pursuits, which encouraged more reckless behavior by smugglers and resulted in more smugglers attempting to flee with more and more illegal aliens, the policy preventing BPAs from using deadly force when attacked with rocks or vehicles will encourage more such attacks and be adopted by smugglers as a common tactic.  The result will be more illegal aliens and drugs smuggled into the United States, more dead BPAs, more shootings in the short term, more dead illegal aliens in the short term, and, more importantly, more smuggling of illegal aliens as the consequences of violence by smugglers will be lessened, emboldening the smugglers.

But let us look at how this change in deadly force policy will play out in the short term:  First, deadly force is used frequently by law enforcement throughout the United States.  Despite the claims by Michael Fischer, Chief Patrol Agent, that deadly force, e.g. shooting at vehicles by law enforcement, is prohibited, the Supreme Court, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security policy has always been that shooting at the driver or other person in a vehicle who is using the vehicle as a weapon or using another weapon in the vehicle that threatens the life or may inflict great bodily injury on a person, is justified.  Note that his applies not only to law enforcement officers, but to any person acting in self defense or in defense of another person.  The only caveat is that the officer must take into consideration that if deadly force is used, the vehicle itself may become a worse danger to innocents if the driver looses control as a result of directing deadly force at the driver or other person in the vehicle using or threatening deadly force or great bodily injury.

From the Department of Justice policy, which is followed closely by all Federal law enforcement agencies:

Department of Justice Reading Room
Policy Statement Use of Deadly Force
V. Vehicles.
A. Weapons may not be fired solely to disable moving vehicles
B. Weapons may be fired at the driver or other occupant of a moving motor vehicle only when:
1. The officer has a reasonable belief that the subject poses an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the officer or another; and
2. The public safety benefits of using such force outweigh the risks to the safety of the officer or other persons.

And more to the point, here is the Department of Justice policy on rock throwers:

I. Permissible Uses. Law enforcement officers and correctional officers of the Department of Justice may use deadly force only when necessary, that is, when the officer has a reasonable belief that the subject of such force poses an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the officer or to another person.

So, contrary to ill-considered opinion of Chief Patrol Agent Fischer, deadly force is justified when an illegal alien or smuggler throws a rock at a person.  The new policy is contrary to establish law enforcement doctrine and clearly politically motivated, as is all Obama Regime immigration policies.

But what will happen?  It is clear that there will be massive resistance on the part of BPAs at all levels and it will spread to other components of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE) Special Victims Unit (SVU), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO). But resistance will be widespread in the USBP as BPAs are involved in most shootings involving DHS personnel.  There will be little cooperation or support from first level supervisors who have to deal with BPAs on a continuing basis and are exposed to the threats from smugglers and illegal aliens.  Mid-level DHS management openly opposed the policy and will do little to implement the effort.

What will happen, is that there will be a shooting, and the Regime will attempt to make an example of the BPA involved.  Undoubtedly the illegal aliens involved will be rewarded with legal status in exchange for testifying against the BPA or agents.  But established precedent will interfere with obtaining a conviction and there will be little assistance from FBI Special Agents and Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) Special Agents assigned to investigate the shooting. Those agents will know that they may be held to the same new standards in the future and will undoubtedly testify that any shooting was justified, per the less restrictive policy that governs their use of deadly force.  Faced with this, the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division (CRD), which prosecutes criminally misuse of deadly force will be forced to gain a conviction by chicanery, most likely encouraging perjury by the illegal aliens who will be portrayed as victims of the Border Patrol Agents. The result will be either a failure of the prosecution or a conviction obtained by lies abetted and encouraged by CRD radicals.

There is ample precedent.  In the case of Sergio Hernandez Huereca, who was shot and killed while throwing rocks at a BPA, neither the FBI or DHS OIG found any evidence that the BPA involved in the shooting acted in any way outside the standards for use of deadly force. Consequently, no charges were filed by the DOJ.  This enraged the radicals at the CRD, who are on the hunt for a BPA scalp.

Expect a clash between Border Patrol senior management, the CRD and the rest of the Regime on one side and USBP staff and lower management, law enforcement officers nation-wide, and other Federal law enforcement agency personnel coming soon.  Radicals like Obama love seeing dead cops like Daniel Faulkner.  The conflict will not be pretty.

Expect to see many crime scene photos of dead Border Patrol Agents similar to these of Daniel Faulkner:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In The End Just Another Bogus Asylum Claim

The Romeikes are in the news again.  They lost their appeal of their denial of an asylum claim in a decision from the Supreme Court but were suddenly given the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

HDLSA March 4, 2014
DHS Tells Romeike Family “You Can Stay”
The Department of Homeland Security verbally informed Home School Legal Defense Association that the Romeike family is being granted indefinite deferred action status. The Department told HSLDA that this meant the order of removal would not be acted on and that the Romeikes could stay.
HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris was thrilled.
“This is an incredible victory that I can only credit to Almighty God. I also want to thank those who spoke up on this issue—including that long ago White House petition. We believe that the public outcry made a huge impact. What an amazing turnaround—in just 24 hours,” he said. 

What made the Romeike case interesting was that the family were normal white Europeans who applied for asylum based on a claim of oppression based on their Christianity.  Not quite true, it was based on their belief that their particular Protestant sect requires home schooling.  Well, some Protestant sects require snake handling, polygamypacifism, wife swapping (not that this justified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Really Big Fires to kill the Branch Davidians) or other heterodox beliefs about our Lord and Savior.  Color me unimpressed.  I could not find polygamy, snake handling, pacifism, wife swapping, or other such nonsense in the Nicene Creed or the the Catechism of the Catholic Church base on the Holy Scriptures, the Church Fathers, and Ecumenical Councils.  Everyone has an opinion on Christianity, but the opinions of most count for nothing.  Give me Aquinas and Augustine over David Koresh and John Calvin.  And the Remeikes were in a long line of Protestant peculiar obsessions with minor passages from Scripture.  And they certainly weren't going to jail for their faith, but on one manner of expressing that faith, homeschooling.  Something, by the way, they could have avoided by selecting a more rigorous school to attend.  

In Germany, public education is not predominately secular, as both Protestant and Catholic education is available to parents.  The Romeikes could have found a school with more religious emphasis, or more importantly, left Germany for a more accommodating nation in the European Union. Homeschooling is not illegal in most EU states and as German citizens, the Romeikes had the right to live in any EU member state.  There was no need for them to flee to the United States. And, more importantly, there was no prohibition in Germany for the families exotic Protestant sect.  They could teach their children all they want after the short German school day that starts at 8 am and ends at 1 pm.  That leaves the Romeike vater und mutter plenty of time to educate their children in their particular theology.

It was however another case of abuse of the asylum process this blog has documented as it degenerated into an alternate or parallel immigration system for those without a way to immigrate legally but use the asylum system to immigrate with bogus claims of oppression from homosexuals, gangbangers, crime victims, the just plain crazy, and fake domestic violence victims.

Not to say that the Romeikes did not have an issue, but that issue was the anti-white nature of our immigration system and hatred of whites and Christians by the Regime.  However, the underlying basis of their claim is without merit.  The Romeikes can return to Europe safely, establish residency in Italy, Latvia, the Czech Republic or any one of a dozen or so other nations.  More power to them. But you don't have a colorable asylum claim.  White South Africans on the other hand do.  They are actually fleeing real oppression by a violent and racist dictatorship where whites are murdered because of their race by the hundreds every week.

Of more concern as exemplified by the Romeikes is that they are winners of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  The code words for the amnesty in this case is indefinite deferred action status.
The Department of Homeland Security verbally informed Home School Legal Defense Association that the Romeike family is being granted indefinite deferred action status. The Department told HSLDA that this meant the order of removal would not be acted on and that the Romeikes could stay.

Deferred action and its other permutations such as, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA, the Dream Act Administrative Amnesty), prosecutorial discretion, and deferred enforced departure, are illegal acts by the Regime designed to dress up lawlessness with a vocabulary of legality.  This appears to be a jujitsu move by the Regime, using amnesty to appeal the historic American nation. One hopes that the Evangelical Right does not fall for it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Racism, Not Just For Whites, Not That It Matters

Of course that is not true.  Whites are the least racist group in the United States, if not the world. Whites generally do what Martin Luther King claimed he wanted for his children, to be judged on the content of one's character, not the color of one's skin.  As it should be.  We will all be judged one day, so it is best to deal with people based on the content of their character.  Which is a good reason to profile based on group behavior as the atheist race-realist John Derbyshire so correctly advised.  We also know that even black Americans know that their fellow blacks are more racist than whites. Undoubtedly the results of 40 years of clownish propaganda from the radical left that encouraged black resentment which quickly overcame any pretense at MLK's alleged principles concerning the content of one's character.

But race, not a social construct, is an issue that is not an original sin of whites.  It is the natural preference of any group for its own members, even if the "other" is a distant cousin.  Which brings us again to the Lion City, the Confucian Dictatorship in the sunny southwest Pacific.

The Diplomat by Mark Fenn February 21, 2014 
Singapore’s Foreigner Problem
Does Singapore have a problem with xenophobia? It seems that barely a month goes by these days without news reports highlighting friction between Singaporeans and foreign workers in the tiny, multi-ethnic city-state. 
The population has increased dramatically in recent decades thanks to an influx of foreigners, who now make up around two out of five residents. This has put a growing strain on jobs, housing and infrastructure, and raised fears about the dilution of the Singaporean national identity. 
It has also—predictably—resulted in an angry backlash, with many taking to social media to disparage foreign workers, from highly paid “foreign talent” to heavily exploited laborers from China and the Indian sub-continent.

And it is not just petty discrimination or a mere preference for one's own. It is not the typical American reaction which is "Can't you just speak English." It gets pretty vicious.

The abuse is often so vicious that in his 2012 national day rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong noted the proliferation of posts “tormenting and berating” foreigners, adding: “Very few people stand up to say this is wrong, shameful, we repudiate that. I think that is no good.”

It can even be directed against socially prestigious whites:

In the latest high-profile incident, British banker Anton Casey lost his job and was forced to flee the island last month with his wife — a former Miss Singapore Universe — and son. The hapless Casey received death threats after making sneering comments on Facebook mocking the “poor people” using public transport, though his comments probably had more to do with social class — a subject rarely discussed in Singapore — than with race per se.

Note that even today in the city-state where women are more liberated that mainland China, a Chinese ethnic former Miss Singapore finds white men are more desirable as marriage partners than her fellow Chinese.  Obviously there are psycho-sexual issues there given the shortage of Chinese Singaporean women available for Chinese Singaporean males.

The previous month saw a major backlash on social media after Indian and Bangladeshi workers rioted in Singapore’s Little India district, leading Lee to again warn against “hateful or xenophobic comments, especially online.”

Something this blog reported and endorsed.  Rioting is not acceptable behavior and it is neither racist or xenophobic to object to such criminality.

Of more import though is the internalized definition of Singaporeanness.

Anyone familiar with Singapore knows that race is a national obsession, and far more than a box to be ticked on official forms. This obsession permeates the country, and Dr Michael Barr of Australia’s Flinders University argues that it is important to distinguish between racism within the mainstream of society and that directed at outsiders. 
“Singapore is very racist even towards its own minorities, but this is mostly accepted by the minorities as the cost of living in a society that is safe and prosperous, and which they can genuinely call home,” says Dr. Barr, senior lecturer in international relations and the author of a forthcoming book on Singapore’s leadership. 
He argues that after independence in 1963, the government of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew tried to break down the rigid racial divides inherited from the British, and to create a genuinely multiracial society. 
But from the late 1970s it changed course, pushing instead to create a “Chinese” society with Indian and Malay minorities. From then on, race became “the major social identifier for Singaporeans,” and racism “a natural consequence of living in a society where racial stereotypes are encouraged and indulged by the government.”

One forgets though that no national unity was possible based on multiculuralness.  Just look at Yugoslavia.

“Unfortunately this has meant that in the 2000s and 2010s, just when foreign workers are moving into the front view of Singaporeans’ consciousness for the first time due to the government’s decision to flood the market with foreign workers, Singaporeans are already well-trained in racial stereotyping. They’ve had a lifetime’s training,” says Barr.

Not so much well trained, as just being race realists.  Malays and Indians just aren't as smart as Chinese, much less Singaporean Chinese. 92, 82, and 108 respectively.  That is not training, that is more than the difference between white and black Americans.  The race reality of Singapore is much starker and Singapore does not want to become a Detroit, much less a Bihar and Sabah.

Nor does it want to be Red China either.  Which is rather curious as Chinese Singaporeans are directing their vitriol against their racial cousins from the Mainland as well.

Yet the worst abuse is usually reserved for low-paid construction and service sector workers from China, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Mainland Chinese are known as “PRCs” — from the People’s Republic of China — and are often ridiculed for their poor English and perceived lack of social graces by the ethnic Chinese who make up around 75 percent of Singaporeans. Chinese bus drivers who staged an illegal strike in 2012 cited this discrimination as one of the reasons for their unhappiness. 
Online forums are full of vicious comments about “PRC scum,” “foreign trash,” Filipino “cockroaches” and so on. An event held by Singaporeans in Sydney to celebrate the city-state’s national day last year attracted attention when locals and other foreigners were apparently refused entry. Summing up the siege mentality of many Singaporeans, one of the attendees wrote on a local blog afterwards that: “Everyone of us were on the same page. There were no PRCs, India Indians, Bangla or Pinoys [Filipinos] to annoy us.”

No mention though of how Chinese are treated by Singapore's neighbors.  Indonesians routinely riot, targeting Chinese, Christian Chinese, and Christians in general.  Malaysia has an official race based system that favors the bumiputra, sons of the soil, or more accurately Muslim sons of the soil, the Malay race over its ethnic Chinese, ethnic Indian, and Malay Christian citizens.  So, it is in this milieu that one must judge Singaporeans.  Tougher on race than Americans, but not spilling blood or establishing their own Jim Crow system as in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively.  Actually, Singapore's race policy is quite rational and workable.  No official discrimination, but letting the cream rise to the top.  Or actually putting MLK's prescription to work.  But IQ is a harsh mistress, and reality does set in.  Better that Singapore's immigrants accept their lot, it certainly is better than living in India, Indonesia, or Malaysia.  Interesting that the story revolves around complainers from India, Malaysia and the PRC.  While the Pinoys just go about their work and lives, thankful to be out of the PI.  I guess the Filipinos are smart enough to recognize a good thing.  It probably helps that they have the support of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

However, as this blog has reported, Singapore's leadership, despite its high IQ, does have problems, that of the Slave Power.

However, this growth has been achieved predominantly by adding labor input — importing foreign workers — rather than increasing the underlying productivity of home-grown workers. Foreigners now make up about 38 percent of the total population of 5.3 million. In 1990, that figure was 14 percent, when the total population was around 3 million. 
Last year, a government policy paper called for the population to increase a further 30 percent by 2030, to 6.9 million, at which time immigrants would account for nearly half of the island’s population. Thousands of people attended two rare protests against the white paper, holding signs with slogans such as “Singapore for Singaporeans.” 
Fueled by angry reactions on social media and websites critical of the government, the issue of immigration has become a political hot potato for the PAP. At the 2011 general election, opposition parties won six seats in Parliament — the most since independence.
Kenneth Jeyaretnam, leader of the opposition Reform Party, says there is “no minimum wage and no social safety net, so competition from immigrants has definitely depressed wages and reduced job prospects for Singaporeans.” 
“All racism is at bottom economic, and Singapore is no different,” he told The Diplomat. “The rising population has raised the returns to the owners of fixed factors like land. Since the Singapore government owns 80 percent of the land, this benefits them. The surpluses generated from the growth of the economy and the higher population have not been used to compensate Singaporeans but instead gone to the accumulation of foreign assets in our SWFs [sovereign wealth funds]. 
“If we had a minimum wage and greater protections for our workers then there would be less objection to foreigners. Instead of that, we have senile old men like LKY [Lee Kuan Yew] talking about the need for more Darwinian competition and how admitting more foreigners acts as a spur in the sides of Singaporeans … The reaction to Anton Casey shows that Singaporeans increasingly see themselves as patsies who are being exploited by not very well educated or particularly talented foreigners. Resentment extends to foreigners at all levels and regardless of race, except perhaps for those doing the dirty and dangerous jobs for less than S$20 per day.”

Singapore is performing a delicate balancing act.  It wants cheap labor, but wants to preserve the Chinese characteristics and not become another failed State.  Therein lies the essential duality of Singapore.  It will need all of its high IQ to solve that problem.  Good luck, as this blog supports the Lion City.

But the real lesson is that race is real throughout the world. And so is IQ.  It would be better that peoples at the lower end just accept that.  They would be much better off.  And not so angry.  And not so dangerous.