Monday, March 9, 2015

Heroes Arise!

The nation is not lost.  There are patriots in the system.  Brave American officers in the immigration bureaucracy, a fifth column if you will, are acting in defiance of the Obama Regime and throwing a wrench in the works, and is the Treason Bar angry. by Matthew Kolken February 26, 2015
ICE No Longer Honoring New Prosecutorial Discretion Memo
Immigration lawyer Bryan Johnson has shared that a Deportation Officer at the Varick Street Detention Center in New York advised that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is no longer honoring the November 20, 2014 prosecutorial discretion memorandum due to Judge Hanen's injunction. The officer went so far to say that, and I quote, the memo has been "ripped off the wall." Newark Enforcement and Removal has confirmed this change in policy.
I have also been told that individuals that are considered a level 3 priority (the lowest priority) are being taken into custody for removal when they report for supervision. This includes parents of United States citizens that are DAPA eligible. Immigration lawyer Matthew Archambeault has indicated that this has been confirmed by ICE in Charlotte. There have been reports from immigration lawyers all over the country of their clients being taken into custody.
From the Carolinas Chapter of the American immigration Lawyers Association:
"ICE is now implementing it’s new policy of enforcement in accordance with the November Executive Action. But for those who have not yet received that desperate call from the client who has been taken into custody at his ICE check in, this is it: If the foreign national has a significant misdemeanor (most often arising in the form of a DUI/DWI) conviction or 3 misdemeanors or a final order after 1/1/14, he will be taken into custody when he checks in with ICE. If he is not checking in with ICE, he stands a chance of getting the knock on the door at 5:00 am. Individuals are being taken into custody even if they are currently in removal proceedings in Charlotte. They are being transferred to Stewart with no holds. ICE has been given the instructions NOT to take into consideration DACA or DAPA eligibility in such detention decisions."

Even better, frantic baby waving by the Treason Bar isn't working as well as it used to: by Michael Kolken February 27, 2015
DAPA Eligible Father of Four Scheduled For Deportation TODAY
Just this morning, I received an e-mail from an Attorney with a DAPA eligible, non-enforcement priority client scheduled to be deported today by St Louis ERO because he has an outstanding voluntary departure order from June of 2012. He has four USC kids under the age of five, including seven-month old twins. The attorney filed a stay of removal yesterday and got the NILC involved in helping her contact DHS Headquarters about this. 
When the attorney asked the client's ICE officer whether he knew my client was DAPA eligible and not an enforcement priority, he told her they're not following that right now. When she saw him in person as she filed the stay, she asked him if he heard about the President's town hall speech on Wed night, about how this scenario isn't & shouldn't be happening. 

Even better, the bureaucracy has had it with senior leadership and is letting the surly, pouting, enraged, Treason Bar know who is in charge now; patriotic Americans!

The ICE officer told her again that they aren't following that right now. She asked why they're not following it or who they are following, and he said "the federal judge." She said that even if DAPA is halted, the enforcement priorities memo is still in place, and her client is not an enforcement priority. He said they're following some other guidelines. When she pressed him on why he's not following the guidelines set out by his Department's secretary, he told her that he's not the one who will decide my stay & they will get back to her.

Basically, the patriots are blowing off the Treason Bar shysters, who at one time had only to threaten to go public to get deportations delayed or cancelled.  How the worm has turned.  Time for RINOs in Congress to support the patriots in the immigration bureaucracy.

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Anonymous said...

Our immigration patriots understand that the African and his spineless traitorous coward cohorts in congress are writing laws that destroy our country. The patriots either stand up now or they curse their children's future.

The African knows one law, and that's the law of the jungle. His African DNA impels the destruction of all law and civilization.

Apparently Congress may vote on a bill that ends birthright citizenship in the near future. I emailed my Senators already and went to numbersusa.

The traitorous republicans should be recalled. The democrats and their supporters I have no words for...I have only contempt.