Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obama's War On The Border Patrol Takes A Hit

The Obama Regime, in conjunction with the Treason Bar and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have been waging a war on immigration law enforcement in general and against Border Patrol Agents specifically, that this writer had documented at VDare here and here. However, despite the concocted complaints alleging abuse of the tens of thousands of juvenile illegal aliens, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General has found that the allegations are unfounded.

Washington Times July 31, 2014 by Stephen Dinan
Border Agents Cleared Of Civil Rights Complaints From Illegal Immigrant Children
Internal investigators have already dismissed most complaints of civil rights violations against federal agents handling the surge of illegal immigrant children on the border, the Homeland Security Department inspector general said in a new report Thursday that details near-heroic efforts agents and officers are making.
In its first report since the surge, the inspector general said agents have contracted everything from scabies and lice to chickenpox, including bringing the disease home to their own children, as they care for the unaccompanied minors. Investigators also said they saw instances of agents and officers spending their own money to buy toys, clothing and food for children and families.
Of the 116 complaints the ACLU filed, the inspector general has dismissed 78 of them. The other 38 are still under review.
Investigators said in addition to looking at the old complaints, they made 87 unannounced visits to 63 sites including border entry points, Border Patrol checkpoints, holding facilities where children are being kept, and the new facility in New Mexico specifically designed to detain illegal immigrant families.
They found no evidence of misconduct, and none of the children they randomly interviewed reported problems, the inspector general said.

Of course, the ACLU was not serious about their complaints of mistreatment of the juvenile illegal aliens.  The purpose of the complaints was not any specific misconduct, but mau-mauing the flack catchers, diverting attention from the problem, a surge of juvenile and family units of illegal aliens seeking to enter the United States to gain the benefits of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

However the facts just did not support the claim of the cultural Marxists.  They will now move on to some other baseless allegation or facetious claim, such as Mexican nationals have the right to throw rocks at Border Patrol Agents.

Monday, July 28, 2014

More Hispanic Corruption On The "American" Side Of The Border

The extent of the corruption among Hispanic politicians and law enforcement was exposed, again, during a sentencing hearing for Patricia Medina in the infamous Rio Grande Valley, the poorest, most corrupt, most Hispanic part of the United States.  The brown run border, a Hispanic equivalent of black run disasters like Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Breitbart July 28, 2014 by Ildefonso Ortiz
Accusations Of Favors To Mexican Drug Lords By Texas Sheriff's Office Surface In Hearing
MCALLEN, Texas—Accusations about Mexican drug traffickers receiving favors from Texas cops and rampant bribery were made by a former sheriff’s commander during the sentencing of another high ranking member in one of South Texas’ largest law enforcement agencies.
On Thursday, former commander Jose Padilla took the stand during the sentencing hearing of former Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Chief of Staff Patricia Medina where he claimed to have taken $260,000 from Mexican drug lord Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez and giving about $150,000 to former sheriff Lupe Trevino directly or through Medina while keeping $90,000 in dirty money. The moneys were collected during a three year period and passed off as campaign donations, he claimed. “It was all for the sheriff,” Padilla claimed, saying that the amounts of money were an estimate because since it was all done in cash there was no trace. Padilla’s credibility came into question during the hearing which went on for more than two hours.

And it is not just corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials, the extent of corruption reached down to the lowest level of Hispanic society in the Rio Grande Valley.  (h/t Election Law Center)

KVEO News Center 23 July 17, 2014 by Na'Tassia Finley (And she is white, no kidding)
Six Women Arrested On Voter Fraud Charges
CAMERON COUNTY, TX (KVEO NEWSCENTER 23) — The six Cameron County people facing charges related to obtaining illegal votes, have been identified, and more arrests are possible, Na'Tassia Finley has more on what these arrests could mean for keeping future elections clean.
Mary Helen Flores, CAVA President, "These arrests are having a huge impact towards cleaning up elections in Cameron County. 
Six women have been arrested on a variety of charges, all tied to obtaining illegal votes during the 2012 local election in Cameron County.
CAVA President Mary Flores has been working for about four years now to clean up the political corruption in the county. She says CAVA became suspicious that a group was out there harvesting votes after numbers didn't add up, "We did our work right after the 2012 primaries when we started seeing the numbers of mail-ins were disproportionate. We found that what they did , when we interviewed the voters, was they requested applications on behalf of the voter without the voter's request. They came and took the ballots and carried envelopes from the voter many times before the voter filled out the ballot , they took the ballot and mailed it themselves and that's against the law."

Take a look, these are the faces of a brown run border.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Waco, Ruby Ridge Averted In Murrieta

Thanks to patriotic Border Patrol Agents (BPA).  This blog warned about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) desire for an armed confrontation with patriotic Americans protesting the juvenile illegal alien surge from Central America to justify their failure to enforce immigration law and their purchase of massive numbers of armored vehicles inappropriate for immigration law enforcement.

It appears that this blog was correct and ICE SVU was planning on action against Americans.

Guerrilla Media Network July 14, 2014
Whistleblower: Border Patrol Threatened To Stand Down If DHS Used Force On Murrieta Protesters
In an exclusive expose regarding the immigration standoff in Murrieta, California, it was revealed by a confidential informant inside the Murrieta U.S. Border Patrol facility that the real reason busses stopped delivering illegal immigrants was due to a virtual mutiny within the U.S. Border Patrol ranks.  Guerilla Media Network investigative journalists conducted a recorded telephone interview with a highly credible and prominent Murrieta community leader on Sunday July 14, 2014 when it was revealed that frontline U.S. Border Patrol agents threatened to stand down if the Department of Homeland Security executed a plan to use force upon protestors if they impeded buses transporting undocumented immigrants into the Murrieta processing facility.
“Most of the Border Patrol agents here at this facility are residents of Murrieta, and when they found out that the DHS was going to come in with riot gear, the agents declared that they would not obey any unlawful orders which violate the Constitutional rights of peaceful protestors.” said the informant.  

This confirms other information that there is a cadre of Department of Homeland Security employees who are resisting the Obama Regime and such resistance that earned the ire of the Treason Bar.  In fact, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Deportation Officers and lower level management was planning a November surprise for illegal aliens in 2012 if Obama was defeated, with lists circulating of illegal aliens to be the first arrested come November 5th in push-back against the Regime's Administrative Amnesty.

Alas, Romney was defeated and the plan did not come to fruition but the resistance remains.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immigration Court Amnesty Confirmed: Time To Impeach Michael P. Baird

Recent news has confirmed this blog's report that the Obama Regime is implementing an administrative amnesty in collusion with the permanent bureaucracy of immigration judges in the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration courts that decide on deportation, or in most cases, the non-deportation, of illegal aliens.  The front man for this bureaucratic amnesty for the juvenile surge of Central American and other illegal aliens coming over the Texas border in the Rio Grande Valley is Michael P. Baird, an Immigration Judge in Dallas, TX.

First, the background.  Baird, appointed by Barack Hussein Obama in 2009, was picked by the regime to lead the Immigration Court Amnesty February 2014.

Dallas News February 23, 2014 by Dianna Solis
Judge Who Oversees Juvenile Immigration Docket Is Replaced
A Dallas immigration judge known for tough enforcement is no longer handling cases involving minors.
Michael Baird has replaced Deitrich Sims in overseeing the juvenile docket in North Texas.
Local immigration attorneys said the change could reduce tension and add flexibility to cases involving children and teenagers.

And the replacement of Sims in hearing for juvenile illegal aliens was at the demand of the Treason Bar:

We like Judge Baird, and we think he’ll be a suitable judge to hear these cases,” said William Holston Jr., the executive director of Human Rights Initiative, a Dallas-based nonprofit. “We think he’ll be good with the kids. These are little kids, 5- and 6-year-olds.”

And, surprise, the Regime replaced Sims as part of the juvenile illegal alien surge with the purpose of approving more of the demonstrably false claims for asylum by the illegal aliens.

In the past six years, apprehensions of unaccompanied minors, largely from Central America and Mexico, have increased five-fold nationwide. Some authorities, including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, predict the number of detainments could nearly double this year as gang violence intensifies in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador...
The immigration court covering North Texas established a docket for juveniles in mid-2011. Twenty-four of the nation’s 59 immigration courts now have such dockets.

Sims needed to be replaced ostensibly because he was "brusque" with the Treason Bar and their obvious lies on behalf of their clients.

Sims, an immigration judge for nearly 20 years, has a reputation for being brusque and unyielding with government prosecutors, immigrants and their attorneys.

But the real reason Sims was replaced is that he ahd the temerity to forth rightly deny fraudulent asylum claims by juvenile illegal aliens at a rate that shocked the Treason Bar:

He has one of the nation’s highest asylum-denial rates—saying no 83.5 percent of the time from 2007 through 2012, according to the Syracuse-based Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. Baird denied asylum in 66 percent of his cases during the same period, while the national rate was 51 percent.

So, the Regime, with full knowledge of the increasing flood of juvenile illegal aliens, moved to remove any impediments to implementing a secret administrative amnesty by Immigration Judges.

Then we have Baird's implementation of the amnesty and he did not wait:

Dallas News July 22, 2014 by Dianna Solis
Migrant Children Are No-Shows At Dallas Immigration Hearings
Marcos and Crisly, Ana and Blanca, Fabiola and Maria Antonia.
The youths were among 20 from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who were set to appear in federal immigration court Tuesday for initial deportation hearings. But they weren’t there — 18 of the children whose cases were set to be heard didn’t show up Tuesday for court.
It was an absentee rate that federal Immigration Judge Michael Baird said was “highly unusual,” so high that he reset the hearings for Aug. 11 rather than possibly issuing a deportation order.

Now, when an illegal alien fails to appear for his or her hearing, the Immigration Judge is required to issue an order of deportation. There is no other option for such contempt for the court and the immigration system It is the responsibility of the alien to notify the court if they are unable to appear for a legitimate reason.

And there is no confusion as to the date of one's hearing.  The alien is notified in person and in writing of the date, time, and place of the hearing.  There is no possibility of confusion.  The fact that there were so many failures to appear in these cases is not evidence of some problem with the date but with the illegal alien and their parents or guardians.  They did not appear because they knew they had no case to make at the hearing for relief from deportation.  It is as plain as that.  And the illegal alien has access to the court date on the EOIR website to check the date and can telephone the Deportation Officer assigned to manage the case as well.

And the Obama Regime is in collusion with the failure to order the illegal aliens to be deported, as this blog has repeatedly documented.  The attorney representing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Office Of The Principle Legal Advisor, the office that provides the attorneys to prosecute cases before the EOIR, made no objection despite the obvious fact that the aliens and their illegal alien parents or guardians have absconded and are now added to the huge number of absconders from deportation in the United States, over 800,000 and growing.

Baird said he was concerned that the children may not have received proper notice of the hearings from the government. Attorney Lynn Javier, with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, agreed that it was “prudent” to reset the hearings.

It was not "prudent," but non-feasance and collusion with the court to aid and abet illegal aliens to remain in the United States, all in anticipation of the upcoming expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

And it is not limited to Michael P. Baird, other Immigration Judges are rubber stamping asylum applications:

The Daily Caller July 16, 2014 by Chuck Ross
Big Change In Immigration Court Decisions For Children Under Obama
New data obtained from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows unaccompanied child immigrants’ chances of being allowed to stay in the U.S. have reached all-time highs during the Obama administration.
This holds true for both unaccompanied children who have attorneys, as well as those who do not, according to a report from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC).
For all immigration court rulings involving unaccompanied children through June 30, 66 percent of unaccompanied children have been allowed to stay in the U.S. Twelve percent were ordered removed, while another 22 percent were allowed to voluntarily depart.
That is a big change from 2009, when only 45 percent of unaccompanied children with legal representation were allowed to stay in the country after apprehension. Twenty-three percent were ordered removed in 2009, while 32 percent were allowed voluntary departure.

Impeachment is the only answer in cases such as Kevin Akbar and Michael P. Baird.  One does not have to start at the top if John Boehner does not have the will to impeach Obama.  Let's start with some underlings who aren't black, Michael P. Baird looks like a good start.

Know the face of the enemy in the permanent bureaucracy. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Permanent Bureaucracy Administrative Amnesty

The Obama Regime is waging a multiple front war on immigration enforcement, it attacks those who enforce immigration law, it refuses to enforce immigration laws, it creates new immigration "law" through executive order, and it ignores, or condones usurpation of immigration law, policy, and procedure by the bureaucracy.  This blog has repeatedly warned the nation about rogue employees in the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR) in the Department of Justice who are implementing their own administrative amnesty, and the Regime is fine with that, as are RINOs.  One aspect of the Administrative Amnesty is the little known Asylum Office, part of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  The Asylum Office is responsible for adjudicating applications for asylum, refugee status, and, more importantly, credible fear interviews as part of the adjudication of applications by juvenile illegal aliens.

Therein lies the key, the Asylum Office is approving an overwhelming number of applications for asylum as part of the credible fear interviews required as part of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, the central issue in the current wave of juvenile illegal aliens from Central America and elsewhere flooding the lower Rio Grande Valley.

House of Representatives, Judiciary Committee
Judiciary Obtains Data Showing Majority Of Central Americans’ Asylum Claims Immediately Approved
Washington, D.C. — The House Judiciary Committee has obtained information from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that shows 65% of unaccompanied alien minors’ asylum applications have been immediately approved by asylum officers in Fiscal Year 2014. And this is just the first bite of the apple.  Many more cases can be approved later.  Where an asylum officer does not approve the application, it is then referred to an immigration judge where the applicant can try again.  If that fails, they can continue to appeal their case.  Once individuals are granted asylum, they have access to all major federal welfare programs.

And the current rate is an increase over the historic rate:

Asylum approval rates overall have increased dramatically in recent years. Approval rates by asylum officers have increased from 28% in 2007 to 46% in 2013...

And the EOIR Immigration Judges are also doing their bit to encourage the illegal alien surge by approving those cases that are not approved administratively before they reach immigration court:

...and approval rates by immigration judges in affirmative cases have increased from 51% in 2007 to 74% in 2013.  Combining both of these approval rates, the vast majority of aliens who affirmatively seek asylum are now successful in their claims. This does not even take into account appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals or federal courts. 

Worst of all, most asylum cases are fraud.  

At the same time, an internal Department of Homeland Security report shows that at least 70% of asylum cases contain proven or possible fraud. 

And that 70% is on the conservative side.  A 95% is a more accurate number since almost all applicants for asylum travel to the United States through 3rd countries.

But what is happening is the Regime and the permanent bureaucracy is running their own ideologically motivated amnesty, but it is not just the Obama Regime.  The Jorge Bush Regime ignored the coup d'etat by the permanent bureaucracy of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service and its grant of asylum status to MS-13 gang members from El Salvador when it ignored the machinations that granted Alex Sanchez, MS-13 Original Gangster (OG) asylum and established the principle in the administration of immigration law that criminal activity is itself grounds for asylum. In fact, the brains behind the gangbanger asylum fiasco, James T. Wyrough, is currently embedded in the permanent bureaucracy of USCIS in its San Jose Field Office.

The fix is in.  And the radical left is unsatisfied.  They are even claiming that deportation awaits the current wave of illegal aliens.

The Press Enterprise by David Olsen July 19, 2014
Immigration: Migrants Face Long Odds At Being Able To Stay
Many of the tens of thousands of Central American migrants who have crossed the border into Texas in the past several months either have applied for asylum or are expected to do so.
Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have among the world’s highest homicide rates, and many migrants say they are fleeing gang violence.
But immigration attorneys say that no matter how grave the danger migrants face in their homelands, they have little chance of being granted asylum.

That certainly is not true if 65% are being approved by USCIS and then 75% of those denied by USCIS are being approved by the Immigration Court Amnesty.  But the press is carrying the water for the radical left and the Obama Regime, and prepping the battle space for the ongoing war on the historic American people.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

ICE SVU, Ignoring Child Smuggling

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) is doing its best to ignore the ongoing crisis at the border and the illegal aliens who are smuggling their children into the United States.  They have appointed themselves the car police.

Automotive News July 18, 2014
Forty Land Rovers Seized By Homeland Security In Ongoing Investigation
Hide your kids, hide your wives and hide your Land Rovers, because the federal government is rounding up a handful due to questionable importation paperwork.
Jalopnik reports 40 Land Rover 90s, 110s and Defenders were rounded-up by the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday as evidence in a federal investigation over illegal importation of the iconic SUVs into the United States. Owners of the 40 dispute the agency’s claims, one owner stating his 110 was a 1983 model — citing the vehicle’s VIN — despite police claiming it to be 2000 model.

While this may be a customs violation, one would think that ICE SVU would have other "priorities" during a national crisis and leave such work to the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Transportation, the government bodies that regulate automobiles in the United States.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

RINO Cornyn Proposes Legislating The Obama Regime Immigration Court Amnesty

John Cornyn, RINO, Texas, has proposed the cutely named HUMANE Act to solve the problem of the mass influx of juvenile illegal aliens, most, though not all, from Central America.  As usual for RINOs, the legislation does not solve the problem of juvenile illegal aliens, but worsens the problem by opening up new avenues for juvenile illegal aliens previously ordered deported, but who failed to either appear for their hearings or have absconded after being ordered deported to get their deportation order expunged and then given a new deportation hearing.

First, the lies from Cornyn:

Deer Park Broadcaster July 14, 2014
Cornyn, Cuellar Offer HUMANE Act To Solve Border Crisis
Improve the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) of 2008—treating all unaccompanied migrant children crossing our border with equality under the law, and allowing for voluntary reunification with family, whether they are from Mexico, Central America, or any other country.

In a fine start, the first claim is not true.  What it does is create a Rube Goldberg contraption, creating a whole new immigration procedure where an Immigration Judge of the Executive Officer for Immigration Review accepts for applications for admission de novo and adjudicates that application for admission despite the fact that the alien entered without inspection, e.g. did not appear before an immigration officer and apply for admission with a valid immigrant or non-immigrant visa, then has the Immigration Judge continue on with a deportation hearing, essentially giving the alien two strikes at the ball after entering the United States illegally.  It does not treat the juvenile illegal alien the same as if they were from Mexico or Canada, as in those cases, the aliens are Voluntarily Returned (VR) or are administered an expedited removal and immediately deported back to Mexico.

• Keep current protections for safe repatriation.

• Allow unaccompanied migrant children who have a claim to remain legally in the United States to make this claim in court before an immigration judge within 7 days of the completion of Health and Human Services screening under the TVPRA of 2008. It authorizes up to 40 new immigration judges for this purpose, and keeps current law in place requiring HHS to make all efforts to secure pro-bono legal counsel for the child.

• Require immigration judges to make a determination as to whether an unaccompanied migrant child is eligible to remain in the United States within 72 hours of making their claim. Children who succeed in their claim will be allowed to remain in the United States in the custody of a sponsor while they pursue their legal remedies. Children who do not successfully make such a claim will be reunited with family in their home country.

This allows the 95% of illegal aliens currently entering in this tidal wave of illegal aliens to be released with most to never appear for their hearing, and to join illegal alien relatives who have no incentive to either appear for the hearing or depart when ordered deported.

Require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide unaccompanied migrant children with protective shelter while they are awaiting their initial hearing in court before a judge.
Allow access to these expedited court hearings for unaccompanied migrant children who have already been released to sponsors with notices to appear in immigration court.
Require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct FBI fingerprint background checks on any person taking custody of an unaccompanied alien child. Prohibits the Secretary from releasing children to persons convicted of sex offenses and human trafficking.

This addresses a non-problem, as most are released as a completion of the smuggling cycle to illegal alien relatives already in the United States.  Again, these illegal aliens have no incentive to ever appear at a hearing or to leave if ordered deported.

Require a plan and provide for additional resources necessary for operational control of our southern border.

Plans, of course, are a dime a dozen.  The Obama Regime will not build a fence or control the border. There is no mechanism to enforce this do-nothing proposal for a plan.

Worse yet, the Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has discovered that the Cornyn proposal gives those juvenile illegal aliens previously ordered deported the right to have their deportation order expunged and to re-apply under the above Rube Goldberg procedures for admission or asylum.

Breitbart by Matthew Boyle July 16, 2014
Anti-Amnesty Group: Cornyn's New Immigration Bill Doesn't Fix 2008 Trafficking Law
Anti-amnesty group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) says that Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn’s new immigration bill with his Texas colleague Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar doesn’t fix the 2008 human trafficking law it purports to fix.
“Last night we just discovered language hidden in the bill stipulating all illegal alien minors who have entered the U.S. since January of last year can file a motion to have their final order of removal expunged and then gives them an opportunity to reapply,” FAIR communications director Bob Dane told Breitbart News. “That means 80,000 or more Central American kids get a second bite of the apple.”
Dane points to section 103 of the bill, the text of which was introduced by Cornyn and Cuellar on Tuesday evening. 
On pages 16 through 19 of the 50-page bill, Dane from FAIR says, section 103 details how any “illegal alien minor from Central America, who entered within the last year and a half” can “file a motion to get either his notice to appear or final order of removal expunged.”

Cornyn's office replied with a series of evasions:

Cornyn spokeswoman Megan Mitchell provided the following comment in response to FAIR’s comments after publication:
There is not hidden language in our bill. It is up on our website for FAIR, you and anyone else to read. The provision in which you mention is designed to address children who were issued a notice to appear before this bill will go into law. As you know, many are issued a notice to appear and never show up. I think FAIR would agree that we cannot count on the Obama Administration to bring these children to court. Once in court they will receive a hearing that will likely result in their removal as opposed to staying in the country with a deportation notice that will not be enforced. Again, this is about solving a problem. People can criticize and watch the problem get worse or they can do something to address the problem. We choose to address the problem.

So, if they did not appear in court the first time, why would they show up a second time if it is likely they will be deported.  And if the Obama Regime did not deport them the first time, why would they deport the same illegal alien when they received a second deportation order?  Of course the Regime won't.

But the real reason that Cornyn has this proposal is that they are counting on the Immigration Judges to conduct their own Immigration Court Amnesty as this blog has exposed before.  Instead of being able to pin the blame on the Regime for not enforcing the law, the RINOs and the Regime will just point to the Immigration Judges, blame them, and claim that there is nothing that they can do.  Of course, there will be something the Regime can do if Immigration Judges start approving the applications for benefits by these juvenile illegal aliens, they can appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals, or to the Attorney General, who supervises Immigration Judges.  However, the plan will be to not appeal fraudulent decisions in favor of the aliens, as the Regime failed to appeal countless cases, including that of Zeituni Polly Onyango and Onyango Obama.  The fix is in, Cornyn and Obama plan to hide the amnesty in the immigration courts.

Further evidence is that the Obama Regime has approved credible fear claims by ten-fold, allowing illegal aliens to obain asylum status, then green cards in immigration court.

The Daily Caller July 14, 2014 by Neil Monroe
Leaked Data Shows 10-Fold Increase In Obama’s Asylum Approvals
The number of foreigners who successfully filed asylum claims in the United States almost tripled from 2012 to 2013, up to 30,393.
That’s 10 times the number from 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected, and it is evidence his immigration officials are agreeing that many people in the growing wave of Central American migrants face a “credible fear” of harm if they are returned. Official approval allows the migrants to file for asylum in immigration court, where judges will approve or reject the asylum request.
If you came illegally to the U.S. seeking asylum in 2013, you had better than a four-in-five chance of successfully filing an asylum claim. That’s up from a three-in-five chance in 2008.
The migrants include mothers with children, and youths who have been brought north by their parents who are living illegally in the United States. Roughly 240,000 migrants — parents, youths and children — are expected to cross the border by the end of September.

You read it hear first, the fix is in between Cornyn and Obama to "solve" the problem by an immigration court amnesty.

There Is A Solution

My latest up on VDare:

This Is Not The First Border Crisis. No New Laws Needed—Reagan Administration Did Fine in 1988

Republicans are divided on a legislative response to the Obama Regime’s border dissolution, with real fears that any legislation may become a Trojan Horse for the Establishment’s Amnesty/ Immigration Surge obsession. But new laws are not needed to stop the latest wave of illegal immigration—because the law enforcement solution is already available. Past influxes were easily handled by the existing system as recently as the 1980s and 1990s, and there are even more tools available today. What is needed is enforcement of existing statutes—not the sinister farce of phony legislation...

Contribute to VDare here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lies, Damn Lies, And, Well, Just Damn Lies

The argument for more immigration and amnesty has always been all lies.  There is no justification for massive immigration and amnesty other than the greed of the few and a desire of another few for usurpation of the American nation.  The current claim for succor for the Children's Jihad is no different.  Take Edilsa Cano for example, she is the poster child for the amnesty for the Central American Camp of the Saints.  Her story is all lies.

MSN News/Fort Worth Star Telegram by Diane Smith July 13, 2014
One Woman's Journey To And Across The US Border

FORT WORTH, Texas — Edilsa Cano was fleeing sexual assault, kidnapping and death threats — all from her own family — when she left her village in Guatemala at 16.
Now 21, she sees her own desperation in the tens of thousands of Central American children, some as young as 4, flooding the U.S. border with Mexico. Border authorities are scrambling to shelter the children, and President Barack Obama is looking for ways to deport them faster to cope with what has been called a humanitarian crisis.

Stunning story, her parents, siblings and other relatives were involved in a grand ongoing conspiracy to rape her from the age of 15 up.  Pretty shocking.

Just that it is not true.  It was a lie that she concocted to obtain asylum in the United States as the alleged victim of a crime in another country.

Quite astonishingly, the reporter contradicts the initial claim quite early into the story.

"I decided to come by myself," Cano said, shifting between Spanish and English as she told the story of her illegal flight from a tortured home life.
After years of physical and mental abuse by relatives, she wanted out.
"The problem is that you are in a situation that you want to escape," Cano said. "I told my father: 'I can't stand it anymore. I want to leave.' "
She took just two pairs of pants and two blouses, along with the clothes she was wearing.
"My father gave me a Bible," Cano said.
Her aunt and uncle advised her to carry a small knife for protection and to guard against dehydration by drinking liquids containing electrolytes.
They collected enough money to pay the coyote's $10,000 fee, and Cano met him in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala, where she got into a car with three older men, also traveling to the United States.

The same people who repeatedly raped her also gave her a copy of the Holy Bible and $10K to get to the United States.  That obviously does not make sense.  If her family was sexually abusing her, why did they give her $10K and a Bible to leave.  One would think that a degenerate family that was repeatedly sexually abusing a 15 year old girl would not give her the means to escape from that abuse.

What it does tell us is that the claims of abuse from Central American Jihadis is just a pack of lies designed to gain asylum, as has been documented before.

And, more importantly, the little tramp had a child out of wedlock here in the United States after her arrival.  All courtesy of the American taxpayer.  Everything you hear from the Obama Regime is a lie. Remember that.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Die Has Been Cast

And Obama has crossed his Rubicon.  Obama has set his target.  Dictatorship.  Not just on the immigration issue, but in opposition to the very idea of any limits on his power.  One would accuse him of Caesarism, but that would be an insult to Julius Caesar, who at least loved Rome.  Obama hates the United States, the typical white people who's mere existence and achievements make him feel so inferior.  Obama is at heart a vile Marxist of the most doctrinaire type.  He harbors a deep and abiding hatred burning inside of him, undoubtedly because of the endless beatings he received at the hands of the Indonesian Muslims he grew up with, abandonment by his mother and father, and, more importantly, because of the use of his mother as a sexual toy by his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.  The deep perversity of his upbringing, drunken grandfather, absent parents, white working banker grandmother, the pervert Davis, and copious amounts of marijuana while young made him into a monster and the victims of his rage is America.  With Obama, it is not Caesarism, but Stalinism in its purest form, Trotskyism with a cult of personality and an ice-pick, along with the will to use it, something Trotsky lacked, at least in regard to inner Party struggles.  But, perhaps Maoism is a better description given Mao's inferiority complex vis-a-vis Western Civilization.  Like Obama, Mao hated whitey.  It does not matter though, Obama is what the left wants, a dictator.

National Journal, July 3, 2014 by Major Garrett
Obama's Immigration Independence Day
More than a dozen center-left and hard-left immigration groups sent representatives to what sounded like another uninspiring strategy session in the White House's Roosevelt Room with senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munoz, head of the Domestic Policy Council.
It was early Monday afternoon, and none of the participants seated around the long rectangular table had any inkling President Obama was pissed. They would soon find out. Moreover, they would discover, to their surprise, that Obama was no longer pissed at them, but with them. This being a meeting of Democratic allies, of course, some of the groups eventually found a way to get Obama pissed off at them all over again—over the issue of unaccompanied minors at the border.
But first, the story of the day was that Obama became unplugged on immigration, took his temper off mute, shook up the underlying base politics of the next two elections, and turned up to boil his long-simmering feud with Republicans over the constitutional limits of executive power.

And there lies the rub, the Constitution and its racist restrictions on the first black President.

Obama told the group, according to those present, his response to Boehner was: "Sorry about that. I'm going to keep my promise and move forward with executive action soon..."
Not any longer. Obama told the groups what they had been dying to hear—that he was going to condemn House Republicans for inaction and set the most expansive legal course permissible to beef up border security, slow deportations of noncriminal aliens, and provide legal status to millions of undocumented workers—all by himself.
"He went from hanging back to calling the question and retaking the initiative," said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice. "I kept thinking, 'Where has this guy been?' He's going on offense. He was a different guy. He was unplugged...
Obama made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit. 

More importantly, his plan is an amnesty for more illegal aliens than benefited from the 1986 amnesty by legislation.

He gave quiet credence to recommendations from La Raza and other immigration groups that between 5 million to 6 million adult illegal immigrants could be spared deportation under a similar form of deferred adjudication he ordered for the so-called Dreamers in June 2012.

Unplugged, of course, is a slang reference to mentally unbalanced.  Something marijuana does to a person.  It makes one crazed.  And in Obama we have it in spades.

The only question is what is in the heart of John Boehner, quiet surrender to the dictator or will he fight?  One fears for the Republic.  It appears that we will not be able to keep it with such small men as Boehner.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

ICE SVU Planning Waco and Ruby Ridge In Murrieta

Word is out that the Obama Regime is enraged that American citizens are protesting the illegal alien invasion.  A lesson appears to be planned for the American citizens of Murrieta, CA.  It appears that the cultural Marxist left and Mexican revanchists are enraged that buses bringing illegal aliens into the United States are being blocked.

But first the back story.  Here illegal aliens were blocking buses deporting illegal aliens.  Of course, the cultural Marxists like Candy Crowley were not enraged and demanding that the San Francisco Police Department and Red Chinese Mayor Ed Lee act against the illegal aliens for blocking streets and the lawful activity of the Federal government.

There was, of course, no response from the SFPD, nor from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations, e.g. ICE Special Victims Unit (ICE SVU) who made no effort to arrest the illegal alien protesters. However, ICE SVU appears to be planning its own little Waco or Ruby Ridge in Murrieta against American citizens.

Breitbart July 6, 2014 by Kristin Tate
Source: Feds To Bring In Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters
HOUSTON, Texas--As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don't get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down--Breitbart Texas has learned that federal agents plan to arrive in Murrieta on Monday with riot gear to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility. 
Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California--a town that neighbors Murrieta--told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that "it's going to get ugly."
Oliver said, "The feds are pissed that they haven't been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday--they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back."

ICE SVU has long envied other Federal law enforcement agencies and is constantly poaching on the jurisdiction of other Federal and local agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires.  And shooting down white Americans in the streets is one of the fantasies of Barack Hussein Obama and ICE SVU is more than willing to comply.  ICE SVU has a fantasy about violence and has plenty of armored vehicles and nothing to do with those vehicles. Killing some Americans will justify ICE SVU's purchase of hundreds of MRAPS.

And since ICE SVU is not arresting illegal aliens, it has plenty of time and ammunition to shoot down Americans who dare protest the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and the coming dictatorship.

It's coming.

Mexico Refuses Immigration Papers To Poor Salvadoran

In a two fold story, the Obama Regime announced that those illegal aliens from Central America, mothers and their children, will not be deported.  It is olly olly oxen free for illegals from Central America.  In the same story, Mexico decided that a similarly situated Salvadoran with Mexican citizen children cannot immigrate to Mexico.

Yahoo News by Associated Press July 5, 2014
US Activists Hopeful About Delayed Deportation
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Activists are pointing to the delayed deportation of a mother and her children as the kind of compassion they hope President Barack Obama will pursue in the wake of his announcement that he'll act on his own to address immigration problems.
Garland resident Ana Cañenquez and four of her seven children were originally ordered to leave the United States and return to El Salvador by March 21. That date was pushed back, and now there's no specific deadline for them to leave.
The extra time allows her to save money to afford a home back in El Salvador, both she and immigration officials say.
Advocates hope that kind of discretion is something Obama will expand.
"Many in the community hope the president will use more prosecutorial discretion," Proyecto Latino de Utah director Tony Yapias said. "It makes sense for ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency) to focus on serious criminals rather than to separate families or target people who keep out of trouble here. That is a wiser use of resources."

This gives lie to the claim by the Regime that illegal aliens will be deported.  As confirmed below:

Jeh Johnson confirmed on Meet The Press that the Regime is doing nothing to deport the illegal aliens who illegally cross the border.

More interesting though, Cañenquez has had 2 children out of wedlock, which were with an illegal alien from Mexico living in Utah.  Even more interesting is that Mexico will not give her an immigrant visa.  Mexico does not allow unskilled and welfare dependent immigrants.

Her partner in Utah, a Mexican national with whom she has two children, won't have permission to go back to El Salvador with her, and she doesn't have permission to go to Mexico. If she returns, he will stay in the U.S. with their two children.

Note also that El Salvador does not want her Mexican boyfriend either.  So both Mexico and El Salvador have immigration policies that prohibit the immigration of unskilled workers who will not contribute to their society.  Imagine that, too poor and unskilled to immigrate to either El Salvador or Mexico.

Time for America to adopt this policy of keeping out unproductive welfare dependents.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Juvenile Illegal Alien Jihad Show Fences Work

The most import aspect of the Central American Jihad in the Rio Grande Valley is that Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jorge Bush are the genesis of today's problem.  The failure of the Bush Administration to build the border fence and its collusion with Hutchinson to end funding for the fence directly led to the current influx.

First from 2008:

The Christian Science Monitor By Daniel B. Wood April 1, 2008
Where U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Is Tall, Border Crossings Fall
In Yuma, Ariz., border patrol agents tout the success of a high triple-and double-layered wall. But such a fence is unlikely to stretch the entire border.
YUMA, ARIZ. — US border patrol agent Michael Bernacke guns his SUV down the wide desert-sand road that lines the US-Mexican border through urban San Luis, Ariz.
To his right stands a steel wall, 20 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. To his left another tall fence of steel mesh. Ten yards beyond, a shorter cyclone fence is topped with jagged concertina wire. Visible to the north, through the gauze of fencing are the homes and businesses of this growing Southwest suburbia of 22,000 people.
"This wall works," says Mr. Bernacke. "A lot of people have the misconception that it is a waste of time and money, but the numbers of apprehensions show that it works."
The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers – and most Americans – imagined when the Secure Fence Act was enacted in 2006.

But that was not to be, Hutchinson and Bush saw to that.  Flash forward to 2014 and there is no fence in the Rio Grande Valley, but there are 250,000 illegal aliens from Central America in the United States now because there was no fence.

SFGate June 30, 2014 by Elliot Spagat
Border Patrol Has Lots Of Agents — In Wrong Places
SAN DIEGO (AP) — The downcast faces on computer screens are 1,500 miles away at a Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas: a 20-year old Honduran woman arrested rafting across the Rio Grande and a 23-year-old man caught under similar circumstances.
Four agents wearing headsets reel through a list of personal questions, spending up to an hour on each adult and even longer on children. On an average day, hundreds of migrants are questioned on camera by agents in San Diego and other stations on the U.S.-Mexico border.
The long-distance interviews — introduced last year in El Paso, Texas, and extended to California — are a response to the dramatic increase of Central Americans crossing the border in Texas that also has flooded immigration facilities with hundreds of women and children. The Border Patrol does not have the staff to process all the immigrants crossing in the Rio Grande Valley, but faraway colleagues have time to spare.

And, besides the fact that it is expensive to transfer Federal employees, the government has to pay all the moving expenses, the important factor is that San Diego Border Patrol Agents don't have much to do, for two reasons: One, the triple layered border fence works and the Border Patrol prohibits its agents from heading to the Imperial Valley farms or San Diego's streets to arrest illegal aliens who have settled in those border communities.

One example of the staffing mismatch: the roughly 2,500 agents in the San Diego sector arrested 97 immigrants illegally crossing the border on June 14, according to an internal document reviewed by The Associated Press. On the same day, the roughly 3,200 agents in the Rio Grande Valley made 1,422 arrests...
In San Diego, the video processing is a welcome change of pace. Arrests are at 45-year lows and many agents go entire shifts without finding anyone. Cesar Rodriguez, who joined the Border Patrol in 2010, said eight hours fly by since he gave up his assignment watching a stretch of scrub-covered hills east of San Diego and took on a new assignment to process the immigrants via video.
"If there's nothing going on, what are you going to do? You're just staring at the fence," Rodriguez said in his new office, whose parking lot offers sweeping views of hillside homes in Tijuana, Mexico.

Even better than the Israeli fence in the Negev, but not as good as the Israeli fence in the West Bank.

Even better:

But had Hutchinson and Bush not been in cahoots with the cultural Marxists and Mexican revanchists, the current crisis would not have happened.  Instead of a 72% decline in illegal border crossings, we have an onslaught, a Central American Jihad, A Camp of the Saints in the Rio Grande Valley.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How The Media Lie On Behalf Of Illegal Aliens

It is not ignorance, but malice that motivates the media when they lie about illegal aliens.  Case in point, CBS 4 Denver, who have been reporting on the illegal act by Colorado to issue identification and driver's licences to illegal aliens.  Illegal because it is a violation of Federal law to assist an alien unlawfully present to remain in the United States, Title 8 United States Code, Section 1324. Identification cards and driver's licenses do that of course. 

But back to the media, here CBS 4 tells us that these illegal aliens aren't really illegal, because they are applying to be U.S. citizens.

CBS 4 July 2, 2014
Non-Citizen Driver’s Licenses Bogging Down Colorado DMV
DENVER (CBS4)- A new kind of driver’s license for non-citizens will soon be available but even before the Department of Motor Vehicles can issue them, advance requests are clogging up the system.

And here is the lie or series of lies:

Those without a Social Security number, including illegal immigrants, are eligible for driver’s licenses or identification cars if they can prove they live in Colorado, have been paying taxes and have applied for citizenship.

All of that paragraph is a lie. First, they do not have to prove they live in Colorado.  All they have to do is sign an affidavit and provide counterfeit documents that suggest they live in Colorado

 Colorado Department of Revenue
Colorado Road and Community Safety Act (CO-RCSA SB251)
Must sign an affidavit that the applicant has been continuously a resident of Colorado for the immediately preceding twenty four months AND present evidence of residency in Colorado for the immediately preceding twenty-four months.

So, there is no proof of residence, such as tax records required, but only a nebulous "evidence" of residency which can easily be counterfeited.

Second, with regard to paying taxes, there is no requirement to provide proof they paid income taxes in the law or the instructions to applicant.

Third, the article claims that applicants must have applied for citizenship.  No such requirement exists, first because illegal aliens can't apply for citizenship, but that is not what the law says. 

 Must sign an affidavit that the applicant has applied or will apply as soon as the applicant is eligible for lawful presence within the U.S. 

The law says that the alien must only sign an affidavit that they have or will apply, not for citizenship, but for "lawful presence," whatever that means.  The implication is that an alien will someday apply for legal permanent residency, but that is not the same as legal presence.  The real weasel words though are "...will apply as soon as the applicant is eligible..." which is for most illegal aliens, never.

What the CBS 4 has done was cover for the obvious lies and misdirection in the law, implying that the illegal aliens who apply are soon to become legal anyway and are paying taxes, so it doesn't matter. But the truth is that most illegals will never be able to apply for anything, much less citizenship, nor do they have to prove they paid taxes.

However, it is time though to prosecute every employee of the Colorado DMV for aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Opportunity, If You Take It

Our wannabe dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, wants $2 billion for dealing with the juvenile illegal alien surge in the Rio Grande Valley.  And note that this wave of illegal aliens has deliberately targeted the Rio Grande Valley for a reason.

CBS News June 29, 2014 by Associated Press
Obama Will Seek More Than $2 Billion For Border Control, Official Says
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is seeking more than $2 billion to respond to the flood of immigrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and asking for new powers to deal with returning immigrant children apprehended while traveling without their parents.

It is obvious that this $2 billion will not include any appropriation for the extension of the very limited border fencing in the Rio Grande Valley.

There appears to be some suggestions that expedited removal will be expanded as well:

The president will ask that the Homeland Security Department be granted the authority to apply "fast track" procedures to the screening and deportation of all immigrant children traveling without their parents, as well as increasing penalties on those who smuggle vulnerable migrants like children across the border.

This, however, is a golden opportunity for the Republicans in the House to use this proposal to counter the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  Here are some suggestions for modifications to the Regime's proposal, which is still not out yet:

  • Take the apparent proposal for a limited expansion of expedited removal and double down, make all aliens, including minors, unlawfully present in the United States, e.g. any alien who entered without inspection (EWI) or was admitted or paroled but remained past the date of admission or parole date, subject to expedited removal without regard to length of unlawful presence, as well as explicitly prohibiting those aliens any access to removal proceedings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).  This would give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expanded authority needed to address the juvenile illegal alien surge as well as the 20 million illegal aliens in the United States.  It would also save millions of dollars by restricting review by the EOIR to aliens previously admitted for legal permanent residence, asylees, refugees, and lawfully present non-immigrant aliens.  This reform would also discourage future illegal immigration if there was swift and certain deportation.
  • A non-feasance section that prohibits DHS employees and political appointees from ignoring any provision of immigration law to the benefit of an alien.  Make a violation of this section explicitly an impeachable offense and for civil-service employees, a mandatory termination offense. Prohibit disciplining of civil service employees who take immigration law enforcement action mandated by law.  This would give civil service employees standing to seek an end to the Administrative Amnesty. Mandate that the DHS Office of Inspector General and Director of the Office of Personnel Management enforce this provision on civil service employees.  Make failure to enforce this provision a criminal offense with a 10 year statute of limitations, with applicability to political appointees as well.  
  • Of Obama's $2 billion request, appropriate $1 billion for and mandate emergency construction of additional border fencing in the Rio Grande Valley at the cost of approximately $400,000.00 per mile.
  • Reform asylum and refugee law to prohibit future applications based on fear of crime, victimization, civil war, terrorism,  other domestic conflict, transvestism, cross-dressing, homosexuality, or based on any action by a non-state actor.
  • Prohibit future asylum applications by aliens unlawfully present including those aliens who violated their conditions of lawful admission.
  • Prohibit asylum applications by aliens who enter lawfully except those aliens from totalitarian nations, e.g. North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, and Iran, unless a significant political event occurred that would indicate that the applicant would have met the definition of refugee. 
  • Prohibit approval of current asylum applications who entered the United States other than Cuban citizens.
  • Prohibit and revoke employment authorization for any alien not admitted or paroled. (This would end the DACA program)  
  • Prohibit the parole of any alien unlawfully present in the United States, except an alien needed to testify at a criminal trial or providing information on a national security threat to the United States.
  • Allow any U.S. citizen to seek a writ of mandamus to enforce any provision of immigration law against any individual alien or group of aliens unlawfully present. 
  • Deport any alien who enters the United States unlawfully from Mexico or Canada to that country unless the alien chooses to be removed to his country of nationality and can be removed within 3 months.
This would put the Obama Regime on the spot, daring a veto of Obama's own request.  A veto would expose Obama's hypocrisy and dishonesty on the immigration issue.  Politics is hard ball, time for John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy to stand up the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and regain the trust of the American people.